Once again we can see the insanity of it all. When we will learn?


In today’s New York Times there are many articles concerning the wars and unrest in Western Asia. All of them indicate to me that it is time to leave there now.

Screw the oil cartels. Screw the American war industry captains. Screw the international banking concerns that want pipleines to the Arabian Sea from Turkmenistan. We are killing whatever is left of the American spirit in these young Americans that are fighting these oil wars so that we can have gasoline at a dollar and a half cheaper than we normally would.

&^#* that! I’ll take the *&%$-ing bus. This has to end now.  Our nation’s soul is at stake.


We have to end this madness now. Read these articles. It will wake you up to the realities of what we are doing to our young people in uniform in order to keep the banks and oil people and war industry ghouls happy. This is now past insanity…this is now pure evil for the sake of money. This is unGodly.

For the love of all that is holy and human, if we focus our efforts we can be energy independent in ten years. We are killing people by the hundreds of thousands so that we can have oil. It is pretty much that simple. Are our kids and even our grand kids worth being sacrificed in this meatgrinder when we don’t have to go this way?

The first article today is a self written piece by an soldier-mother who has deployed mutliple times to Iraq. That story is entitled "Ocean Apart" and it is here.

In an unbelievably ballsy move, even for the Pentagon, we find out in this article that the War Barons over in Castle Crazy in Arlington are preparing to ask the President and Congress for more war money, a special request from them to get special funding outside of the defense budget. If they get that money I may very well pack up and move to Canada.

This is now a matter of the Pentagon being completely out of control and acting like a government unto itself. This is bizarre. The story is here.

In this story we find out that the informed public in Britain is starting to turn against the War in Afghanistan big time. The Afghani policeman who killed several British troopers two days ago appears to be the breaking point in Britain.

In this story we learn more about the "anti" anti-American choreographed Iranian rally yesterday in Tehran, Iran. Could that part of the world get any crazier? And these people will soon have access to nuclear weapons! Great. Just what we need.

It is time for all Americans to exert leadership now. This must end.

Oil is just not that important when we know for a fact with tremendous focus and national will we can find other energy resources to fuel our war-based economy and further our financial manipulation across national borders on virtually a half dozen or more other fuels.

If we are going to be war mongers, lets not do it over oil, there are other options available.  We all know that.  So why all the warring bedlam over oil?

We need to start thinking of the future. Sacrificing our young on the crucible of greed and oil lust just is not reasonable.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)


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