Are we heading down the road of revolution?


\\ Saoirse means victory in Irish Gaelic.  This is a wall mural in Ulster.

Gordon Duff’s article of today outlining our problems with a disconnect between our government and the will of the American people has me shivering.  He is right.  He is absoutely right.  And things are going to get worse I fear very quickly. Much, much worse.

What we have here now is a situation very similar to what the British government had constructed in Ireland at the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the twentieth century.  We have outright rape of the working class and lower middle class (i.e. the merchant class) by the wealthy, the landed gentry, the "people that matter."  This is a recipe for revolution and war hardened veterans will not be immune from the chaos or the call to duty, on both sides of the equation.


\\ IRA fighters involved in the Easter Monday rebellion.


I hail from a family that has a long history of involvement in Irish revolution starting with the Fenian Movement in Ireland.  Here is the definition of the movement from Wikipedia: "

The Fenians, both the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), were fraternal organisations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century. The name "Fenians" was first applied by John O’Mahony to the members of the Irish nationalist organization which he founded in America in 1858.[1] O’Mahony, who was a Celtic scholar, named the American wing of the movement after the Fianna, the legendary band of Irish warriors led by Fionn mac Cumhaill.[2][3][4][5]

The term Fenian is still used today, especially in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Scotland, where its original meaning has expanded to include all supporters of Irish nationalism, as well as being a pejorative for Catholics. Irish Nationalists themselves, while honouring the 19th-century Fenians, commonly use other designations for themselves such as "Nationalist" or "Republican", terms also used by the Fenians themselves."

Now what does this archaic Irish nationalist stuff have to do with us and our issues and American politics of the early part of the 21st Century?  We are headed that way.  We are looking at violence popping up very quickly here. 

The same stuff that brought on the Fenian Movement and eventually the Easter Monday Rebellion of 1916 is happening in our country now.  The landed gentry and super wealthy have grabbed onto power like never before in this country and so they have raped the working class so completely and so thoroughly that many now feel that only armed and bloody revolution can set things right. 

The greatest outflow of wealth since the 1920s from the working and middle class of America to the wealthy has just occurred. People are talking about violence to set things right again. And many of the people seriously talking about this are veterans. 

Trust me, veterans are not all flag wavers.  Some of them see reality in a much more deadly fashion than the Senate or House Veterans Affairs Committees would like to think. Some of these guys are openly talking about bloody revolution. All the time. 

\\Provisional Wing IRA volunteers in a recruiting film. 


The birth of the Irish Nationalist Movement had nothing to do with Protestants vs. Catholics despite what you have been told or what you have read.  It had to do with a very small core of British and Anglo- Irish "haves" taking full advantage of the "have nots" among both groups of the economically dispossesed Irish and Scots-Irish and brilliantly using religious strife that had existed for centuries among the Catholic and Protestant political groups to divide and conquer the country.

In other words, long standing religious grievances between groups arranged in a almost tribal manner were deliberately inflamed to make it easy to rape the country economically and ensure British dominance in an Ireland that was moving toward independence naturally without violence.  The British could not have that. Too much  money would be lost by allowing Ireland to leave its sphere of influence. 

So a war between religious groups had to be started.  That way, British dominance could continue to proceed nicely.

The same thing has happened in the Middle East.  Western super elites have used inter-Muslim religious strife to gain a foothold in the oil rich Middle East with Western troops gleaned from the working and lower middle class families of Western countries, mostly the U.S. to shore up Western dominance there.

This is what the British did in the heyday of the British Empire all over the world.  The British Empire is the matrix for this American and Western behavior now in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. 

The super elites in the West have their own history too you know!  They are aware of how the grandparents of their grandparents behaved to maintain economic control all over the world.  I would really like to read one of their history books! What an experience that would be!

In other words, the super wealthy Ivy League and Oxford/Cambridge educated secret society members of the West have seen a situation where they could make even more money and take even more power in their own governments in the West while making money out of wars in the Middle East.

And so they use our neighborhood kids to grab more power. They put the kids of the working class into the Army by manipulating the economy to the point of 10% unemployment in the U.S. and even higher in other Western countries.  If there are no jobs, then the army is the only option.

