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How is a minority of extremists with no real cause of any kind getting so much news?  Could it be because they are working for the same scamsters that own the news, buy the government and are duped into selling America to the highest bidder?

Is health care an issue?  Nobody has shown one iota of real issue here.  Illegal aliens already get public healthcare.  Just ask any hospital.  They walk in the door and they are treated.  The taxpayer foots the bill as they have for decades.  Wilson knew he was lying when he scream out in Congress and he knew every Republican would support him. 

Is Obama raising taxes?  Not hardly.  Taxes must be raised so we can start paying our bills.  Otherwise, we are a nation of petty crooks borrowing from our children for a free ride today.  More lies.

Did Obama collapse the economy?  Does he own a time machine?  More lies

Did Obama start the wars we are losing?  More lies there too.  Lies.  All lies.  Why lie?  One reason and one reason only.  It is all about race.  Tea Baggers, 9-12ers, milita types, "gun rights" types all have no legitimate causes whatsoever.  Nobody has heard a single sensible word that hasn’t been proven by fact checkers to be phony.


I have sworn "bible thumping" Christians who send me lie after lie every day.  They know the emails they send are lies.  They don’t care.  Their bible has the part about "false witness" redacted along with "thou shalt not steal."   I suspect it wouldn’t take a genius to show that Jesus might not get along very well with racists.  A racist who lies and only steals when nobody is looking isn’t a good Christian though so many love to call themselves that.

Lies.  Once you have sent out a lie in an email, a known lie, a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh lie, the ones easily proven false, lies about what bills say, lies about things we can see and touch, once you have sinned like that and sin again, and again, no commandment has any value.

What does the world think about American Christians when they continually are seen, in the papers, on the news, spewing threats, race hatred and are caught lying with every breath?  Any Fox News lie, any internet lie, no matter how wrong, no matter how evil, is justified.


President Obama is black.  Millions of Americans are so devolved that the shame and fear they suffer from having to be led by a person of color is a humiliation they can only respond to with insanity.  Hiding behind a phony god, one who loves those who lie and hate and calling him "the one god" is an abomination.

If you want to see what a real scoundrel is, look for people who call anyone who disagrees with them communists.  Yelling "commie" has been a badge of ignorance for lower class trash since the end of WW2.  Someone works for equal rights, they are commies. 

Veterans want their bonus or decent hospitals, they are commies.

Someone complains because we start wars for oil and bucks, they are commies too.

Anyone who thinks or tells the truth is a commie.  On the other side, we have the folks calling the names.  We don’t call all of them Nazi scum but we should.  It is what they are.

Beck and Bush are two of my favorites.  Both claim to be divinely inspired, infallible.  Both sinned, whores, drugs, drunkenness much of their lives.  Neither raised a finger for their country or built anything of value.  Both collected millions preaching values to others that they never had themselves.

Hypocricy and relgion is the breeding ground of Fascism, our stopover on our slow descent into feudalism, where conservatism always aims.  Build a society of two groups, aristocracy and serfs.  Hold it all together with thuggery.

What is a fascist?  Someone who is a racist, who is against unions and favors big business over the rights of working people is a Fascist.  Fascists talk tough, always have god on their side and aren’t afraid to lie, cheat and steal as long as big money and newspapers are on their side.

How do we get Fascists who pretend, somehow that supporting the powerful against the weak makes them patriots?  The conservative theories of give me everything and let me take anything I can steal are the opposite of the founding fathers who wanted an end to the class privilege we saw restored in America since Reagan.

Our new America is like the 18th century all over with a wealthy aristocracy, hired thugs running our streets and packs of idiots blindly following King George.  Instead of the Stamp Act, we have health insurance companies and the oil monopoly bleeding us into poverty.

Never in our history have the working people of America lost so much, standard of living, financial security and civil liberties as they did under "conservative" rule, rule very much of the style of King George, the real "conservative" influence behind the "tea bag" revolution.

Are these people who don’t know right from wrong?  The world is filled with evil.  There have been many holocausts since World War 2.  They are still going on.  Soldiers die for no reason.  Veterans are homeless.  Children go without health care.  Murder on a mass scale goes on around the world.  None of it matters, not as much as that black man in the Whitehouse.

Isn’t it funny that millions can be murdered in country after country and some very religious people only protest threats to lower profits for health insurance companies but wouldn’t walk across the street to stop a baby from being thrown onto a fire?  How do people become that insane, don’t they know that turning away from evil is evil?

Our news loves reporting our insane minority of crackpots.  Their signs and t-shirts make good news.  The idiots themselves love the attention.  The rest of the world and the majority of Americans only feel shame and bitter disappointment.  We used to rage against our flag being burned and dragged thru the streets in countries we now consider our enemies.

