What Happens When You Die? Evidence Suggests Time Simply Reboots


From the Huffington Post:

By Robert Lanza, M.D.

What happens when we die? Do we rot into the ground, or do we go to heaven (or hell, if we’ve been bad)? Experiments suggest the answer is simpler than anyone thought. Without the glue of consciousness, time essentially reboots.

The mystery of life and death can’t be examined by visiting the Galapagos or looking through a microscope. It lies deeper. It involves our very selves. We wake and find ourselves in the present. There are stairs below us, which we seem to have climbed; there are stairs above us, which go upward into the unknown future. But the mind stands at the door by which we entered and gives us the memories by which we go about our day. Everything is ordered and predictable. We’re like cuckoo birds who appear through a door each morning. We fancy there’s a clockwork set in motion at the beginning of time.

But if you remove everything from space, what’s left? Nothing. The same applies for time — you can’t put it in a jar. You can’t see through the bone surrounding your brain (everything you experience is information in your mind). Biocentrism tells us space and time aren’t objects — they’re the mind’s tools for putting everything together.

I was a young boy when I realized there was something unexplainable about life that I simply didn’t understand. I learned this from one of the last smiths in New England, when I, as a child, tried to capture a woodchuck on his property.

Over his shop a chimney cap went round and round, squeak, squeak, rattle, rattle. One day the blacksmith came out with his shotgun and blew it off. The noise stopped. Mr. O’Donnell pounded metal on his anvil all day. No, I thought, I didn’t want to be caught by him. Yet, I had my purpose.

Dying Soul

The woodchuck’s hole was in such close proximity to Mr. O’Donnell’s shop that I could hear the bellows fanning his forge. I crawled noiselessly through the long grass, occasionally stirring a grasshopper or a butterfly. After setting a new steel trap that I had just purchased at the hardware store, I took a stake and, rock in hand, pounded it into the ground. When I looked up, I saw Mr. O’Donnell standing there, his eyes glaring. I said nothing, trying to restrain myself from crying. “Give me that trap, child,” he said, “and come with me.”

I followed him into his shop, which was crammed with all manner of tools and chimes of different shapes and sounds hanging from the ceiling. Starting the forge, Mr. O’Donnell tossed the trap over the coals and a tiny flame appeared underneath, getting hotter until, with a puff it burst into flame. “This thing can injure dogs, and even children!” he said, poking the coals with a fork. When the trap was red hot, he took it from the forge, and pounded it into a little square with his hammer. He said nothing while the metal cooled. At length, he patted me upon the shoulder, and then took up a few sketches of a dragonfly. “I tell you what,” he said. “I’ll give you 50 cents for every dragonfly you catch.” I said that would be fun, and when I parted I was so excited I forgot about my new trap.

The next day I set off with a butterfly net. The air was full of insects, the flowers with bees and butterflies. But I didn’t see any dragonflies. As I floated through the last of the meadows, the spikes of a cattail attracted my attention. A huge dragonfly was humming round and round, and when at last I caught it, I hopped and skipped all the way back to Mr. O’Donnell’s shop. Taking a magnifying glass, he held the jar up to the light and made a careful study of the dragonfly. He fished out a number of rods, and with a little pounding, wrought a splendorous figurine that was the perfect image of the dragonfly. It had about it a beauty as airy as the delicate insect.

As long as I live I will remember that day. And though Mr. O’Donnell is gone now, there still remains in his shop that little iron dragonfly −- covered with dust now −- to remind me there’s something more elusive to life than the succession of shapes we see frozen into matter.

Before he died, Einstein said “Now Besso [an old friend] has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” In fact, it was Einstein’s theory of relativity that showed that space and time are indeed relative to the observer. Quantum theory ended the classical view that particles exist if we don’t perceive them. But if the world is observer-created, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s destroyed with each of us. Nor should we be surprised that space and time vanish, and with them all Newtonian conceptions of order and prediction.

It’s here at last, where we approach the imagined border of ourselves, the wooded boundary where in the old fairy tale the fox and the hare say goodnight to each other. At death, we all know, consciousness is gone, and so too the continuity in the connection of times and places. Where then, do we find ourselves? On stairs that can be intercalated anywhere, like those that Hermes won with the dice of the moon, that Osiris might be born. We think that the past is past and the future the future. But as Einstein realized, this simply isn’t the case.

Without consciousness, space and time are nothing; in reality you can take any time — whether past or future -− as your new frame of reference. Death is a reboot that leads to all potentialities. That’s the reality that the experiments mandate. And when I see Mr. O’Donnell’s old shop, I know that somewhere the chimney cap is still going round and round, squeak, squeak. But it probably won’t rattle for long.

“Biocentrism” (BenBella Books) lays out Lanza’s theory of everything.


  1. Yogi X here,

    Mr. Charlie from California, yes, I will give a brief summary to hopefully put this wonderful science in perspective.

    All great mystics have used the human body for space travel. No rockets, no reentry calamities, no space stations; just the natural human body, and that is why the human body is called the pinnacle of creation that even angels and deities would like to have — without the drawbacks of a short, earthly lifecycle.

    Within in the human body is a collection of spinning energy ganglia that mystics most commmonly call chakras (among other names, depending on the civilization the mystic belongs to).

    These spinning chakras are arranged in vertical order in the human frame. The bottom chakra is the elimination chakra by the rectum, the second up is the procreation chakra, and so on, up to the through and between the two hemispheres of the brain.

    The bottom chakra vibrates at a given frequency, the second at a higher frequency and so on. As we climb the chakra ladder up the human frame, the frequency (or vibration) of each higher chakra gets continually higher.

    Each chakra has a window (or portal) upon its own spherical universe. These windows that are clogged and clouded can be cleaned by certain yogi practices, allowing access to the associated universes.

    There are universal spheres within spheres within spheres, the smallest and coarsest being at the rectal chakra.

    We as souls, are trapped well-down in this concentric, spherical set of universes. Eternal life and happiness is only available if we escape both the golden and iron chains that keep us in this prison house.

    A Perfect Guide can teach us how to escape if we choose to follow his or her instructions.

    The major spheres we are concerned about as spiritual warriors are the Astral spheres (as landmarks or guideposts), the Universal Mind spheres (again, as landmarks only) and the spheres of pure spirit, which is beyond time and limitations.

    Our escape path includes learning to listen to certain sounds and seeing certain inner sights that mark the way. All else is a total distraction and waste of energy and time.

    I left off in the middle of describing the second major collection of spheres, that that makes up the Astral world (or Anda). We are here because of two important milestones or guideposts, but we’re not stopping as we build energy to go higher and further out.

    As you will see, we will ignore much along the way. I mean, if one is escaping prison confinement for deeds one is not responsible for, why stop along the way and count all the electrical boxes, the weeds in the lawns, the number and type of wire in the perimeter fence, listening to the guards shouting — no, you just get on your horse and get riding(as Mr. Tom says in Out West speak).

    I hope that is adequate Mr. Charles. Any more questions, please ask.

    Your surprise friend,

    Yogi X

  2. Yogi X. I got a little confused. Could you please give a quick summary to help me back on track.

    Thx — Charlie from California

  3. Yogi X here,

    Every mystic of any significance takes the path we are describing. The path up the vibrational ladder of the chakras. The caution is, it is easy to get sidetracked on the way as the universes get ever more grander, the higher we shift our inner vibrations to smaller and finer chakras — the windows and doorway in and out of these spherical universes.

    We just plowed our way through a chakra our minds are convinced is another sun, and we ended up in a huge spherical universe with the bluest of blue skys. We have a choice. We can wander this universe to our heart’s content, until our human frame dies. Then, in our next life, we get to start all over.

    There is a better way.

    Forget this astral lower sphere we discovered by piercing the sun-like object. Focus on the moon floating in the blue sky. Be drawn to it with the proper form of contemplation. Allow yourself to once again overcome the fear of collision. Burst through that moon.

    You will awaken in an even higher sphere, at a brightly moonlit universe associated with this chakra. This is good. You are awakening, skittering like a fast moving spider up to the next Astral chakra, an important milestone, but only a step on the true way.

    Since we are doing bite-size chunks, we will talk about this milestone sphere on the next post.

    Your Yogi friend,

    Yogi X

  4. Yogi X here again,

    Once our concentration is set and stable on the vast inner space filled with stars and galaxies (see the above commment), we need to find the brightest star in the night lights. For some, this ultra-bright star is obvious, for many we need the Guide to help direct our attention.

    When the brightest star is finally located, we have to do something that seems totally out of touch with human-frame’s nature. We have to set ourselves on a collision course with it. Yes, we have to do what seems like merging into its essence. “Whammo!”, the mind screams in dismay as we charge forward.

    It is not a solid star! It is NOT a flaming inferno. It is the gateway to the next higher sphere in the Astral creation!

    We burst through this ‘sun’ like a rocket — waking in a totally different, parallel, higher vibrating universe, though much larger than our Pind ones.

    We can dawdle and gawk here, but that makes no sense to the spiritual warrior who wants to free him or herself from this prison house.

    So we make the decision to seek even higher (outer?) more elegant and grandeur regions vibrating at even higher rates as we discard the trash buildup of the physical regions. That is our next step on the road to immortality.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  5. Yogi X typing,

    I’m back from my jungle hike. I even took my black and yellow motorcycle to to the closest village of any size to do a little shopping and share some tea with friends. The tiger cub fog has dissipated, thanks to the natural forces of air movement.

    We left off by talking about the ’tisra til’ energy center chakra, often called the ‘tenth door’ or the ‘eye center as explained above.

    There are roughly twenty-two important chakra centers inbetween the two hemispheres of the brain, and many, many smaller centers that have certain functions. Spiritual Warriors that have a Perfect Guide, ignore all but 10-12 of the major centers and essentially all of the smaller centers. The centers ignored during contemplation are what we on earth in the human frame would call no more than ‘rest stops’ along a busy highway.

    The crossing of the eye center, the tisra til is a fascinating first step leap. As we contemplate at the eye center in the method taught by your Perfect Guide, the mind will slowly begin to settle down, to wait motionless instead of chasing outside connecting senses like hearing, seeing, smelling, etc.

    There is a trick or two that can help your concentration at the tisra til blackness that will be taught to you when you have connected physically with your Guide. This point of stillness is not reached overnight by most of us, because was we begin to shut out the outside, the crazy chatter of our mind seems to pick up speed. Eventually this chatter will become boring and the mind will settle down to the great quest.

    When the mind is quiet and the attention is brought up from the physical frame’s sense organs, the blackness will become enrapturing itself. Occasionally sparkling lights will dart across the black screen. Let them dart. Don’t chase them as that only sets the mind in further motion. As the mind settles, those dark lights will still themselves.

    As we contemplate further on the blackness and stilled lights, we will sometimes, but not always, see black figures cross the inner black movie screen, this often called “black eye of Shiva” here in India. The blacker than black figures can help you hold your attention at the tisra til when they stop and appear to look back at your mind’s eye.

    Then, almost out of nowhere, ‘varoom’, an inner sky filled with stars and galaxies galore will appear before the stilled mind. This is an important milestone. Cherish it as a reward for your diligent work at stilling the wild crazy mind trapped in its prison body.

    We will talk about how to use this starry sky next, as all great mystics have.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  6. Yogi X here,

    T.D. Comment => my friend Yogi X has helped some folks, including me.

    Yogi X => Thanks for the compliment, Mr. Tom. It was not necessary, but kind all the same. Maybe one day we’ll move on to the naughty things you like to do! 🙂

    Very quickly, since Mama Tiger and her babies have eaten (and left my leg alone) and departed back into the jungle after a warm, dry night in a corner of our cave, we are going to turn our attention to the next stage of our journey, crossing the multiple spheres of the Astral region.

    I am going for a quick walk first, to clear my head, because I think one of Mama Tiger’s cubs is lactose intolerant — noisy lactose intolerant if you know what I mean.

    Talk to you very soon,

    Yogi X

  7. Hi seeview.

    It’s taken me a few days to get back to you and your latest post.

    I think you have a fair question — why is this on VT. I can just tell you, it isn’t favortism. It’s an okay segment of the reporting business, an ongoing story that can be good for the growing VT readership.

    Why am I involved? It all started back when I was an 18 year-old sucked off a ranch into the Army and placed in positions where my whole life evolved around maiming and killing, or attempting to do the same. Up close and personal, maybe 10-12 Americans killed including one Medal of Honor Sergeant Major friend. Up close and not so personal, at least another 40 by the time I was 19. Then, there was the other side. Who knows what that count was. I spent nearly a year in three seperate Army hospital stays. I rode truck shotgun in some of the most perilous places on earth, trying to help groups like Duff’s.

    By the time I got out of the Service I was (the term used then) shell-shocked. NONE of the world made sense — I suspect you know what I mean. I COMPLETELY realized the transitory, temporary nature of this human body. But I never believed, never, that this was all there was to life. There had to be more. Eventually, I became a well-educated wanderer, and life began to unfold in a surprise.

    Then, Mike Leon’s mom had him post this story by Dr. Lanza on a slow day in June. The hit count rose dramatically and people had questions about the article. I noticed the holes in it and began responding individually to the posters. And many of them requested more clarity. I got Yogi X involved, and here we are months later.

    I don’t know, seeview, if it is good, bad or indifferent for you. I know my friend Yogi X has helped some folks, including me. I’m not interested in worldly hope and change. The human minds are too stubborn, recalcitrant and brain-washed for that — except for the few clear thinkers.

    And every once in a while, we have something that is REALLY funny, like today’s “Why can’t I own a Canadian?”. Humor is good, especially in a world strife with grim economic news.

    So, here we are until it is time for us to be here no more. The extra good news is that there are some great articles on this site and some fun respnders. What more could we ask for, seeview?

    T.D First Cav Vet

  8. Yogi X here,

    The baby Tiggers are sleeping in the back of my warm cave. Mama went hunting and mamas are prone to do, leaving her babes in my trusty care.

    For those of us who are spiritual warriors, the next ‘target’, the first real target on our journey is the next spiritual window, the ’tisra til’, also called the third eye or the tenth door.

    Third eye is the same point between and slightly above the two eyebrows that the Western bible mystic refers to when he said, “Let thine eye be single and thy whole body shall be full of light.”

    It is also referred to as the ‘tenth door’ when we count the nine body physical senses that draw us out of the body into the sensory physical world: the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, the mouth and two lower organs for reproduction and elimination. In this way of counting, the only other way out of the body (excluding the chakra windows unknown to most) is the tenth door, the tisra til. This is the same exit the soul and mind takes upon death.

    This tisra til, this third eye, is the gateway spiritual warriors take while still living in the physical body. It is called “dying while living”, a fancy expression for meaningful meditation. The physical body stays in a healthy, semi-suspended state while the soul travels the higher dimension in the higher spheres beyond Pind.

    In the system of the Advanced Adepts, the Perfect Spiritual Guides, the attention during contemplation is held at the tisra til, in the manner they prescribe, until the soul is ready to go higher. All the lower chakras in Pind (the physical frame) are ignored, including the lowest chakra of Anda (the Astral spheres) are totally ignored during contemplation because they are a waste of time and energy.

    Next, we will begin to explore the tisra til, the third eye, the tenth door, and its access unto the Astral region.

    Please have a good evening. I hope Mama Tiger has a successful evening of hunting so she won’t want to gnaw on my leg when she returns. 🙂

    Yogi X

  9. Yogi X here again,

    The skies have somewhat cleared or our small patch of jungle in the lower Himalayas. This small break will give me internet access to make a quick post.

    If this inner path of the spiritual warrior were easy, great mystics would have not gone to such extremes to make it easier for us. One, Guru Nanak, is said to have sat on pebbles for twelve years to keep from falling asleep. Another, more familiar in the West, Jesus, would not have spent almost twenty years in the Tibetan hills, not too far from our little cave. Another familiar Indian figure Soami Ji would not have sat solitary in a small dark room in the back of his family’s house in Agra contemplating for seventeen years before he emerged to show us lucky ones today, the contemplative “shortcut” we will discuss next. His contemplative shortcut shows us how to ignore all the time and energy spent on lower chakras and propel us straight on the path to freedom.

    We no longer have to meditate at stumbling ant speed, but we can skitter forward on this next phase like a spider rushing across its web.

    Hopefully if this weather break continues, and visiting Mama Tiger and her beautiful cubs give me time, we’ll be able to leap into this next post.

    Yours on the way,

    Yogi X

  10. Yogi X here again,

    The Sanskrit alphabet has 52 letters, and we stopped above at 48 — representing the cumulative sounds of all the lower chakra petals in the human body.

    The last 4 petals are in the chakra called Chardal Kanwal which is slightly above the 6th chakra center that completes the lower human frame’s relationship with Pind — all the material spheres (or parallel universes) associated with the six lower chakras.

    Chardal Kanwal is located in the brain slightly above the Dodal Kanwal — which itself is located close to the pineal gland.

    The Chardal Kanwal has four petals. The four individual sounds from these petals complete the Rishis and Munis Sanskrit alphabet.

    The Chardal Kanwal sphere in the first and lowest sphere of the Astral world collection of spheres. This sphere appears to be where many disembodied spirits who are still tightly attached to the earthly world hang out. Sprititual warriors don’t spend a lot of time or energy here.

    The Chardal Kanwal is the energy center that supplies the human frame mind with the faculties of action, one major faction for each petal:

    a. ahankar: the ego that separates self and self interests from others.
    b. buddhi: the individual’s intellect.
    c. chitta: consciousness that gives the mind the faculties of
    discerning color, form, beauty and remembrance.
    d. manas: the mind stuff itself including the functions of receiving and
    tasting, etc.

    Next, we will move on to the first significant step on the ladder of chakras in the human frame, the full step and movement into the astral world.

    Until then, keep your minds and tongues under control–if at all possible 🙂

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

    P.S. The monsoons are causing major flooding in our country. The many dams in our lower Himalayas are so close to overflowing, that water is being released causing more flooding. But the situation of my jungle cave makes it quite comfortable and dry, though I may get some partially wanted guests. So be it.

  11. Mr. Texas Vet, Yogi X here.

    Thank you. If we could only stop the five great passions of Lust, Anger, Greed, Ego and Attachments to worldly things, we could stop wars, rapes, pillages, abuse, thefts, and on and on.

    This is difficult to get through peoples’ blinded minds. So, we’ll just do it one person at a time, showing each person that they ARE part of something bigger and THERE IS hope to get out of this seemingly endless quagmire called Earth.

    We are all important at the most powerful soul level. We are all equal at the most powerful soul level. All we can do is realize that ourselves, and be examples for others.

    Thank you for your post.

    Yogi X

  12. Yogi X here,

    Thank you Mr. Charlie. How can it be said any better. I am so sorry you were caught up in such awful karma in this world. Fortunately for many of us, this is something that was out of your control, and you had to go through it. You seem to have come out with a good attitude — your only real control.

    Great blessings to you.

    Yogi X

  13. Hi seeview, Yogi X here,

    I’m giving a little time to see if there is any responders to your comment.

    I hope you don’t see this blog as preaching. I view it as more like teaching, without making it too technical. Think of it as a teenager learning how to drive a stick shift automobile (we still have lots of those in India). The teenager doesn’t have to know the engineering science or no more than the basic physical principles of stopping, going and turning in order to be successful. Though I must admit, we have a lot of bad drivers here in India, especially with having to duck the cows wandering down the streets.

    Yet, we have a enough bright minds reading this post, that I and Mr. Tom have wanted to present enough soul science to satisfy them.

    As for being on a Veteran’s website, well trust me, we don’t take up much room on a server’s hard drive or internet bandwidth. However, the more we take, the better it is for VT’s managing editors as it brings new viewers to be exposed to what they want to present to the world. Along the way, it might really help some people.

    Thank you for posting, seeview. Your points are probably most valid from your position of viewing the world. That is just another twist of the mind, something we’re trying to address.

    Unless I get other posts to respond to in a timely fashion, we’ll soon continue with more spiritual science. From my point of view, we’re just getting to the best part.

    Peace to you all,

    Yogi X

  14. I agree with Charlie from California, seeview. It is weirdly comforting to me also to know logically and practically that I’m part of something bigger. And not just another piece of junk, but also an important little cog in a larger scheme of things.

    Good to read your post, seeview.


  15. Hi seeview, I see you’re #501. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen your name on here before. This is kind of amazing, but you know? — I don’t see it as preaching.

    We’re a bunch of Vets, many of us who have faced the situation where the current breath at the time could have been the last one. You know what I mean? Somehow, I think you do.

    A certain percentage of us older vets have thought about–no, dwelled on–what really happened to our buddies, comrades, seemingly innocent civilians, and even those we called the enemy. Ask Chuck Palazzo what he thinks about that, and why he’s living in Nam now. Why are the long gone faces still with us in our dreams or when we are startled, even decades later?

    I personally have been looking for answers. I’ve been to churches, temples, whorehouses, etc., etc., etc. It was like the blind leading the blind as Yogi X says. Bless all their souls for trying, but the faces are still with me, still haunting me. My brain echoes with why?, why? why? Why was I involved with that? Was it good? Was it bad? Was it meaningless? Trust me, the faces aren’t meaningless.

    I just want some f—-g answers before I kick off. As far as your “powers may be” comment, I and probably most of the other hundreds who visit this particular blog every day don’t have a clue. Maybe it’s because hundreds of us visit this segment every day? That makes good business sense to me. VT needs visitors, visitor numbers attract internet attention and help carry the load to help make salient veteran information available.

    I’m sorry seeview, I’m just trying to explain why I visit almost everyday to see what pops out of Yogi X’s mouth next. Somehow to me, it’s comforting.

    Our problem is, if Yogi X’s stuff spreads, 27+ million vets will hammer this site and we’ll never get in. Oh well, enjoy while we can, huh?

    Charlie from California

  16. 500 Comments====================I still think this is ridiculous with the preaching going on. How long would a few of us on here last with doing that. YOGI must be a friend of those in power here. After all it is taking up a lot of space and does not have much to do with Vets. That’s my opinion and I wonder if others feel the same way. Speak up and join in and say so. SEEVIEW

  17. Yogi here again.

    The sixth and last chakra of the spheres of Pind, of which our physcial world Earth is a part is called DodalKanwal, the two-petal lotus. It is the highest chakra of Pind, the spheres of the material world.

    The sixth chakra is situated in the brain behind the lower part of the eyes, back near the pineal gland. This chakra is the seat of the mind and soul in the physical frame. All spheres and chakra centers below the sixth, are subordinate to it.

    All ‘deities’ or forces which are said to govern the body are subordinate to the mind and spirit, which reside in this energy center.

    This 2-petal lotus has two major sounds, both which the spiritual warrior ignores. Other than rising above this chakra, the spiritual warrior merely views it as part of the maintenance of the human frame. Ancient rishis and munis use these two sounds to form letters 47 and 48 of the Sanskrit alphabet.

    We are getting closer to where the real magic begins. Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X

  18. Yogi X here again,

    We are almost getting back up to the exciting range for spiritual warriors. We just have a little more to go within the lower chakras of the human frame on which to build the framework to support our spiritual potential.

    The fifth chakra up from the bottom is the kanth chakra, or throat chakra. It controls the bodies respiration. It is a somewhat interesting parallel universe to visit; we often do this in our light sleep stage. Notice our dreams are not as bright and colorful as the physical world we live in.

    It is also called the lotus with 16 petals, each resounding with it own musical tone to the well trained inner ear. These basic sounds get us up to 46 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, on the way to 52 letters.

    Once again, this is basic data to communicate and understand with; we still have a small way to go to reach the first important stage of the spiritual warrior.

    See you soon,

    Yogi X

  19. Yogi X here,

    The fourth rung up the chakra “ladder” in the human frame is the “hrida chakra”, or the heart chakra. It is located near the heart plexus and it generally relates to the circulation of blood and breathing, both critical functions in which the heart plays a critical link.

    This chakra has 12 petals, containing 12 exclusive tones. Again, though critical to the human frame’s functioning, this spinning energy vortex and its related external, parallel universe sphere are of little interest to the spirtual warrior snce it also is more retarded than our current earthly world.

    If we add these 12 petals to the 18 total on the three lower chakras, we are now up to 30 letters on the old rishis’ Sanskrit alphabet.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

  20. Yogi X here,

    The third chakra up from the bottom of the chakra ladder in the human frame is the nabhi chakra. Nabhi means navel, and of course, chakra means spinning energy wheel. The nabhi chakra is situated near the solar plexus and has mostly to do with general nutrition for the human frame. This chakra has 8 petals, each with its own unique sound.

    When added to the 10 sounds of the lower two chakras’ petals (rectum and procreation) we now have 18 sounds representing 18 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet of 52 letters in total.

    Spiritual warriors spend little or no tme with the coarse parallel world this chakra gives access to, as again, it is depleted of light and energy. Health workers do find working with this chakra is useful for digestive and absorption issues.

    We will be back with you soon.

    Yogi X.

  21. Yogi X once more.

    In the previous post concerning chakras (spinning energy ‘wheels’ in the body) and their effective ‘ladder’ up the human frame, we talked about the lowest chakra, the rectum chakra which has 4 petals and 4 basic musical tones. For the spiritual warrior, dwelling on these sounds is a waste of spiritual time and energy, though in some therapy quarters it can be useful for health maintenance of the human frame, i.e. the colon.

    The second tottering step up the ladder is the second chakra. when cleaned it opens up onto a coarse world slightly brighter and more entertaining (if at all) than the first chakra. This second chakra is often called by mystics, the indri chakra as it relates to sex and the continued procreation of the species, i.e., reproduction.

    The indri chakra is located near the sacral plexus and has six petal, each with its own distinct musical sound.

    When we add the lowest chakra (mul chakra) petals to the indri chakra petals, we now have ten sounds that each equal one letter of the Sanskrit alphabet when one tries to vocalize them.

    Again, from the spiritual standpoint, we spend almost no time (like NONE) contemplating on this chakra, though at times it may be useful in the process of certain healing practices. It is naturally cleaned with the Perfect Guide’s meditative strategy of “pulling the string” nice and easy as opposed to “pushing it” where its physics make it unprone to go.

    Since we are doing intellectual byte size posts, the next post will move further up the ladder. Unless of course, someone has a query which I will be glad to answer.

    Have a nice evening,

    Yogi X.

  22. Yogi X here,

    I need to respond to “seeview” comment before we move on.

    Seeview => “WOW, We have gone from a Vets site to church. I can find better stuff at my local church. This is my opinion and I stick by it. SEEVIEW”

    Yogi X => First, seeview, thank you for your comments. They are useful in that they are a perfect reflection of the lazy mind.

    I am not the one who has taken the Vets site to a church site. Look at the VT headlines today and the past week. I am not judging whether they are real or not. But we have Zionphobes, Islamphobes, Christianphobes, Hinduphobes, etc., etc., all trying to score political points to get their chosen way. If that isn’t “churchism” or “mosqueism” or “templeism” or “synagoguism”, what is?

    In fact, 50% or more of the VT website evolves around the “blind leading the blind”. So what does Mr. Tom say he likes the site, and the partially blind people?
    It is simple, and I agree. Interspersed with all the emotional are real nuggets of useful information for Veterans.

    Now, Seeview, I think it is perfectly okay for you to attend your “local church” —if you have one. If not, it is okay to pretend. Or to pretend you don’t. It is more of the mostly blind leading the blind, with occasional inspirational insights for the curious mind. You can also pretend, seeview, the world is working just fine the way it is. I don’t think so. Wars, rapes, pillages, massive thefts, genocide, gas chambers, nuclear horrors, honor killings, etc., etc., the list goes on.
    seeview =>It does seem to be a lot more than needed. If I read all that stuff I would not know which turn.

    Yogi X => And seeview, you think you know which way to turn now? It seems only Mr. Gates’ oligarch elitists do. Greed and grab, no matter the price. For them, the ends justifies the means, whatever the means may be. They are minds gone totally mad. And what waits for them at the end of this life? You don’t want to know.

    Or, if you want to find out, you would spend the rest of your life as a spiritual warrior — as a person who wants to “experience” the true Unified Field Theory, even if you care less about the mathematical and physcial science intricaties.

    There are some brilliant humans who read this everyday. They are tuned to unlocking the secrets of life and death. There are others who just want to be the best they can be, while still alive in the human body. I understand and support them whole heartedly.

    As for you, seeview, I support you also in whatever you want to do with your life, as long as it doesn’t hurt others. You see, the end DOES NOT justify the means.

    Best to you and repost if you’d like.

