U.S. Job Seekers Exceed Openings by Record Ratio – N.Y. Times


In today’s New York Times we have an article decrying the record number of Americans that are unemployed and applying for jobs that simply are not there.  The article is here. 

This is actually a national security concern.  People get disgruntled when they are willing and able to find work and there is no work to find. They get violent and start talking about communism or even worse, they just turn to the black market for "jobs"  that can be created on the spot.  That usually involves organized crime families.


That is pretty much what the labor-management tensions and social upheavals of the 1930s was all about.  So I have a suggestion that perhaps American veterans can get behind.  Lets take 25% of our defense budget and bring that money home and create jobs with it….lets say….in order to reconfigure and recreate our physical and social infrastructure. 

That should be enough jobs for everybody.  Shoot!  If that was the case we would have Canadian Innuit coming down here by sled dog to find work.  And frankly we need air bases all over the world like I need a pair of Elton John sunglasses.  So what do you think?

Here is an article about the problems facing returning soldier-mothers from the war zones.  Essentially they wind up losing their mothering skills and their kids grow away from them.  We can have female soldiers who are moms or we can have well adjusted children, apparently we cannot have both. This is an eye opener if you never thought of this before.

Here is an article on how the plan to boost troop strength in Afghanistan has split the Obamites down the middle.  It is not one big happy family on Pennsylvania Avenue these days.

Here is an article concerning 24 year old Ibrahim Sharifi who was brutally tortured and raped in prison and is speaking openly with death threats routinely coming his way.  This time it was not us that tortured the protestor, it was the Iranians.  If this is how they treat their opposition party people in Iran, we really do not need to invade, we simply need to give weapons to the minority party.  These people are only months away from open revolution in the streets.  We are watching it unfold before our eyes.

Here is an interesting article!  I have to be honest and offer full disclosure.  I am a left wing Democrat actively involved in politics here in Alexandria, Virginia, a mere stone’s throw from D.C.  I normally would not comment. But here we have an article describing a problem in the Republican Party that for generations has been the hallmark of Democratic Party politics.

That is this: the national party and the state party do not ever agree on who the state should be sending to the election.

It seems that the GOP smells victory in the air across a number of national elections for Senate and the House in upcoming elections. The national party has endorsed this or that candidate and brought them to D.C. to collect funds for their campaign.  The problem is that the GOP big wigs back home in Pennsyltucky rarely agree with who the national party has endorsed to be the challenger to the Democrats on the national ticket.  The state party people are routinely backing a different candidate. They have different dogs in this fight routinely across a large swath of the nation.

The state party people are endorsing a whole different slate of GOP candidates across a number of states and involving a number of important national elections.  Holy cow!  I know this way of doing politics!  This is so familiar!

When did the Republicans decide to become as disorganized and organizationally as schizophrenic and sociopathic as the typical Democratic Party campaign usually is?  When did the masters of the well greased campaign machine decide that it was a good idea to model themselves on a typical union hall election, an Aryan Day picnic or a homeschoolers convention ?

The next thing you know, these doctors and lawyers and finance people and bankers and big business owners and former Dixiecrat rednecks and Aryan brotherhood gorillas and gun worshipping warmongers will be meeting in fourteen or fifteen separate mini-caucases held in the local public school auditorium. Everybody is angry at everybody else and staring at each other.  Then the insults start to fly and then before you know it, things will get out of hand. 

That is when these well dressed Republicans in Brooks Brothers suits and $75 dollar silk ties mixed in with the home schooled backwoodsmen who are armed at the caucus and terrified of racial mixing will be smashing chairs over each other’s heads. You know what I mean,  just like a Democratic Party meeting!  The GOP is finally becoming the umbrella party that the Democrats have always been. There is nothing like politics to bring out the hate in a family!

Buckle yourself in, trust me, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. 

My god I would love to see it!  I would consider at that point that I had lived long enough to see the Earth move on its axis.

Veterans should really be involved in politics.  I am not kidding.  It is something to see.  And apparently the GOP is swiftly moving over to the Democratic Party way of doing things.  Yikes!  There will be no civility whatsoever in any GOP gathering from this point forward if this fever takes hold.

If GOP conventions are going to start looking like Democratic Party conventions, I am going to consider moving to Canada.  I cannot take anymore political schizophrenia than I can handle.

Only in America.

Get involved…make your voice heard…show your community that veterans vote.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)


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