I see much worse than this on television every day.  The people doing it claim to be Americans.  All claim to be following direct orders from god.  Many claim to hear his voice in their heads.  Christians who know their religion, know of one whose message is being proclaimed. 

Doesn’t the bible say something about an angel and his buddies going bad and getting into the temptation business?  We can’t talk about that.  Religion runs on money.  Funny thing, you tell one lie, then another, let one commandment get trashed and pretty much all of them are gone and you are working for the other side.

When you see Islamic mobs carrying signs:  AMERICA IS THE GREAT SATAN  did you ever guess that they might actually be seeing something we aren’t?

We lost many of our freedoms during the Bush administration.  Government fell into the hands of special interest and money and jobs disappeared as never before in our history.  I drive thru city after city of empty homes, closed factories and human despair.  The richest country on Earth with massive budget surpluses was turned into smoldering wreckage through human greed and ignorance.

Now a crazy few want it back.  There may be a light of freedom left that they haven’t extinguished yet.

They love blaming illegal aliens, the ones who clean their homes, cook their meals, pick their fruit and do the work they are too good for.

They love hating everyone of color, ethnicity or religion.  They always have.  Who are they?  They are the ignorant, the violent, the klan, the lynch mobs, the war mongers and the ignorant followers of anyone who howls and cries while blaming someone else for disasters caused by folks so close to us.

Who destroyed America?  Not the illegal aliens who work for slave wages to support our economy.  Who destroyed America?  Not the African Americans who are our soldiers, our co-workers and our neighbors, those of us who live in real America.

America was destroyed, no doubt about that.  It was killed by hate and ignorance.

It was killed by its own religion, Christianity, the failure of Christian leadership to teach brotherhood, justice, truth and morality.  Love and brotherhood has been excised from many of our churches as though it were a cancer.

Islam teaches that racism is the worst sin.  Can any so called Christian find one word in the gospels that has Jesus talk about the color of someone’s skin?

How do you know you may be a racist?  If you go to church and look around you and see only white faces and don’t live in "middle of nowhere Nebraska" chances are you might be hearing a message that Jesus might not approve of.

Take out your phone.  How many numbers in memory are black, Hispanic or Islamic friends?  10%?  None? 

Are African Americans, Jews or Muslims or Hispanics invited to your home?  Are they a part of your life?  They represent millions of Americans.  If they are missing from your world but so much a part of America can you really be an American?

How many Asian American’s do you know?   Do you call them gooks or chinks?  Are all people of Middle Eastern descent terrorists to you? 

When was the last time you were at a Greek Orthodox wedding?  Do you think all French people are evil as so many ignorant Americans do?

When you feel cheated do you say you have been "jewed" or "gyped?"

When you say "decent people" do you mean people who go to your particular church, no matter how strange its beliefs or worship practices?  Are decent people only from the same part of Europe that your family fled, perhaps for freedom, perhaps from the law?

When you see Native Americans, are you aware of why so many live in poverty and how many of them we butchered or how much land we stole?

If you live in the South do you still live with the lie that the Civil War was about "states rights" and not to defend human slavery?

Do you love calling people who want to be paid a decent wage for hard work "liberals" or "communists?"  Is anyone who doesn’t share your hatreds a "leftist?"

Some of us keep America alive in our hearts.  Some of us know of a Constitution with the Bill of Rights attached, not just the part about guns.

Some of us remember why a million Americans died in war, wars to free America and the world from slavery, much of that slavery at the hands of other Americans.

Some of us remember that few brutal acts have been committed by man without claiming it was the will of God, many of those acts at the hands of those claiming to serve a Christian god.

Some march for lies, justified by beliefs in racism, beliefs in greed and envy.  Some march out of hate.  More, in a country where half the people are on anti-psychotic drugs or sex pills of one kind or another, march because they no longer having a strong enough spark of humanity in them.

People can’t see or touch history.  We love to reinvent history but it never really works.  You can only keep stink buried so long.

The stink of what is being done now won’t stay buried.  We are building a dark age, an age of shame that will stain this generation for centuries to come.

We can only hope that history is kind to the martyrs and prophets from every walk of life who kept their humanity when so many threw theirs away, sold their manhood cheap.

The shame of it is that the many will suffer at the hands of the few.  We are victims of our own technologies.  Money buys noise.  Every idea has a pimp.  The more sick an idea, the more profitable, the more hate filled, the more likely it is to spread like a disease, fed by money.

Should we pull the plug on the internet, send the phony news networks packing?  Would this bring back the old days when mobs had to meet at night wearing hoods?

We need those times back.  I don’t want to see their bloated faces.  I would rather see the hoods and the secret handshakes.  That this kind of people no longer have to hide is the worst thing that could happen to this country.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran and regular contributor on political and social issues.gduff





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