    Your good friend, whether you know it or not, Yogi X

  23. Yogi X here,

    We are going to take a brief respite from the logic and development of the “chakra ladder” in the human frame to respond to Mr. Dan.

    Actually, Mr. Dan, your original comment and your response to Mr. Tom were both clear and logically to the point.

    When Mr. Tom asked me to read the article and comment on it, I wasn’t shocked. This is a world we live in that is run amuck by the lower mind, which is controlled by a series of higher minds that also are out of control — themselves (if you will) held in captivity by the human frame’s senses.

    Even most of our brightest minds are trapped in this prison. Many of them, like Mr. Lanza, and many others are struggling to put this all in perspective: to become free. They often grasp at any popular straw to make their hopes appear to be a reality. Using quantum theory is one. Using string theory is another — though it is still not on the “popular” list yet, a list that sells books.

    Unfortunately, most of the world does not realize the gateways to true freedom are within us. Hardware, system software and application programs are lying latent within us, waiting for guidance to be properly activated.

    Mystics have other names rather than simplified “computer lingo”. But the thinking is along similar lines, though the Great Mystics and Adepts have much broader meanings than our worldly computer limitations.

    As for the quantity of responses and continuous daily hits on this subject and this unusual non-religious Veterans website, it says one thing to me. People want to have a formulation of truth, not political talk, not religious talk, not work talk, not gossip, but just plain people talk about who we are, what we are, where are we going, and can we have any control over our results.

    People don’t want to hear the blind leading the blind. The world is full of that nonsense. They want to know about themselves. They want to be fulfilled themselves. They want real self-hope, not politcal razzle-dazzle.

    We don’t have to be rich to be fulfilled. We don’t have to own ‘things’ to be fulfilled. We just want to realize WHO we are, and WHAT our potential is, and HOW we can realize or reject that potential.

    We are ALL in the same boat for this short time we are here in this human frame on Planet Earth. Spiritually we are all the same, no matter what our sex is, what our skin color is, our wealth or lack of it, none of these things matter. When it is time for our last breath — we want to lift our heads to acknowledge we were the best spiritual warrior we chose to be, or even not, if that is the chosen case.

    I hope Mr. Dan, this is useful. Thank you for your bright comments. If my answer (without repeating Mr. Tom’s) is useful, please feel free to comment again.


    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare 🙁 )

  24. Actually, seeview, I appreciate your comment. Yogi X will also respond to it after he speaks to Dan’s points.

    But, my point is — and the reason I purposely got involved in this — is “church” stuff, as it turns out, can be very divisive on a worldwide scale.

    Most of the world’s countries are founded on, and roil and boil around, some philosophy that is either pro one religion, or pro another religion, or anti-religion. What has this led to? War after war after war.

    Yes, some of the wars are based on economics, but generally behind every economic scheme is one religious scheme or another. In almost all cases, the Great Mystics upon which ill-learned followers have established religions, would probably turn over in their graves, or ash piles, if they saw how their teachings were abused for lust, anger, greed, ego or attachments to worldly things. They would moan in great pain if they saw how their teachings were used to justify murder, rape, pillage, torture, slaughter… you name the words.

    That said, seeview, Yogi X’s position is that all great Mystics, all great Adepts taught the same truth: Mankind is much better than this. Mankind has so much more potential. The human frame is the greatest instrument, conceived in the image of Perfection, yet, polluted by the mind and senses.

    That pollution leads to war, war, and more war. That pollution leads to one mankind disaster after another. It leads to constant squabbling and bickering. It leads to greed and theft. It leads to distrust and division.

    Is there a better way? We certainly know what mankind is doing sure in the hell isn’t working. It is just leading us down the path to a for certain WWIII. How stupid. In WWIII most of us in the world will die, whether from weapons, starvation, lack of services, lack of healthy water, whatever.

    I know, seeview, you don’t want to read these posts by Yogi X. No problem. It is not your time. It is not your desire.

    But we as human beings HAVE to develop a new operating philosophy; not a philosophy based on heresay and hope for’s like we have today. We must have a logical, practical way of approaching humanity’s problems — a way that can be proven to work. Our intention is to clean up humankind’s beachhead one trash piece at a time.

    Yogi X will probably put it a bit differently, but he and I tend to be on the same page when it comes to this world’s craziness. As would Einstein today, as he observed before he died, “… this is a strange world”.

    Thanks, seeview. Tom Dillman First Cav Vet; non-church person.

  25. WOW, We have gone from a Vets site to church. It does seem to be a lot more than needed. If I read all that stuff I would not know which turn. I can find better stuff at my local church. This is my opinion and I stick by it. SEEVIEW

  26. Good to hear from you, Tom. I didn’t give my comment half the time I should have considering the importance of the subject, whether there is life after death, a reality beyond that physical world which can be observed and measured, and so on. Not that my comments are anything special. A professor of philosophy and student of Richard Rorty, Paul Boghossian, has written a rebuttal of fact-constructivism, relativism, etc., “Fear of Knowledge,” one impressive little book. As Jamie Whyte says in his Crimes Against Logic, “It’s a rare foray into gobbledygook that does not begin with a tribute to quantum physics.” Dr. Lanzo apparently thinks by alluding to a field about which he knows probably next to nothing we will come to believe what we would otherwise dismiss as nonsense. Wait to hear from you.

  27. Hi Dan,

    Thankyou for responding. All these comments have been a fascinating journey. It started when Mike Leon posted Lanza’s article (I believe he received from his Mom). It shot up to 17,000 – 18,000 hits overnight.

    I guessed it showed that people are interested in three main things in life, death, money and taxes (and probably practicing procreating the species is a close, but short-lived fourth.

    I read it, and similar to you, I thought it smacked at best being short-sighted,and more likely severely limited B.S. So I started responding to the comments as a humorous lark. Then the comments got more pointed, basically asking why I would disagree with Dr. Lanza’s (MD) point-of-view.

    The responses to my responses were basically, “be clear, be clear.”

    So I turned it over to my old friend who values his privacy, Yogi X, whom I laughingly have called “Yogi the Bare”.

    He agreed to be clear, to build the age-old soul science with step-by-step logic in a clear, modern way. His soul science, if you will, is completely verifiable by any human being using proven scientific methods of repeatability across a variety of human frames with a variety of intellects.

    Yogi X and I communicate through a non-public channel and he asked me to be his editor, since his English is British-Indian.

    Yogi X has developed quite a following on of all places, Veterans Today. I’m just his moderator.

    He told me he is in agreement with your principles and he will respond to them when the current monsoon raingusts have stopped — probably I’ll post them this evening.

    I myself find it rather fascinating in the article when Einstein is quoted, “Now Besso [an old friend] has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us … know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

    To me, this means Einstein would have loved Yogi X’s non-religious explanation of the weirdness the human condition is caught in. AND, the definite escape path for those who are ready.

    Thank you Dan. A good job of commenting.

    Tom Dillman, Vet, First Cavalry, Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician,
    MBA, Jesuit trained, Mensa+

  28. I’m shocked by all the comments, considering the article is replete with illogical nonsense. For example, “Quantum theory ended the classical view that particles exist if we don’t perceive them. But if the world is observer-created, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s destroyed with each of us.”

    Quantum theory hasn’t definitively proved anything, least of all that particles don’t exist if we don’t perceive them. Taken at face value, this fact-constructivism implies that, despite the forensic evidence, Ramsees II could not have died of tuberculosis because the bacillus responsible was not discovered until 1882. If an unexplained event takes place, like a particle accelerator exploding, it did not happen because the subatomic events were unobserved. Is there a sound when a tree falls deep within some woods beyond human hearing? Such heavy stuff.

    The whole point of such constructivist flapdoodle has nothing to do with science, although many in science profess to believe it because of their political views. If no claim to objective knowledge is better than any other, and if all facts about the physical world are social constructs, it follows that no culture or society (understood to mean Western civilization and Christianity) can make a truth claim superior to any other. This was and remains the pseudo-philosophical underpinning of progressivist movements like multi-culturalism and post-colonialism. Taken a step further, it maintains that meaning itself is meaningless beyond interpretive communities; that is, what is true for one group may be false for another. But unless it can be shown that the epistemic principles of one system are in actual fact incompatible with another, such that propositions in one system are not translatable into the other, then truth is not relative nor physical reality socially constructed. The relativists and fact-constructivists have been unable to show this, proving they have no grounds to deny the classical view of fact-objectivity and moral truth. They claim there are no absolute truths, which aside from the absurdity of making an absolute assertion denying itself, is refuted by the world around us. Here’s one they can wrestle with: The speed of light is greater than that of sound. Since pygmies in Borneo may not be familiar with the concept, maybe they determine the distance to lightning by counting the seconds from when they hear the thunder to when they see the flash.

  29. Yogi X here.

    As we talked about previously, the four great divisions of reality are the physical spheres (Pind), the astral spheres (Anda), the Universal Mind spheres (Brahmand) and the purely spiritual spheres which we haven’t named, but mystics call the Sach Kand spheres.

    Our normal human awareness is at or near the top sphere of Pind; our attention is centered at the eyes when awake, sinks to the throat in sleep and to the solar plexus during deep slumber.

    One great adept likened the speed and struggle to rise up the spheres as moving like an ant in Pind, skittering like a spider in Anda, swimming like a fish in Brahmand and flying gracefully like a swan in Sach Kand.

    The lowest human frame chakra is in Pind. It is frequently called the mul chakra; it is situated near the rectum and it governs elimination. If we contemplate on this chakra, our speed of climbing success will be like an ant struggling up a wall, slipping and falling and struggling again. If we make it to the mul chakra, we will find 4 petals, each resonating with a different tone. If we synchronize our attention with the lower frequencies of any of these 4 petals, we can exit the body into a much darker, very coarse, physical universe.

    Now, it is no mean feat to do this, but it is an immense waste of time and energy for the spiritual warrior. This is the lowest rung of the chakra ladder.

    We will step up to the second rung of the chakra ladder shortly.

    Be well,

    Yogi X

  30. I agree Charlie. And from my experience it only gets better. Building one logical block on top of the other.

    Thx Yogi X.


  31. For the first time, Mr. Yogi X, my life is falling into a pattern of organization. Thank you so much for your good work.

    Charlie from California

  32. Yogi X here again,

    We are going to start counting our chakras up from the bottom. Like I mentioned in the previous post, this is the lowest rung of the ladder, giving access to a lower sphere in the universe.

    Chakra energy slits are more or less round in shape and their main parts are called petals by mystics. The lowest chakra has four petals and the number of petals increase as we rise up the human frame’s chakra ladder.

    The reason we are starting at the bottom rung (chakra window or passage) is because each petal resounds with a distinct musical tone. The total number of sounds (petals) in the lower human body, as we will soon see, totals 52, the exact number of sounds of the 52 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet.

    When the fine sense of inner hearing is tuned, one can hear each distinct tone, and the ancient rishis and munis, listened to the tones and assigned the letter codes.

    As we stated above, this is for reference only. These lower, coarser chakras and their tones are of not great interest to the spiritual warrior. But they help give a vast underpinning and understanding of how far up the human’s consciousness may be, in addition to establishing the pathways for manual science of the future.

    Next will be the first step on the rung of the inner chakra ladder.

    Peace until then,

    Yogi X

  33. Yogi X typing,

    There are many microcosmic centers in the human frame. Each center (chakra) has the potential to be both a small window, and passageway, into a universe sphere that is in tune with the nature (frequency of vibration and cleanliness) of that particular chakra.

    We can view the lineup of chakras in the human frame like a very tall ladder. Each rung of the ladder represents a chakra. Note, the rungs are not evenly spaced. Each rung (chakra) has its own particular frequency (vibrational) range of action.

    We will discuss many of these chakras from a knowledge point only. Many are irrelevant trap holes, designed to keep us from our ultimate goal, realization of the true perfection of our souls.

    The beauty of having a human frame, is we are already more than halfway up the ladder when born. If we want to get to the top, why climb back down to the bottom rung (chakra) and begin working our way back up? Why not just start climbing from our natural, human frame rung of consciousnes?

    As we progress, we will let you decide. Keep in mind, if you awaken halfway up a mountain and you want to climb to the top, why would you first waste all of your time and energy climbing down the mountain first, then turning around and climbing back up, eventually getting to where you started from, with the peak of the mountain still far ahead?

    Hey, we can all do what we want to, huh? Even be foolish.

    Dwell on that. Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X

  34. Yogi X here,

    As we find ourselves examining the spiritual science behind sounds we can hear internally, and use to help guide our practice and way, we’ll quickly review the concepts of microcosm and macrocosm.

    To mystic scientists, macrocosm means the absolutely monstrous pure spiritual sphere that contains all of the creation in ever smaller, fully encompassed spheres. The more advanced the adept is, the more magical the macrocosm creation is realized and thus is available to be explored.

    Traditionally, microcosm means minature world. The human frame is a microcosm, and inside the human frame is a collection of smaller microcosms, each one providing access to a related outward universe. We call these smaller human frame microcosms energy centers, or chakras — also, when properly tuned, windows or doorways into the larger, outward universes.

    We as humans, are not so isolated from the ever larger universes as we have come to believe. The ability exists within us, when properly activated, to totally interact and travel throught the maze of outer universes, outer and larger spheres of the creation.

    This includes not only physical worlds like other planets and galaxies in what mystics call Pind, but also the Astral worlds (Andas), the even larger spheres of the Universal Mind and even the higher (further out, much larger) spiritual creations.

    Every particle in the vast creation of encompassing and expanding spheres works in complete harmony with each other. Tapping into the correct part of this harmony is our goal. That means we must work with this human frame instrument that is our body, this complexity of flesh, nerves, brain, chakras and spiritual currents to create that harmonious existence.

    “The human frame,” to borrow from another mystic, “is indeed the microcosm, complicated and wonderful in structure.”

    Let us enjoy the next ride of harmony.

    Yogi X

  35. Yogi here again,

    I need to add to that last post that I started out on the spiritual warriors’ path slowly and gently. This easier way was and is, okay for me. Some people are tougher than me — I acknowledge that — they can go “hardcore” with the disciplines immediately. I’m not like that. I’m totally average and a typically weak human being. What is my strength is my loyalty and dedication to what I commit to.

    I honestly didn’t understand what I was up to at the time. The Perfect Guide had not visibly entered my life, though I didn’t know the Guide was that sixth sense inside me that was in absolute control. Looking back now, the Guide’s presence was as clear as a bell.

    Becoming a vegetarian was a staged process for me. One day, red meat became nauseating. Months later fish became distasteful. Then fowl. The last to feel uncomfortable in my body was eggs. I never ate chocolate ants or choclatized spiders, so that was never an issue for me. I still lived in the city then. After the Perfect Guide arrived, he slowly taught me to read labels, looking for animal essence like lard injected into commercial products.

    I never drank very much. I liked occasional wine with dinner, especially at restaurants. One day, red wine started making me uncomfortable. Months later white wine followed suit. Mind altering drugs were never an issue in my life.

    Probably my biggest issue with these four disciplines was lust. As a young man, every female was a target for my one-celled lower brain (I’m sure most of you know what I mean). Getting married and leading a householder’s life solved most of that issue. Getting somewhat older contributed to the solution also.

    Meditation as taught by my Perfect Guide, redirected my energy flow and gave me results which strengthened my resolve in the first three disciplines.

    Everything the Perfect Guide told me would happen, should happen as I progress, has happened. And I am just average, yet I became a solid spiritual science instrument. Some of you out there on the end of this internet vine are so much stronger spiritually than I was when I started. You will have unbelievably fast verification that the Perfect Guide’s method works.

    So, don’t worry about implementing the four disciplines. They will come naturally for those whose time in on the near or far horizon.

    Talk to you soon about sounds.

    Yogi X

  36. Yogi X here,

    Now that we’ve laid out the four major disciplines we must use to cleanse our bodies and minds of the filth of multiple lifetimes that has kept us mired in this lower creation, we will move on to discuss chakras and sounds in more detail.

    First, lets reiterate the four disciplines that need to become a part of our lives.

    Discipline #1 We must become vegetarians, i.e., we must NOT eat meat, fish, fowl, or any other animal life, including eggs. We understand there are unfertilized eggs, but we can never guarantee the quality of the egg providers, so we don’t want to develop or maintain a taste for them.

    Discipline #2 We must consume no mind altering drugs or alcohol, or products containing them, as these potions cloud the chakras and block concentration.

    Discipline #3 We must limit our sexual relations to a marital type arrangement to minimize energy loss and karma sharing and absorption.

    Discipline #4 Once the Perfect Guide has contacted us, we must learn to meditate 2.5 hours per day per the Guide’s instructions. This meditation consists of developing concentration, opening certain chakras and doing sound practice.

    This we will talk about in more scientifically oriented detail, next.


    Yogi X

  37. It’s Yogi X again,

    Everyday as we move through this experience called life, we naturally create new karmas along with the burning of our destiny karmas. It is best to think of this life as one of creating new karmas, and try to avoid them whenever possible — since we never know what is destiny and what is new.

    We walk across the floor and squish a tiny insect and we incur a miniscule amount of new karma. Our interactions with people, our encounters with animals and birds, our meals, our breathing, whatever we do — we will create new karmas. The law of accidents discussed earlier, makes it inevitable.

    This brings us to the subject of Discipline #4.

    Before the average soul can rise above this lower creation of the sphere of the Universal Mind, all karmas, destiny, stored and new must be balanced to zero. We must have zero debts owed to us, or owed by us, cancelled.

    How do we do this? How do we neutralize all these debts we owe, are owed, or created new by just living here? By meditation as prescribed by a Perfect Guide.

    Those of us who are active religiously or charitably are familiar with the demand to tithe to the organization of our choice. Tithing is an easy concept for most of us to understand, or even reject. Most tithing is considered to be in the realm of 10% of one’s net income.

    The Perfect Guide will require meditation tithing of about 10% of the day. No money, no wealth, no worldly things, just 10% of the most valuable thing we have here on the planet earth, time.

    A day has 24 hours. Discipline #4 says we must meditate about 10% of the 24 hour period, or roughly 2.5 hours per day to meet the minimum requirements of keeping new karmas at bay and progressing smoothly on the spiritual warrors’ path.

    It turns out that 2.5 hours per day (or night) is really quite easy to do. It is simply a matter of prioritizing one’s schedule — a matter of either putting God realization while alive in the human body first, OR, putting the world first. It is your choice.

    I myself started many years ago, before the Perfect Guide found and attracted me, with 15-20 minutes per day. It worked for relaxation and some mental clarity. The Guide’s requirement was an easy step up, as I had already experienced some worldly benefit from the small amount of non-spiritual, mind meditation.

    Tithing 2.5 hours per day is most easily done when one lives a householder’s life, carrying out one’s daily duties. and living a life of forgiveness. It can also be done in a Himalayan jungle cave, but that is not the most desirable way for most of us.

    Since I am trying to do Internet sound-bites, we will talk more about meditation later. It is the critical key to being all we can be.

    Have a nice day and evening,

    Yogi X

  38. Yogi X here,

    My dear Texas Grunt, there is no question that is too difficult to answer when it is based on sound spiritual science. I am fully aware that many readers on this site are former military personnel.

    Your worries that a military person’s career is inconsistent with the spiritual science we are addressing in this post is not sound. A soldier is like a sword in the hands of a commander. The sword is not responsible, and the soldiers have not to account for their actions. The responsibility rises up the chain of command to where the buck stops.

    I’ve scanned on this journal, and I believe the buck often stops at what Mr. Duff often calls the REMFs, whatever that means. They are the sword wielders.

    The military person’s attitude does have some bearing on the subject. If he or she is doing their duty as ordered, no problem. If they RELISH the job for reasons including lust, greed, or ego, they move into a gray area.

    You see, the human body is called the “temple of the living Lord”. That means only in the human type frame are the chakras properly aligned to permit true God Realization while alive. It is our responsibility to care for and nourish the human frame so it can achieve that, if and when the time is right. In the case of the military person, that also means that at times the “temple” must be defended.

    One Great Mystic served in the British Army in India during his youth. He served as a foot soldier. During the day, he fought as ordered by his commander, but he had no hostile feelings towards his combatants. In the evening, when the war was ‘retired’ for the day, he would go among them and they respected him as a sage.

    There are many times this soon-to-be Great Sage would sit in his foxhole at night, meditating, and the ‘enemy’ would gather around him in a circle and meditate with him. In the wee hours of the gray morning they would retreat back to their lines to prepare for day’s battles.

    It is all about attitude, and this soldier sage’s Perfect Guide was in perfect control and took responsibility for all consequences.

    When a soul is destined to find a Perfect Guide, this destiny is set in motion long before the soul is born in a corpreal body. It might seem like we are in or out of control, but the Perfect Guide takes over in place of the deity(s) running these lower worlds. these lower spheres of the creation, long before this birth.

    So, Texas Grunt, to answer your’s and others’ questions on this same subject, what has gone by is history. It can’t be changed. And in most cases it was beyond, usually far beyond, your control. Just do your duty as ordered, and as best you can, and leave the results in His hands.


    Yogi X

  39. Yogi X, I’m a miltary veteran and of course, this was essentially started as a veteran’s site — though it has surely grown beyond that. Many of us veterans were put in positions where we had to fight for our lives, kill the enemy and often whether intentionally or not, might have been involved with what politicians and people in command lke to call “collateral damage”. How do we fit in this grand spiritual scheme of yours that is unfolding before our eyes?

    Thank you in advance, I hope it isn’t too difficult a question.

    Texas Grunt

  40. Mr. Tom for Yogi X

    “We grow like that up which we contemplate.” should read:

    “We grow like that upon which we contemplate.”

    Oops! T.

  41. Yogi X speaking (typing) again,

    In preparation for Discipline #4, it is a principle of psychology that whatever the human mind dwells on, that thing becomes a part of the individual. We grow like that up which we contemplate.

    Remember, the more vividly the thought process dwells upon something, the more that individual becomes like what is dwelled on.

    Happy dreams and contemplations this evening.

    Your friend indeed,

    Yogi X

  42. Yogi here again,

    Now that we have a grasp of the functions of kundalini, it is time to talk about Discipline #3 for the spiritual warrior. It evolves around the issue of lust.

    Lust is a normal function for the procreation of a species, but when it becomes an abnormal demand on a human frame, it becomes degrading and destructive. It pulls and keeps its human victim down to the level of the animal. As for the spiritual warrior, it reverses the energy path from the highest spiritual chakras down to the lowest animal chakras. Spiritual advance can easily be ground to a halt as lust obliges the human frame to fix its attention on the one thing that is most common to both humans and brutes.

    But, it has an even greater problem. Because of the vast energy transfer between two copulating human frames, karmas flow sometimes one way, sometimes the other and sometimes back and forth. Who really knows what karmas sexual partners may have buried in their human frame’s energy system? Most of us are overloaded with good and bad karmas. The good karmas act like golden chains to this creation, the bad karmas are rusty, painful iron ones that bind us down here. So what is the solution the great mystics recommend for all but a few of the strongest souls?

    Discipline #3 is if at all possible, to live a householder’s life. Be married. The positive give and take between married couples is a self-balancing act. Energy is shared and returned. Karmas are already intertwined in a balancing manner, so the odds of being locked further down in the chakra food chain are minimized to nearly zero if the other three disciplines are followed. Let kindness, respect, patience and love for your partner and your relationship prevail. Even in what seems to be the most difficult of karmic times.

    Let your lust naturally take its course to extinction. Because of the severe spiritual dangers enunciated above, never partake in sexual activity outside of the marital relationship.

    No one said the higher chakra path is the easiest course for the spiritual warrior, but it is the only one. Discipline #3 becomes a simple measure to follow, though it is not always easily followed. Hand it over to the Perfect Guide when he or she comes into your life, and live happily with the results.

    Next, we’ll move toward Discipline #4. That will really get your attention.

    Sincerely, Yogi X

  43. Yogi Here

    We need a slight digression that leads us into Discipline #3. We need to discuss the concept of kundalini.

    The spiritual warrior does not look at kundalini as a magical power, but just one more of the natural forces in the human frame — a force partially used for procreation of the species — that should only be safely and fully aroused after the practitioner has been prepared by training in self-control and mind purification.

    The kundalini is a natural coil of energy that lies at the base of the spine, slightly above the lowest chakra, the elimination plexus. When aroused, it rises up through the central canal of the spine, unwinding serpentlike on its path to the brain. Out of control kundalini energy can ‘set the brain onfire’.

    The great mystics also say that without proper training, arousal of the kundalini will dissipate and deplete the human frame’s spiritual energy needed for day-to-day functioning plus to rise to higher spiritual spheres.

    When the kundalini rises to the brain, a series of changes occur in the consciousness, particularly in the areas of emotion and feelings. The great mystics say that the untrained in kundalini technology can easily suffer illness, insanity or death. How can this happen?

    Think for a moment of the kundalini being a five foot long piece of string, lying coiled on a table. You want to move it from Side A of the wide table, across to the other side, Side B. If you try to force the kundalini string across the table by pushing it (as most untrained or partially trained students do) you will end up with a tangled ball of string somewhere between Side A and Side B. A tangled kundalini ‘string’ can cause all kinds of problems in the human frame.

    However, if the practitioner is trained properly, you will effectively learn to walk around the table to Side B, and gently grab the end of the string and pull it across the table. The string follows smoothly and easily with no tangles or confusion. and no danger to your health or well being.

    On this scientific path of the spiritual warrior no such problems with health or well-being can possibly occur, because the kundalini is not permitted to be fully awakened until the practitioner’s inner cleansing is complete. The kundalini uncoils and rises smoothly and easily from above the elimination chakra up the spine to the chakras between the two hemispheres of the brain.

    Just as importantly, the contolled kunalini is directed to the critical chakras in the brain hemispheres that allow great spiritual advances, far beyond what most yogis ever dream is possible.

    With this brief, but accurate explanation we will be able to proceed to the next post, that of the practical Discipline #3.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  44. Thank you Ronnie. You hit that nail right on the head. What you say is among the many reasons Biocentrism is short-sighted. Okay for what it is, but far less than what WE are! Far less than what the Macrocosm (total Creation) is. Just because our limited minds can’t view or measure something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

    The reason for this series of posts is to give the Western curious mind a logical, scientific explanation of WHERE it needs to direct itself, to prove to its own satisfaction what the realitiy is, one small step at a time.

    Meanwhile, I for one am not (and have not) going to sit around waiting for a bunch of ‘blind’ intellects trying to decide what’s real or not. Especially when we ALL can prove it with the right kind of training and practice. It’s the only way that makes any common sense.

    Thank you Ronnie, I appreciate your feedback and clear thinking.

    Yogi X

  45. the whole theory that only what we observe is real is silly. something can still exist without having consciousness observe it. now if i’m dead can I observe it? no but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exsist. time was created by the human mind to keep track of the past, present, and future. so what? can the galaxies and the universe still exsist without consciousness. i would certainly think so. they probably did for billions of years. as for einstein he confused the observers preception of reality with reality itself. reality exsists and will continue to exsist after we’re gone. observers preceptions of reality are sometimes inaccurate with actual reality. there’s no bigger truth than that.

  46. Thank you Mr. Tom. This world is a creation of mistakes along with successes. You are allowed to make a few booboos.


    Yogi X

  47. Excuse me folks, I got caught up in Yogi X’s story and forgot my editing. Isn’t that the way of life also?


  48. Yogi X here again,

    Welcome all. Today, we are going to talk about Discipline #3 for a spiritual warrior. We are going to start with a brief tale from the mystic East.

    As often happens is this region of the world with the profoundly felt tradition of mysticism, when adults get to the age where their children are grown, they tend to retreat into a world of self-exploration. They are pulled to answer the questions like ‘who are we?’ and ‘why are we here?’.

    Often, the adults who feel pulled to answer these age-old questions have come from very busy householder, business and social lives. Their minds have gone nuts from the noises, hustles, and bustles of daily life. They see their life essence beging to drain away, and the questions have gone answered. Many of them disappear into the mystic Himalayas to find peace and quiet to explore their inner selves.

    Let me suggest it is not necessary or always desirable to retreat from society to fulfill this quest, but it is what often happens on the Indian sub-continent.

    To get back to our abbreviated story, one man retreated to the lower, jungle laden mountains and turned from living a life of luxury in the city, to that of a sadhu –a holy person who is following a path of spiritual devotion in a very simple life. He lived in this jungle for many years, becoming a devotee who gained the region (the sphere) of Trikuti, or the Universal Mind. That was an immense task he fulfilled, and like most devout people who had NOT yet conquered the mind, he was proud of his no small achievment. He decided it was time to visit his family and the city to show them he had not been a fool.

