John McCain: Aid and Comfort



Presidential pardon from Nixon saves John McCain from treason and collaboration charges according to Rolling Thunder Founder and 3 war veteran, John Holland….
Why nothing in the news…
Why no reports…..
Why was the truth kept from American during the election?

Some of us have seen the reports about John McCain.  I know what Ted Guy had to say about McCain and I know how angry POW activists have been at his betrayal of their cause.  What I didn’t know and that few of us knew, is that John Holland, Rolling Thunder Founder, had called for the Republican Party to remove McCain from the ticket.

This isn’t a minor story and isn’t one that has gone away just because the election is over.  Many of us who knew what McCain had done didn’t know how much power the money boys behind Palin and McCain could go to suppress this information during the campaign.

Rally after rally, fellow POW and controversial Medal of Honor holder, Bud Day, stood beside McCain, backing him up.  With substantiated claims of hundreds of counts of treason, collaboration and aid and comfort to the enemy suppressed against McCain and a number of unnamed other POWs who were expecting to be prosecuted when returned, this entire act during the election seems sick.

Ted Sampley, Vietnam combat veteran, now deceased, wrote at length about McCain and Day.  Sampley’s article on Day’s Medal of Honor is extremely revealing.  (US Veterans Dispatch)

With McCain supporters continually touting his heroism and attacking Democrats that served honorably in Vietnam like John Kerry and Al Gore, the unavoidable embarassment that their standard bearer may have been the biggest American traitor since Benedict Arnold, confidence in Conservative news sources has to disappear, at least with veterans.

A fair comparison to McCain would be Jane Fonda.  Both spent time in North Vietnam.

  • Both are accused of helping North Vietnam, Fonda by being photographed and McCain by doing many propaganda broadcasts and helping the enemy plan attacks on American soldiers.
  • Fonda returned to be reviled and spit on while McCain returned to the Senate, spending years helping North Vietnam keep Americans prisoner and amassing a huge fortune trading on heroism and sacrifice we are now told never happened.
  • Of the two, Fonda was the more honest and by far had done the least harm to the United States.
  • According to sources, it was John McCain that fired the rocket that caused the Forrestal incident, the most serious disaster on an American ship.  Stories make him out to be a “hero” and an “unnamed” total idiot is blamed.  McCain is said to be that idiot with his daddy running cover for him.  Thus far, Jane Fonda has never attacked one of our ships.  We will be taking a look at both McCain and Fonda and try to verify claims.  Perhaps they could have a contest to see who killed the most Americans.  No tally as to how many pilots were shot down using intel McCain admits givint the North Vietnamese has been made.   The Forrestal incident may be a huge coverup in itself.

McCain’s cover story, that the plane behind him fired a missile into his plane is at odds with other stories that blame exploding bombs on some other part of the ship.  The investigation and all records involving his military records were under the direct supervision of his own father.

We are going to look at Holland’s evidence and see if there are statements from people on the Forrestal.

Colonel Ted Guy was preparing criminal charges against John McCain when Nixon took Admiral McCain’s little boy under his wing.  Where are McCain’s 32 propaganda tapes that were made during Vietnam and broadcast over the radio to US troops? (Colonel Ted Guy)

Why did McCain accuse American soldiers of war crimes during Vietnam? What did he get in return?

If our news media can go thru a presidential election hiding all of this from the American people, nearly putting someone like this in office, what else are they capable of?  What else have they done?  What else are they hiding?

Vietnam veterans are requesting that the records of the debriefing of all POWS be made public.  Those who were heroes need real recognition and shouldn’t have to hide behind a presidential pardon they never needed or wanted.

Those who betrayed their country, some to sit in public office, on corporate boards or to travel around the country basking in glory and pointing fingers at others need to get the homecoming they earned.  We spent the last 35 years honoring ALL the POWs while 58,000 dead and another 200,000 plus dying were neglected and abused, denied jobs, denied medical care and hated by their fellow Americans.

None of this would matter if the shadow of Vietnam would die too.  It lives on.  While some of us are still around, perhaps a moment of justice is in order to help the forgotten and the fallen, wherever their spirits are tonight.

