By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

This week, Debra Medina, candidate for governor of Texas, a real conservative, guns, state sovereignty, a farm girl from Texas, not a phony Texan from back east like someone else we know, someone who spent his life hiding behind “mama” took on infamous Fox News/Rupert “Mr. Zionism” Murdoch’s moronic clown, Glenn Beck.  So, Beck, you are now rich, you are no longer a drunk, you joined the Mormons and you know how to buzz up idiots.  With qualifications like that, you should be Prime Minister of the Mormonistic Republic of Utah, not just a paid shill.

Conservatives feel they have to legitimize you by coming on your show.  It doesn’t take 5 minutes of investigative reporting to figure out who you work for, you are a stooge for Fox News.  Fox talks conservative but is the voice of the extremists who have hijacked the state of Israel and are now holding a good portion of the US government hostage.  Fox, Limbaugh, Beck and crazy apocalypse cult “Christian Zionists” still control enough of the Republican Party that candidates have to put up with treason or get squashed by a deluge of Israel/big oil/”pro-war” money, the profiteers who are living off the suffering of the world and the lives of Americas war dead.

Debra Media is a 9/11 “truther.”  A “truther” is someone who wants to know the truth and who believes they are being lied to.  I would call this kind of person “reality based.” 


There is no evidence Israel planned 9/11.  However, there is massive circumstantial evidence that Israel “may” have known in advance and played a role in planning 9/11 with broad cooperation from the Bush administration and key members of the military and intelligence community.  This is why we have investigations, real ones, and when we find our investigations are interfered with, why we have a crime called “obstruction of justice.”

Any “two bit” lawyer, even one like John Ashcroft could make a case against Israel on the “Crotch Bomber” in Detroit.  This case is a total walkover.  We know it wasn’t meant to kill many people, just one or two, maybe a few more but it did make billions in profits for companies tied to Israel and its friends, companies that make airport scanners.  The evidentiary trail leading to Israel on the Detroit bombing is clear as day.  Nobody will go down it or AIPAC, the organization that funds operations against the United States government and buys and sells American politicians, newspapers, TV networks and more, much more with impunity, will reach out and crush anyone who stands in the way.

Can we investigate AIPAC for “material support of terrorism” or their voice, Fox News, for the same?  No.  Can we get a real investigation of 9/11 because so many of the names involved in the Detroit bombing tie to 9/11 and we finally have real witnesses for this one?  No.

Now that we know how the hijackers got weapons on the planes, how they got past security and even how some of them were paid, 2 through a “rogue” FBI agent, we can do nothing.

Now that we know, told by the 9/11 Commission itself, that their report is worthless because it was based on false information and perjured testimony, we can do nothing.

Now that we have seen a small version of 9/11 played out with live witnesses and with the stamp “ISRAEL” all over it, we won’t put the pieces together because there is nobody in the US, nobody of “consequence:”

  • there is not one major news organization in the United States that doesn’t have Israeli ownership and management
  • no single individual has stood up to Israel without being “accidented” or having their reputation and finances destroyed or finding themselves arrested for a “crime”
  • even with millions of Americans and hundreds of millions around the world clamouring for the truth, nobody says anything except, as it seems, Debra Medina


With dozens of scandals, each getting 10 minutes of press, a game has been created.  Mel Gibson, in the film, Edge of Darkness, explains the process well.  The idea is to make things seem so complicated that nobody can look at anything.  Instead of asking how hijackers get thru Israeli security companies at every airport, we talk about “nano-thermite” or “melting termperatures.”  When supposed “science” went decades denying that cigarettes cause cancer, do you think denying obvious science around 9/11 is going to be hard?

In Detroit, we had a terrorist loaded onto a plane, walked right thru an Israeli security company, an airline security, passport control and every international law and convention, not to mention security protocol imaginable, right in front of extremely credible witnesses and still nothing is done.

Then there is Iraq.  The British tried an investigation, a planned “cover-up” and even that failed.  It because so obvious that Bush and Blair put out a purchase order for phony intelligence that supported an illegal and disasterous war.  Who was the supplier, other than the CIA and MI-5/6?  The majority of the lies were arranged thru Israel, with a trail as wide and clear as an autobahn on Sunday morning. 

Some Americans and many around the world think Israel does bad things because gangsters who may actually be running the United States need competent and skilled criminal organizations and our own CIA and FBI are simply too stupid to be trusted.  I can’t say that this is true but is as likely true as anything on a Fox channel other than sports scores.

Bush and his puppet Blair went after Iraq and, as a minor consequence, killed America.  No big loss, not to them.  They made tons of money  Blair is swimming in it now.  Check.


It isn’t just Israel.  They simply have become the supplier of bribe money, lies, terrorist planning, “hit squads” and anything else people will pay for.  If not them, we would have to use the Mafia unless, of course, they run that too, as historical research is now making a powerful case for.

The real problem is people above the law, American politicians, some Israeli leaders, Tony Blair and his gang and we only hang Saddam.  He needed to hit the noose with tons of company, most of them from Washington DC, perhaps from other countries, but if you could make a deck of cards with 52 Iraqis wanted for crimes, you could print a phone book out of Washington, London and Tel Aviv.

Think of how much less traffic there would be on the beltway?

Germans and Japanese called the war crimes trials after WW2, “victor’s justice.”  Little has changed.


Is Debra Medina a great leader, an American of vision?  We haven’t seen that but we saw her ask questions.  Was she pandering to the disaffected by asking for the Obama birth certificate when George Bush and John McCain have their very “colorful” personal records, military, criminal, driving even school records buried 5 stories below the capital under armed guard?  If we put the three of them together, what do we get?  Traitor and collaborator during wartime, drunk and addict, deserter from the military and someone suspected of being born in Kenya?  Which is worse?  Next time I get a “truther” I want to hear a request for the transcripts of the McCain propaganda broadcasts, the Bush cocaine convictions and then the Obama birth certificate.  If you love truth, learn to love all of it or none of it at all.

Honesty and morality shouldn’t be relative.

Do I give her credit, Debra Medina for asking about 9/11?  Yes.  Is it that she doesn’t know the rest, know what is necessary to live in a free country?  Should we support candidates for public office who are ignorant of even the most basic facts?  We have to admit we have set our standards low.  Either we elect total idiots or they are smart people and talk to us like we are total idiots.  Either way, they talk like total idiots.  How do we tell the difference?

Why should things be different for her.  She asked one hard question when hundreds of others did less.  Give her credit and hope she learns more.


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