    He crossed the jungle until he came to a wide, slow moving, but deep river. He needed a ride across the river. The river ferry man who owned a small boat was not available, but his beautiful, make that absolutely gorgeous, daughter was, and she volunteered to pole the sadhu across the river.

    Midway across the river, a giant fog rolled in, blanketing the whole area. They lost all sense of direction so the young maiden stopped poling and the boat stopped. They would wait until the fog lifted.

    The beautiful young lady stared in amazement at the sadhu, recognizing the man she had witnessed as a young child when her father originally brought him across the river to the jungle.

    The sadhu and the maiden fell into a conversation. The fog blanket remained. Before long, they were holding hands, and you know where this is going. Procreation of the species was set on fire.

    By the time the fog lifted, the ex-sadhu and the maiden were in a deep embrace of worldly love, the lower chakras were highly activated, energy and karmas were shared, and Brahm was smiling in self-satisfied joy.

    In the matter of minutes and a beautiful face, the years spent in the jungle, and all the spiritual gains, were tossed away. That is the way of the world.

    There is a way around all this mess, and it involves Discipline #3. That is next, you can only guess where this is going.

    Talk to you soon. It is time for tea and roti.

    Yogi X

  49. Hey Robert, Sometimes going mall shopping with my wife is a clear example of “hell on earth”. Conversely, escaping at the end of a miserablle day seems like “heaven on earth”. Oh, God, are we talking about the same thing?

    🙂 T.V.

    P.S. I know this is a serious subject, but I have a IED headache today.

  50. Yogi here once again,

    And Robert, one doesn’t have to secrete oneself away from the world–way out here in the Himalayan foothills, for example–to have the experience you allude to. We will discuss this more at length in further posts.

    Again, warmest greetings to you.

    Yogi X

  51. Yes, Robert, there is a heaven and hell; in fact, there are multiple heavens and hells. But if you read these posts, you’ll find that most heavens and hells are associated with lower chakras, chakras from the Universal Mind and below.

    Our goal is to rise above those levels — rise to the region of pure spirit, the True Home of the pure soul and God.

    So you are right in what you say. Just expand your horizons if you have not already done so.

    This whole exercise we have been going through is for the more inquisitve MINDS in the increasingly technical world. This is all about unlimited Soul Science, rising far above the pre-programmed belief systems of the mind. Belief systems so many call religious dogma; belief systems others call agnosticism; belief systems others call anti-christs; belief systems other might call — well, there are thousands if not millions of options.

    To be who we are, to live who we are, to rise above the mundaneness of this world,
    the astral world, to become in harmony with the pure, infinite, omnipresent, and omniscient vibrations of God, we must escape this lower prison of the mind. And we train the mind to help us. It eventually becomes our best friend.

    Thank you Robert, and warmest greetings to you.

  52. There’s a heaven and a hell. We choose where we go after death by the way we live this life. If you’re not convinced, then ask God to show you. Trust me. He will revealed it to you.

  53. Yogi X here once again,

    Discipline. A terrible subject for most human minds. But, one we must address.

    Let’s start by thinking of a car or motorcycle windshield. We can see through it when it’s nice and sparkly clean.

    But what happens when it gets coated or covered with rain or muddy trash? We can’t see through it. We can’t use it as a guide to keep our vehicle on the straight and narrow, safe path.

    Well, it’s the same with chakras. These small windows in the human frame (we’ll discuss more about them later), well, these small windows get covered and smeared with the trash of life. When they are filthy dirty, it is impossible to tune the human frame’s soul currents to match the chakra (energy center) windows, so we can’t see clearly out them, no less meet our ultimate goal of getting our consciousness to travel through them.

    So we have to clean the chakra windows. And work constantly to keep them from getting re-clogged. This takes some practical, relatively easy, disciplines for the human body.

    Discipline #1.

    We must consume not alcohol or mind alterning drugs — the one exception is should take doctor prescribed medicines.

    There is NO ALTERNATIVE for this discipline. The reason for this first discipline is alcohol and mind altering drugs cause confustion, disorientation, lack of clarity an drowsiness among other problems. These side effects clog the spiritual current pathways, making them non-passable.

    Using the auto windshield example above, our view of the macrocosm gets and remains is caught behind fogged windshields (chakras) of the human frame microcosm. Progress to the higher regions is absolutely blocked.

    If we must imbibe in mind altering substances, including drugs, don’t bother becoming a spiritual warrior. You will be totally unhappy with the lack of results.

    Next, we will address the next discipline in an internet bite-size chunk.

    Smile friends. It is all worth it.

    Yogi X

  54. Yogi here,

    There is one thing I’d like you to think about before we proceed.

    Where in the chakra “food chain” would you like to be?

    You have choices, you know.

    Do you want to be the plant that got turned into the light pole in the previous post?

    Or perhaps do you want to be of the beetle class trying to cross a busy intersection?

    Maybe, just maybe, you want to be in the black crow’s position, sitting on and pooping down the side of the once plant, now turned light pole, watching and hoping the beetle makes it to your side of the road?

    Then again, you can be the cat sitting on the nearby human garbage can waiting for the black crow to make a mistake catching the beetle, a mistake like stopping to eat it on the spot instead of being city-wise and flying away with the beetle in its beak.

    Perhaps, you want to be in the human frame sitting in the comfortable automobile watching this circus going on while cars and motorcycles are blowing their horns to get you moving.

    Or would you rather be calmly and coolly above the worldly fray, alive like a swan floating on a lake == in the lake, but not part of it; able to fly away from the fray at a moments notice. Better yet, by full and independent choice.

    The last choice is the spiritual warror’s. This can ONLY be achieved by the upcoming, simple disciplines. It will be your choice. Think over night my spiritual children.

    Yogi X

  55. Yogi X back again,

    Why is the human body called the “temple of the living God”?

    Because it is, as we mentioned in the previous post, the only biological structure on or in this this worldly plane (and many of the spherical planes above, or outward fron ours) that can be used as an instrument to free the soul from entrapment so it can return to its True Home so far away.

    I shall repeat again, the soul’s True Home, Sach Kand. is free from all levels of the mind and all the illusions and entrapments that spew out of the mind’s preferred activities — Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachments and Ego. Do any of those sound familiar to you the reader? And/or, those around you or those you witness on your local media?

    We all average humans are caught in the same boat of despair, floating with only brief moments of relief. It is even worse, much worse, for souls trapped in creatures even further down the chakra line of descent.

    Before we get into that, I will share a story with you about our futility. This is a holy man’s story as shared with me:

    He was driving his car on a busy, one-way street in one of our fine cities. A light up ahead turned red. As he stopped several cars back, he noticed a large beetle jumping off the curb to his right and heading across the street. He watched the beetle zig zag amongst the tires adorning the multiple lanes of cars. The beetle was making great and wonderful progress, almost glowing with pride and elation at its success. At last, it passed under the car ahead of him and popped out on the free side, close, ever so close to the safety of the next curb. Beetle crawled up the curb just as the light turned green. Safe! Ah! Success!

    A large black crow sat on a light pole above the safe curb, intently watching the progress of Mr. Beetle. When Beetle arrived safely and stretched with pleasure, Mr. Crow swooped down from the light pole, caught Beetle in his chops and swept away proudly packing his lunch, Mr. Beetle.

    The Holy Man shifted his car into gear, oblivious to the honking of horns all around him, and drove slowly away — thankful his chakras were in order and being well taken care of.

    We are all beetles or crows in this life, UNLESS we are drawn to the Perfect Guide. And even then, we must polish an clean ourselves and our human frame for Him or Her to be successful with us.

    No beetles or crows aside, that is next. But as you read it, NEVER FORGET, we too can devolve back down to beetles and crows, or lower on the chakra food chain.

    Speak to you soon,

    Yogi X.

  56. Yogi here,

    This is the start of addressing a human spiritual warrior’s lifestyle in order to succeed on this great journey.

    As we have discussed in above posts, the human frame possesses a microcosm set of windows (chakras, energy centers) that perfectly mirror the outside macrocosm. It is only the human type frame that has the chakras PERFECTLY ALIGNED so the spiritual traveler can proceed to the higher spheres of creation in an orderly and safe manner.

    Since we live on the worldly plane of existence, Mother Earth in our case, from a spiritual point of view (an organized, in-line chakra point of view) the human frame is considered the top of creation. What that means, again, is the organization of the human frame’s chakras, when properly cleaned and tuned, make the human body a perfect microcosm mechanism for access to the macrocosm (the Creator’s creation.

    Second in the downline from a chakra point of view, is what we call the animal frame. From a simplicity standpoint, the worldly animal frame has chakras that are similarly aligned as the human frame, until we get to the higer chakras. In the animal frame, these tend to be jumbled and mis-aligned, preventing the perfection of spiritual awareness, viewing and travel.

    Again, from a simplistic point of view, third in downline are the flying creatures, for example, birds. The bird chakras are even more misaligned than the animal frames.

    Next in the chakra downline hierarchy of jumbled chakras are the crawling critters.

    Finally, on the worldly plane, at the bottom of the chakra is the plant kingdom.

    The more active the chakra organization is, the more pain and suffering is felt by the worldly being. The human frame has the greatest amounts of feelings, with the animal frame not far behind. At the very bottom of the ‘feelings’ reality is the plant kingdom.

    Included in the “feelings realm” are insight, awareness, pain, pleasure, etc.

    Having an awareness of this concept is invaluable for the spiritual traveler, the spiritual warrior.

    We shall go deeper into this importance in the next post,


    Yogi the Bare, that is, Yogi X

  57. Yogi speaking,

    We have talked at some length in earlier posts about the human frame’s close links tying the macrocosm of the total creation to the microcosm portholes, if you will, in the human body.

    We called those portholes, chakras,or energy centers if you recall. We also talked about those chakras being windows on the different levels of the macrocosm, in addition to being portholes or doorways we can travel in and out of while the human frame is still alive.

    Each chakra, or energy center, leads to one sphere on the greater creation. The lowest chakra was the elimination energy area where the body gets rid of its fecal waste. The next chakra up was the procreation porthole, etc., all the way up to the multiple chakras situated in a row between the two hemispheres of the brain.

    We stated that to view or travel in and out of any chakra into the associated, surrounding sphere, we had to clean the chakra sufficiently so that that the vibrations at that chakra level within our human frame matched the frequency vibrations of the creation’s sphere outside that human body.

    When a particular chakra porthole is cleaned and prepared, we can then travel at will in its associated sphere if we set the appropriate vibrational frequency in motion.

    One thing we only alluded to without discussing in detail is that cleaning method and the way to keep that porthole clean and vibrationally pure. We talked briefly about sounds, but we need to address something equally fundamental or we will never succeed.

    We need to address our human spiritual warrior lifestyle that will enable us to be continually attuned to the selected, appropriate frequencies for macrocosmic travel.

    That will be our next topic.

    Peace and patience be with you,

    Yogi X

  58. Post => It is said by mystics that a cleansed, purified human soul has the brightness of up to [12] suns (the sun that our earth rotates around).

    I’m sorry my friends, I missed the brightness of up to twelve (12) suns.

    My worldly typing is not as bright or fast as my soul brain. 🙂

    Yogi X Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  59. Yogi X back again.

    Riding for what seemed like earth months in the Spiritual Guide’s great ball of light was not uncomfortable. Look at the great company I had. Plus, while my spiritual part was traveling, I ended up simultaneously back here on earth, physically attending to my business (some would call it my monkey business — there are lots of beautiful monkeys in this low Himalayan jungle).

    How these things happen in parallel is fascinating, but factual. When I drop into worldly meditation, my inner self — my soul spirit — awakens in the latest far sphere which access I’ve achieved. We will talk more about that a bit later.

    Suddenly, in the midst of one deep meditation, I woke up in a swirling, whirling cave. Clouds of stars and universes, it appeared to my stunned senses, where whirling around me at dizzying speeds and distances, forming the “walls” of the cave.

    The smiling voice of my Perfected Guide came across my shoulder, “Look, look straight ahead. Ignore the cave walls, they are only confusing incidentals. Look out the opening, the cave mouth, straight ahead.”

    There, far in the distance was an absolutely bright light. Home.

    “You still have some time to spend in the healing powers of this whirling cave, listening to the most heavenly strains of music,” my Guide’s voice said. “Then you will be heading to new adventures in your True Home.

    “That said, you are now in what mystics call Bhanwar Gupha — the revolving cave. When awake here, keep your eyes on our final goal, Sach Kand, the true and imperishable region and our spiritual home. In worldly time, your senses will adjust to the whirling and spinning, and its effects will no longer distract the soul’s comprehension, so long trained by the insanity of the lower parts of the Creation, Pind, Anda and Trikuti, and lower yet creations. You can discuss those further on, though they are no longer meaningful in Sach Kand.”

    Talk to you soon, my friends.

    Yogi X

  60. Yogi here once more,

    When our soul is sufficiently cleansed and healed, it is time for the next step in our great adventure — leaving Daswan Dwar and crossing Maha Sunn.

    Sunn is the spherical region of blackness before (or below, or less than) Daswan Dwar, the spherical region where our wounds and scars from being in the lower spherical regions of mind and matter, including the Universal Mind (Trikuti), the spherical Astral domains (Andas) and the globs of tiny universes inside the astral domains (called Pinds by mystics). Our world around us is one tiny speck in one corner of one galaxy in one of the many Pinds.

    Maha Sunn (the Great Sunn) is the next spherical region above, beyond or the outer layer of Daswan Dwar. It is called the Great Sunn for an obvious reason. It is such a massive spherical shaped BLACK region that Daswan Dwar, Sunn, Trikuti, all the Andas and Pindas fit in it like a tiny speck in the center of a giant beach ball.

    All of the area above (beyond, above or out of) Daswan Dwar is complete, utter, almost impassable blackness.

    It is said by mystics that a cleansed, purified human soul has the brightness of up to suns (the sun that our earth rotates around). Even that brightness is totally lost and absorbed by Maha Sunn’s blackness.

    Only a Perfected Guide has the power and brightness to transport (carry) a soul across this massive void, to the next stage. I personally have no experience with how the Perfect Guide handles these situations. I am totally comfortable riding as an incompetent baby in the Guides massive sphere of light and music. What could I do otherwise? Be another lost for eternity, wandering in the great blackness, poor soul? That is not my idea for a good time.

    I have also heard there are other Brahmands drifting about in Maha Sunn. If one gets trapped in one of those Brahmands, it is but a matter of time before one falls once again into another Cycle of 84 somewhere in the creation.

    That’s a depressing thought to me. But like I said much earlier, with this blessing of the human frame and a Perfect Guide taking pity on us, or being directed by Him, there is an escape. We are getting ever closer. Hang with me.

    Yogi X

    Sometimes, mystics have reported finding powerful lost souls wandering in Maha Sunn’s blackness, the lost souls attracted to the Perfected Guides brightness.

  61. Yogi X — Don’t ask me why baby elephant wants my darshan. I am nothing but a simple, low-level messenger. Even baby elephant is greater than this thing called me. But, I was given this work — I will be back with you all soon to look at the next step.

    It is going to be really great when you find out how this complicated mess we’re stuck in can be overcome so simply


  62. Yogi X here,

    Mama and baby elephant are back for a quick visit they say. While I chat with them, we would like you to review in your mind the complexity of a mechanical escape from the horrors (scattered randomly with some delights) of this dungeon we are trapped in. Then think if it could get worse — which it will — and the escape more difficult — which it can — and is there anything to overcome our sad situation — there is.

    That is next on our agenda. Baby elephant is squealing for attention.

    Yogi X from the jungle foothills of the Himalayas.

  63. Yogi X here,

    I might add, both the “polywog” and the 2-D were the sweetest, curious human forms, a delight to observe and communicate with. Communication was not audible, but in almost a mind-to-mind, or soul-to-soul manner.

    From a scientific standpoint, I have met and talked to other mystic “trainees” who had similar experiences with similar groups of beings, all though there were more of the 2-D type experiences that “polywogs”.

    Yogi X

  64. Yogi here, blabbering again,

    I thought I’d add one more weird thing. Bank Nal — the crooked tunnel.

    About the first time I ran into Bank Nal (my spelling) I about made a mess in my white britches, effectively turning them from jungle cave white to saffron orange-brown, if you know what I mean.

    Eventually, all souls that want to go to higher regions, higher spheres, have to traverse the crooked tunnel, the passageway between the Astral world and the Universal Mind sphere.

    This crooked tunnel is one of the first indications we normal, everyday souls need an advanced spiritual guide, an advanced adept who knows what he or she is doing.

    You, the spiritual warrior, will have to face and overcome every fear and trepidition you’ve ever had on the worldly plane in order to travese Bank Nal. I mean, every fear. The mind will generate every fearful concept it can think of to STOP your progress. If you have a fear of spiders, you’ll see zillions. If I have no fear of spiders, I’ll see none. If you have a fear of drowning, you’ll flooded in the crooked tunnel. If you have claustrophobia, you’ll get more than your share of claustrophobic events. The individualized list goes on and on until the Guide helps you conquer every fear — many of them generated in previous lifetimes and buried deep in your memory banks.

    Most souls, if they should ever happen upon the crooked tunel’s remote entrance, turn back in fear to remain forever trapped in this creation of birth, growth, pain and death.

    Only a learned adept AND an overwhelming desire to be forever with the Supreme Creator will get the average, everyday soul past this barrier.

    But, it is achievable. And worth every second of struggle.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare, of course.

  65. Yogi here, “journey” is accepted.

    Funny things along the way… hmmmm.

    Well, as we explained before in our San Antonio to Dallas via freeway example, the main path is the same for everybody. The main milestones are the same for all.

    BUT, there are incidental (often almost non-consequential) differences along the journey. Of course, everything has some karmic impact, or balancing. But we all don’t have the same karmas, so the matters-not-so-much stuff doesn’t matter much on the spiritual warriors journey.

    Think of swimming in the same part of the ocean. You swim today and you encounter a group of jellyfish. I swim in the same place tomorrow and I encounter a pod of whales. You saw jellyfish. You never saw whales. I saw whales, I never saw jellyfish. Does that mean we’re both wrong? Or both right? Well, on the spiritual warriors’ path, both are right. Just different timing based on different karmic balancing needs.

    Now, as far as wierd things in the second Grand Division of the Universal Mind sphere and below, the same passions are in control as here on earth. Lust, anger, greed, attachments to things, and ego drive the souls. At different rates, perhaps than here on our earth. Because of these five controlling passions, the Astral worlds that many religions that have fallen out of tune with the mystics they are claiming to be ‘theirs’, weil these religions call these regions of the passions ‘heaven’ or ‘hell’. But the same fights, wars, arguments, petty jealousies, etc., etc. continue ad infinitum. Why? Because it is all part of the mind and its extensions.

    To me, that was very weird. I fully expected (was brain-washed by religions) nothing but peace and tranquility in lieu of any payback called ‘burning in hell’.
    The spiritual warriors’ path I was drawn to gave me the first inkling (make that proof) that most worldly religions were no more than the blind leading the blind, all for the blind leaders’ profits and comfort.

    That is not to demean the mystics the religions claimed as their own, but to show that those who followed, filled with earth with false claims, false hopes, misunderstood belief systems because the blind leaders had NO internal experience on the spiritual warriors’ path. They had no understanding—as the great mystics did—of the powers of the human frame. It was a very disappointing awakening for me, but one that shouldn’t have been unexpected.

    Other weird things? There’s a bunch, but a couple stand out, and fit at this level of the discussion.

    I loved what I call the “polywog” people. Polywogs are baby frogs with large heads, tapered bodies and miniscule extremities like arms and legs. The faces of the polywog people are absolutely recognizable as human — in many cases humans I had known in this or previous lives. Please don’t ask me at what level I saw them. I was just there, and they were there — sort of like the jellyfish I mentioned above. I’ve seen them a few times, but it is very intermittent.

    One other site that amazed me was the 2-D people. NOT 3D like us, but actually 2-D. They were people shaped from the front and back, but they could not be seen from the side. They were almost like really well drawn cartoons on a page, from a thinness standpoint, but they were absolutely human. Just flatter than pancakes as you say in the West, or rotis, as we say here in the East.

    There are many more things that are dazzling, things our worldly words have trouble describing and our eyes cannot see and our minds can’t comprehend until we develop higher frequencies of our inner spiritual currents, thus opening new vistas of reality.

    Best to you all,

    Yogi X.

  66. Yogi X?

    What are some of the weirdest things we’ll encounter on your spiritual warriors journtey?


  67. Yogi X here,

    The spiritual region beyond Trikuti and Sunn is called by mystics, Daswan Dwar. The region of Trikuti has 10 gates, 9 of them open into various levels and sub-regions of the Universal Mind. The all lead to circuitious nooks, crannies and traps to keep us locked away from pure spirituality.

    But there is a tenth gate leading out of Trikuti (the Universal Mind). This gate is locked to all but the spiritual adepts and those under their direct guidance. This locked gate is named Daswan Dwar door for behind it is the pathway to and through Sunn (see above) to the next spiritual sphere region, named after the gate, Daswan Dwar.

    When the soul escapes the lower spheres and regions of the mind, it is in a battered, bruised and scarred condition from the eons stuck in the mind’s karmic regions of the Cycle of 8,400,000 species, the Cycle of 84.

    A battered, bruised and scarred soul is in no condition to survive the purest of pure vibrations in the lap of the Supreme Creator, the soul’s True Home.

    The soul must be cleansed and purified; the scars, bruises and batterings must be removed lest the soul get torn asunder by the higher, ever purer spiritual vibrations. This purification and cleansing takes place in a golden temple, with many healing baths in an immense pool of amritsar.

    There are many wonderful stories about this healing process, and though the process and results are the same for every soul who makes it this far it is a personal and private journey for each.

    Eventually the soul is ready for the next great leap in the healing and purification process.

    That will be next.

    Warmest regards,

    Yogi X

  68. Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare) speaking,

    Just beyond the sphere of the Universal Mind (Trikuti) is another immensely spherical dark (make that black!) region spiritual warriors must travel through.

    This incrediblye deathly black region called Sunn is the perfect barrier for all souls confined to the lower regions. This includes the souls of angels, lower sphere deities, and lower sphere adepts.

    All souls from the lower creation are trapped except those under the guidance and protection of the incredibly powerful light of the Perfect Guide.

    According to the mystics who can cross this uncrossable expanse, Sunn is first spiritual sphere the soul will encounter on its journey home. This sphere is empty, completely devoid of all matter in any form.

    Upon entering this region of Sunn, the soul becomes free of the bondage of matter and mind and all that those attributes contain.

    The sould gets the first glimpse of true and perfect knowledge. But it is not home yet. There are still fascinating spheres to conquer, only conquerable with the aid of a Perfect Guide — all the while practicing his or her teachings with love and devotion.

    The spiritual warrior has arrived at and become a member of a select group (selected by Him a millenia of centuries ago) that are called spiritual adepts — that is, spiritual adepts in the early stages.

    As the Perfect Guide whisks us across Sunn, more surprises are in store.

    We will talk about these things tomorrow.

    Have the best night’s rest,

    Yogi X

  69. Yogi X at bat,

    The Creation has two major Grand Divisions if you will. The first Grand Division is the nearly purely (I like those two english words together) spiritual one. The Second (and lower) Grand Division is that fundamentally of Brahmand, or, the Division of the Universal Mind — often called by mystics, the Causal Region — or Trikuti.

    We understand the region of the Universal Mind is complex, but our intention here is merely give a summary overview to keep it in context with the human frame. Spiritual warriors plan on going far beyond this Second Grand Division.

    The sphere of the Second Grand Division is largely egg-shaped. It contains many Andas and Pinds within it (Astral Regions and worldly universe regions).

    The Mind’s true home is in the part of the Universal Mind called Trikuti. The name Trikuti comes from a reference point for spiritual travelers’ called “the three prominences” located at the top of the Universal Mind sphere.

    The soul departs the mind and its limitations in Trikuti as it travels higher. Spiritual adepts keep their departed ‘mind stuff’ in a suspended state as they travel higher (or further outward) on the journey to their True Home to converse with the Supreme Creator. When the spiritual adept is required to return to Brahmand (the Second Grand Division) he or she picks up their mind stuff in ‘suspension’, re-dons it and continues downward to the whatever Anda or Pind they have been directed to go to.

    It should be noted, at this point in time, that all karmas for all souls — except perfect adepts, incarnations or saints who have managed to travel to and through the First Grand Division — are stored in the Universal Mind, with active real-time karmas trickled down to the Astral (Anda) diluted mind, and then down to the highly dilluted Pind mind that resides in the human frame.

    Karma means “for every action or thought, there is an opposite and equal reaction stored somewhere. The reaction may be immediate, delayed some, or stored until somed distant time in the future (which often is another lifetime.

    In summary, there are three categories of karmas. First is the karmas from the past that control our current destinies. Second are the new karmas we create while in this life. These can often be burned or balanced quickly. Third are the stored karmas, the karmas we just don’t have the time or opportunity to balance during this lifetime. In the main document, I called these “Santa Claus'” growing bag of stored karmas that keep us trapped within the sphere of the Universal Mind.

    What we call Perfect Guides, Perfect Adepts, Perfect Incarnations — pick a name, it is only another false guise of the human mind — these Beings who travel to and from the spiritual regions at will, are, no surprise, karmaless.

    To escape this prison house of the Cycle of 84, we need the company of a Perfect Guide, who can lead us through our maze of karmas the crazy twists and turns of the Second Grand Division — those very items that were designed to trap us down here in this world of terrible limitations.

    On the next post, we’ll begin to talk about the spiritual regions — unless during my meditation I am given modified insturctions that I left something critical out of our summary.

    Peace and good will,

    Yogi X.

  70. Yogi X here again,

    As you can begin to see from the above series of posts and the summaries immediately preceding this post, the creation we abide in (albeit it one tiny, miniscule corner) is much more complex and diverse than Dr. Lanza and his Biocentrism can ever imagine, no less Dr. Kahn and his end-time physics.

    This is not to fault those two bright gentlemen and all the other physiscal scientists with equally bright intellects. It is merely to point out the limitiations of the mind that resides in the human frame, and its reliance on physical instruments like telescopes, microscopes, MRI’s, CAT Scans, space shuttles, moon walks, etc., etc. that are used to analyze the human existence today.

    These instruments and the minds behind them are all important in their own rights, but are merely small stepping stones in the understanding of the cosmos and our location in such. But the truth is, for every small step, the questions get larger. Soul science makes gigantic, leading leaps over the limitations of the mind.

    With that said, the next post will examine our summary of the mind and its position in the hierarchy of existence.

    See you shortly (or tall-ly, if you are tall) 🙂

    Yogi the Bare X.

  71. Yogi speaking,

    We are going to take one more — what seems to be — a slight digression. But it isn’t. It is one more important hole to fill. It is called Blackness — ether or aether — apparent nothingness.

    The blackest of the black, mystics call it the veils of death.

    Every sphere of the creation, the macrocosm is surrounded by immense veils of blackness, death our puny minds call it. The puny minds are not all wrong.

    If we go outside at night, we see the stars, the moons, perhaps planets, galaxies… and what separates these heavenly bodies? Dark, black space, filled with who knows what. Are there shortcuts throught this chaos? Black holes? Time tunnels or warps? Bypasses? Mystics know. The more spiritually advanced the mystic, the better they know.

    Next, we’ll summarize how all these Pinds, Andas, and black aethers fit in the second grand division, the Universal Mind, also known in the East as Brahmand.

    Chat with you soon.

    Yogi X.

  72. Yogi X again,

    To make your thought processes more boggled, what if the whole creation is spinning and dancing? I briefly watched internet video of country dancing. People spinning, dancing, crashing, quitting, joining, taking bathroom breaks …. on and on. What makes our tiny little human frames with their out-of-control minds think the massive spheres of the macrocosm and all it contains is any more sane than a Texas dance floor? Or a Holi fest?

    It is so easy for a tiny fly on the wall to get confused and lost in a ‘happy’ dance. What makes one think it will be any better for a lonely soul — even a spiritual warrior — trying to conquer the the creation and get to its True home?

    No, a successful Guide is what’s needed.

    But we need to continue the summary of where and why we’re at — to sort focus out of the mass confusion.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  73. Yogi X here,

    I had a very difficult day for a Yogi today. I am pleased to hope you will let me finish the summary tomorrow your time.

