Immunotec – Optimizing Your Health, Wealth, and Well-being!

Immunotec:  Adding Years to Your Life, and LIFE to Your Years!

Dr. Bounous

Dr. Bounous

Our story begins with a surgeon and professor from Italy, who was living in Canada and working as a research scientist at McGill University (the ‘Harvard’ of Canada). One day a box of white powder is delivered to his laboratory; this was before the days of anthrax so no one was worried.  Inside the box Dr. Gustavo Bounous discovers a letter from a food manufacturing company in Switzerland, and a check for $10,000. 

The letter explains that the powder is a by-product of their cheese manufacturing process, which had been disposed of in the local rivers for years.  Not being allowed to get rid of it in this way anymore, they turned to Dr. Bounous, an expert in nutritional research, to find if there was any good commercial use for it.

Initial studies on the powder with mice made them so healthy that they lived 30-50% longer and all their cancerous tumors disappeared! 

Fast forward 35 years. 

ImmuplatinumusThis white powder now has Medical Patents for things like Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, Treatment of HIV-AIDS, Improvement of the Immune System, Improvement of Muscular Strength and Body Mass, Amelioration of Oxidative Stress (the underlying cause of aging and disease). 

We know the Veterans have many health challenges from exposure to vaccines, viruses, hazardous chemicals and diseases.  This white powder, now called IMMUNOCAL, has been a true blessing to thousands of people over the last 14 years that it has been available to the public.  It is a life-changing product, even listed in the U.S. Physician’s Desk Reference.

Why hasn’t your doctor told you about it?

Simply because it doesn’t come from a pharmaceutical company.  It’s not a drug.  However, it has 35 Medical Publications in peer-reviewed journals, and is almost identical in composition to Mother’s Milk – which is extremely good for you, as you know! 

Thus, a company was born to market Immunocal! 
Immunotec's Cherry Concentrate
This company, Immunotec, began to diversify and has made other health-promoting products available to the public, such as PNT – a natural ANTI-ANXIETY, STRESS-RELIEVER, PROVEN, to be as effective as VALIUM, yet non-habit-forming, and can be taken throughout the day.  It does not cause drowsiness and has NO side effects!  A natural way to deal with STRESS and anxiety. 

Another miraculous product is Immunotec’s Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate

With approximately 1,600 cherries in every bottle, it is a DELICIOUS and Nutritious way to help alleviate INFLAMMATION and the pain of arthritis and gout, as well as soreness after exercise.

What a way to improve your immune system, with 6 servings of FRUIT in just two tablespoons!  This particular cherry concentrate has naturally-occurring MELATONIN in it…so when you take it at night before bed it will help you have a deep sleep!

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2 Responses to "Immunotec – Optimizing Your Health, Wealth, and Well-being!"

  1. Allison  April 19, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Immunocal is just Whey. How much are they charging for this stuff??? Are there any kind of warnings for people that are severely lactose intolerant or with milk allergies?

    Double blind clinical trials are only useful if you use good controls. Their clinical trial published on PUBMED was poorly controlled. Be careful of good marketing, it can be tricksy and get you to spend more on a product than it’s worth. Marketing can also find ways to exaggerate clinical trial findings. They’ll have to play it straight if they ever want FDA approval.

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