Af-Pak war confusion is based in our failure to clearly see the truth. – New York Times


Pakistan ArmyThe New York Times has a lot of articles today dealing with various views of our involvement in Afghanistan and along the Pakistani border to Afghanistan with Pakistan. I will not comment on most of them, simply cull them and ask you to read them. They can be breathtaking in their simplicity and common sense.

It is clear that President Obama is taking a huge gamble in getting us involved in the Afghanistan/Pakistan debacle even more than we already are. It is proving to be a widely unpopular move just about everywhere and I cannot imagine that this will be changing for the better once the casusalties start pouring in.

The first article, Pakistan Told to Ratchet Up Fight Against the Taliban needs no explanation. All I can say is this: it is all up to the Pakistanis as to whether or not these American lives will be lost for a sound purpose or in lost in vain. That does not leave me with a good feeling.


The next article, U.S. Man Accused of Helping Plot 2008 Mumbai Attack outlines the role that David C. Headly of Chicago played in the Mumbai attacks in India last year. He actively assisted in killing innocents in that attack. Why?

Here is an excerpt from that article which will certainly get your attention:

"The charges, including six counts of conspiracy to bomb public places and to murder and maim, significantly expanded the government’s case against Mr. Headley, 49. And his profile — he has roots in the United States and links to high levels of the Pakistani government and military — makes him a highly unusual terror suspect."

CIA spy?  False-flag nation counter-spy?  WTF!

In this article, Officials Try to Unite on Afghan Plan we read about a concerted effort by "Obama’s Team" to appear united. Obviously they are not. Good. There may be some hope yet to stop this insanity.

In this editorial Pakistan and the War we read very clearly that without Pakistan’s complete unprecedented cooperation in eradicating the Taliban, victory is hopeless. Then let me state this clearly. Victory is hopeless.

I wonder what victory or even "success" is considered to be in this case? I cannot imagine.

In this excellent Op Ed piece entitled A Fearful Price, Bob Herbert writes that it is immoral for less than 1% of the population to be bearing the entire burden for these wars. We all agree don’t we?

In this Op Ed piece by Roger Cohen, Afghanistan on Main Street , we read of the extreme social and financial costs of the wars and how they are ripping us apart.

Here is a quote from that article that we should have been aware of generations ago.

"Or, as Proverbs 22:7 puts it in the Bible: "The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender."  Can you say "Chinese loans to us for $800 billion dollars?"  I thought you could.

And in our last article we learn how military bureaucracy is killing any attempts to "win" the Afghan War swiftly. The Next Surge: Counterbureaucracy is an eye opener.

Here is an example from the article:

"The red tape isn’t just on the battlefield. Combat commanders are required to submit reports in PowerPoint with proper fonts, line widths and colors so that the filing system is not derailed. Small aid projects lag because of multimonth authorization procedures. A United States-financed health clinic in Khost Province was built last year, but its opening was delayed for more than eight months while paperwork for erecting its protective fence waited in the approval queue."

This is ridiculous! It borders on the unbelievable.

And finally we read the following from the On This Day section of the Times.

"On Dec. 8, 1941, the United States entered World War II as Congress declared war against Japan one day after the attack on Pearl Harbor."

Get informed and stay informed. It is our only hope for a vibrant democracy.

CWO3 Tom Barnes, USCG (Ret.)


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