    I also hope you are getting the tiniest idea of the complexity we all face. Fortunately, there is a way out. And we are getting there for you.

    Warmest meditations,

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare, of course)

  74. Yogi typing,

    Before we move on to summarize the energy centers (chakras or ganglia) in the brain we should summarize a bit of the creation first.

    Sixth, this worldly creation we live in is just one, tiny, miniscual speck in one far corner of the the galaxy we call the milky way. If this world is one tiny speck, imagine how infinitely small one human is compared to the Milky Way.

    The Milky Way is just one insignificant, minor galaxy in the billion (if not trillions) of galaxies that are beyond the view of our most powerful, man-made instruments.

    All of these billions, if not trillions, of galaxies are contained in just one part of the lower creation we live in (mystics call it Pind). Our small part of Pind is enclosed in a spherical-shaped part of reality. Think of gumballs in a glass bowl. The sphericle glass bowl is a small part of the total creation (macrocosm) called Pind. All of the gumballs withing Pind are spherical shaped “objects” that each contain their own array of millions, billions, or trillions of galaxies.

    Now, there are multitudes of Pinds in this creation, each one loaded with gumballs, each gumball loaded with galaxies, each galaxy may or may not have an earthlike entity that can support life.

    To make matters more complex, there are multiple of spherical, glass bowl shaped Pinds that are part of a next larger bowl, called Anda by the mystics. The common Western name for Anda is, “the Astral World”. But the complexity problem becomes even more difficult. There are multiple upon multiple Astral Worlds (spherical Andas, each with multiple upon multiple Pinds.

    This explosive view of the creation continues upward and outward, all spherical shapes that are part of greater and higher spheres. You can begin to see how insignificant one human frame is, stuck way in this infinitely small corner of a corner of a corner of the creation.

    Is there small wonder that an accomplished Guide is needed to escape back to our True Home? Is there no doubt in your minds how easy it would be to get lost in the creative maze without a True Guide who knows the way and has traveled the way both outwards and inwards?

    And yet, in spite of the complexity of ouor prison house, the human frame is one of the most significant objects, one of the most powerful instruments, one of the greates Houdini escape mechanisms, in the total creation, which expands far beyond Pinds and Andas.

    We are going to explore that more, but even a summary has to be in bite-size chunks.

    We will continue this summary a bit later, then put it in perspective of being a spiritual warrior so you will have a logical, practical solution to freedom.

    Your good friend,

    Yogi X

  75. Before Yogi continues, I needed to see doctors today. The subject (unexpectadly?) came up about miracle healings. Two doctors brought it up to me, completely out of the blue.

    The doctors observations after decades of practice is that there is something magic that sometimes goes on in the human body that medical or other science cannot explain.

    They asked me what I thought about it, and all I could answer was “Him”. They nodded in satisfaction and concurrently said, “We agree. Sometimes it is just his will.”

    I never mentioned Yogi X, or any of this treatise he is providing for us. But the doctors’ further comments said they would tend to agree with Yogi X.

    Sorry, I shouldn’t have interrupted.

    Mr. Tom

  76. Yogi X here,

    It’s been a long day here in mountain jungle land. I’ve had this overwhelming need to summarize where we are at based on previously presented science-oriented observations, logic and proofs, as the case may be.

    First, we have a human that is far more complex than most worldly oriented observers are willing to comprehend.

    Second, using a computer analogy,the body consists of the physical mass (the hardware), the mind (the system software), the mind / body sense apparatuse (application software that controls our observations, actions and reactions), and the soul-currents (the electric power source). We call this whole conglomeration of super parts, the human frame.

    Third, the human frame has numerous whirling energy centers called chakras or ganglia. The ‘lowest’ chakra on the totem pole is the elimination chakra that is intended to keep the body cleansed of toxins. Next up on the hierarchy is the procreation of the species chakran. Third up is the digestive chakra which distributes nutrient flow to the human frame. Fourth up is the solar plexus chakra which regulates the body’s entire economy, rhythms and feelings, etc. The fifth ganglion is the throat chakra which regulates the bodies respiration, and the sixth chakra is the ganglion located roughly between the two eyes. This chakra is the seat of the diffused human spirit that supplies the sensory and motor currents to the body.

    Fourth, to begin the spiritual warriors path, we must (while living) pull our attention from the body’s senses up to and past the sixth chakra. This is often called by mystics, “dying while living”. Every yogi, adept and above must make this journey.

    Fifth, we will summarize the higher chakras (ganglia) that exist above the eyes and between the two hemispheres to the brain. Since this is the internet, the summary of these higher chakras will follow shortly.

    Cheers to you all, brothers and sisters.

    Talk to you soon. Yogi X

  77. Yogi X

    I just got back from another celebration (belated) of my birthday in the local village. I will talk to you all soon, about the establishment of this creation. It’s a fascinating subject! 🙂

    Yogi the Bare X

  78. Yogi here early for you,

    More on sounds of the universes.

    Each sphere of the cosmos is maintained by a central power of presiding deity, which constitutes the reservoir or focus of power or vitality peculiar to that sphere.

    The force-currents prevalent in the sphere take their rise from the presiding deity, and sounds peculiar to those currents accompany them.

    We have similar currents in our body in the nervous center (chakra) which corresponds to a particular sphere of the outward, surrounding cosmos. These currents are not, however, active in the same way as the currents coming out of the presiding deity of that sphere.

    The human body’s currents perform cettain functions peculiar to the sphere in respect of the maintenance of the physical body; but the subjective functions, e.g., perception, comprehension and regulation are latent.

    Now, if we were to repeat internally a sound which is an imitation in articulate speech of the sound emanating from the presiding deity of a sphere at the foucus of the chakra center corresponding to that sphere, the vibrations set up therein by process will, as the process advances, come into harmony with the vibrations in sounds already existent in the sphere.

    When the unison or concord of the two sets of vibrations is complete, they would commingle and respond to each other like a tuning fork which is in harmony iwth a musical instrument.

    The subjective functions and powers of the deity of that outside sphere would then be imbibed by the human body, and the great force which the diety wields in his sphere could be set in motion within the practitioner, at the will of the practitioner.

    We shall stop for the moment and let you imbibe this practical step in the spiritual science.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  79. Yogi X again,

    In previous portions of this treatise we have attempted to show that the economy of the human frame is not accidental, but that it is based on the economy of the creation.

    The main divisions and subdivisions of the human frame’s micrcosm correspond precisely to those of the outer macrocosm, and communications between them exist by means of apertures in the nervous centers (chakras) of the human frame. Those apertures (or windows) in the chakras, or ganglia, represent access points, as it were, leading into and back out of the spheres of the macrocosm.

    It would thus follow—as we’ve said before—that the currents in action which are to be found in the universe travel through the apertures when opened, and are therefore existent, in miniature, in the human frame.

    We have also shown at length that all currents, that is to say, kinetic force-emanations, are resounding with sounds which can be heard everywhere if the inherent faculty of spiritual hearing were developed, which is at the start of being a practitioner, merely a latent force in our spirits.

    Under those developmental conditions, we would come to easily hear the music of the spheres, and learn which ones to cooperate with for spiritual advance, and which to militate against to prevent spiritual retardance.

    Our next strategic move is more clearly define our actions amongst the multitudes of possibilities as we gain access to the macrocosm’s spheres. We could tell you what beautiful sounds and lights to start with and follow, and what to ignore, but that will not have the same lasting training effect as learning why we have to learn a specific strategy.

    So, that is next. No one said being a sprititual warrior was easy. But then again, my friends, there is no easier way.

    best and good evening,

    Yogi X

  80. Yogi for the last time, tonight.

    If you ever get a chance to sit at the feet of a great mystic, a great adept, do not fail to do so.

    The presence of an adept from the highest spiritual sphere and his or her discourses, produce a great effect upon the spiritual faculty of emotion in us as practitioners of contemplation.

    As the listener makes spiritual progress, gradually the discourses on Truth afford exquisite delight in the listener, such delight that all pleasures of thei lowly world dwindle into insignificance. The entire discourse becomes one of pleased rapture within the seeker of spiritual perfection.

    As the great mystic Kabir says, “The ignorant are not acquainted with the secret, showers of ambrosia fall with voice and words of the spiritual adept.”

    Have a wonderful evening and bless all souls for their rise to their highest forms possible in this present creation.


    Yogi X

  81. Yogi here, back home in my toasty dry jungle cave,

    The ascension of a spirit from its ordinary seat to higher planes is possible only “when a living adept from a higher sphere is present”.

    It is not necessary that the worldy spirit must always be in the personal company of the adept.

    So long as the adept is alive, his spirtuality is kinetic on higher planes and he can extend spiritual help even when the practitioner is away from him at some distance.

    The absence of adepts being involved on the worldly plane has been the cause of deterioration and stoppage of internal progress in all religions, whether they appertain to the second grand division, or the first.

    Continuous worldly progress (spiritual progress) is only possible when the succession of one adept after another is continuous, or when it takes place at frequent intervals.

    Today, we humans are blessed. An adept of the highest spiritual region is residing on our planet earth, amongst us.

    Talk to you about that soon.

    Yogi X the Bare

    During any gap between adepts, the spirituality which had already been gathered, consolidates and at the advent of the next adept it is fit for further exaltation.

  82. Yogi here back in my own cave, responding to Ben:

    Ben says, “I believe that when we die, our genetic code, memory and personality, are automatically recorded.Should you deserve to be, and if you wish to be, you will (be) re-created.”

    Ben, though you are on the right track, let’s examine your belief system a little more deeply. I ‘m going to use a term you are probably somewhat familiar with called “karma”.

    Karma means quite simply, “In the lower creations of the Universal Mind, for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”. Importantly, the actions don’t all have to be physical. Because of the “spiritual” connections through the mind, even thoughts have karmic effects.

    The other rule of this lower creation(s) is that every debt must be repaid. Whether it is a debt owed to you, or one you owe. You must have a zero balance of debts before you can rise to your true home. The upper region spiritual adept can help you attain that goal.

    We create far more karmas in one lifetime than we could ever hope to balance out to zero.

    Karma (debts) comes in three modes, 1) the major karmas that control who, what, when, where, why and how we are born in this lifetime; 2) those we create just meandering through this lifetime; 3) and those old karmas that are stored from previous lifetimes that we never get a chance to get to, no less know about.

    It is that growing Santa Claus bag of of old karmas that we carry on our backs, and the new karmas we create in this lifetime, that traps us in these lower creations for future lifetimes.

    When our Santa Clause sack was small, and our impact on the world was minimal, we had some control over our future(s). But as the sack grew, and our interactions with the worldly creation became more complex because of things like population explosion, our choices became increasingly limited, to the point where the main and only thing we have control of in this lifetime is our attitudes.

    Our actions, attitudes and yes, accidents, can cause modificatons to all or parts of our genetic code. We carry these modifications with us in our ever growing sack of “karmas” or future directions. The same with our memories, our personalities and even our body shapes and configurations. This is all part and parcel of the law called the Cycle of 8,400,000 species.

    So the question is, Ben, what in the hell do we do about it?, This mess we are in?, this impossible prison house?

    I would suggest there is only one answer. Prepare yourself for the Perfect Guide, the Perfect Spirit to find you and help you purify yourself in the most efficient manner, in the live human body. Even what we call ‘angels’ and other lower heavenly beings desire the human body. It is the only escape.

    The only problem for them is — the angels and other lower heavenly beings — is they understand the laws of karma and they are scared shi-less to take the human body and face the music, or delay it as long as possible. Of course, that is not true in all cases, but it certainly is in most. 🙂

    Sorry for the choice of words, but sometimes they are the only ones that appropriately fit our dire straits.

    I hope this was an adequate response, friend Ben. This subject of ‘soul science’ will be discussed in greater length in following posts, but thanks for asking.

    Yogi X.

  83. Yogi X here again,

    I am just leaving one of India’s large cities on my smoky, yell00w and black, three-wheel motorcycle, the one with sort of enclosed cabin space and a back seat. I enjoyed my birthday celebration with my large, extended family. They keep asking my why I live in a jungle mountain cave,I have no need to. I could live like anyother well-to-do family. But I choose to reduce the noise pollution. Besides, my family owned this stretch of jungle since before the Mughal empires destroyed so much of our population. Tens of millions were murdered and beheaded, tens of millions more were raped and pillaged because they had a different, non-foreign way of searching for the godliness in themselves. But, that is one more part of sad history of the human experience.

    My awareness of this and other monstrous atrocities started me thinking as a young boy — how and why things must be different. That said, to my cave I was led. Not to judge, but to find out by myself.

    When I return within a few short hours, I look forward to responding to Ben’s post. Bless you young man. You are on the right thinking path.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom in America’s Yogi the Bare

  84. Thank you, Ben. I think you are in quite a bit of agreement with Yogi X. He will respond to you in person, but today, July 20, is his birthday. I have no idea how old or young he is.

    Thank you for responding,

    Tom Dillman First Cavalry Vet, Texas

  85. I believe that when we die, our genetic code, memory and personality, are automatically recorded.Should you deserve to be, and if you wish to be, you will.

  86. Yogi X here once more.

    It is time to look at the greatest impediment for success on the spiritual warriors’ path to eternal bliss, happiness and blessings. It is our ego gone mad.

    The ego is necessary to survive down here on this worldly plane. Our spiritual problem is we have become so attached to believing self-righteous or other worldly decisions stem from this same ego, and nothing else.

    So long as the practitioner operates from this basis, it is impossible to translate one’s spirit-self to higher spiritual regions. It is a tremendous impediment, one impossible to overcome without the proper help.

    An adept, incarnation or prophet who operates from higher spiritual planes, beyond the spheres under control of the Universal Mind and Brahm, can alone overcome this impediment.

    Assistance from the spiritual adept usually is found to come unsolicited when the spiritual practioner is in despair of the futility of his or her own efforts to rise to the spiritual spheres.

    The frequent (surprisingly frequent) occurrence of the adepts help during the course of spirtual training, slowly and surely introduces a change in the practitioner’s nature and character. Confidence gives way to diffidence and true humility as the worldly person begins more often to turn his or her attention to higher quarters — the higher chakras — nestled within and between the physical frame’s two halves of the brain.

    This special exercise given by the adept, gradually results in a change of the devotee’s plane of action.

    When the powers of the higher planes are developed even to a degree, the practitioner becomes enraptured by the beauty, freedom, bliss and enlargement of one’s scope of vision.

    The practitioner becomes truly conscious by personal experience of the evils concentrated and concealed in egotism. This new consciousness is mirrored by the efficacy and bliss of the spiritual practice.

    This level of devotion to the warriors’ path can be set in motion by a living adept only, and not otherwise.

    We will discuss this profound subject further and deeper.

    Your good friend,

    Yogi X

  87. Yogi here,

    Why a living teacher?

    Everything technical we do in this world, we learn best and easiest, with less mistakes from a live teacher. Can a dead Doctor write a prescription? Can a dead lawyer give sound, current advice for an urgent legal matter? Can we get to advanced calculus without a live teacher instructing us on the basics of mathematics? Can we be an effective nurse without live training? None of the above subjects would exist without series of live trainings — the development of minds that can expand the skills, step by tedious step.

    Spiritual science is more complicated than all of the above subjects.

    Fortunately, like in driving a car we don’t have to be a well-trained automotive engineer to enjoy the benefits, we don’t have to be an incarnation or prophet to enjoy the benefits of spiritual science.

    That said, the science of spiritual forcce is highly technical and subtle, requiring regular daily training on planes with which the new practitioner is unacquainted.

    A perusal of holy books is, therefore, not sufficient for spiritual experimentations.

    The successful perfomance of such experimentations requires constan aid from an adept both internally and externally to the human frame and its mind and soul-currents.

    Next, we will talk about the personal barriers we individuals construct to prevent successful spiritual experimentation. I might suggest here, that it is the fundamental fear of the mind losing control of what it really doesn’t have. 🙂

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  88. Yogi here,

    We need to now explore the spirit-energy a bit more and see how it affects our quest for perseonal perfection — a perfectly viable quest, by the way, contrary to what typical brain-washed folks might choose to believe.

    A law of the macrocosm (the total creation below the Creator) states that the spirituality assigned to the various planes in creation does not act on a lwoer plane save by percolation (what I like to call, the dribble down effect). This dribble down effect allows passage of only a fractional part of the spirituality to pass from a higher region to a lower one.

    So, Saints, Incarnations, Adepts, Prophets of whatever sphere do not in contravention of this orderly law, extend the same spiritual assistance as they afforded during their lives on this lowly earth plane.

    The highly spiritual ones, thus, lay special stress upon the necessity of a living adept—one they choose and train—to be left behind on this lower plane to conduct their practical spiritual training.

    This concept of the need for a Living Guide for us little people to succeed, can bring up some fascinating twists and turns in he lowly minds of humankind.

    We will explore that more shortly.


    Yogi X — with the Bare essentials.

  89. Yogi X once more,

    The Spiritual Saints and other adepts withdraw their spirituality at the time of their physical death, from the planes with which it was associated in consequence of their advent here on earth.

    At this withdrawal, they return to the original place they occupied before they were sent here.

    Departure from this earth in their case is not like that of ordinary humanity. It is all along known to them, and it takes place when the purpose for which their advent had been ordained, and now served.

    Their spirituality, while they are down here on this lower plane, is so great that whatever object comes in contact with them is spiritualized to some extent.

    But the kinetic energy from which they had sprung up ceases with their departure.

    Think of the Spiritual Saint as a wave rising from the ocean. That wave can be incredibly active. But when it recedes and returns to the ocean mass, its kinetic energy recedes with it.

    To help you, we are going to talk about this more.

    Sweet dreams,

    Yogi X

  90. Yogi X be here,

    When the ground for true spiritual regeneration was made fit for further development by the spiritual Saints (who are not, generally, church saints) and advanced adepts, then the incarnation of the deity of the highest spiritual sphere — the Perfect Guide –can take place.

    It is my belief from observation and experience, that this has taken place more than once in the history of mankind.

    The tenets, teachings and practical devotional methods of this Perfect Guide were made manifest in their simplest forms, and rednered so easy of perfomrance that they can be attended to without difficulty by ALL humans, subject to a few simple rules.

    The true genesis and object of creation, which before this modern age, has been an insoluble mystery has been given out in a simple and complete form.

    The true spiritual articulation of the sound of the highest possible division in creation, our true spiritual home has been disclosed by the advent of the Perfect Guide into our lowly creation.

    Why He has chosen to come here and do this — I can only ask you to find out yourself. And you will only find out if the time is right. One minute before your right time is one minute to soon. You would not hear.

    The scientific revelations made by a Perfect Guide is the basis for these discourses. With that said, and with your approval, we can continue.

    Have a good evening world,

    Yogi X — once again, barely Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  91. Yogi X here,

    To pave the way for an incarnation of a deity, it is sometimes expedient that a partial revelation be made in advance.

    A spirit evolved out of the essence of deity, who is his son or a denizen of his sphere, is empowered and sent to to this earth.

    Not only the secrets of the second grand division, the regions of the Universal Mind (or Brahmand), but also the spiritual regions beyond Mind have been made known in this manner.

    The Saints or adepts of the purely spiritual regions of different classes, who were the the sons of thepresiding deities of the different spheres of the first grand division, thus made their advent down here.

    For those who are familiar with him, Kabir Saheb was among the the first to come in this present cycle. This is alluded to in the following verse:

    “Saith Kabir, the knower of the secrets of the highest mansion, that he has brought the commands of the Omnipresent (the Lord Himself).”

    Other Saints followed, as did a number of very advanced spiritual adepts. Some will be talked about later, as the modern mind is becoming ever more adapted and understanding to this Saints’ way of thinking, expression and living.

    Talk to you again — we’re getting closer.

    Yogi X

  92. Yogi here, — one more logical step to understanding Reality.

    Wjem tje [resodoemg deity of a sphere considers it necessary and porper to allow access to his region to the spirits of lower planes, he has originally to incarnate himself for the necessary revelations and escoteric teachings for the purpose.

    Such incarnations are rare, and when they do take place, the innermost secrets of that deity’s sphere are revealed.

    Great and rapid progress is made by followers who come in personal contact with the incarnation.

    Later on, the work of spiritual regeneration is carried on by adepts trained by the incarnations; the success of the adept’s training varies in accordance with the degree of adeptship attained.

    If the adept is of the first order of that sphere — that is — if the adept has acquired the power of uniting himself or herself wotj the essence of the presiding deity, his training is as efficacious as that of the previous incarnation.

    Next we will talk about paving the way for an incarnation.

    Enjoy your evening,

    Yogi X

  93. Yogi here,

    Okay, Mr. Tom asked that I give 3-4 examples of mystics “miracles” that are really descriptions of the spiritual path described in the language the listeners at the time could assimilate. These will be just a few of the many examples, and they will by necessity be in brevity and paraphrased. This brevity is intended to pass no judgement on the prowess or spiritual power of any of these mystics.

    Moses climbed the mountain and sat in the red sky: This is a specific location in the second spiritual region of Trikuti, part of the sphere of the Universal Mind.

    Jesus said, “Let thine eye be single and thy whole body shall be filled with light: This is in reference to the process of contemplation where the practitioner concentrates at the third eye, or tisra til.

    The Prophet Mohammed ascended the sky on his well-known horse Buraq: Buraq is an analogy for the highest spiritual current of the third division of creation. The fountainhead of this current is the (spiritual) moon which the spiritual practitioner must penetrate to reach the next stage on the journey.

    Sarmad had his head removed and walked around headless, carrying the still jabbering head: This is the spiritual analogy of conquering the mind, which will continuing its jabbering even while the mystic is rising to higher spiritual planes following well-know mystical strategies.

    There, that’s four. Have fun with them.

    Yogi X

  94. Yogi X here,

    At this point, we need to make a statement that will be logically verified at a later time.

    All incarnations and prophets descended upon this earth from higher spheres. Until what they revealed is discussed in detail, it is suffice to say that they followed the well-known spiritual paths of all mystics. They all have had the same or similar experiences depending upon the spherical level they descended from, and / or rose back up to. As we progress on discussing that spiritual path, you will see the common thread through out their writings and sayings that have been preserved, and in some cases ignored.

    Many things they said or were written about them appear on their faces to be impossible or ridiculous to the modern intellect. And the modern intellect that accepts them, generally misunderstands or tries to paint the ‘pictures’ in models their limited, earthly minds can grasp.

    None of this is bad — or good. It just is what is to the modern intellect. but you will see, will be shown the common thread to put all this in the constant perspective of the spiritual warrior’s way.

    Type at you soon,

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  95. Yogi X once more,

    We as mere mortal humans are caught in a dilmma, not entirely of our own making. Once the Adepts, Incarnations or Prophets and their primary followers whom they are personally aiding pass away, spiritual progress for the rest of us — well, I’m sorry to say — comes to a virtual halt. There are practical reasons for this.

    We can still progress to Astral spheres, but unless the individual mind currents are eradicated, without the ‘hands on’ help of the great souls, we are unable to enter the next highest sphere of the creation, the Universal Mind — often called the Causal Region by mystics.

    And similarly, unless all the tendencies of the Universal Mind are cut asunder, the spirit will not be fit for access inot the purely spiritual region.

    In a simplistic form, this whole mind / spiritual freedom process might be likened to what takes place in the conditions of matter in its passage from a solid to the ionic state.

    In the first place, the atom has to shake off the cohesiveness characteristic of solid substances; then the slippery hold of liquids disappears; at the next stage weight producing gravity has to be dispelled; the state of frictional disintegration (in the form of heat) is overcome; and finally the atom breaks up into ions, gaining freedom and increased energy at each step.

    All this sounds good and logical, but does it prove Incarnations, Prophets and various Adepts have ever existed? We’ll explore that next.

    Enjoy your evening,

    Yogi X

  96. Yogi X again,

    It is time to explore the infamous subject, the Universal Mind in more detail.

    Most incarnations or prophets we have been referring to descended from the second grand division of creation — the main sphere of the Universal Mind, or Brahm. The Universal Mind, or Brahm, is dependent on its existence and for action, on the Supreme Creator, the origin and source of spiritual energy.

    The Universal Mind undergoes the same trials, tribulations and vicissitudes as the the much lower human mind (a subset of the Universal Mind) at the time of ‘death’.

    Access to the Universal Mind’s region, although it certainly has spiritual benefit, does not secure everlasting bliss and immunity from change and dissolution of every description.

    Like the tendencies of the individual human frame’s mind, the Universal Mind tendancies are also outward in his planes — in his operating sphere — and they inherently present antagonism to our journey to the pure spiritual regions above the sphere of Universal Mind.

    The Universal Mind does not concern itself with pure spirituality. It is only concerned with what makes it feel secure and happy, subjection to its great, limiting powers of lust, anger, greed, attachments to its reality and the greatest ego conceivable.

    If this above statement holds good for the Universal Mind, then it must hold good for any incarnations or prophets ordained by him. They in turn, being dedicated to the Universal Mind, can only provide access to that region and the limits thereof. This also applies to any Adepts trained within, and limited to, the sphere of Universal Mind.

    Next, we shall address us “little people” and our relationship to the Universal Mind and any incarnations, prophets, adepts and religious leaders dedicated to its limitations.

    Speak to you very soon.

    Yogi X

  97. Yogi X talking again,

    First, there has always been and will always be, as far as I know, one highly evolved Adept,Prophet and/or Incarnation on this planet earth. Were that not so, Humanity would have destroyed this kindergarten of spirituality, Mother Earth, a long time ago. The giant mystics have used special applications of the “law of accidents” multiple times to keep us grinding along, to keep us available for when the time “is right” for selected souls to leave this lower part of the creation and return to our True Home.

    Why use logic to explain the inner path, the inner goal today?

    With the inner light which the Incarnations, Adepts and Prophets possessed, they could have substantiated their revelations by arguments. But the times for the human intellect was not ripe for such a course. So, beyond revelations and statements about the esoteric path and regions, no further attempt was made to convince humanity.

    But, for whatever reason(s) a change of a very mearked character has taken ahold of the human intellect. A universal demand for reason, logic, practability and definiteness has rapidly become a part of the human condition.

    This inquisitiveness of the present age is not antagonistic to spiritual research or pursuit. On the contrary, it requires a presentation of revelation in such a form as would leave not doubt of its acceptance.

    This new universal mood is not accidental, but is the outcome of a craving for a revelation of the highest order which will confer permanent benegit of the highest degree — now, and hereafter.

    We will continue our reasoning shortly, after you have absorbed the import of this part of the message.

    Good reading,

    Yogi X — Barely Mr. Tom’s Yogi 🙂

  98. Yogi X here again,

    It is clear from the conclusions of the previous analysis that adepts, prophets and incarnations do have a logical fit in this local sphere called out world’s universe. And if they have a fit, it’s clear they would employ that fitness for specific purposes, mostly beneficial, and generally known only to them.

    At proper times these adepts, prophets and incarnations make their advent for the spiritual benefit of humanity suited to its condition at the time.

    They then reveal the higher regions from which they have come and impress upon all the necessity for a traing which would secure access to those regions.

    During the early mankinds’ ages, simplicity, faith, example and piety were sufficient to inspire confidence in the revelations; and escoteric teachings which constituted the proper spiritual training, were acccepted and undergone without question or doubt, and the trainees did derive benefit from them.

    The spiritual training, of whatever degree it may be, was, is and will be in the future, will be associated with impediments and difficulties of unexpected kinds.

    With the aid of a spiritual guide, trained in the incarnationn’s or prophet’s school, there was no difficulty in surmounting the obstacles.

    The training and progress referred to here means the internal journey through the regions of dream, sleep slumber, trance and death to the higher planes above.

    But when those incarnations, prophets or adepts become effectively extinct, the meditation formulas alone can be regularly observed, but little or no internal progress is made. This is the status of most religious institutions — they are great steps for disciplinary training but short on growing the spirit purity needed to progress to our True Home.

    In this journey the faculties of volition and thought undergo a collapse at each stage; and for awakening them at each higher plane, assistance of a helping hand is as much needed as the assistance required for the rearing of a baby.

    This takes a thinking process quite different from earlier times. We shall visit that subject next.

    Happy evening,

    Yogi X

  99. Yogi X here,

    Continuing from above, unlike the way it appears, nothing in this creation about us is haphazard or accidental and specific laws govern all the conditions of creation and those of its denizens.

