There are no deadlines for troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. – Sec. of Defense Gates


The US secretary of defenseThe check is in the mail. Everything is going to be just fine. Trust me. We’ve got it all under control. So says Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

In today’s Washington Post in an article entitled Gates: ‘No deadlines’ on troop withdrawal , we read that we must trust that the Bafoonagon team knows what it is doing. I don’t know about you, but speaking for myself I have seen enough of the "expertise" flowing out of that particular puzzle palace over in Arlington in the last eight years to simply want it all to stop.

I am not sure that the world can take anymore of this kind of expertise.


In an article entitled Resumed military panels face new challenges , we find out that the George W. Bush Memorial Detainee Detention and Oftentimes Torture Center located in sunny  Guantanamo, Cuba is busy churning out major revisions to American case law .

This is new and breaking American case law relative to ….to….to whatever the hell it is they are supposed to be doing down there that does not involve torture, mistreatment of prisoners of war who are actually not prisoners of war.

That had been all worked out under the Bush Guideline signed off by the Shrub.

And of course we are simply diddling around with the lives of these people who are (1) either some of the most dangerous people on Earth or (2) people we picked up off the battlefields of our ongoing ‘war on terror’ because tribal rivals fingered them as terrorists and we needed to scoop somebody up!  That actually included a twelve year old boy that we tortured down there.

Aren’t you proud?

In today’s New York Times we learn that NATO allies need to be pursued by the Secretary of State to actually deliver the troops that they have promised. That article is entitled Clinton to Press NATO Allies on Afghanistan Effort .

In this article from the Times entitled Gates Says Afghan Drawdown Timing Is Flexible we learn that the Afghan War drawdown date is sort of a hope, a dream, a kind of guideline, a sort of departure-date"ish" kind of thing. Hmmm! That is not very encouraging is it?  We are going to pull out of Afghanistan starting in 2011….sort of….we think…if we can…I am pretty sure….just trust us.

In this article entitled Bin Laden Not in Pakistan, Prime Minister Says , we learn that OBL is apaprently gone missing. We at VT are always operating under the assumption that he is dead. Our contacts among the Pakistani military assure us that this is true.  So much for that little myth of this particular bogey-man.

In this article, Obama’s Afghanistan Decision Is Straining Ties With Democrats , we get no surprises. Imagine that!

When those of us in his Party backed Barak Obama for President  we voted for change.  One year or so into his administration, we have gotten not as much change as we had hoped.  It hurts.  It really hurts.

This just is not going to go away.  The "strain" may very well turn into divorce, a lot quicker than any of us want.

Get informed and stay informed. Your civic duty is to build an informed opinion so that you can responsibly help to govern this republic.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)


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