The President has rejected all options before him. He wants others.


The Associated Press reports today that President Obama has rejected all military strategies placed before him and wants more options. That story is here.

The problem still seems to be that a sizeable number of troops will still be sent to Afghanistan, perhaps 30,000 . What am I missing here? The American people are quite clear in their desire by a majority to end this senseless war now. We have no legitimate national defense interests there that have anything to do with our national security from an armed enemy.

This is about oil pipelines and a presence in western and central Asia to counter-balance our economic adversaries. Hooey! That is not worth American lives. Bring them home Mr. President. If America’s elites need an army to fight for their business interests in Western Asia, let them hire one. Our army is not for sale.


As if to further this point of a disconnect between our legitimate national defense needs and our elites’ desire to illegally and unethically use the American armed forces as a sort of ‘trump card’ to bully our economic adversaries to stay out of our sandbox, here is an article from the Truthout blog which tells us some disturbing facts. 43,000 troops presently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are thought to be medically disqualified for service! Wow!

Mr. President, this is not "providing for the common defence", which is what our Constitution calls for from a President. What this approximates is providing for the economic offense.

Our elites are illegally using the armed forces as muscle in an ongoing and never ending struggle for market share among arms suppliers, oil cartels and other hidden business interests of American and Western business magnates over their international business competitors.

This is unethical, immoral, unnecessary and in very short order, this is going to cause unrest at home. We will have blood in the streets. It will start with the families of the dead soldiers.

We have been hoodwinked and these young people have been killed and maimed for the business interests of American elites. Revolutions have been carried out because of less provocation than this.

We are very quickly going to be staring down the barrels of weapons held by Americans against our own government if that government does not soon start representing the will of the people over the will of the magnates. I don’t know how to make this any clearer.

American parents will not send their kids overseas to die for oil. Ever.

Trust me. I listen to this every day from the broken and abused. If we do not have an immediate course change from the helm in the White House, this ship of state is going to have to deal with a vicious mutiny.

People have had enough of the half-truths, the lies, the "false flag" explanations and the outright manipulation of sick and broken kids to enter combat yet again for the interests of the American elites and their portfolios.

We are talking about revolution here.

Someone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over on the other side of the Potomac better be paying attention here. This is now getting quite dangerous and unpredictable. Soldiers are starting to kill and injure other soldiers and family members and innocent bystanders on a fairly routine basis.

Behavior has now reached the point of psychosis. Prolonged and multiple combat tours have a way of doing that I would think.

Sociopathic and murderous behavior among the broken has now reached a boiling point. This is the kind of rage people carry with them for a lifetime.

Somebody in a position of authority please listen to me. We are perhaps months away from riots over this, maybe even worse. The American people want our involvement in this ongoing series of religiously motivated wars among Muslims to end.  This is not our business.

I cannot make this any clearer. I hope someone is listening.

Here is a blog that includes a comment from the Chief of Mental Health services for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our troops are too stressed out to be effective. That article is here.

According to that article, a high number of our troops are taking medications to combat depression in the combat zones.  This in itself is causing trouble with the troopers.

Here is an article from today’s Washington Post on the weight of war that Fort Hood has been forced to bear in recent years.

It makes me ask an obvious question. Why are we fighting wars that make no obvious or clear sense to the American people?

Why are these young Americans being sacrificed daily on the Alter of Mamon to turn oil industry and munitions industry magnates into supreme caliphs? Who decided that these young lives were worth sacrificing for oil and arms profits?

Did American veterans? Did American voters? Who decided that these young people would be sacrificed for "influence" on the world stage?

In this article from the Washington Post we read that North Korea is accusing South Korea of setting them up for confrontation. What a surprise! North Korea is accusing the West of subterfuge! Who would have thought?

It is just one more day to try and stay involved with your government. It is your civic duty as a veteran to help govern this nation through participative government. Get informed and stay informed.

We could use your help.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)



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