    All the comforts and luxuries of civilization, all appliances and aids which mitigate sufferings and provide protection from them, all advances in trade and commerce, all discoveries and inventions that allow us a glimpse into nature, all imagery, thoughts and intellectual productions which provide some happiness, all laws and regulations whose aim is to remove friction and provide harmonious working–all these things owe their origin to the advent on this earth of spirits possessed of the necessary gifts.

    The common everyday mind, especially that of our intellectuals, doesn’t like to think of life this way — but if they analyze their predicaments and goals, they can reach no other conclusions.

    In short, all knowledge, of whatever description it may be, was or had been unfolded, or will be disclosed, comes from spirits possessing the necessary mental adroitness.

    Since this is a soul science expose’ does that mean our most brilliant scientists, philosophers, artists, governors, etc. are all incarnations or adepts? No, they are not. But, for whatever reason, they have enough spirit-active currents for them to excel for the benefit of humankind and other lifeforms.

    What benefits humans and other lifeforms, pleases the Supreme Creator. If you have any doubts to this, then travel the warriors’ road and find out for yourself. And, when you find out for yourself, feel pleased to accept or reject these premises. It is your choice.

    The best to all of us,

    Yogi X

  100. Yogi here in the Himalayas,

    Why would we want to have a spiritual adept, or even an incarnation if one is available, here on planet Earth as a Spiritual Guide?

    It is a simple answer, and not an answer for everyone. We would only do this if we were a spiritual warrior, who was willing to battle to be all we can be. Who was willing to fight the spiritual battle to optimize our time here in this physical frame. Who was willing to strive for perfection.

    Soon, we will take the next step on this great Quest.


    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

  101. Yogi X alive and well,

    Continuing the search for a Perfect Guide:

    The idea of the finiteness–the short lifespan–of humanity makes it appear as preposterous that a deity with infinite or immense powers should shut itsself up in the span of man, no less a human frame that is bound to become decrepit and die.

    Note that we stated and showed earlier that the diffused spirituality of an adept is sufficient to carry on the ordinary work of in the human frame while his spirit has passed the threshold of death and gained access to the sphere of the Universal Mind or beyond to the pure spirit spheres. The adepts spiritual action isnot hapmpered in any manner by the association of spiritual currents with the physical body.

    Now, if this case holds good for adepts, it certainly holds good for incarnations.
    The deity remains where he is, and carries on the work of the creation subordinate to him as usual. And here is how it occurs.

    Direct rays from him assume human form when the deity incarnates and the incarnation carries on by the deities direct impulse the work for which the incarnation was ordained.

    To present a worldly picture of this, let us consider a river flowing to the sea. Where the river meets the sea, it is subject to the ebb and flow of the sea’s tides. The ebb and flow is no doubt limited in the actual river mouth, but it is still part of the tidal impulse of the sea. The sea remains where it was before, and yet the ebb and flow of the tide is directly regulated by the sea’s movement.

    We next will explain the necessity and object of incarnation.

    Talk to you all soon,

    Yogi X

  102. Yogi X once again,

    We have been describing the poers and functions of the adepts and have in that connection alluded to the miracles and other extrordinary exhibitions manifested by incarnations and prophets, etc.

    It would appear from what we have said tht there is hardly andy difference between an adept and an incarnation, etc. Such is, however, not quite the case.

    Although eventually an adept might possess almost the same powers as the incarnation or the prophet of the concentric sphere to which he has attained, there are differences between the adept and the latter.

    Broadly speaking, the distinction consists in the incarnation or the prophet being possessed of higher powers from the time of birth, while the adept acquires the same powers after spiritual training and access to higher regions.

    Now that the seed is planted, we will talk more about this next.

    Ever yours,

    Yogi X

  103. Yogi X continuing

    Besides, this world needs all sides of a discussion presented. Mr. Jeff, Mr. Gordon, Mr. Mike, Mr. Eric, Mr. Tom and the other talented people at sites like VT do a good job. Hopefully, our small contribution will broaden their horizons.

    cheers, Yogi X

  104. Yogi typing,

    Texas Vet — do you blame Mr. Jeff and Mr. Gordon for sometimes sounding, shall we say, a little skittish? It’s okay to be paranoid if “they” are really after you. In fact, it can be darn smart. 🙂 This world does have a crazy streak going, you know.

    Yogi X — Barely able to keep from laughing

  105. Are you serious Yogi X — Fake Accidents run much of the world? Sounds like you’ve been emailing Jeff G and Gordon D. Have you? Huh, huh? 🙂


  106. Yogi X chattering,

    A natural way around miracles:

    By the inherent law of spirituality, miracles cannot be extended to this lower, ordinary plane of humanity, which is full of desires for worldly aggrandizement. This law is the reason for the reverses THAT NOT WERE allowed to take place when the prophets or incarnations, etc., were pressed for an extension of their supernatural powers aimed for the accomplishment of worldly objects and goals.

    There is, however, another, natural way by which the extraordinary powers were made known to true devotees and followers.

    The oft-occurring ACCIDENT which does not admit of ordinary explanation, is a matter which produces extraordinary eventualities, and which introduces such features as nobody can ordinarily foresee.

    Like other natural phenomena, accidents are regulated by laws, and they are NOT haphazard incidents void of all explanation as is commonly believed.

    As the application of the laws of accident is a matter of everyday occurrence largely affecting the condition of humanity, there can be NO contravention of higher deities or ordainments by the utilization of these laws.

    True adepts often resort to the “law of accidents” for the benefit, mainly spiritual, of their practitioners.

    Impediments and other matters, which a follower considers to be insurmountable or impractical, often disappear and are accompanied by accidental coincidences, which unmistakingly reveal the hand of the spiritual adepth.

    When such experiences are often repeated, all doub about the extraordianry powers of the adepts disappear, and a feeling of grateful faith is generated.

    Such favors are only shown when the difficulties arise directly or indirectly in connection with the spiritual journey of the disciple.

    They are never extended to the worldly desires which are contrary to the dicatates of a true spiritual ambition.

    If any worldly difficulty is seriously rendering impractical the devotion of the follower, it will be removed or mitigated, but no assistance wold be given in the attainment of the objects of purely worldly desires.

    A famous Persian adept said: “Seekers of the world are doomed, seekers of paradise are mercenary, and seekers of the Supreme Being are blessed.”

    Thank you for letting me explain ‘accidents’!

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

  107. Yogi here once more,

    Comments are always welocome. Thank you.

    The reason we are spending time on the subject “miracles”, is that we feel a need to help the seekers separate the wheat from the chaff — that is, the true guides from the many guide wannabes, and of course, charlatans.

    In this crazy world of ours, fakes and partial fakes can be a dime a dozen, all looking for a way to put their hands in your pockets and take your money or other valuables. Some may not have even a clue they are marginally competent on the subject of spirituality.

    It is up to you as a seeker to choose or reject your future. I want only to suppley you with data, facts and logic. Can we make this a better, safer world with data, facts and logic? Do we want to even bother? That is up to you. For me, it is okay to clean the beach one pebble at a time.

    I will continue very shortly.

    Yogi X

  108. Yeah, we’d get about a 1,000 votes for him worldwide. The other 7 billion would rather go on fighting each other.


  109. I agree Tom and T.G. It’s a whole new way of looking at the craziness going on around us — people hating and fighting each other, and etc. Let’s have Yogi X run for President of the World. Ha ha!

    Charlie from California

  110. Thank you T.G. Yogi X wants to do this in bite-sized chunks. It works better on the Internet, this way. It is a whole new way of looking at our relationship with the world, isn’t it.


  111. Keep going Yogi X, we’re still with you! Complicated at times, but we’re riding along, a whole bunch of us.


  112. Yogi here,

    The corollary to the proposition immediately above is almost self-evident.

    The adept must entrirely conform to the laws in accordance with which the presiding diety acts in his macrocosmic sphere.

    And, whatever the adept does for the revalation of the functions of the deity, must be with the deity’s command.

    The adept CANNOT at will and pleasure break those laws and usehm for the purposes of this world.

    Persons endowed with some slight powers of spirituality, who are in no sense adepts of any order, and who are not aware of the responsibilities of adeptship, make awanton show of their extremely limited powers and abuse them to impress those of us who are “little, average people”.

    These exhibitions serve theobject of arousing an interest in religious aspiritual matters in sceptics, but they should not be confused or confounded with what the true prophets, etc., manifested.

    These manifesttations by the mystics were in the first place very rare. Then, they were mainly made with the object of corroborating the extinece of the internal regions described by the prophets, and for the pupose of spiritual elevation, the eventual aim being to show that access should be gained to those regions by internal devotion.

    Such miracles were only intended for persons endowed with some spirituality; for persons who were more or less fit for devotion and access to the higher planes.

    Hugs to all,

    Yogi X and the tiger family

  113. Yogi X here once more.

    Tiger cubs are having dinner. I have a bit of time before they’re up and romping again. Mama tiger is purring (loud) and papa tiger is dozing. We will continue our discussion of spiritual adeptness.

    Now, if we turn to the action of spirit-force as it is observable on the physical plane, we find that it is always hidden. So much so, that even human intelligence of the highest degree is ot aware of the working of the spirit-force within it. But, the spirit-force activates the animate beings, and a limited amount of experience and knowledge is gained which is helpful in carrying on ordinary life as we know it.

    The spirit-force is also endowed with the faculty to explore the non-intelligent forces of nature, which enable it to make discoveries and inventions which add to the comformt and convenience of mankind, and which provide great educational value.

    The spiritual currents act unperceived in the performance of all these functions (we individuals think of their work as our OWN), and in that performance their inward (and upward) nature remains undisturbed.

    From what we have stated above, it would appear that the law is that internal spiritual powers arenot intended for the performance of physical work, which can be done by physical forsces. The spiritual forces have other functions assigned to them by the economy of nature and the creation.

    Please absorb this, and I will be back with you soon. I sense some of your busy minds can see where we are going. But there might be a surprise or two.


    Yogi X

  114. Yogi X here again,

    Tiger family want to stay overnight. Who am I to argue? Himalayan jungle is for everyone — well, almost everyone. Since we discussed miracles in the previous section, do adepts find themselves subject to laws of their nature?

    We have previously shown that the spirit-force is distinguished from other forces, as a consequence of its being dendowed with intelligence, bliss and prime energy/

    We have also shown that the Supreme Creator is an unbounded and ifninite ocean of supreme bliss, supreme intelligence and supreme energy.

    The logical conclusion is is to say that whatever the Supreme Creator has done, is doing, or will do is fraught with supreme intelligence that can have no other object than to confer benefit on all.

    That concluded, the Supreme Creator’s laws which embrace what we call past, present and future, are all perfect and are not susceptible of any change or modification like our mundane laws.

    Therefore, an adept who exercises them to some extent, must necessarily be a conformer to, and not a breaker of, the Supreme Creator’s laws.

    Then, how can miracles happen? Or be allowed to happen by adepts? That is the next step in our inquiry as it leads to the present level of adeptness that you has a seeker will almost assuredly encounter.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X — NOT Yogi the Bare around playful tiger cubs.

  115. Yogi X onboard again,

    I hear the grunts of my tiger family coming to visit, but I briefly want to discuss miracles by adepts.

    Many miracles of an extraordinary character which unmistakabley reveal powers not ordinarily possed by humanity, are ascribed to Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, etc.

    If the miracles in question be looked at for similarities, it will be found that the relief of suffering, the protection of of followers, the conversion of unbelievers or the vanquishment of unbelievers are the characteristics that might be found in most of them.

    No regularity or law is discernible in the perfomrance of miracles. They appear to have been performed on special occasions. Interestingly, they were not always resorted to achieve the goals mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    On the contrary, the messiah, the prophet, or the incarnation allowed himself andhis followers to be vanquished or allowed non-believers to prevail otherwise.

    It is clear from the above, that miracles cannot be the ordinary means either for protection or cure or success.

    This puts in intellectual perspective the question of miracles and also enables us to explain the extraordinary powers that are exhibited as a show.

    You will see how this fits in YOUR personal decisions as we move forward.

    I’ll talk to you after I walk with the tigers, talk with the tigers, play with the tigers. Good thing they like me.

    Yours, Yogi X.

  116. Yogi again, for the next lesson.

    The access of an adept to any sphere of the creation endows him or her, to some extent, with the powers of that sphere.

    When the adept gains union with the presiding deity of a given sphere of creation, the adept becomes endowed with the same powers and functions as those possessed by the presiding deity.

    This can be both good news, and bad news and naturally gives rise to the question why these powers are not exhibited here on earth so the seeker will have no doubt as to their possession by the adept.

    Let me suggest that some lower level adepts do, but most don’t. In a moment, will discuss why not.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  117. Yogi X typing,

    As stated and suggested before, not all adepts are equal in the level they risen, the power they may have and the ability to help the hungry soul. We will examine this a little deeper to point out why and help you in your selection of guides.

    There are four major subdivisions of each class of adepts. For example, there are four major adept levels in the astral realms each higher (outer) level increasing in spiritual power and knowledge.

    There are four more subdivision levels in the Universal Mind realms, all more powerful and more deeply spiritual than all those adepts lower (more inner) on the spherical ladder.

    All eight “levels” of adepts are limited and subject to the powers invested in the Universal Mind and below.

    An adept within the astral sphere or universal mind sphere may have access only to a certain level, or may be allowed location closer to the presiding deity of that sphere. If the adept has union with the given deity’s essence, he or she may well have the power to detach from the deity at will and rise higher into the next outward sphere. This is not all bad, since we all have to go through this.

    The trick is to go through the levels of adeptship in the easiest possible manner, as there are enough natural challenges along the way, many of our own self-creation.

    I will address those challenges forthwith.

    Yogi X

  118. Yogi X and again, dry and not bare.

    We are continuing our search for the Perfect Adept.

    We shall start with a contemplation on the image of and adept of the Universal Mind, the second grand division, also called Brahmand.

    There is not doubt this is a highly evolved soul who contemplation upon can go far towards awakening spirituality. BUT…

    … unless the form of the adept of the purely spiritual — the first, and top division of creation — be contemplated, the development of a spiritual force detached from the association with, and limits thereof, of the Universal Mind will not be possible.

    The only option of a Universal Mind adept or lower is eventual recycling in the the Cycle of 84, birth, growth, aging, pain and death, over and over, and over.

    Once again, we are trapped into opening ourselves to the possibility of a Perfect Adept. Bummer, huh? And, is this even possible?

    We’ll surround the problem even closer in the next part of the spiritual dissertation.

    See you soon.

    Yogi X alias Yogi the dry Bare

  119. Yogi X here, a bit bare and wet, but the monsoon moved on.

    We need to confirm again, why we are examining the science of this path. In the first stage of the spititual way, the most important thing is our method of contemplation — meditation. By our way of contemplation the practitioner stills the mind; we make the mind motionless so the spiritual sounds enter our sub-consciousness and release the fetters that trap us in this body.

    It is the normal, worldly task of the mind to draw out attention out into the world, and keep it there by using our sense instruments (eyes, nose, etc.). Perfect Guides tell us we must overcome these tendencies of the mnd and reverse them. Our method of contemplation does just that.

    To change the mind’s habitual course we must put in unceasing effort soothed by patience and perseverance. That is the attitude of the spiritual warrior.

    It takes this attitude — the attitude of the spiritual warrior, not that of the common everyday mind — to attract the attention of the Perfect Guide.

    With this in our memory banks, we will proceed further on our quest for perfection.

    Hugs to all,

    Yogi X

  120. Yogi speaking,

    Let me reiterate what I was saying above. Since none of us on this worldy plane can honestly know that what we may ever have experienced or seen in our lives is God (or whatever name we want to choose for the Prime Energy), and most of us wouldn’t recognize the Great Mystics that have walked this earth if they showed up across the street from us… let me go into that a bit:

    Would we really recognize Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, Vishnu, Shiva, Guru Nanak, Pope Smith, or whomever we choose, if they were walking down the street dressed as a modern person today? I doubt it. Even some of the later mystics are known only by instant in time pictures taken at specific ages. For the older ones, we may or may not have paintings or sketches of them — filtered through minds of the artists.

    No, we’d never recognize them. It is a totally illogical proposition. So, how do we get or find a Perfect Guide? Better yet, how do we recognize and not reject him or her when they find us?

    That is our quest. It is solvable.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X

    PS: Monsoon rain coming again. I may become Yogi the Bare again briefly (or briefyless)

  121. Yogi speaking

    Why find an adept (a Perfect Guide) who has conquered all spheres of the creation?

    Adepts have access to all the subtle planes of the various concentric spheres they have gained access to and traversed. The adept has gained the powers of the highest (furtherest) sphere they have traveled and accordingly become cognisant of the contemplation of their forms as soon as the practitioner begins the process. The adept will then accordingly aid the practitioner.

    This assistance is always accorded in an imperceptible form during the process of contemplation, but a practitioner of some experience recognizes and feels the aid of the adept.

    To strengthen faint and to engender fresh impulse in the practitioner, the adept will on occasion allow the meditator to have visions of his astral forms.

    Now that you have a sense of what the adept is sensing about you during your meditation, next we’ll see how to maximize that interaction for YOUR benefit. You see, the highest adepts have no spiritual needs of their own. Their only goal, their only job, is to assist YOU.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X

  122. Yogi here!

    Wow! I feel great after some warm tea and roti. Let’s get back to the subject of observed physical changes from spiritual practice. This step is necessary because because most of us physical souls have long forgotten what the Supreme Creator’s form looks like. For example, most of us would not recognize our great, great grandfather or great, great grandmother if we saw them walking on a street.

    So, for our contemplation to succeed, we must find a substitute. And so, we must set down that path.

    Marks of physical changes from the internal spiritual practice are not entirely absent, although they are largely manifest in the subtler frames.

    The physical marks are especially noticeable on the forehead and in the eyes of an adept, and the effects of these marks on advanced practitioners in producing concentration and sulimation of spirit is very remarkable.

    An adept who has reached Brahmand, for example, is beyond the region of creation that we see, and he or she performs ordinary act from the planes of Brahmand. The adepts face thus reflects the spirituality of Brahmand.

    Similarly, actions of Saint adepts beyond Brahmand in the spiritual regions are performed by the spiritual currents coming down from the pure regions of spirit.

    It follows that a practitioner’s contemplation of the form of the Brahmand adept would be a contemplation of the spiritual form of Brahmand. A contemplation of this or lower forms would be self-limiting for the practitioner.

    And, the contemplation on the form of a Saint (one who lives and acts from the spiritual regions rather than Brahmand (Universal Mind) would allow us to break through the concentric spheres of creation to the higher spiritual regions. This is the only way we can get to the soul’s True Home and permanent peace and bliss.

    Next, we will discuss how to achieve this higher, more successful form of contemplation.

    Yogi X over and out briefly/

  123. Yogi X here,

    In the last post we talked about the abilities and spiritual strengths of adepts. You will begin to see this important information come into play in the following posts on spiritual contemplation (meditation).

    We will begin by talking about what a yogi means by “dying while living”. At first, that seems like an uncomfortable subject, but it isn’t for a yoga practitioner. It is just one necessary, easy to cross, step along the path of living forever.

    All feelings of strong character are always due to a high state of excitement; but the highest pitch of frenzy into which humanity can be tossed does not come close to approaching the perturbations which accompany the passage of a spirit-entity from an ordinary plane of wakefulness to that of death (while living) and the regions beyond it!

    As, however, the passage is inward, the outward manifestations do not appear to be so strong as those produced by ordinary conditions of excitement.

    In the ordinary death process, the muscles and the entire physical vehicle are gradually twisted, and when ordinary, permanent death supervenes, the resistance effect of rapid internal torsion, which is terrible, is unmistakenly impressed upon the body.

    The same conditions are “very gradually” produced by the performance of the internal spiritual practices we are discussing.

    The physical frame of the yogi slowly undergoes a complete change; the constitution of his or her nervous system, muscles, etc., is so altered that no resistance takes place in the separating spiritual currents from the physical frame, that is, undergoing the process of what ordinary people would call death. The yogi comes and goes from the body using this same process, day after day, with no harm, only benefit, using the “silver cord” as the lifeline to the body.

    That is why the yogi practice is called “dying while living” and is something to look forward to. Ultimately, when the yogi decides it is time to leave this creation permanently, the same, painless process occurs, only the yogi never bothers to return. The yogi willingly detaches the silver cord from the human body, making the frame defunct.

    The human frame, with no active spirit-current will dissolve to dust.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X

  124. Yogi X type rattling,

    In an earlier portion of this volume we discuss the correspondence of the microcosm with the macrocosm using the human frame. We explained that the communion and travel within the various concentric and even cocentric speres of creation takes place by means of apertures in the various ganglia (chakras) and in the brain.

    The person who has succeeded in deloping the six nervous centers of the physical frame (technically known as Pind) is and adept of the third or material division of the creation. He or she is very accomplished spiritually, but they have NOT crossed the threshold of death. But they have traversed the planes of dream, deep slumber and trance. That person is thus acquainted with the entire creation we see, including their subtle conditions.

    The person who has reached the first of Brahm, or the Universal Mind, and who has overcome death, is a Yogi.

    Similarly, adepts who have access to the second and third spheres of Brahm, that is, to Trikuti and Sunna are Yogeswars an Mahatmas, respectively.

    Those adepts who have access to the purely spiritual spiritual regions beyond Brahmand (the second major division of the creation) are Saints (not necessarily in a Christian spiritual sense, but in scientific sense).

    A Saint who has reached the highest sphere of the purely spiritual regions, the abode of the True Supreme Creator, or the Prime Origin of Spirituality is known as a Param Sant, or Supreme Saint.

    We want to desire a Supreme Saint to be our Perfect Guide. We have to begin to yearn for a Perfect Guide, a Supreme Saint. Otherwise we’ll be returned to evermore of the same we’ve been fighting through, or worse, we can get lost in immense blackness forever — still alive, still hoping for rescue.

    With this understanding, we’ll move forward on putting yourself in that position of attracting the Supreme Guide. Putting yourself in a position to read and consume this treatise is a good place to start putting those signals out into the spiritual world to attract your Guide.

    Best for all of you,

    Yogi X

  125. Yogi typing,

    Facial peculiarities and expression evoke responses similar to those evoked by feelings communicated by means of sound. There are abundant illustrations to support this observation.

    Illustrations might include the affectionate response of lovers towards each other or the laughter evoked in an audience by expressions on comic actors’ faces are two classic examples.

    Thoughts or recollections of seeing such illustrations as noted above can also produce feelings of the same example. How often have we related funny stories of old events, many times laughing just as hard as we did the first time we witnessed the event.

    Now, when such thoughts are regularly generated for the purpose of engendering spiritual feelings, that same process is technically known as spiritual contemplation, or spiritual meditation.

    A pure spiritual form alone wuld produce spiritual feelings, and we shall soon proceed to disclose such a form — should one exist.

    Descriptions of spiritual adepts of various classes and of their characteristics would be helpful in the search and research of a pure spiritual form. this is called assessing spiritual adepts.

    Enjoy the ride,

    Yogi X

  126. Yogi here, one more time before I retire for some more meditation.

    For the sake of elucidation, I want to make one more small, logical digression for the the minds of the readers.

    I believe we stated earlier, that strong feelings are always reflected on the face, and the reflections are engraved thereon, if they are frequent.

    This proposition is not, however, limited to strong feelings. It holds good, in some measure in the case of ALL feelings. Ordinarily, are reflections are noticeable in case of strong feelins only.

    But, men of experience and gifted people can read idividual chaaractersa and also hidden feelings by means of facial peculiarities, that is to say, by means of subtle reflections engraved upon the countenance.

    The understanding leads to the next phase of our explanation.

    Yours, Yogi X

  127. Yogi X here again,

    I want to clear up a misconception on the spiritual path for followers of a Perfect Guide—one who has successfully made the journey and returned.

    The path, using the human body and its chakras as the vehicle is the same for everybody–in general.

    Since my friend, Mr. Tom, lives in Texas, I looked up that state on a program called Google. Yes, we have those technologies available even here in mountainous foothills of the Himalayas. Excuse the diversion.

    I notice on my computer map (and confirmed with Mr. Tom), that there is a major highway between San Antonio, Texas and Dallas, Texas. I confirmed that it is called Interstate 35, or, I-35.

    If one leaves from San Antonio to drive to Dallas on I-35, let’s say at 8:00 a.m. in the morning, that driver will see cars, trucks, different people, towns and cities, etc. until they arrive in Dallas. But there were no cows in sight, they were in the barns eating their morning hay or being milked, or whatever cows do.

    If a second person leaves San Antonio at 2:00 p.m. on I-35, that second person will see the same stretch of highway, the same towns and cities, but different cars, trucks and people. But there were cows in the nearby fields.

    The next day, they are both back and San Antonio and get together to discuss their trip. They saw different vehicles, the same towns and cities with different activities going on, and one driver saw no cows, but the other saw a bunch.

    Does that mean they didn’t travel the same path because a few subjective details were different? No, they both traveled the same path (I-35 lanes), with the same major milestones (cities and towns).

    The subjective differences, different cars, trucks, cows, etc., were merely incidental karmic differences resulting from the two travelers’ life experiences. The path — I-35 — is the same.

    Now, if one wandered off of I-35 for some reason, and ended up in Denver Colorado instead Dallas, the goal of Dallas might never be reached.

    It is the same with the spiritual path we follow. The path is the same, the major milestones are the same, incidentals can easily be different, and if we wander off, without a Perfect Guide, we most likely will NEVER reach our destination. Sad facts about the wandering, but true.

    We will make one more slight degression to enhance our logic in the next entry.

    Best to you all, and I’m glad to be back online.

    Yogi X — alias at rare times in the monsoon season, Yogi the Bare.

  128. Yogi X typing again,

    We are now going to deal with contemplation (or intense meditation).

    The creation may be broadly divided into two divisions, the animate and the inanimate.

    The highest form of the animate creation in this world is man. We must not reach the conclusion that the contemplation of any human physical form is the contemplation of the highest spiritual form.

    The intelligence of of man is operative only during the state of wakefulness. During dream it usnder the sway o fimpressions, and it diappears completely when the premises of deep slumber are reached.

    The contemplation of the form of man, would not, therefore, be the the contemplation of a pure spiritual form, but one of a physical form, possessed of a limitied amount of intelligence and knowledge.

    On the other hand, if we think of the Supreme Being as an infinite expanse, something like the ethereal sky, and contemplate Him in that form, it would be merely another, unreal conception derived from physical experience. It is foolhardy, because who knows what the Supreme Being looks like? Other than a Perfect Guide who has been there? Without first-hand knowledge, we would just be making things up — until we train ourselves under a Perfect Guide to become sufficiently advanced.

    Before we take the next step in this logical progression, I want to talk about the nature of a spirtual path from an untrained worldly point-of-view. We will do that next, and delve into it deeper once we have the basic understanding to put our wayward minds at ease.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare (it does have a funny ring to it) 🙂

  129. Yogi here,

    Spiritual sounds, the sounds we listen to and immerse ourselves in to help guide and draw ourselves to higher regions are very subtle. they cannot be properly heard until the latent forces of the spirit have been developed by the two other modes we will talk about presently.

    The perception of the true spiritual sounds of the higher spheres is an advanced stage of piritual training.

    The performance of sound practice should not be delayed on this account. It is too commence along with the methods of spiritual contemplation (meditation) and articulation that we will soon cover, within the guidelines of the Perfect Guide— one who has made the complete journey to the soul’s true Home and returned to help those whose times have arrived to start and complete the same journey.

    I will see you in a few minutes (at this point, you have no idea what that truly means).

    Yogi X

  130. Or is it more appropriate to say, “listen to you soon”. Not bad, all the way from the Himalayan foothills to Texas. Ah, the power of spiritual sounds!

    Yogi X

  131. By the way, Mr. Tom, it is a family of tigers. Very nice souls. Warriors in their next lives. See you soon.

    Yogi X

  132. Yogi here again,

    Thank you all for the day off — even though it wasn’t planned exactly this way.
    In a few minutes, after a cup of warm tea, I’ll be back with you — assuming the upgraded server is still working. We work further on the value of spiritual sounds to our personal growth.

    Yogi X — alias, Yogi the Bare.

  133. Sorry for the Server interruption. Veteranstoday.com is growing so fast, each time it’s upgraded to give you all faster, better service, the early days sneak back up and bite us.

    Meanwhile, Yogi X got a nice little break to play with the elephants. I here he has a wild tiger friend also. He’s a weird little duck, my friend Yogi X, but smart as a whip. I hope he doesn’t review this post online — you’re not really weird Yogi X, I promise, I promise, well…


  134. Yogi speaking,

    This is a busy day here in paradise on Earth. A momma elephant has brought her baby by to see me. Growing up, that little one. Grace be onto both of them for a human birth next time. Back to our current subject — sounds,

    We would observe here tha all sounds have more or less the same characteristics of the force which produces them.

