Administration Cool To Any Request for More Troops in Afghanistan – W.P.


In today’s Washington Post there is an article outlining Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal’s potential pending request for more troops in Afghanistan.  The Post reports that the Obama Administration is cool to that idea.  The story is here.     


  1. US won’t win in Afghanistan. It’ll be just another waste. You vets out there have heard of BOHICA ? Well, here’s BOAGYAW—Bend Over And Get Your Ass Wiped. The emphasis is on YOUR, as it’s happened to the Russians, the British, and many others. I believe our government has gone totally insane.

  2. Whew. Looks like Obama was playing nice with the military industrial complex by *saying* he would expand the war into Pakistan. Nicely played, Obama! Lets hope this trend keeps up and the troops will come back to their families and get some much needed therapy and recuperation.

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