Our current "wingnut" complaints from the fatass phony militia types is fear of government health care, the kind the kids of millions of unemployed need when their teeth start rotting out or they get sick and mom and dad have to choose between making a drug company rich or feeding a family.

The only civil right being discussed is gun ownership and the ability for a very few to openly carry assault weapons to public meetings in an attempt to intimidate free government.  With military and police firmly behind the wealthy and powerful, the same group that funds the milita movements like, gun ownership is proving to be more of a part of oppression than a protection.


The real failure in America is the Constitution.  It wasn’t enough when written, it needed the Bill of Rights before any freedoms were guaranteed.  So far there have been 27 amendments and dozens more suggested, more than a few meant to lessen freedoms rather than guarantee them.  Putting honor, fairness and morality on paper hasn’t worked.  Money has always bought power and influence in the US.  It bought the original Constitution, written, not by the founding fathers but by bankers and speculators.

Like the bible, the Constitution can mean what any idiot thinks it means at any time.  Currently 5 of those idiots are on the Supreme Court. Some people like some parts but not others and our police and military don’t really like any of it.  Our military lives outside the Constitution and even veterans are denied legal protections through laws passed in obvious violation of the Constitution.  Police have always been above the law and our courts are bought and sold as any lawyer will tell you.  So, what is an oath worth when it is almost never given in a spirit of honor? 

All the things we say we can’t do, that police can’t do, that the military can’t do were done thousands of times in our history.  Strikers were murdered, illegally arrested and even executed.  Police have worked hand in hand with criminal gangs and continue to do so to this day.  Our military has declared martial law so many times and warred on so many groups of citizens that volumes tell of it.

Texas just knowingly executed an innocent man, not just claiming to be innocent but proven to be innocent, hard science and hard fact.  Who of you would execute those who supported this murder?  Did you know that two justices of the United States Supreme Court supported this murder but are both vigorous opponents of abortion?  People of this quality make decisions about our Constitution.

Today, officers of our immigration service (ICE) are being imprisoned in record numbers for aiding human trafficing and drug smuggling.  One of my friends, former Special Agent Fred Coward, travels the world teaching military and law enforcement groups on this key issue, Trafficking in Persons or TIPS.  Illegal immigration isn’t just about "free medical care," it is about human slavery.

Every day, Americans face human rights issues, issues not addressed by our Constitution.  How can anyone be free if only the rich can afford lawyers and have access to the courts?  Look at the plight of so many returning veterans.

When a new vet applies for disability and his claim is denied, he is also denied access to a court, something any other citizen has.  Even if he could go to court, the judges are appointed by politicians, one name comes to mind, unfriendly to vets.  Only 1 vet in a hundred wins an appeal, no matter how strong his case.

If a returning vet finds Jody at his desk and in his bed, what is the law doing to protect him?  First thing the vet finds is his job is "toast."  The Department of Labor, "chooses" not to enforce laws guaranteeing his job because the GOP lobby groups, National Association of Manufacturers and US Chamber of Commerce advise them like the Legion and VFW advise the DVA. 

Coming home to find the kids calling Jody "uncle" puts our vet in the court system again.  What will really happen?  Jody will get the wife, who he has already had, the kids, the house, the car and the bank accounts, if any.

What will our vet get?  With luck, he will get supervised visitation of his own kids and the right to pay half his income in child support to keep Jody in beer.

When this soldier or vet or whatever we call them based on a paperwork technicality ends up dead who do we blame?  It is the Constitutional right of every American to be denied due process of law for failure to be rich or, as has been the case, for having fought in a war.  Defending America make you unfit as a parent and unemployable.  Just ask one of the thousands of lawyers and judges who have said this in court so many times it could never be counted.

How safe is your property?  Veterans in California found their land they thought was guaranteed by a deed could be given away if the rich and powerful wanted it.  Congressman Henry Waxman and Governor Arnie Schwarzenegger,aided by police and military reservists have threatened, intimidated and fined veterans who thought they had the right to 1st Amendment freedoms.

Money and power trumps the Constitution every day and police and the military become criminal thugs in a flat second when the call comes in from the powerful, be they Hollywood elite or Tijuana drug honchos.  What does it take to send a cop after an 86 year old veteran in a wheel chair engaged in a lawful and Constitutional protest?  All it takes is a call from one of the millionaire insurance executives involved in stealing land from the vet.  We checked.

No American has any freedom unless they can defend it, often with lethal force, not just from their own government, military and police but the rabble who align themselves with the powerful.  In a nation now proven filled to capacity with cowards willing to give up any right as long as others are being illegally detained, tortured or persecuted by an unelected outlaw government, the idea of protecting and defending anything really means armed conflict in the streets.

However, for over 200 years, the armed mobs in the streets have been police, national guard or armies of Pinkertons, working for mill owners, slave holders or racketeering politicians.  How much has changed?

The enemy has always been the newspapers, the insurance companies, the bankers and the police and politicians they buy and sell.  Victims only find they are victims when their personal little delusion is broken, either by being stopped an an illegal police checkpoint, being stomped into the ground by going to court against an "insider" or by finding themselves siding with someone other than the police state.

How do you know you are a coward?  Look at people protesting for what you believe.  Are they being arrested?  If not, they are doing the work of the rich and powerful.  This is how you know you are a coward.

If you think you are living in a Fascist police state and the people you align yourself with in your personal revolution are standing next to armed police cheering them on or you find your views voiced by millionaire pundits on "Big Business TV," chances are the problem is you.

Here, in Toledo, veterans have been working to locate millions of dollars in musum artifacts and huge amounts of cash meant to honor our heroes.  What have they found?  TV and newspapers boycott their stories, refuse to read their mountains of documents or review statements from witnesses of acts that can not only be called crimes, but desecration.

Why is this happening?  No level of state government, no police agency and no court can stand against crimes when the criminals themselves are prominent ciitzens, many lawyers some more than that and all a big part of a local corrupt game left over from the Capone and Purple Gang era. 

The terms "lawful orders" and "protect and defend" are no better than the people taking the oath.  In our society today, honor can cost you your job, your home, your children and your future.  Pretending honor exists when no one is willing to pay for it is a cruel joke.

Is this your oath:

"To protect and defend the wealthy, the powerful and the corrupt.  I promise to intimidate voters, harass the poor and homeless, especially veterans. I will crush any protest not supported by powerful organizations of the financial industry. 

I will kiss the ass of anyone driving an expensive German car or living in a large home in a gated community. 

I will protect and defend, from any lawful investiation, any politically influential person, no matter how serious the crime."

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.gduff


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.