    Take for instance, a highly explosive substance. When the explosion takes place, a very large quantity of gaseous substance is at once generated at the spot of the explosion. The result is a sudden and powerful shock to the surrounding environment.
    The peculiar sound which accompanies the shock unmistakably identifies the exploding substance.

    In the case of articulate sounds (like voices) the same proposition holds.

    In the brute creation, where the spirituality is of a lower order, the sounds emanating from the brute express only rudimentary feelings.

    But, in man, the sound intonation can be adapted to to the expression of highly intellectual thoughts and beautiful imagery.

    The effect prodced by the utterances of a man of genius is an illustration of that truth.

    Ordinary persons, too, when they are vigorously swayed by passions and feelings give expression to them in such language and tone as cannot be mistaken. For example, we may have the melting utterances of a mother to her infant, the sad sounds of lamentation coaused by bereavement, or the war-cries of warriors are other illustrations of the effect of feeling expressed in articulate sounds.

    If insignificant humanity is capable of producing such great effect by meands of sounds, how immense must be the spritual effect of that sound which accompanied the original outburst of the Prime Energy, the spirit-force, in the beginning of creation.

    We will examine that further, and see how it fits in our daily lives — better yet, how we can make our lives fit in it.

    Happy day ahead. I must play with the elephants. They are waiting.

    Yogi X

  135. Yogi X typinig away,

    In the economy of the creation, each set of three dimensions is separated from each other in such a manner that the creational forces of different intensity and subtlety peculiar to each, doo not affect any other set.

    Without such an arrangement, the gradational arrangement of creation would not be possible, and advent of higher powers on lower planes (larger spheres on contained smaller spheres) would produce results similar to those produced by electric currents when resistance of metal wire is encountered. Tremendous heat is generated, and it the heat is great enough, the metal wire would be destroyed.

    The object of the above statement is to point out is that the immense creational powers, acting through planes ordinarily not known to us, should not be ignored.

    These powers are accompanied by tremendoous sounds, and their effect upon the trainee is immense when one’s subtle, inner faculties o fhearing becme sufficiently developed to perceive them.

    We shall discuss more about the sounds, their effectiveness and their subtleness when sensed through the chakras in the next section.

    Night to all on the other side of the world,

    Yogi X — Yogi the dry Bare

  136. Yogi here.

    Our Astral forms are possessed with the same three functions, sight, hearing and speech that we enjoy on the physical plane. But that’s not all.

    The functions of sight, hearing and expression are not, therefore confined to the physical planes we are familiar with, but they also exist in all the higher subtle, spherical planes. However, as we climb upward (outward?) to higher and higher concentric spheres of existence, the scope and power of the functions of sight, hearing and speech become much more subtle and expanded than down here on the physcial plane.

    The methods of yogic spiritual exercises we propose to explane are therefore not imaginary. They are real, and once learned, they can be repeated ad infinitum and like the best scientific methods they will always give the same results.

    This short blurb is to let you know, we are not on a fool’s errand — as you say in the West and East.

    Any feedback is fine, particularly if it is from clear or loving thinkers.

    Yogi X — the now dry Yogi the Bare

  137. Yogi here in the Himalyas.

    Just had a wonderul monsoon rain. Since I’m in such and isolated area, I was able to step outside and Yogi the Bare and get a fresh shower. Thank you Mr. Tom, for sharing this with the world — which I know you will, gleefully.

    Back to our subject at hand, the main media for the experience of the physical world, and the expressing of our experiences are the senses of sound, sight and speech.

    These three functions, thus, constitute the initial means for the supply of the needs of the physical frame. Further, if these three functions were to become inoperative, the subjective powers would either disappear or they would undergo considerable depreciation — and without special care in the old or this modern world with its developing appliances (eye surgeries, spectacles, hearing aids, volume controls, computer keyboards), existence would most likely be short.

    The above remarks also apply to the related senses and the subjective functions of the subtler and higher planes. But as they do not take an active part in the maintenance of the human, physical frame, their inoperative condition does not affect the physical existence.

    As these sense functions are not subjected to any regular training or exercise in the microcosm, they lie dormant, and the spiritual purpose for which they are provided in the human economy is not served.

    The yogic exercises we will talk about soon, represent three different forms of spiritual exercise for the development of each of the three functions respectively.

    That is our goal at this point: develop the microcosm / macrocosm window relationship using the functions of speech (subtly), hearing and seeing. If done under proper instruction, this will open and clarify the “slits” in the brain chakras, thus allowing travel to and from the higher regions through those windows.

    We will continue this vein of thouoght in the next post.

    Yogi X, the wet Bare

  138. Yogi X again,

    Thank you George, thank you Texas Grunt, I really appreciate intelligent feedback. And thanks to all you other readers, like Infidel, Charlie, Mr. Tom etc. I will say Texas Grunt, what we are explaining step-by-step is THE reality. “The fools in this country” as you say, they are perfect examples of the mind gone berserk. These crazed minds are spread across the world. It is best to find a place in your heart to forgive them. Their captive minds are driven by the five great passions of the human frame: Lust, Anger, Greed, Ego, and Attachments to the way the worldly creation tickles their senses.

    Before we explain the principles needed for the concentration / development of the spirit-force in the human frame, and for its elevation to the higher regions of the macrocosm, we are next going to make a small digression to clarify and elucidate the explanation.

    Our intention is to provide you with the tools to recognize the Guide who will assist you on this Great Journey, not necesarily the precision tools the Guide will use himself. That will be his job. Though the tools are similar for every human frame, we all are a little bit different due to our multitude of entanglements in this physical and other parts of the creation.

    See you in a bit,

    Yogi X — the insignificant Yogi the Bare.

  139. I have enjoyed reading Yogi X’s writings. They are clear enough that I can read and understand without having to pause to puzzle something seemingly obscure. I got to this site through a reference to BIOCENTRISM which has just arrived in the mail. I am not a believer though I am convinced that there is much more than meets the eye in this existence. I’ve figured a step by step approach will yield valuable observations such as those by Yogi X.

  140. Yogi here again — maybe for the last time this evening.

    Now that we know roughly where we are going, we need to enhance the powers of spirit in our bodies to propel us upward and outward. When the inherent powers of the spirit receive the correct amount of spirit energy, we can easily make it to the spiritual region — and our True Home.

    Since the spirit has made its advent into the material regions of creation, the impressions upon it and tis responsive actions are those that fit the material or lower worlds.

    The spirits outward currents, namely those associated with mind and matter have accordingly gained strength, while the inward and upward spiritual force has remained latent.

    If inward impressions can be produced upon the center of spirit, similar to the outward currents, the latent powers of the spirit will be developed. As these inward latent powers regain their strength, and grow, the spirit-entity will be edowed with the necessary impulse and energy to commence the journey to higher regions.

    Next, we will talk about sound, light and speech, essential factors of existence.

    See you soon,

    Yogi X

  141. Yogi here,

    Our review of how the fundamental, grand creation that has a magnificent collection of concentric spheres all layered outside of, or inside of each other, and how this elegant macrocosm can be discovered by this rare physical creation called the human frame (the microcosm) and how windows or pathways between the macrocosm and microcosm are constructed using the chakra (ganglion) system is now essentially complete — from a physical standpoint.

    The location of the spirit-entity and the region where it will attain supreme and everlasting bliss have also been determined.

    Next we need to explore how each of us as a human being can develop the means and methods of traversing the intervening spheres and space to reach our home of everlasting bliss.

    Please remember, when we start this journey, it is possible for all humans regardless of worldly seperations on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, country of birth or whatever. If a worldly human insists these things must remain important, this stupendous journey is not for them, for there are “traps” and “snares” along the way waiting for such attitudes; “traps” and “snares” waiting for an excuse to throw the unwary or foolish soul back into the lowest part of the creation, our world of “the cycle of 8,400,000 species”.

    In our True Home, none of these worldly things matter. In our True Home of pure spirituality we are all one big loving family, all the same except for delightful and beautiful individual expressions of the Divine energy.

    Enjoy the next phase,

    Yogi the Bare, or Yogi X

  142. Yogi X here again,

    The yogic methods we use for communicating and traveling in the higher spiritual spheres results in increasing the human frame’s vital energy while at the same time infusing the spirituality higher planes into the special yoga’s practitioner.

    The yogi practitioner’s physical frame thus benefits by the increased spirituality and while the yogi is doing the practice, doing the meditation they way she or he is trained to do, that spiritual energy is sufficient for carrying on the functions of the human body.

    This may be confirmed by the analogy of the diffused light of the sun, which is stronger than any light we can produce. The yoga practice we have referred to keeps the yogi ever conscious of what is taking place within the human frame, and also of outward occurences.

    Even when the normal human’s stage of death is reached (and overcome without dying) the power of consciousness is not affected. This is often called being in a state of “dying while living”, but it is merely one step along the way; it is a step easily overcome on a daily basis. That is why some yogis say, “I die daily”.

    During this stage and thereafter, the yogis connection with the physical frame is somewhat similar to that of a body kept alive by a mild spiritual force.

    When the yogi is ready, or karmically inclined, to return to the physical body, his full consciousness and vitality spring back into the human frame. On one hand, life goes on as before. On the other, with each journey to the outer spheres, the practitioner sees this worldly creation we wake up to every day in a whole new, loving light. Why?

    This worldly creation is our lowly gateway to perfection.

    Perhaps, I will talk to you soon. There is still much to cover to aid you on your quest, the greatest quest of mankind.

    Yogi X.

  143. Yogi writing,

    We will now discuss the ever-imoportant organ called the brain, and its apertures that give us access to the higher levels of the macrocosm.

    In te fissure between the two lobes (right and left) of the brain there are 12 apertures which provide the means for mommunion withthe six subdivision of Brahmand, and the six subdivisions of the purely spiritual region.

    The six apertures pertaining to Brahmand are to be found in the gray matter.

    The six apertures pertaining to the purely spiritual regions are found in the white matter.

    So far as whether the brain matter is gray or white is of very little importance for the work of the spiritual warrior.

    However, the innermost quarters within them, by means with which the body’s microcosm is associated with Brahmand and the purely spiritual regions are of supreme importance. They are indespensible in our research.

    The following example will make this clearer.

    Assume there is a split in the wall of a locked dark room that lets sun rays enter. The slit (or, aperture) opening itself is not composed of materials of the wall, but is in it. A person placed in the dark room would have use the slit to enjoy the rays inside, to see out, or to get out if he or she could make their body subtle enough to ride ‘upstream’ on the incoming sun rays.

    Similarly, the innermost localities of the apertures (chakras) of the brain will have to be be sought out if one wants to commune with the higher spheres, and eventually gain access to the upper regions of Brahmand and those spiritual regions beyond.

    The above statement can be fully and repeatedly verified by using certain yoga meditation methods (not physical exercises) that enable the practitioner to locate and develop the brain centers (chakras, slits, or whatever one chooses to call them).

    Next, we will take the next step on our journey.

    See you soon.

    Yogi X the Bare Yogi

  144. Yogi X here,

    Moving onward and upward (outward?).

    The ordinary functions of the human body, including the entire nervous system, consist of the life-giving, life-sustaining, and responsiveness to the environment. This statement includes all the normal and subjective conditions of human life.

    Underlying the planes of these physical functions are subtler planes within the nervous system. The innermost part of each nervous center (chakra)is tightly associated with the subtle plane peculiar to it.

    When these subtle planes are acted upon through the nervous centers, the communion with the macrocosmic sphere corresponding with them is established, and the powers of the presiding deities of these spheres are imbibed in the human being’s frame that established the connection.

    The brain area, from wh8ch all the lower nervous centers have been generated is similarly associated with these very subtle planes. These subtle planes do not belong to the part of the creation within our vision, but to the higher spheres (or regions) of creation, specifically to those spheres under control of the Universal Mind AND to the source of the pure spirit, the true Supreme Being, of which everything, every universe, every plane, every being, is a sub-particle.

    By developing the latent powers of these planes in the brain (by specific, well-controlled advanced yogic exercise under the direction of an accomplished guide) communion can be established with the Unviersal Mind’s Brahm and the true Supreme Creator.

    This function of the brain constitutes the SUPREME IMPORTANCE of the brain organ in the economy of the microcosm.

    Next, we will proceed to indicate where the subtler and higher frames referred to are associated within the human brain.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X the Bare (good compromise name? I’m willing to take suggestions. 🙂 Don’t be shy.

  145. Yogi X here,

    In he human frame, the structure of the brain finds it to be the most extraordinary organ. The function of all its parts, are, even with today’s slowly advancing technologies, not understoodl

    Different parts of the brain have been mapped with reference to the parts they play in regulating the lower structure of the human frame. For example, we know where the speeech, visual, reasoning, locomotion, etc. centers are.

    But physical science’s knoledge is at most superficial (though imporoving) and is quite incommensurate with the economy of this wonderful apparatus.

    Let’s give an example. A person goes into the condition of trance, or is rendered senseless by medications. The gray and white matters of the brain, which appear to be the sources from which all lower nervous centers have been generated, becomes itself insensitive, and shares the the condition of the rest of the physical frame.

    The observation from this state is that the spirit-center is not in the substance of the brain, and that its focus is situated in some plane althogether different from the plane of brain-matter.

    Another inference from the same observation is that the plane of sensory action is ALSO other than the plane of sensory action and is also other than that of the substance of the brain.

    In the lower animal species, a perceptible diminuation is traceable in functions of the brain, and a stage is reached where the animal becomes entirely independent of the brain for its existence.

    If we go further down the scale of creation, all trace of the brain entirely disappears and yet the processes of assimilation, procreation, elimination and other functions of life still exist.

    In the plant kingdom the nerves and the ganglia do not exist, and yet growth andsustenance of the vegetable existence takes place.

    This clearly indicates that the nerves , the nervous centers and the brain, which is, as it were, the reservoir of nerve-power, have other important functions to perfomr which are distinct from the functions of growth and sustenance of the physical frame.

    Those functions are subjective, and perception and volition are the two main branches thereof. The powers of perception and volitoin are not ALWAYS dependent on the nerves for the perfromance of their functions.

    The cessation of the functions of nerves, etc. during trance for example, which is attended at times by a manifestation of powers not ordinarily found in the normal human state of life, corroborates this same truth.

    These extraordinary powers clearly indicate that the human frame is is possessed of potentialities which by proper training may endow the trainee with extraordinary functions.

    Thought reading and the extraction of articles from such places as do not admit of access are instances which corroborate our statement.

    These examples show the the scope of economy of humanity is very much wider than that which science and ordinary people assign to it.

    These observations will give us a clue to the secrets of the microcosm that can be found within the human body. That is coming up next.

    It is time for tea and chapatis.

    Yogi X — the Bare

  146. Sorry for the the typo…

    … and with him would be established and devotee would to some extent acquire the functions and powers of Ganesh.

    Similarly, the remaining five nervous centers (chakras) of the lower human frame can be brought into communion with their matching five spheres — and their deities.

    Beyond this part of the creation is the region of the Universal Mind, which cannot be perceived by the body’s physical senses, or any scientific appliances pertaining to them. We will cover this at length, later.

    At present we shall limit the explanation how communication is possible with the regions of Brahmand (Universal Mind) and those of the pure spirit.

    To put this in persepective, we will start with the human brain in the next section.

    Enjoy the best,

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

  147. Yogi X here,

    There is a deity–a governor, so to speak–of every sphere of the creation. In the macrocosm, the sphere at the lowest level, corresponding to the human body’s lowest chakra. Then name for this deity in the Indian sub-continent is Ganesh, the son of Shiva.

    If the body’s inner aperture and functions of this lowest chakra are developed, interaction with this lower sphere and with him would be establised and the devotee would to some extent qacq

  148. Hi all, Yogi here.

    I’ve been waiting for you to rise.

    To continue above, with due repetition, both the microcosm (the human body)and the the multi-sphere macrocosm (the grand creation) can communicate and associate via the appropriate apertures (chakras) in the human body, using the spirit-current that can be attuned (frequency or vibration shifted) to match a specific chakra.

    Viewing and traveling between the various spheres of the macrocosm and the bodies nervous centers which correspond with them is establish in accordance with the law of the previous paragraph.

    To consciously effect such viewing and traveling, a special training is necessary. Anyone can do the training… but they must elect the path and mental discipline of the spiritual warrior. Halfway attempts, common in most of world’s people will never work. It takes commitment, often years and decades — occasionally it is almost instantaneous, but that is rare.

    By specific spiritual training alone, the inner most functions of the nervous centers (which ordinarily lie dormant) are developed and brought up to the condition in which correspondence is possible.

    What is even more valuable, is the training can take place in the comfort of being a householder, living a householders life, having a job, raising a family, etc.

    One doesn’t have to live in a jungle cave, though under that right conditions that MAY speed the process of fulfilling one’s Love for God.

    Talk to you later,

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  149. Yogi X speaking again.

    We will now discuss in somewhat greater detail the sensory physics, if you will, of how the energy chakras provide “sensory” access from inside the body’s microcosm to the outside, concentric spheres of the massive macrocosm.

    Let us examine the simple sensory feeling associated with touch, first. When the physical frame is touched, whether it is agreeable or disagreeable, the action conveyed within to the brain is by the sensory current which is everywhere within the body. If the sensory current is withdrawn, for whatever reason, or the communication channel with the area touched is broken, there is no feeling of touch.

    A similar situation takes place in the case of other senses. Each sense has a subsection of the body’s total sensory system that is particular to that particular sense.

    Touch has a touch sensory subsystem. Vision has an optical sensory subsystem. Smell has an olefactory sensory subsystem, and etc.

    To make the proposition clearer, lets analyze the effect of light on the sense of sight. After penetrating the lens, light produce the images of outward objects upon the retina. This stimulates the optic nerve and the sensory currents within that nerve. Thus the communion with the outward light is established. The process of perception is then completed by the spirit’s sensory currents acting within the brain.

    Accordingly, for perception of the macrocosm, the spirit current must be assoiccated at the proper apertures (chakras) in the microcosm (physical body) with substances and powers similar to those that exist in that particular sphere of the macrocosm associated with that chakra.

    My chai is almost ready so I need to take a break, when we continue with this logical progression.

    Thank you,

    Yogi X.

  150. Yogi X here again,

    In review, the macrocosm is the total creation, including sub-physical, physical, astral, causal (universal mind) and spiritual spheres.

    The microcosm is a perfect reflection of the macrocosm. The unique thing about the microcosm, it it is contained ONLY in human type physical bodies where all the chakras (energy centers) are properly aligned.

    The body’s microcosm is even more fascinating BECAUSE, besides providing chakra provided windows into the various spheres of the macrocosm, the chakras also offer gateways to travel into and around the various spheres of creation.

    The main factor of the viewing and travel through the apertures — the chakra energy centers — is the rates of vibration of the spirit or sensory currents activating those chakras.

    This is an incredibly important point that we need and will pursue further. This is the technical aspects that all scientific / spiritual yogis attempt to conquer, even if they don’t understand how the technology is part and parcel of the human frame. Advanced yogis just know it is, and practice accordingly. What does this mean to you, the average person in this world?

    You don’t have to be a technical giant (or even technical dwarf) to be a successful yogi who achieves both personal and god-realization while alive in your human body. You just have to practice under the guidance of a Teacher who has made the journey and can instruct you what to do. That means the Teacher, him or herself, has to have successfully made the journey while alive in the body, and returned back here to “touch” certain souls.

    Absorb this truth, and I will return later.

    Yogi X

  151. Yogi X here,

    The rumor is during monsoon season a yogi sits deep in his cave — if he has one — on a pillow, behind mosquito netting, wearing nothing but a loin cloth. Of course, that’s just a rumor. Some modern yogi wannabes would prefer their expensive, air-conditioned condos in Dehli or Bombay. How did you do that? Oh yeah. 🙁

    Yogi the Bare

  152. Thank you Yogi X or, my Yogi the Bare — I know there are many times when you get dressed to step into the world, but I also think (believe?, know?) you will retreat deep into your cave ‘dressed’ as Yogi the Bear. 🙂

    If any of the hundreds of serious readers everyday have any questions, please submit them on this blog. Other than that, we’ll assume we’re speaking clearly and will preceed onwards.


  153. Yogi speaking,

    Now that we’ve established by repeatable observation that the small part of the creation we live in is nothing more than a miniscule corner of the very, very, tiny sphere that we call our Universe (a tiny bit of which can be seen on a clear night),
    AND, this very, very tiny Universe sphere that we see is just one of millions, make that billion or more Universe spheres, and that these billions of Universe spheres are one tiny part of what’s called the Astral world set of Astral Universes all set in countless Astral spheres, and they in turn fill the Universal Mind sphere(s), which are part of the immense, spherical spiritual realms, then we can now be prepared to move onward and upward (outward?).

    So how do we do that, while at the same time keeping you the individual in maximum safety.

    We shall start that part of the journey next.

    Your dear friend,

    Yogi X i.e. Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  154. Yogi here again,

    The three main inherent attributes of teh spirit-force are prime energy, pure intelligence and perfect bliss. Pain, a function of the actions of the Universal Mind, is unknown in the spheres of the spirit-force.

    For the present, it will serve our purpose to state briefly that the pure spiritual region, which is beyond Brahmand and it Universal Mind, also contains six subdivisions.

    It was in consequence of the existence of these six spiritual divisions that the impact of the pure spirit-force upon the region of Brahmand produced six similar divisions with it. Thus Brahamand, the region containing the Universal Mind, is nothing more than a mere, diluted and polluted reflection of the pure spiritual regions.

    Digest this brothers and sisters, and then we will begin to learn the science of pure spirituality and how we fit and can partake in it.

    Your friend,

    Yogi the Bare — Yogi X

  155. Yogi here again,

    We pointed out earlier that the elimination or inaction of the physical frame (whether by death, coma or trance) results in the enhancement of the human level spiritual-energies powers, and also in the axquisition of new powers.

    We have further shown that the mind is the instrument thruogh which the spirit performs its various human functions. We have also shown the physical frame’s mind becomes inoperative when the spirit-current is withdrawn from it.

    The explicit inference is the individual mind is a medium of the spirit. Nothing more, nothing less. Without the spirit, the mind ceases to exist.

    Thus, the elimination or inactivation of all forms of mind from an individual — physical, astral or universal — by the very nature of ‘elimination of limiting trash’ causes an increase in purity of the spirit-entity and by that very action causes a vast increase in the power of spirit.

    Functions of a purely spiritual order, of which the mental functions are nothing but diluted reflections, would then manifest themselves and the scope of these functions would be vastly greater than that of the spiritual functions diluted and polluted by mind “stuff” and all the additional trash out-of-control “mind stuff” causes to the human entity — as witnessed by wars, crimes, emotional battles, lust, anger, greed, pride, attachments to temporary things, etc.

    Even the mind is disgusted with the low levels where its attachments to bodily senses and other humans’ insensitivities have brought it.

    When we come to grips with the fact that we are greater than the mind and all below it, including the physical and astral frames; when the mind comes to grips with the fact that it is dependent on spirit-force for its very existence, THEN the mind will also find peace and the chaos of this lower creation surrounding us will decrease. The mind will become a friend of the spirit-force, rather than its captor, and the spirit-force will be freed to continue its ever higher (outer?) climb.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi the Bare X

  156. Yogi here again,

    We have seen each individual’s mind is subordinate to the spirit-entity, and that it receives the necessary energy and intelligence from the spirt for its action.

    The same remarks apply to the region of the Universal Mind.

    The observations made above, althought throw considerable light on the relationship between spirit and mind, are not alone sufficient to determine the position occupied by the spherical regions of pure spirit in the creeations.

    So, we will investigate that subject from another point of view.

    See you soon,

    Yogi X, i.e. Yogi the Bare

  157. Yogi speaking,

    So in summary, the six chakras or ganglion of the human body translate directly to lower spheres outside the visible universe, the six spheres of the Universal Mind.

    The three lower spheres of the Universal Mind are the centers or spheres of destructive qualities (the rectum removes effete matter); the sphere of generative quality (sexual procreation of the species); and the sphere of preservative qualities (this chakra supplies spiritual and energy to the two lower spheres and preserves a proper equilibrium in their actions)

    The three higher spheres are: Sahasdal Kanwal (the astral world, or place lit by the thousand petal lotus, and the ‘home’ of most religions; Trikuti (the place of the three prominences and the main sphere of action of the Universal mind) Sunn (the spirit-sphere – a region of GREAT blackness).

    All six spheres have their own ruling Deity. The energy and power of the Deities increases as we rise upwards to higher spheres.

    From what we have explained, it is clear that the correspondenc3e of the six subdivisions of Brahmand with those of the human frame is now complete. BUT, we must explore further the region of pure spirit if we are to reach the incredible object of each human’s spiritual potential.

    Truly yours,

    Yogi the Bare, i.e., Yogi X

  158. Yogi here,

    What Mr. Tom is trying to say in an unscientific manner is that “his globes within globes within globes” are what I call spheres within spheres, within spheres.

    The chakras give windows into the spheres. The spheres themselves are immense, getting larger and larger the higher we travel spiritiually. This universe we see as we step outdoors at night is one of the tiniest spheres in the whole creation. It is a tiny part of the astral sphere, which in turn is a miniscule part of the Universal Mind sphere (Trikuti) which itself is one tiny sphere in the humongous sphere of brahm and so we go.

    We as humans are tiny little droplets in one small edge of the Milky Way, which in itself is one tiny part of the physical universe only partly visible to our eyes.

    The whole creation is incredibly huge and wonderful. And the human type body is blessed to have windows (chakras) that give access to everything if we learn how to operate it properly. I hope this is clearer, but disclosing spiritual science is my goal.

    Night for now, you folks in the West

    Yogi X

  159. Yogi wanted to convey to you in the simplest, non-scientific terms, is that the total creation that we are experiencing is a series of globes withing globes within globes. The huge universe that we see when we look outside is but the minutest speck in the smallest part of the creation. Our little solar system is so much smaller and insignificant compared to the Milky Way, no less the visible Universe, you can imagine how infinitismally small each soul is.

    Yet, each soul is a droplet of the grand ocean of divinity, far above and beyond the realms controlled by the mind. Each soul can escape this prison house birth, death, birth, death, etc. etc.

    Yet, the escape is not trivial. The path out is practical but it can become tedious and confusing at the same time. Without the right guide who knows the guideposts, the soul can get lost forever.

    Yogi X, Yogi the Bare, is setting the scenario in place so that if and when your guide arrives, live and in human form so that he demonstrates maximum credibility, you will be able to recognize the truth of this special being.

    I’m not as clear as Yogi X, but bear with him as further puts the human form in proper relationship to the layers of Universe.


  160. Once again, it’s Yogi X.

    In this section, we are going to address the vast spirit-center assoicated with the higher mind, the Universal Mind: the sphere of Brahm.

    We use the term Brahmand in a more comprehensive sense than that accorded by some religions, because our usage includes the Par Brahm Pad region. Please excuse the words we use, they are historic to advanced yogis and in general beyond the normal teachings of worldly religions.

    In the general sphere of the Universal Mind, there are major regions above this worldly universe surrounding us, just a tiny speck of which we can see at night as we are in one small corner of the Milky Way galaxy.

    The next three regions beyond our confined, worldly comprehension are the Astral region (called by yogis Sahasdal-Kanwal — which means the thousand petal lotus — we will talk more about this later), a higher region called Trikuti (the place of the three prominences), and Sunna (the spirit-sphere that encompasses Trikuti, the Astral World and the physical world we reside in).

    Sunna is the home of the highest form of the Universal Mind (Brahm). That said, you can easily perceive that the highest form of the Universal Mind surrounds and encompasses the lower regions, including the worldly region we live in with all its universes.

    The common yogi name for small part of the total creation we live in is Pind. Pind is but a drop in the the broader, egg-shaped sphere creation we call Sunna.

    These names are a convenience for speaking only. The reason they are important is they represent and will be referred to as recognizable landmarks along the spiritual journey to our true home.

    As we make this journey to eternal bliss an love, we must use the facilities of the human body to enter and proceed BEYOND each sphere, each representing its own challenges to our self-imposed limitations as human beings. We are trapped in a prison, and we must escape if we want to avoid the never-ending Cycle of 84 (8,400,000 species) with all the pain of birth, decay, death and rebirth — never knowing what our next lifeform will be.