This is the reason that even today there are so many Irish and Scottish and Welsh regiments in the British Army.  The army there is filled with unemployed young people from outside of England and from England’s poorest regions. All you have to do to create an army is make the people poor.  It is not that hard to do.

This is also the reason that the majority of the U.S. Armed Forces is from areas of the country where jobs are very hard to get. 

Just take all the money out of the home economy that would have created jobs for the working class and lower middle class and then sink it into overseas military adventures. It is always easy to send your neighbors kids into the army when you belong to the elites.  Because your kids never go into the Army if you are wealty.  They know better.

Neat plan huh?

Female IRA volunteer wanted by the police…yes, females have always played a large and important role in IRA activities from the very beginning.  They are usually used to gather intelligence.


We here in the United States at the very beginning of the 21st Century are in a cultural and political situation that is very, very similar to the working class Irish of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century in Ireland.  We have been disenfranchised from our own government’s legitimate mechanisms for so long that we now believe that non-working government is the norm. 

We don’t look to government for answers anymore. We take matters into our own hands and we can be violent when we do it. 

Murders over abortion rights and Aryan Race violence and even motorcycle gang violence could possibly be indications that we have fractured society so much into various sub-elements that we now have tribal groups setting up their own primitive governments or "ways of thinking" that allow the member to take the law into his own hands.

All of these crazy religious groups throughout our country that have their own "compounds" in far off and hard to reach places in rural America could possibly be an indication that we now have a growing movement of people simply setting up their own governments. 

And veterans could be a big part of this national breakdown of law and order. 

Veterans have massive experience with organized violence.  This is essentially how the Irish Independence Movement of the 20th Century started.  And often enough Irish veterans of the British Army were involved in the early days of separatist violence against Britain to give the IRA serious bite and a vicious kick.  Many IRA members in the 1916 rebellion had served in the British Army and some  had served with distinction.

If you think I am kidding and that this could not happen remember that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols who were found responsible for the tragedy in Oklahoma City were decorated Gulf War veterans.  I do not find it coincidental that both of them have surnames often found in Ireland.  They certainly knew their own family heritage and history.  I wonder…?

 \\General Michael Collins, hero and commander in chief of the armed forces of the Irish Free State.  The Free State was a British aligned government that eventually went to war with the Irish Republican Army in the Irish Civil War after quasi-independence from Britain.  The IRA won and Ireland was divided into the Republic and the Province of Ullster that exists today.


So what am I actually saying here? In short, I am saying that in my opinion violence, armed and dangerous violence, is just around the corner for us.  We have a chance to stop it but our government must act quickly and start representing the will of the people and not the will of the super elites. 

The very survival of this Republic may depend on this course change in government coming within the next few months to a year.  Here is what we are looking at and what we must recognize has already happened.  The mix is volatile and it looks something like this:

(1) Take the American culture wars that have been waging out of control since Reagan spoke up for Amerika.

(2) And then throw that into the soup with the absolute unfettered power of the Amerikan super elites to start phony wars using working class and lower middle class kids in your neighborhood to fill an army that has been sent overseas to protect "Amerikan" interests. 

(3) The wars are really about protecting U.S. oil and war industry interests

(4) but they have been morphed into something that resembles "protecting" U.S. interests from the Taliban and Al Qeada which are actully two very ultra conservative Muslim religious groups that have largely Muslim interests.

(5) Use that inter religious strife among Muslims and the tragedies that occurred because of that strife on 9/11 and then

(6) keep a state of perpetual war going for the forseeable future in order to reap even bigger profits by using the instability in the Middle East to rape these people economically even more. And to make it all worthwhile and follow the matrix set down by the British Empire

(7) use economically disenfranchised Americans and other Western citizens in their armies to keep the whole thing going.

Trust me when I tell you this.  The very birth of the American Republican Army is going to happen any day now.  I can see all the signs and I hear the whispered conversations among the disabled, the broken in spirit and the recently awakened Volunteers.

Veterans are going to be involved in this in a big way.  I hope I am wrong.  I fear that I am not.

This ain’t going to be pretty.  Revolution never is.  Lets hope our government is listening.  There is still time to give the government back to the people.

I think.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)




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