Imagine.  Some people were actually worried that Barak Obama might be a Muslim or born in Africa.  The same people, with credible information from unimpeachable sources stating that John McCain is a Communist agent and traitor didn’t blink an eye.

Could the problem be, lets say….color?

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  1. I put up another video for you.  You can hear a fellow POW who heard the broadcasts and learn how they were classified and by whom.


  2. McCain had the transcripts classified, but I suspect you know that.

    However, there are photos of him making the broadcasts and I expect you have seen these also.

    There is also Ted Guys statement.

    If you are curious…. []


    what you ask for is here, including photos of mccain making the broadcasts, statements from those who interviewed him on Radio hanoi…declassified for years and published


  3. Please tell me whom Mr. John Holland voted for in the 2008 presidential election and why he advised other activists to “follow suite” and vote for John McCain.

    I keep hearing about propaganda broadcasts made by John McCain while POW in North Vietnam. Where may we obtain copies or transcripts? Where are the facts about the USS Forrestal fire being caused by John McCain?

    I am no fan of McCain and his father for what he did to the USS Liberty, I just want to see the truth.

    As far as Kerry goes. Where is it legal for a uniformed officer in the US Navy to negotiate with a foreign country against the US?

    When you can answer my questions, please tell me how McCain and Kerry are allowed to keep their seats in the US Senate.

  4. yes, yes. and you and i have discussed the mccain issue for 15 years or so. evidently, rattle snakes can’t run for office in arizona, so they elected what is as close as possible.

  5. Claims by some of a "liberal" press seen odd.  How could Holland, an associate of one of my friends, have toured the country making these speeches, Holland being a noteable veteran leader and hero of 3 wars, and nothing was every reported.

    I follow this for a living and we saw nothing.  McCain claimed to have full support from Rolling Thunder, something those of us who knew of his problems, thought absurd.

    Kerry is a lying, self serving weasel but his service in Vietnam was honorable.  The Swift Boaters were proven liars and Kerry was a popular leader and a real combat veteran.

    Attacks on Gore’s service, especially the phony ‘bodyguard’ story were proven lies quickly.  90% of those whos served in Vietnam did exactly what Gore did…REMF with guard duty.

    Jane Fonda was a war hero compared to this very reliable information on McCain.  I was just amazed that this was out there.

    Another thing that Holland has written about is the Forrestal incident.  The cover story is that someone fired a rocket by mistake and that McCain had to bravely escape his plane and get to cover.

    I am told that Holland has information that McCain fired the rocket causing all the deaths and his dad covered it up.

    We are going to look into this also.


  6. Gordon Duff, even for you this article is a disgusting, revolting, slimy low. What a complete piece of trash. Shame on you for calling yourself a veteran. You don’t deserve that honorable title. This article and your obscene 9/11 “truther” garbage show you have no place among real veterans.

  7. I completely agree with you on John McCain. He did all he could to thwart Sen. Bob Smith’s efforts to find any remaining POWs and we both know why.

    McCain supporters have no business throwing mud on John Kerry and Al Gore, although I would stop short of using them as examples of men who served honorably. Kerry is, and has proven himself to be, a lying, self-serving weasel. And Gore was in Vietnam, yes, but for roughly the same amount of time I spent in the latrine. I don’t know anyone else whose tour only lasted three or four months who wasn’t sent home due to injuries. Actually, the time spent in country by both of those clowns doesn’t add up to a full tour.

  8. This has nothing to do with Obama.  It has to do with John McCain being the biggest American taitor in our history.

    Hell,you voted Obama.

    I did’t.


  9. y”our” “boy” in the white house has his tit in a ringer. he ain’t even got enough time in gov’t, or community organizing, to gather up the “friendships” and such to put a gov’t like ours together. defend him all you want, we still have bush (evil) leftovers EVERYWHERE simply because okrah (a reference that i read on here and still enjoy), doesn’t even have enough crooked buddies to fill his “czars” list, not to mention his legitamate list. we’ve talked “interesting times” on more than one occasion. here we are again………………

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