    Most religions in their current forms do not know what we just said. Most of the Great Mystics who the religions were copied after, knew. But every generation of followers fell further and further behind the understanding curve.

    This is why what we are saying is important. We can climb back up the curve to reside with the Great Mystics if we choose. We can just bumble along from war to war, from failure to failure, from death to death, if we choose not to be spiritual warriors.

    We will continue this study of the macrocosm which can be found in each and every human frame by each and every one of us, in just a little bit.

    Digest well,

    Yogi X

  161. Yogi typing,

    Good to feel your eyeballs. That is the power of the highly tuned spirit-force.

    We previously stated that the spirit-center is situated in the sixth chakra (sixth ganglion), the tenth door area above and behind the the eyebrows. Likewise, we stated that the fifth and fourth chakras are the seats of subtle respiration and the mind, respectively.

    The chakra nerve centers observable by us are made up of physical constituents while the respective force-centers associated with them are subtle. This is critical to understand, because the force-centers are vehicles of communication with there respective subtle planes in creation.

    It has also been observed that the spirit or vital energy has been supplied to the lwer nerve-centers in the human through the mental plane. This is provable because, for example,the complete stoppage of the functions of the fourth, or mind chakra will result in the collapse of the physical frame.

    The same remarks apply to the six sub-divisions of the region of Brahmand.

    In accordance with this view, there must be a vast spirit-center associated with mind in the region of Brahmand.

    Although yogis have alluded to it, this vast spirit-center is as seperate from Brahm as our physical body’s spirit center is seperate from mind. But they are associated with each other in a similar manner as the body’s spirit and mind.

    Next, I want to talk about what few yogis do, this association we addressed in the previous paragraph. It is a critical step to understanding who and what we are, how great we humans have the pontential to be.

    Chat soon,

    Yogi X

  162. Yogi speaking,

    If you must stop and wonder where all this is going, please let me assure you, you will pleased with the results. Our simple strategy is to give you some idea of the vast human potential, and what you can do with it YOURSELF to be an example for all humankind to get over its petty and dangerous squabbling and realize everyone has an equal stake in our success.

    Here I have to tell you this from a cave in the Himalayan foothills. Prettty sad state of affairs, huh?

    I’ll soon get back to the Universal Mind and its part in YOUR personal creation. Talk to you soon — chai and chapati time.

    Love to all, Yogi X alias Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare

  163. Yogi over and in — I be getting used to Western Lingo, eh?

    Our next logical step is to consider how our feelings, predilections and prejudices of the mind affect the physical body.

    As an example, a person is short-tempered and flies into a rage easily. at what would be trifles for most of us. The muscles of his face, by being constantly worked into a particular groove during his anger, never get much chance to relax and thus begin to permanently retain the rage look. Even this person’s family, including his children, begins to take on the same constant look of stressful anger.

    When this illustration is reduced to a proposition, it implies that a prevalent impulse of the mind is reflected and imprinted on the physical frame. AND, it can be further carried forward into children turing the process of procreation.

    If this proposition holds good in the case of temporary conditions affecting the individual, mental and spiritual planes, it then applies to the universal planes and centers of mind and spirit.

    It would naturally follow that beyond the regions of creation corresponding to the bodies six lower chakras (or ganglia) in the human microcosm, there must be a vast region of Universal Mind associated spirit, and it compromises six subdivisions simillar to those found in the emanations of the human frame.

    This vast egg-shaped region referred to is technically known as “Brahmand” which in its literal means the egg-shaped region of Brahm(Universal Mind). The Region of Brahmand also includes the region known as Para-Brahm Pad (the region beyond that of Brahm.

    Without including Para-Brahm Pad into that of Brahm, the series of six sub-divisions in Brahm would be incomplete and not match up in a reflective manner with the six sub-divisions of the physical frame.

    Let’s hold here and assimilate the perfect mirror image for a moment before we go on further. Then, we will move on to how and just the sub-division image comes into play.

    Togi X

  164. Yogi here,

    As previously stated, there are two main currents involved in making the physical frame, the senses and the chakras (ganglia) work. These are the spirit-current and the mind current, both derived from the spirit-force.

    The first current is the inward and attractive spirit-current which manifests itself into action by splitting into two main current forms a) the sensory, and b) the structural. These forms, a) and b), work by means of the nervous system and the subtler ‘electric’ body. Their functions are essential for animate existence and are entirely dependent on the spiritual-current for their performance.

    The second current is the mind-current, the current of reaction giving volitional, motor, ejective and destructive actions. The mind is the center from where this current springs up.

    In vegetable existence, the volitional functon is entirely absent while the motor function is active only in growth. The last two functions, ejective and destructive are as strong, if not stronger, than in animal existence. The mind-current is latent in vegetable life.

    In the animal kingdom, the mind-current is active and directed outward. Like the structural form of the spirit-current, the outwardly directed mind-current is also dependent on the spiritual-force for its action. This is shown as all work by the outward current comes to a standstill when the spirit-current is totally withdrawn.

    The mind and spirit currents have, by their joint action, produced the physical frame and the six chakras, with the spirit furnishing the energy, vitality and subjective functions through the mental plane.

    This lays the groundwork for the stuy of the Universal Mind and its six sub-divisions.

    A storm is blowing in, talk to you later

    Yogi X

  165. Yogi says,

    The functions of the four lowest chakras, rectum, reproduction, digestion and solar plexus are fairly well understood and easily manifest. The upper two chakras (throat and tenth door) can only be verified and realized by the perormance of certain yogi-centric spiritual experimentations and methods. Let me be clear here, most yogis dwell on the lower centers, struggling to eventually get to the tenth door. They have the right to do that, but it seems silly that when we are born as human beings halfway up the spiritual mountain—seeking to get to the top—it is rather foolish to climb downhill before one starts struggling back up to the top.

    Meanwhile, on the journey to the mountain peak, we must perform certain advanced yogi practices that advance our climb. These harmless practices (harmless with an experienced guide) will allow us to experence the various stages of spiritual withdrawal from the body similar to what happens when we die, only our yogi practice is done with full conscious awareness. Most mystics call this “dying while living”.

    The experiences gained during such training furnish ample, practical tests of the accuracy of our statements. The same experiences are repeatable, with the same results, time after time.

    Someday, in the not to distant future, this spiritual withdrawal from the body while living will be measurable by more refined instrumentation.

    If we accept this as a practicle possibility, then it is time to take the next step of conquering the known and unknown cosmos.

    Back soon,

    Yogi X

  166. Yogi here.

    I want to add one other important note here, as to the chakras or ganglia. Not only do the the lower chakras help energize and regulate the human frame, but if used properly, they can be windows (or doorways) into the outer creations of the total cosmos. It may be silly to use the lower chakras this way — as will be shown later — but they do have more uses than human frame maintenance.

    Be back with you soon,

    Yogi X (Yogi the Bare)

  167. Yogi speaking (typing?)

    Let us now continue with the six main ganglia, or chakras of the human body. One interesting thing about the six chakras is they are spinning centers of energy, where the pathway connection them appears linear. There is a profound reason for this. Previously we talked about the three grand divisions of the microcosm, and now we’ll proceed to the six sub-divisions.

    1) The lowest chakra (ganglion) in the human frame is at the rectum. Its major function is supplying energy for the ejection of intestinal waste material from the human frame.

    2) The next higher chakra is at the organ of reproduction. Its main energy function is the production and sustenance of the seed(s) which can eventually develop into a new human frame.

    3) The third chakra up from the bottom is at the navel. It regulates digestion and furnishes helps furnish material for the body frame.

    4) The chakra known as the solar plexus is situated at the lower end of the sternum. It regulates the economy of the entire human frame and is the region of feeling. A sudden shock to this center could result in a cessation of its functions followed by a complete collapse of the human frame.

    5) The fifth ganglion (chakra) at the throat regulates subtle respiration in the human body.

    6) There is a sixth chakra located roughly between the two eyes, between three quarters to one inch deep behind the root of the nose. This is the seat of the spirit that energizes the chakra system, which in turn energizes and regulates the entire human system.

    As an important note, this sixth chakra is also in the area known as the tisra til, the tenth energy gateway out of the body, the other nine being the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, the mouth and the two lower apertures, the rectum and urinary passage.

    We will discuss these chakra (ganglion) concepts in more depth, briefly.


    Yogi X

  168. Yogi here,

    We shall now begin to examine the human frame, the body we all wear.

    As a simplified overview, the physical body has a spirit-force pathway with six intermediate functions. Most yogis call them chakras. Spiritual science alludes to the same chakras as “ganglia”, or swirling energy centers. They are visible with properly structured Kirlian photography.

    The energy pathways follow close to, but somewhat different pathways that biochemical signals that travel along electro-chemical nerve pathways. In fact, science has brain response to certain stimuli happens much faster than the the ripple effect along nerve chains. These faster than natural signals travel along the spirit-force pathways.

    In the human body there are six (6) major chakras (or ganglion).

    For internet reading simplicity, we’ll analyze those in the next section, briefly.


    Yogi X

  169. Yogi here,

    On the human body we all wear and how it enlightens us on the cosmos:

    An analysis of the human body and its functions shows us there are three main functions that keep this creeping mass of protoplasm moving day to day.

    First, we have the human frame with all of its appended senses. It is composed of solid, liquid, gaseous, calorific and ethereal conditions matter, together with the non-intellegent forces of nature. This mass we call our body is generated into action by the actiion of energy.

    Second, we have the mind, which consists of four functions a) responses at the mental plane which rise to thoughts; b) the spiritual or attention-currents by means of which thoughts are projected to and associated with objectives; c) intelligence, which is the source of comprehension; and d) ego — which differentiates its comprehension from others.

    The third part of human existence is what we call the spirit-force, which gives vitality to physical frame and the mind. Without the vitality of spirit-force, the physical frame and mind would remain dormant and inoperative.

    Following these three grand divisions above, we’ll talk next about the six subdivisions of the human frame.

    I will give you a bit of time to analyze and absorb the above observed presumptions first.

    Yogi X

  170. Yogi speaking,

    First, I would have sworn Texas is all cowboys and cowgirls. Then I looked on my laptop computer and saw some really neat Texas places like enchanting Caddo Lake, The Big Thicket, the Texas/Louisiana Wildman, mystical black panthers, etc., etc. Oh, and don’t forget ghost lights and haunted places. I mention these things because they only support my hypothesis that this creation is much stranger than our limited minds could ever imagine.

    Next, we’re going to talk about the human body, the mind, and the spirit force which gives vitality to all this around us.

    First, I have to attend to some things my friend down the jungle path, Prahlad Jani, claims he has no need to have done for the last 70 years. Of course, he doesn’t like chapatis and chai.

    Yogi X

  171. I might add, people in general think Texans are just cowboys, cowgirls and ranch land. But central and southeast Texas have one of the largest spiritual communities in the U.S. independent of churches, synagogues, mosques or temples.

    Just a thought.


  172. Hey all, Yogi here,

    Next, we shall study the human cosmos, as it would be the most practical and convenient method for a comprehension of the universal cosmos.

    Yes, there is a cosmos available for viewing within the human body. All it takes is a bit of concentration, contemplation, or meditation to distract one’s attention from the outward pull of the bodies senses. We will discuss this more at length.

    By determining roughtl the various parts into which the creation has been divided, and thus finding the region of Supreme Bliss, this is an essential and practical step.

    The study of the vast expanse of objective creation, even with the finest and most modern of telescopes and space vehicles is futile, as they must work through the interpretations of the physical senses.

    The human physical senses are vastly limited and overrated, such that it will guarantee to lead to the wrong conclusions. Look, even a cat’s or dog’s physical senses can see much more than a human. A shark can smell a droplet of blood in the ocean from a great distance. Can a human nose do the same? Yet, it is these same physical senses that we expect to see and interpret the cosmos? I think not.

    But there is a way. A proper examination of the spiritual emanations is the only practical and attainable course of research for this subject.

    Next, we shall analyze the human body in more detail.

    Talk to you soon,

    Yogi X

  173. Yogi here, Thank you Mr. Tom for the use of your computer link and editing.

    We have now reached the stage where it becomes necessary to determine the region of the Supreme Creator AND ALSO, the current location of the spirit-entity traveller, that is, the sould being who is searching for our True Home.

    Unless these two matters are settled, there can be no definiteness and practicality in the means taken to make this journey.

    As we have stated, the spirit-force is from the source of prime energy and the other forces of nature are dependent for their existence on prime energy, it would not be incorrect to assume there are many similarities between the natural forces and prime-energy.

    It is also reasonable to to infer that the spirit-force, like other forces of nature, partakes of the influences of the original force and wherever and whenever the original force converges (focuses) the conditions around it take on many of its similarities.

    There would be complete similarity were there not natural obstructions that distort the original soource force. In the physcial universe around us, such a complete likeness is very rarely met with… though I would suggest it is possible, even probable in extremely rare instances.

    This will lead us to the next step of our inquiry.

    Chatter soon,

    Yogi X

  174. I’m sorry for Yogi X’s sign off. I was trying to explain the difference between Yogi the Bare and Yogi the Bear … well, you can undertstand the confusion.


  175. Yogi X here in the balmy Himalayas,

    Great Mystics have explained that the spirit-entity is endowed with bliss, intelligence and energy. What does this mean?

    Let’s start with bliss. In fact, we will use a hypothetical case of extreme bliss.

    It is possible to conceive of a condition of enrapturing imagery, of penetrating and refulgent intelligence of intensely charming music, of glorious beauty which may produce extreme ecstasy in individual cases.

    Now if we lowly humans, each of us no more than a tiny, tiny drop in the Ocean of God’s being, can possess the potentiality of the above mentioned enrapturement, what must be the inconceivable bliss, intelligence and energy of the Supreme Source?

    It is His region that is entirely one of energy, joy and bliss, free from all mutation and dissolution, and immortal. His spiritual rays are present everywhere, but hHis region is distinct and away fro the regions of matter an dmind.

    This demarcation doens not introdue an element of the finite in Supreme Creator, just as the presence of a fish in an ocean does not produce a limitation on the ocean. We will come back to this point a bit later, filling in the analysis.

    When a miniscule spirit gains admission into the purely spiritual regions of the Supreme Creator, it becmes immmortal, freed from pain and opposition of every description and remains absorbed in everlasting rapture.

    We have now reached the stage in our argument where we must delineate the region of the Supreme Creator.

    comm with you soon,

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bear.

  176. Yogi here,

    We have already tated that mind is an instrument through which the spirit performs its subjective, worldy functions. For lack of a better term at the time, we called the mind, software. Application software is a more accurate term, which makes the mind just one more media of action.

    Soon, we will show how the spirit-force can perform its inherent functions WITHOUT the aid of mind. Before we get there, it will serve our purpose to move our argument further along the path of reality.

    At each step of the elimination of the media that surround the spirit, its inherent fucntions manifest thems in a highly increasing progression. At some point of elimination of media, the spirit-force becomes free of all encumberances. It then displays itself as the source prime energy, intelligence and bliss.

    If this reasoning is proven to be correct, the inerence is that all the forces of nature are dependent upon the spirit-force for their existence.

    The accuracy of this argument from our lowly, worldly point-of-view can be corroborated by the observation of the processes of germination and developement of animal and vegetable seeds.

    So long as the spirit-force is present, the various forces and the elements of nature act in harmony and are helpful to the growth and sustenance of the body.

    But, the moment the spirit makes its exit, a contrary state supervenes, and the same forces and elements act for disintegration and eventually go back into their old condition.

    If this is true for one little speck of spirit-force, then it must also hold true for what that little speck is a part of, a Universal Source of Spirit, or what many would call a True Supreme Creator.

    Note this has nothing to do with the argument of evolution vs. creationism — a hot topic among minds gone berserk today. Both evolution and creationism are absolutely compatible, and neither would happen with the Universal Source of Spirit — the perfect source of energy. Using one of mankinds many thousands of names for this True Supreme Creator, I will use the most convenient of late, God.

    The entire creation has been brought into the condition of cosmos (moons, planets, universes, expanded dimensions and on and on), by the impact and action of His spiritual currents and the immutable, all-wise laws that have been put in place for the sustenance and economy of the creation.

    Next, we will examine this Supreme Source of Spirit

    Have a good evening in the West.

    Yogi X

  177. We’re still hanging in there with you Yogi. Keep going or Charlie and I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Eventually I want to see where this fits a military person trained to shoot fast and straight.


  178. Yogi here, Beautiful day outside the cave. I had a pleasant wander.

    We have now laid the groundwork for studying the reality of the “spirit-force”, that strange entity that drives us all, from a scientific standpoint.

    By applying the process of elimination of media we used with natural, earthbound and universe natural forces, we should be able to ascertain what happens to spirit-force.

    To do this, we’ll examine the conditions that take place at the time of death, and also during a trance or coma.

    In the case of death, there is a complete eliimination of the physical body, and in the cases of trance or coma, the physical form merely becomes inoperative.

    The ordinary, characteristics of spirit, as observed by us, are intelligence, feelings of pain and pleasure using the body’s sensory mechanism, thoughts and other subjective phenomena and finally, the vital energy that causes other natural forces to be activated and results in the construction of the physical frame — the human body.

    All of these same remarks apply in the case of a human in trance. And, hold on to your hats Mr. Tom says, in the case of spirits without bodies, whatever one wishes to call them. Common names might be guardian angels, ghosts, etc., etc.

    All advanced yogis know and experience that the elimination or cessation of physical limitations frees the spirit to have access to higher powers of senses, foresight, access beyond three dimensions and so on.

    This leads to the irresistable conclusion that contrary to the case of natural forces, the entire functions of the spirit-force remain unaltered by the elimination of the media, or, the human body.

    The object of our argument is merely to show that the elimination of the lower media of spirit (e.g. a physical body) does not produce a change in the spirit-force. On the contrary, the elimination of the physical media adds to the spirit-entity’s potentiality.

    This is one key and critical point in the life of a spiritual yogi — a spiritual warrior. And most certainly, it leads to the next logical step in understanding who and what we are. Like all well-qualified scientific observations, a specific experiment using the human instrument can be repeated endlessly, always resuliting in the same ends.

    Next, we will talk about the relationship of the spirit-entity with the mind.

    Speak with you soon,

    Yogi X. (Yogi the Bare)

  179. Keep going, Yogi X — I can’t believe this stuff is actually interesting. My school(s) or religious institution(s) never taught anything like this. Not even college and I’m a science major. Wow!

    Charlie from California

  180. Yogi X speaking,

    For those steeped in older terminology I will briefly discuss the five elements of the ancients and see how they fit the model of reality we’re developing. Then we will be in a position to move onwards and upwards on the path of the spiritual warrior — if we choose.

    The disintegrated condition of the atom we described above, was the “fire” element of the ancients. Clearly, because of the heat involved.

    The other four elements also were not the crude and rudimentary forms of matter, but were the four other CONDITIONS of matter: solid, liquid, gaseous, and ethereal.

    Thus, the five elements of the ancients actually represent the five conditions of matter in a scientific manner.

    By eliminating the five conditions of matter, as being “earthly” in nature, we are able to isolate and examine that magic “other thinng” called “spirit-force.”

    For my delightful students, that is next

    Yogi X

  181. Yogi here,

    In reply to Mr. Tom Dillman, please note that I am not talking about yoga exerecises. We are getting you the reader to a point where you can understand WHO you really are, and WHAT your real potential is.

    With that, Eastern yogi practices evoleved to supply the body’s need to move in small jungle huts or tiny caves. We are eventually going to get to the importance of this, for a healthy body is a great aid to proper spiritual practice, to being a true spiritual warrior.

    And a spiritual warrior is what you must learn to be, lest you spend the rest of your live(s) experiencing being born and helpless, growth, confusion, decay, pain and death. It is okay with me if you choose the seemingly simpler path of cycle of 8,400,000 species most lifeforms will be stuck in for an eternity. I choose not to, as is my spiritual right.

    talk to you soon, after a light breakfast of one chapati and tea.

    Yogi X — Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare (I walk around dressed, thank you. It’s cold in these Himalayan hills. That too is part of the lower material world).

  182. Yogi X here,

    Let us continue with showing the independence of the spirtit energy and its forces from those of nature surrounding us that scientists like to measure.

    If we analyze all of the forces of nature surrounding us, it is not difficult to show their existing forms vary depending on the media they are acting on.

    Let’s again take up the case of heat. It is a recognized fact that the passage of heat through an ethereal medium hardly affects the temperature of the medium. For example, rays emanating from the sun scarcely heat the space (ether) they travel through, until they hit an object such as earth, or the side of a satelite facing the sun.

    This clearly proves heat is not an ethereal phenomenon, and the particles in the ether (whatever they may be) do not take part in the heat-condition. The inference drawn from this is that the constituents of the heat condition (e.g., earth) are different from those of ether.

    But other forms of matter known to us are affected by heat.

    Our proposed theory is that heat represents the disintegrated particles of matter somewhere between ions and atoms that material objects are constructed of. Whatever disintegrates the atoms, produces the heat phenomenom.

    However, the disintegrating cause MAY NOT be heat itself. Energy in all its aspects can produce such disintegration, and the passage of energy through atomic regions is therefore accompanied by a manifestation of heat.

    For example, electricity, which is highly charged with energy, is void of heat but it produces heat when it manifests itself on the atomic plane — like traveling down wires, or energizing the filaments of a light bulb.

    The bottom line in this case is, if we eliminate the disintegrating condition of matter, the phenomenon of heat is gone. Similar arguments can be made for all forces of nature.

    Conclusion? The various forces of nature are entirely dependent for their existing forms on the media they act through.

    This leads next to a common expression of these facts in everyday, quasi-non-scientific description of the elements of the ancients.

    Talk to you soon.

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare)

    BTW, Infidel, I looked up pizza on my portable electronic gadget called a computer. I don’t think most of that stuff would fit my simple diet. Not if I’m going to live 70 years without eating like that fellow down the jungle cave aways, Prahlad Jani.

  183. Yogi X here (Yogi the Bare to Mr. Tom)

    Following a previous post, I will propose that the spirit-force is not dependent on the physical environment for its existence.

    If a spirit-force is not dependent on the physical environment for its existence, then it would have access to places where access would not be possible by ordinary actions in our recognizable three dimensions.

    Kirlian photography shows the existence of an electrical (astral) body seperate from the physical body. Instances are not wanting , which show that astral spirit bodies apart form the physical bodies enjoy an immunity from heat and cold. This would corroborate the spirit-bodies possess ethereal or astral bodies, for heat has has very little effect on the ethereal frame, as the temperature of ether is said to not be subject to any appreciable variations by the passages of heat rays.

    It is a matter of further observation that the spiritual functions, including the intellectual faculties, are immensely enhanced during conditions of trance, when the physical functions are not working. In such trance conditions, coming events and occurrences taking place at great distances are correctly stated.

    The inference is, that a further liberation of the spirit from the subtler frames (like the astral body) may result in the manifestation of higher functions still, and eventually in the manifestation of the essence of the spirit itself.

    The interim conclusion is that in such a condition, the spirit-entitiy would become a focus and source of pure energy, intelligence and bliss. But, that is leaping ahead just a little bit, ‘setting the table’ as it were, for further examination of the natural forces the worldly minds are so devoted to.

    See you soon,

    Yogi X.

  184. Yogi X here,

    Hi Gemini, I hope you didn’t skin a knee when you stumbled on this page while, what is you be call it? Surfing?

    Where did I learn these things? It is a known fact that since birth the human mind needs a teacher for nearly everything. Many people pretend to be spiritual teachers. It is their injured egos crying out for help, for recognition, for personal aggrandizment. These are not the spiritual teacher(s) you want.

    The true spiritual teacher does not have to be a worldly scientist — though he or she can be. As I will discuss later, the true spiritual teacher wants or needs nothing from you… no money, no personal items, not anything EXCEPT for you to learn about the human condition and for you to be a strong, silent, spiritual warrior who sets the example of human perfection for other souls to recognize.

    The true spiritual teacher will teach you how to live your life honestly and simply, to fulfill your worldly obligations and how to practice personal development so you too can verify personally the things the great mystics are saying. After you meet the special soul, it is up to you to adjust your lifestyle and practice in the way instructed.

    I too, have a great mystic who is teaching me daily, decades after he first welcomed me into his fold. I fail at his instructions daily — I am a mere mortal –but when I fall, I am blessed to stumble and fall towards Him.

    What more can we ask for out of this life? Everything else is transitory, temporary. But the Grat Mystics’ lessons are permanent and not trasitory. The rest of this Creation’s mindless babble flows off our backs like water off a swan.

    That doesn’t mean we don’t have compassion for others. We just recognize they are amongst the blind being led by the blind. We can do no more than set a good example for them. I will proceed on WHY and HOW we must set a good example for the lost.

    Thank you Gemini,

    Yogi X

  185. Yogi, I stumbled into this page randomly surfing the internet and am fascinated with all of these concepts. Where did you learn these things?

  186. Yogi X speaking,

    I am sorry I won’t be able to continue for a small number of earthly hours (no, I didnn’t find pizza). But I will get back to the subject at hand as soon as I deal with issues caused by wayward minds.

    Yogi the Bare, i.e. Yogi X

  187. Yogi X here,

    Let’s examine if the spirit-force is nothing but the result of a combination of the other forces of nature. That false conclusion would be extremely satisfying to the biocentrist scientists of the world.

    From a theoretical point of view, concluding the spirit-force is a result of some combination of the nature forces is inconsistent with any or all o fthose natural forces.

    A whole has to be a sum of its parts. There is not a single natural force in this universe that can manifest itself in various recognizable forms without some substratum of that force existing in the creation.

    For example, let’s assume a candle is lit and bursts into flame. If one were to look at combustion alonewhich produces the flame, the inference would be that combustion alone, independent of everything, is the cause of the flame. But such is not the case.

    It is the specific heat of the constituents of combustion that is manifesting itself. This speciic heat is the substratum withou which manifestation of heat is is possible, and the same remarks apply to all the other forces of nature.

    Applying the analogy to the spirit-force, the inference is that there is a substratum and reservoir or source of the spiritforce in creation.

    Argumantation by analogy is not always conclusive, and concrete facts should thereforew be sought in any scientific research. We shall proceed to do this on our path of spiritual science. That is our next step.

    Hang in there, brother Infidel and friends.

    Yogi X (the Bare facts)

  188. Ah, Mr. Gary Singh. I like it when reality is called a farce. It says you are making progress. I will be back later. I’m to be looking in nearest village through jungle for a — watch you call it? — yes, a delivery boy. Since nearest large city be 100s of Kilometers away, don’t be thinking Catholic pizza be around anytime soon.

    Please by the way, recognize I am be called Hi Tech Yogi. Besides computer, I be having sunlight catching batteries and no-wire computer, along with three wheel motorcycle parked in cave out of weather. Just no Catholic pizza.

    Yogi X (the Bare)

  189. Hey Infidel — good point. However, first you must recognize that pizza is a Roman Catholic invention (I think) and second, there are no delivery boys in the higher foothills of the lower Himalayas — far beyond the British Hill Station towns.

    But hang in there with Yogi the Bare. Your farce will turn into a force! And not a force from a bean=-laden pizza! 🙂

    Sorry Yogi, I didn’t mean to interrupt — oh yes I did.


  190. Yogi, I have to question the spiritual claims of someone who doesn’t even know what pizza is.

    May the farce be with you,

  191. Yogi X here,

    Speaking of the relationship between the physical body and the astral body, we shall see later that the mundane predilections, prejudices and desires of the astral body are the same causes that drive the spiritual entitiy to descend into the physical world and assume the physical frame.

    Unless these causes are eradicated, and communion is establishe with higher spiritual sources, the association with mind and matter will continue and the spirit will remain subject to mundane pains and pleasures.

    The above propositions bring us to the point that this thing called “spirit entity” exists with or without a physical body and that spirit entity remains subject to pleasure and pain similar to ours, and that the spirit entity is not dissipated after death. At this stage, as we shall soon see, time is not rebooted and does not go negative. It keeps grinding forward.

    To substantiate the above argument, we shall examine the distinction between the spirit-force and the forces of nature surrounding us.

    See you soon, it is time to meditate.

    Yogi X (Mr. Tom’s and Infidel’s Yogi the Bare)

  192. Yogi X (formerly Yogi the Bare) here from Northeastern India,

    I have heard many hopeful arguments that the mind and the spirit are one and the same. That is foolish. As stated above, the spirit-force emanating from this thing called spirit activates everything in the creations from the mind down to our physical world… and below (more about that later).

