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Once each year, it is appropriate for Americans no matter what faith, or if no faith at all, to pause and take stock of just who we are and how we got here.  Except for slaves, both black and white who were forcibly brought to this nation or came as indentured servants the remainder of non-native Americans came voluntarily; in fact millions of illegal immigrants continue to beat the doors down to get in. 


Whereas Obama may believe that by bowing to an assortment of world leaders; telling the Turks that America is not a Christian nation; telling the French that the U.S. is one of the largest Muslim nations in the world; and in spite of Obama’s self-flagellating apologies to the world for America’s failings which he evidently believes he can wipe out by kissing the fannies of tin horned dictators like Chavez, Castro, and the King of Saudi Arabia, in his recent speech at the award of the Nobel Peace Prize, he at long last got his head screwed on straight enough to inform the audience and world that America is not all bad and that America has actually done much to advance the cause of freedom and human rights. 
Whether or not he meant the goods things he said about the U.S remains to be seen, at least he belatedly had something good to say about his own country, assuming that is, that he is actually an American. For this latter day revelation, he merits congratulations, and perhaps he is beginning to learn more about "God damn America" than he knew before he was elected. Perhaps he is belatedly beginning to learn that America is populated by millions of good-hearted, generous, hard-working people from all walks of life unlike the picture he had erroneously imagined, filled with 20 years of hate-America indoctrination by his vicious excuse for a pastor, the one to whom he proclaimed loyalty akin to his own family.
Lesson for Obama: America was founded by Christian men, received independence by the efforts and sacrifices of Christian men, made free by Christian men, advanced by Christian men and women, slaves freed by Christian men, Europe saved twice by largely Christian men, Civil Rights enacted by Christian men and developed the greatest economy in the world by Christian men and women on largely Christian principles. 
To the extent that an evil, tyrannical minority comprised of anti-Christian forces in the Congress, media, education and religion have been allowed to dominate the wishes, rights and lives of the silent majority is about to change. When Obama promised "change," he unwittingly did a good thing although it was likely not what he had in mind. He awakened millions of Americans to their Christian heritage and now those who would quash the Kingdom of God in this great nation, and that evidently includes Obama, unless of course he is a latter day convert are about to learn a lesson. To his credit, his Copenhagen speech is a small indication that there may be genuine "hope" to go along with his mantra of "change."
One may oppose Obama politically and still pray that God would transform his mind from its dark and evil view as evidenced by those with whom he associates and surrounds himself, to the reality of America, warts and all, being the port in a storm, a beacon of light in a dark and dangerous world, the preeminent guardian of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
This is possible because Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God came, lived, taught, gave himself as a sacrifice, defeated Satan and arose in victory to make it possible.
Merry Christmas; and God save and Bless America!
Semper Fidelis

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