Governments and ancient organizations need to rethink who they are.


Trial before the SanhedrinIn today’s New York Times we see many articles that show the effect of the devestating crash of the financial markets last Fall (2008) on American life. We cannot afford to spend money we do not have anymore.

First up is this article entitled "Air Defense Push Inspired by 9/11 Gets a 2nd Look" in which the U.S. commander of North American air defenses against terrorist attack has ordered a re-assessment of those defenses, mostly based on the prohibitive cost.

We cannot be the big bully on the block anymore if we don’t have enough money to buy the biggest stick. We had better get used to this. This is only the beginning.


In an Op Ed piece concerning government money flowing to AIG last year in the bailout for that entity, Paul Krugman makes the point that not enough concessions were wrung out of the bankers involved and so the money was largely wasted. The piece is entitled "The Big Squander". One thing is very clearly now. We don’t even have as much as an extra dime now to squander.

I would make another point. We need those troops home from that boondoggle overseas. We simply don’t have the money for it anymore, if in fact we ever did, since we borrowed that money from China to wage those wars.

Here is a quote from the On This Day section of the Times that should make everyone in our government involved in renditions, torture and other war crimes stand up and take notice.

"On Nov. 20, 1945, 24 Nazi leaders went on trial before an international war crimes tribunal in Nuremberg, Germany."

There is no doubt. The Chinese have learned a great deal from us and our government. In an article entitled "China Helps the Powerful in Namibia" we find that the Chinese government has offered lucrative and hard to get scholarships to several college age children of top government officials in an African country within which it wants influence. Who said we cannot export our culture to the Chinese? The Namibian people are furious. We could learn something from them about righteous anger directed at government.

In a story of national significance, UCLA Berkley in California is suffering its greatest loss of public funds since the Great Depression and it is now operating at a total revenue plateau that is 8% lower than last year. Every professor, administrator and clerk has been put on furlough! The story is entitled "A Crown Jewel of Education Struggles With Cuts".

We are in very big trouble when a country that thinks it can afford to wage two and half wars in western Asia cannot afford to pay for working class and middle class kids to attend college at a public institution. The flag ship of state colleges is sinking.

Do you still think we ought to be waging these senseless wars for the sake of the Big Money boys?

The Obama Administration is claiming creation of too many jobs.

We cannot reliably verify what the White House is claiming relative to job creation according to the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board. That article is entitled "Watchdog Urges Caution on Claims of 640,000 Stimulus Jobs". Without new jobs of long term duration being created, this ‘recovery’ is window dressing. We are in big trouble.

This is what the social upheaval of the 1930s was all about. Remember having to read John Steinbeck’s "Grapes of Wrath" when you were in high school? This is the situation that book was talking about.

In this article we learn how two of the oldest institutions in Western Civilization deal with politics.  It is unbelievable.

In an article entitled "Christian Leaders Unite on Political Issues" we learn that Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox self-proclaimed ecclesiastical potentates have signed a document that says , and I quote, " "We pledge to each other, and to our fellow believers, that no power on earth, be it cultural or political, will intimidate us into silence or acquiescence."

They are steamed up about possible government funding of abortions or same sex unions. Wow! This is earth shaking stuff.

G&*damned hypocrites!

These two organizations literally stretch back to the Caesars and have influence unlike any other human organizations on the planet. They have wealth at their disposal that most Third World countries can only dream about.

Now having been raised Roman Catholic myself, and having studied for priesthood from the age of 16 until two weeks past my 20th birthday in a strict Latinate seminary, I get the whole medieval power thing. I understand the whole pre-medieval episcopal mindset of these two churches.

In their view, whatever the bishops say is reflective of the mind of God. Horse puckey!

What m&*^#$-f*&^-ing nonsense!

Where are these two ancient, powerful, incredibly wealthy, highly connected, influential and worldwide church groups relative to assisting in job creation?

stopping the wars in western Asia?

negotiating a peace in Israel-Palestine between the two warring parties?

assuring that global economics moves away from simply being a larger and world-wide version of rape of the poor by the robber barons?

funding recovery from the terrible droughts in Africa that are slowly killing millions of impoverished innocents?

ensuring that the wealthy nations of the Northern Hemisphere stop spending hundred of billions on weapons and war industy nonsense each year and cut their defense budgets in half to feed the starving?

These freaking hypocrites in medieval cassocks and mindsets that they pretend to hold that date back to before the fall of Rome are corpses walking around talking.

They are abominations before God. They make the Sanhedrin of Second Temple Judaism look like the Cub Scouts.

May they rot in hell.

They need to serve the Master they so vainly parade around in ancient ceremonies that would make Second Temple High Priests green with envy.

Screw the ceremony you phony hypocrites! Screw the melodrama!

Get yourself involved in situations that the Carpenter from Nazareth would have embraced as His own. Get your hands dirty. Do the work of God. Allow yourselves to be crucified for the Gospel message.

And most all, SHUT UP!  We are sick to death of your claims of moral leadership.  You are demons.

Screw all the "high theater" and actually do some good you no good stinking, lying bastards.

Oh, and while you are at it, keep your hands off the altar boys and seminarians and convent novices and postulants. You overweight, condescending, arrogant and completely clueless pieces of manure!

Do I sound angry to you?  Am I being unfair?  What do you think?

I unfortunately was on the recieving end of that heartbreaking travesty of clerical child abuse also…by  nuns and to a smaller extent, two priests. It is life changing. One never forgets a betrayal like that.

Do they want to repent as organizations for their sins? Then they need to follow the Master and change the world, not make pronouncements in newspapers so that they can puff out their chests and pretend to be moral leaders. They are moral lepers.  Their souls are rotten to the very core.  They are looking at damnation here and I have to believe that they know it.

Somewhere in heaven right now humble Christians of all denominations are puking over this hypocrisy. They are sick to their stomach from the pronouncements of these hypocrites in cassocks.

These clueless phonies need to repent and do some good. Oh yeah, and those fat bastards need to lose weight and put down the bottle.  They normally drink too much.

There. I am done now.  Ahhh!

I cannot speak for you, but I feel better!

If these so called leaders of these ancient churches want to follow the message of Yeshua Ben Yosef of Nazareth, then the first thing they need is humility.  They don’t have any. That is obvious.

Don’t be like them.  Ground yourself to reality.  Do some good, just don’t sit around and talk about it.

Get informed and stay informed. It is your duty as an informed citizen and as a veteran.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)












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