Cheney: Politics driving CIA interrogation probe – Associated Press


In a stunning and absolutely crucial piece of American political news relative to our war on terrorism, the Associated Press reports this morning that former Vice President Dick Cheney feels that the present Attorney General, Eric Holder, is bending to President Obama’s clearly political wishes to investigate the CIA again for war crime abuses.  I frankly do not know what to think of this news!  Everyone knows that the Bush Administration vigorously invesitgated these abuses on their watch.  They found virtually nothing wrong. To investigate this further is an outrage!  This is crucial to anyone understanding what the Bushites tried to do on their watch.

Cheney says that the Bush Administration clearly investigated the CIA on its watch and found no irregularities worth talking about.  Everything, except for a few small glitches, was just fine.  What could the Obama people be doing?  This is outrageous!


I am stunned at this development.  I frankly do not know what to think!!?

Now I am very aware that Obama has frankly been dragging his feet as long as he could on investigating the CIA.  He stated on many occasions that he frankly did not want to do it.  An independent review of the CIA by its own Inspector General last week clearly indicated to the Attorney General of the United States that he wanted the CIA investigated again for war crime abuses against internees.  That was clearly reported by virtually all reputable media outlets.  Was not Obama listening? 

Obama must have had some kind of political subterfuge up his sleeve in that he privately must have been twisting the arm of the CIA I.G. to get something done that he said on many occasions that he frankly did not want to get done.  What is going on here? I am outraged!  Lawfullness being accepted by the White House?  This is despicable!

We all need to listen to Cheney because God knows that Cheney knows about all this stuff more than the CIA I.G.  The fact that the Attorney General of the United States is not supposed to be beholden to ANY president of any party but is in fact required by his oath to uphold the constitution and follow the law in all regards is not pertinent here.  The fact that the CIA Inspector General inferred that the previous investigations were a whitewash is of no consequence here!  Cheney is right!  This has gotten out of hand.  This must be stoppped NOW!

What is to become of us if high level government officials who are allowed by law to have guns and are allowed by federal regulations to interrogate people and cause pain to people are investigated for abuses? What in the HELL will become of us as a nation?  Is Holder out of his mind to want all of us to follow the law when the law clearly allows some of us to torture people at worst and break their spirits and their arms at best?  What in THE HELL is going on here?  Who is responsible for this outrage, for this outbreak of lawfullness at the highest levels of government?!

Death to the Islamists! 

The problem is , how do we identify them?  How are "they" different from say a personal enemy from times past?

This is all well and good when in our infantile little American minds we see Islamist terrorists on the recieving end of all this brutality.  But what if it were your brother in law (who you cannot really stand anyway) who gets arrested by a high level political figure and after a few months of imprisonment on trumped up charges and brutality by all levels of police and security agencies, the fat slob (who you cannot stand anyway) dies of a heart attack on his way to a rendition prison in Kansas?  His five kids are now YOUR responsibility.  How does THAT grab you?

And you find out months after his death he went to college with Cheney or some other high level goof and stole his first girlfriend from him and that high level goof has been holding this grudge for decades and decided to kill the fat pig out of spite that is forty years old.  Despite the fact that you cannot stand your fat brother in law, how would you feel then?  Can you assure me that this does not happen under the present "security" rules in the USA?  Cheney has openly admitted that he had special ops teams operating in the U.S. Now what exactly does that mean?

Its time for professionals to take back the Intelligence Agencies and for these ultra conservative over age teenagers to get out of the Manifest Destiny business as it relates to directing people to kill other people while we have them in custody.  This is barbaric, and it is Nazi and it is evil and it needs to go away for good.

If we cannot tell the difference between bona fide intelligence operatives and thugs who have American law to hide behind when they break legs and sometimes suffocate people to death, we have no right to call ourselves "the land of the free and the home of the brave."

This should be self evident.

What a crock of crap.  Somebody tell this idiot to shut up and sit down.  He had his time at the helm.  He can do us all a favor and shut the hell up.  And just for the record, he needs to lose weight.





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