    Here I will make what appears at first to be a controversial statement. It appears that after the spirit quits the physical framee (i.e., the body dies), it is not lost or dissapated. It assumes other conditions.

    The importance of these conditions, if they exist, is supreme in a scientific study of the essence and laws of the spirit-force. The study of these conditions would contribute in no small doubt to an advance in the study of the spirit-force.

    The first condition, after seperation of the spirit from the physical frame is the assumption on a subtle form known and discussed sometime earlier by Mr. Dillman as the astral body. If we rely on centuries of investigationa and observations by serious researchers, the existence of astral forms is a given. For all advanced Yogis and spiritual yogi practitioners—which anyone can be if they wish to learn–the astral form is a given. For the moment, suspend disbelief and follow the logical arguments.

    The aspirations, desires and actual form of the astral body is more-or-less akin to that of the physical body. The shape and color of the astral form resembles the original physical form. If this is all true, then the spirit entity will not have abandoned the astral form when the physical form dies. The spirit form still has a mental association with the astral form.

    We will explore that next.

    Yogi X.

  193. Hello again, Yogi here.

    Many people, at least the ones who try to think about it, believe the mind and the spirit are one and the same. Certainly, their minds prefer that security.

    There is absolutely no truth to the concept of mind and spirit being the same. Yes, the instrument of thinking is the mind. To simplify things, if we put it in today’s modern computer terms, the hardware is the physical brain, the mind and its thinking process is the software and the energy that powers the computer system that allows the software to run, is the spirit-force.

    Just like the body’s senses, the mind (software) becomes inoperative when the spirit currents are withdrawn. The body’s spirit currents are withdrawn from the mental plane for example, in states of deep slumber or coma.

    The spirit-force entity should therefore, NEVER be confounded with the mind. The spirit-force entity is the focus of vital energy which sends forth currents to the mental and physical planes.

    Let us next explore a bit more of the spirit-force entity.

    Yours very truly, Mr. Tom,

    Yogi X. (formerly, your Yogi of the Bare)

  194. Yogi the Bare, here.

    The next logical step in the science of spirituality, the science of what lifeforms are bout is to define the spirit-force and its laws of operation.

    This thing wa call the spirit-force is that energy or vital force that imparts vitality into all animal and vegetable existence. When it is injected–we’ll talk about how, later–development takes place. Seedlings are activated. Fertilized eggs are activated. Life comes into being.

    On the other hand, if the vital force’s action decreases or stops in a given lifeform or part of a lifeform, that part either dies or whithers to an inoperative state.

    All the functions and actions of a vitally living lifeform are the result of the association of this thing called “spirit-force” with mind and matter. though mind and matter are dependent on the spirit-force, nothing observed or measured implies the opposite. The spirit-force is independent of mind and matter. Nothing can give what it doesn’t have. the spirit-force gives everything. It is the source of life, it appears. Next, it is logical that we shall make an inquiry into this subject.

    Yogi X, alias Yogi the Bare (As insignificant as I am, I still prefer Yogi X to Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare — though I shall use both)

  195. Yogi the Bare here,

    Since nobody will explain what pizza is, I’ll just assume it’s just another American or European fantasy and continue with Mr. Tom’s business he asked me about– you know, pain and pleasure.

    From the two human conditions of pain and pleasure, it is clear that a state of supreme bliss, a state completely independent of the vicissitudes of pain and pleasure in the realms of time, is possible in circumstances entirely void of mental and physical associations.

    This state of bliss consists of the same essence as the heretofore, unexplained spirit-force.

    Now, to determine if such a state of perfect bliss exists, and is at all possible, and for finding out the necessary means for attaining state while alive in the human body, then we must study the nature and essence of spirit-force and define its laws of operation. That is coming up next.

    Y the B.

  196. Yogi here in the lower Himalayas —

    What is pizza? I’ve heard of American lingo called “piece of”. Is it the same thing?

    Yogi the Bare

  197. Thank god we still have “colorized” movie reruns on TV huh? Are you confused over the sexy women or lousy pizza? Man, in those drive-ins I never paid attention to the pizza.


  198. Cleopatra. Liz Taylor. She was so hot! I feel like I’m being dragged back in time to the drive in movies. Now that was a pleasure. The pizza always sucked though. Oh my, is this yin and yank – sexy women, lousy pizza? I’m confused again.

    Y beer,

  199. Be patient. Just because there are +- polarity events, doesn’t mean time reverses, reboots or you might wake up one day as George Washington or Cleopatra (we always pick stars, don’t we?)


  200. Good point, T.G. I (and probably Physics and Infidel) want to see where this is going. Got a hint?

  201. Yogi — the problem I see is that to this point, pain and pleasure almost confirm what Lanza and the biocentrists are claiming, other than the rebooting.


  202. Yogi here,

    As pleasure appears to be a condition opposite of pain, it would logically follow that instead of the forcible ejectment of the sensory current that takes place in pain, pleasure should be a concentration of sensory currents.

    This is exactly what happens. Think of when your back is scratched. Where does your pleasurable attention concentrate?

    Mystics like to use enrapturing music as another common example. In extreme cases, enrapturing music can produce an ecstatic state from the concentration. If the music however is interrupted by a powerful message of an injury to loved one, the conflict of emotional states can cause the same music to be irritating, almost painful until the family issue is resolved.

    Another simple example would be a small child, unencumbered by the world’s complexities, who is enraptured when its attention is focused on an outside event. The pure joy and pleasure is obvious in the child’s face as its attention focuses, concentrates.

    Pleasure would imply that it is a function of various aspects of concentration of attention, giving rise to physical and mental happiness. We still have “that something” to deal with.

    The definition of pleasure, as derived from these simple observations and countless others, clearly defines pleasure as: The concentration of an entity’s sensory currents in a physical or mental plane.

    The analysis of pain and pleasure suggests there is a “that something” that sends or receives sensory currents. It is sufficient to say at this juncture that “that something” is a force, and sensory currents are outgoing and incoming rays of that force; mystics call that force a spirit-force and it is the association of the currents from that spirit-force with matter and mind that makes the entire phenomena of pleasure and pain in this world take place. We will discuss this important concept of life next.

    Y the B

  203. Yogi the Bare, here.

    I was just discussing pleasure when Mr. Tom had an unfortunate thunderstorm hit his area causing a power blip exceeding his — what do they call it in the West? — oh yes, backup power supply capacity.

    So, I’ll start over again in a couple minutes, when he’s ready. Sorry.

    Yogi the Bare

  204. Yogi the Bare here,

    Combining physical and mental pain.

    The conduction of sensory action in the case of physical pain is the nervous system, while in the case of mental pain, due to shocks to associations, the communion is entirely by means of thoughts. This is an important step to understand.

    In today’s modern world, we can think of it as a hardwired Internet versus or in addition to going “wireless” on the Internet. Yes, we yogis understand the simple concepts of internet communications. After all, we invented it long before poodle-dog Mr. Gore tried to take claim for the invention (yes, yogis can have humor also. Why not? This lowly, worldly part of the creation is such a mess).

    When there is a mental shock, or physical injury, sometimes both at the same time, there is always a feeling of non-fullfillment of something wished for or cherished, a separation from an object(s) one was attached to. In these conditions, a forcible severance or shock occurs to the association; and the attention, diverted from how it is used to acting, reacts upon the mental plane and produces the mental phenomena we know as pain.

    The main factor in the pehenomena of physical and mental pain is the forcible ejection of attention. This leads to the inevitable conclusion that:

    The perception of the forcible ejectment of it sensory currents from the physical or mental planes that they are occupying constiutes the phenomenon we call and experience as pain.

    To balance pain, we next consider next a more enjoyable spiritual phenomenon called pleasure.

    May pleasure reside with you as much as possible,

    Y the B.

  205. What part of this great American Experiment do you live in Infidel? Just the general area, not specific. We don’t want the Infidel haters after you!


  206. Welcome, Yogi the Bare here,

    Mr. Tom? Can you fix my name? One of my disciples explained to me what she thinks you really mean. I’ll consult with you on our private link about this. I mean, really, I wear saffron robes — okay, make that cotton — everyday. Yogi X.

    Meanwhile, back to our next important link as you Westerners like to say, “in connecting the dots” — mental pain.

    Mr. Tom, since the website you are communicating with is Veterans Today, that means we have a number of readers who ARE suffering from mental anguish, mental pain that in today’s modern science is called, PTSD, TBI, paranoia, depression, etc. Hey, we yogis know what’s going on, even if we are silent about worldly crap (is that the right word Mr. Tom?).

    Mental pain is a condition produced by shocks to mental associations. In all these associations, the sensory current takes as great a part in the perception of mental pain as it does in the case of physical pain.

    As stated above, the sensory current manifests itself, and acts, by attention.

    It might be mentioned here, that even in dreams, where the scenes are changing rapidly, it is the diversion of attention to the various subjective impressions that brings about these transmutations. This is why many PTSD patients have difficult times sleeping, even with medications. The subtle mental anticipation of conflicted, stored or radically reassembled activates states of fear in the victims.

    In some cases, external sounds or events produce a sudden diversion and new and sometimes terrifying features are introduced that change the state and mix of the perceptions. These diversions can be external, or equally, internally stored old perceptions (like being in combat years earlier). Any PTSD survivor experience this? I already know the answer is yes — it is a rhetorical question.

    If a careful analysis of all conditions be made, the great importance of attention in all subjective events will be established beyond a doubt. This seems to agree with biocentrism conclusions, except biocentrism is sucha a small piece of the total puzzle as we will eventually see.

    Next, we will combine the effects of physical and mental pain and draw the appropriate scientific conclusions.

    Y the B.

  207. Welcome Infidel. You seem like a soul with a great sense of humor. That’s necessary to follow Mr. Tom’s path of the spiritual warrior. Welcome aboard,

    Yogi X, alias, Mr. Tom’s Yogi the Bare.

  208. Hi Infidel — Another tall, cold one is needed. When Yogi the Bare gets on a roll, there is little stopping him until his next meditation period. I know this from experiencing the dude–if dude is appropriate for a guy wearing a turban. I’m along for the ride, so hang on!


  209. Yogi the Bare here,

    The first body sensory current phenomena we will examine is that associated with pain.

    Pain is of two mjor classes, physical and mental. Since it is easiest to understand mechanically, we’ll start with physical pain.

    When a person receives a physical injury from a fall, a bullet wound or a explosive device, the part injured is contused or severed. The nerves occupying the injured area are the conductors of the sensory current, and when they are damaged and/or severed, the sensory current is forcibly ejected from damaged area.

    The transmission of the injured area condition is sent back to the entity’s brain by unaffected sensory currents adjoining part injured. This produces the sensation known as physcial pain.

    If by the means of hypnosis (self or otherwise) or medications the sensory action of the adjoining unaffected by injury nerves can be halted, there is a complete withdrawal of attention from the wounded area. The injury will no longer be communicated to the brain, and therefore will not be percieved.

    The injury is still there, it is just not perceived and felt because the sensory currents are blocked and the attention is diverted.

    Does the injury still exist? Yes. Does it need to be treated? Yes. If not treated, can it be life threatening? Most probably. Can the injury have long term effects, far beyond, in fact years beyond the initial healing process? In many cases, depending on the location of the injury and damaged sensory nerves, absolutely.

    This brings us to our next important subject — mental pain — as the process of spiritual science continues.

    Y the B

  210. Yogi the Bare, here.

    To examine the “sensory current” let’s start with a simple example that will show its true nature. By exposing its true nature, we can begin to remove some of the vagueness that surrounds this everyday experience.

    A person who gets deeply engrossed in solving an intricate problem, perhaps mathematical, perhaps artistic, perhaps writing, perhaps developing a new recipe, whatever it may be, the person will find that literally hours go by where the time is essentially ‘lost’. During our engrossment period, we literally become non-cognizant of time. It has happened to all of us. It is part and parcel of the human condition. The cause of this non-cognizance can be readily stated and understood.

    The “attention”, by its engrossment in the solution of the problem, was diverted from all side-issues, including sensory perception, and this resulted in the cessation of other perceptions which under ordinary circumstances would have profound subjective effects.

    The fundamental law of sensory action would appear to be that it manifests itself in the form of ‘attention’. The sensory current’s strength varies directly as the intensity of the attention. The sensory current disappears entirely when there is a complete diversion of attention.

    There are enormous shades and degrees of attention, which means the intensity of perceptions varies accordingly.

    There are two great classes of attention, pleasure and pain, into which all perceptions ,ay be broadly divided. As you will see, understanding the concept of attention, will bypass all but the smallest, least significant arguments of biocentrism and endphysics. NOt that they are totally wrong, but that those concepts are entirely self-limiting.

    With that said, we will move on to the greater reality possibilities in all of us. We will start with pain, then move on to pleasure.

    Warmest sincerity,

    Y the B.

  211. Yogi the Bare, here.

    It is a matter of everyday experience of pleasure and pain are felt only when the body is in a normal condition of wakefulness..

    The moment a body passes into dream, deep slumber, trance or a similar condition that can also be brought on by medications or inebriation, there is no perception of pleasure or pain.

    It is therefore clear that the main factor in the perception of “pleasure or pain” is “that something” which recedes or becomes inoperative when a body transmutes from a condition of wakefulness to that mentioned above (slumber, trance, inebriation, etc.

    Thus, analyzing “that something” is the first step in the study of the religious concepts of pleasure and pain. “That something” is called a “sensory current” in the world of physical chemistry and medicine.

    Next, we’ll beging the analysis of the “sensory current”. You all should be pleased at where this is leading.

    Y the B.

  212. Yogi the Bare, here.

    Though the ultimate goal of current religions is to rake in their followers loot, the original message(s) of the great mystics was the acquisition of supreme bliss and the elimination of pain.

    To understand how the great mystics plan to help we tiny souls in this endeavor, we have to understand the very nature of pleasure and pain. Once we have a grasp of this, the next goal will be to see how and if we can adapt these bodies of ours to achieve a painless and blissful existence.

    Hold on to your picanick baskets, the journey is about to begin.

    Yogi the Bare

  213. Hey Infidel, it’s good to hear your keyboard rattle. I have an incoming from Yogi (reminds me of my First Cav days). Yogi the Bare types really slow. I think his weird writing says he’ll enjoy your pickanick basket with you when it’s uncovered under BP Gulf oil. These advanced Yogis seem to know everything.


  214. For Bud, Infidel and other seekers,

    The Life of the Holy Person — Why practice rigorous lifestyles?

    1. The “Holy Person”, male or female, is a unique individual who is trying to transcend this world of uncertainty, this world of impermanence. The Holy Person is seeking PERMANENT bliss and happiness — a condition absolutely absent in this world — by design.

    2. The desire to experience pleasure and avoid pain is the primary motivation of all life in this part of the creation where we reside.

    3. The terms ‘pleasure’ and ‘pain’ though subjective in individuals, are used by yogis in there most comprehensive sense, including ones self and the impact on others.

    4. The main object of religions is to relieve pain and opposition to ones ideas. This, they can be good at, but not all inclusive. Religions can be an important stepping stone, but from a yogi’s point of view, not all inclusive. Religions cannot stop the final and all inclusive pain of death. Ask any devout person in the final throes of certain cancers, for example.

    5. The second primary object of religions is to offer a pathway, a hope, for permanent pleasure. It is a false hope, but even false hopes can bring temporary (albeit weak) pleasure.

    6. To examine how we can permanently ELIMINATE pain and intemperate pleasure, we must examine the human body from the spiritual scientists standpoint — the yogis, yogishwars, and mahatmas point of view.
    For those of you who are interested, I will take this discussion to levels that Mr. Tom Dillman was unwilling to do. I will channel them from the Himalayas through his Internet connection for his approval and editing to fit the Western culture.

    Since hundreds and thousands of people everyday have connected with him, this is more than appropriate. And much easier than trekking to the enchanting wilderness where I live.

    I will use my name Yogi the Bare to protect my privacy. Mr. Tom says that name has more than a little significance in the West. With humor, I agreed.

    Have a warmest spiritual adventure,

    Yogi the Bare.

  215. Yogi the Bare here. Bud, I’ll respond to you in a bit. I’m caught up in a TV marathon for a bit more. Yep, some yogis like TV also. It’s fun to out maneuver the minds making up the mindless scenarios.

    Y the B

  216. Good answer, Bud. Seems like you’re on the right track. We’ll see if we can get Yogi the Bare to respond to you.


  217. And so, Yogi the Bare, how does all this affect us little peons residing in this instant in time?


  218. Actually, what is done is done but it happens again and again as time and space intertwine. And remember that the first is the last and the last is the first, ad infinitum.

    So don’t be disappointed. We’ll all be continuously in this “merry-go-round”. It’s been going around forever and we mistakenly think because of temporal references that there’s a start and a finish.

  219. Anger aside, in these lower creations time either rolls forward, or after eons, grinds to a halt. After an interminable reset, it rolls on again, with a whole new set of parameters to create massive, fresh karmic dimensions.

    Yogi the Bare

  220. Hopefully VT’s new, expanded server capability and capacity will make for an even more pleasant internet experience for all of you.

    Thanks again — Tom First Cav Vet

  221. For better or worse, Hurricane Alex cruised on, leaving us nothing but wet. Our plentiful trees and flowers loved it. This weekend (a long one) I’m going to try and summarize my position—the real situation we’re caught in—vis’ a vis’ Dr. Lanza, Dr. Kahn and endphysics, etc. Thank you all for you 150-500 user hits everyday, with a high of 15,000, watching us play with our minds in this lower creation. Make comments if you please — I’ll try to answer them intelligently.

    A friend to you all — Tom

  222. Clearly the VA delivered Dillman’s meds on time! It’s hell to be a Vet or Vet wannabe (i.e., politicians) or a Vet don’t wannabe (other politicians).

    Semper Fi and Gary Owen == T.G.

  223. I heard that FEMA was going to force abandonment of Houston / Galveston / Beaumont if Hurricane Alex turns any further northward. Of course, this will save the Tampa Bay scam in the short term.

    Hi ho, the oil will blow, bring the loot BP!

    🙂 T.

  224. Hey Gals and Guys, I have to take a day or so off. Hurricane Alex is sneaking a little bit closer. All you “time reversers” should halt that thing right out there in the Gulf pond. 🙂


  225. Come on, Infidel. Of course Bush toots. He LOVES Tex-Mex restaurants. He has also been known to like his amber drinks on occasion–which of course, makes him burp.

    The rear is the end.

    Charlie from California

  226. Come on now Charlie, the infallible Bush would never fart, that woud be so beneath him.

    I did not read Duff’s post yet, but I certainly will. I appreciate the work he is doing.

    And Mr. Grunt Sir, god watching fools smite each other, wouldn’t that be smite porn? Just wondering.

    The end is Rear,

  227. GW => “I don’t know why god can’t do his own smiting, but whatever.”

    TG => He could, but your god is having more fun watching “fools smite each other”.

    Happy smite dodging.


  228. Gary, Gary, Gary…. my good Infidel. Bush didn’t need to lie. He could fart and the fools on the left would say he burped. You know what I mean? I know you do. BTW, read Duff’s post today about Jewish Al Quaeda fools — and watch the video. Great stuff! You’re a smart guy Infidel. Why do you think this is happening?

    Salaam, et. al.

    Charlie from California

  229. Yo Charlie,

    Bush didn’t lie? The only time he ever told the truth was when he said that, “We hit the trifecta” shortly after 9/11.

    Of course, he may have been telling the truth when he said that god wanted him to run for president and when god told him to smite Saddam. I don’t know why god can’t do his own smiting, but whatever.

  230. One last thing before I retire for the night. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for time to reverse, to go negative. Under specific conditions, time can reset to zero. But what is done, is done. The only option is to go beyond time. That is very possible.

    Night all.


  231. Infidel — you have been monitored by the moderation Gods. Enjoy a peek into the internet future. The Gov is going to pay people $80-90K dollars per year to make sure you say the right (or left) thing.


  232. What’s that wonderful old song? Onward Christian soldiers? Make war, not love, Infidel!


  233. Call me Charlie, Infidel. I agree with you, but the bully Libs took over the Democrats, turning them into DemoRats.

    Now, I have admit I enjoyed weird S.F. when I was a young pup. But, do as I say, not as I did or do. I learned that from O’Bummer. One thing about your “Busholini” he didn’t lie. He said what he was going to do and did it. I didn’t always like it, but I admired it.

    Like Bush said when he swept the electoral college in 2000, tromping fool around on his wife, Gore, “The game is electoral votes. If the game was raw votes, I’d have campaigned in Texas and surrounding states and run up the score.”

    I liked that kick-ass comment.

    Charlie in California

  234. Peace be unto all of us, even if we have to whip some serious butt to get there! Do you honestly think all of the other universes, and regions are peaceful? Not within the regions of the mind and below, folks.

    There, that sounds mystical, huh?


  235. Gentlemen, start your engines.

    Charles, if by bully liberals, you mean the DemoRats, then I agree. But the party is not liberal. In 2006 we liberals kicked conservative ass right out of Dodge. The DemoRats were given control of Congress. They then proceeded to stiff the voters. Not only did they not impeach Busholini (as was promised by John Conyers) but they slothfully gave Bush more than he even asked for, to keep the world safe for war profiteers.

    Draft beer not students,

  236. Gentlemen, start your engines.

    Charles, if by liberals you mean the DemoRats, I concur. But the party is not liberal. The DemoRats could have ended the Iraq fiasco in 2006 when the voters kicked conservative ass and gave them control of congress. They then proceeded to stab the voters in the back and give Busholini more than he even asked for, including retroactive immunity for violating the 4th amendment, and on and on.

    Feelin groovy,

  237. Yo Yo Infidel — It’s great to feel 40 years younger, eh? We Vets need to kick some serious ass to keep the old heart a pumpin’. We’re doin’ that this fall.

    🙂 T.G.

  238. Yi Infidel — I do feel better this morning. Not nearly as grouchy. I could blame it on PTSD, but that’s Dillman’s and Duffster’s schtick, broght on by their old travails of being ordered to “make war” not love.

    On the other hand, thinking a little more clearly today, it’s the bully liberals who want to make war, not love. Soem of us Vets say, “bring it on”! Guess who’ll win?

    Grumble, grumble, Charlie in California.

  239. No problem, I. Nobody has to search and nobody has to find. It is your choice when and if the time is right. Now, what if I told you there is an infinite supply of amber liquid for you to dip your straw in? 🙂

    Over and out.


  240. Greetings Charlie,

    Cycle of 84? Is that 1984, I don’t understand.

    How does liberalism punish anyone who doesn’t think like they do? That seems like conservatism to me.


  241. Yo Tom,

    Thanks for your insights. But, I am not so sure I want eternal bliss and happiness. It might become a bore after a while. What is happines without sadness? I wonder.

    In any event, I am not going to torment myself about things “that may indeed be, but of which I have no evidence.”

    “One world at a time.”

  242. Uh Infidel, Free will is a MUCH older concept than ANY of the existent religions, including Judaism. The truth is, we’ve been around the Cycle of 84
    so many times, we’ve long lost the essence of free will.

    Now as far as the Christians using “free will” as an excuse to punish people, how about expanding that to ALL mainstream religions and most sidecreek religions (like, say, liberalism) using the same concept to punish anyone who doesn’t think like they pretend to do.

    Charlie in California

  243. Thank you Gary, I enjoyed your quote.

    As great a worldly thinker as my great, great,… grandfather was, he did not have, and was not ready at the time to have a perfect guide enter his life. But you can tell from his writings and our family lore that he was DISGUSTED with the world, was not buying into any religious dogma, and was beginning the struggle for the serious search for escape. Without a perfect guide, he absolutely would have fallen into religions’ fathomless abyss of dreams and phantasms.

    My whole family has been this pragmatic for all of our spoken and written history. When the problems become too unfathomable, members like my great, great uncle U.S. Grant turned to the bottle with gusto. For whatever the reasons — I’m sure it has nothing to do with character traits — I found, or It found me, what my whole family has struggled to find for generations.


  244. Dr. Kahn uses a treatise on a physics hypothesis to justify his website’s conclusions. That’s not a bad plan.

    The Spanish physicists conclude that time itself could cease to be in billions of years and everything will grind to a halt. This is concurrence with Great Mystics.

    The physicists base much of this on the measurable expansion of the universe as we see it, although they say that the acceleration of the expansion is an illusion.

    Scientists look for exploding stars of certain types (supernovae) to provide a benchmark to work agains. However, the accuracy of their calculations depends on time remaining invariable thhrought the visible universe.

    They base their conclusions on one particular variant of superstring theory, a theory of everything, in which our universe is confined to the surface of a membrane floating in a higher dimensional space, known as the ‘bulk’.

    They see this membrane, this universe, contracting at some point in time. Think of the membrane as a rubber band stretching outward to its limits of expansion. When the limit of stress is reached, the rubberband will automatically contract until it snaps back into a relaxed, immobile state. At some point in time, a new energy source can start the rubber band expanding again.

    This lower universe is like a pile of rubber bands, a pile of membranes. I would hypothesize (though I don’t really care) that all of these rubberband membranes could or would be expanding or contracting at independent rates. Sometimes they collide, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they spin free, sometimes they collapse. And there are universes beyond universes — incalculable numbers each with billions of stars and planetary systems, some compatible, many at odds. It is mind boggling.
    And explorable using the human body as an instrument.

    The point is, we as souls are caught in an incalculable mess. We can choose to ride in the circus of temporary pain, pleasure and suffering forever, or we can begin searching for the one way out. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the one way out has nothing to do with the misunderstandings of the world’s great and small religions. The mystics or thinkers whom the religions were founded after may have some ideas, but their followers are generally the blind leading the blind.

    If you wish to escape to eternal bliss and happiness, you can. But if you either don’t care, or want to get caught in this never ending cycle of life and death, life and death… in any one of the 8,400,000 species, that is your choice. I personally have chosen NOT to play that game anymore.

    Best of luck on your journey. T.

  245. The last Quranic quote I’m going to use from the endphysics website concerning the loss of free will:

    Q Ch 82 Verse 19: A day (judgement day) when no soul has power at all over any other soul, the absolute command on that day is God’s

    Tom: We all like to believe we have free will. It makes us feel more comfortable, more in control of our destinies. But what does the Bible say? Every hair on your head is numbered? We have been trapped in this creation — this world of action and reaction– for so long that the majority of of free will we have left is in our attitudes. Then, with the proper practice under the guidance of a powerful mystic who has traveled the path of light and sound beyond the influence of the mind, we can slowly but surely eliminate all debts, ever incurred. We can become karmaless. It is only when we are karmaless that we can escape this creation.

    On to measurable physics.


  246. Q Ch 45 Verse 28: And you will see each nation humbled, each nation called to its record. And it will be said to them: this day you are repaid for what you used to do.

    TD: For every action in these creations of the mind and below, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This law of karma goes beyond the national level, down into the very lives of every soul. What is the answer? Think carefully before you act or react. Be free with your honest, heartfelt forgiveness. Finally, begin to dwell on how to find the path of the spiritual warrior to escape forever this world of action and reaction, this world of pay and payback.


  247. Thank goodness we are getting closer4 to done, folks. Just a couple more quotes from Dr. Kahn’s translation of the Quran and then I’ll address the physicists he relies on heavily. Then have at me, if you wish.


  248. Q Ch 27 Verse 75: And there is nothing in the heavens, or the earth, but it is a clear record.

    TD: There will come a time in these lower creations (the creations of the universal mind and below) when the “scroll of this time has been rolled up” when the records of all may very well be cleared. The mystics say each soul who is “trapped in the scroll of time” will go into a deep sleep until it is time for the next creation to formed and the play to continue.


  249. Q Ch 45 Verse 29 This book pronounces you with truth. We have caused (all – Kahn) you did to be recorded.

    TD: This agrees with all great mystics. Every action we take in this life, whether physical or mental, is recorded. Every action is involved with debts. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. We are never free until all debts–all actions and reactions–are balanced to zero.


  250. Q Ch 21 Verse 104: The day (Dr. Kahn inserts Judgement day) whe we shall roll up the heavens as a recorder rolls up a written scroll. As we began the first creation, we shall repeat it.

    TD: Most great mystics have said the same thing or something very similar down through man’s oral history. I shall say more about this when I address the referenced physics. I will say, this quote does NOT represent or imply time reversal. It does say, however, that time as we know it will end millions or billioons of years down the road. And then it will restart afresh. There are some very practical reasons for this.


  251. Q Ch 40 Verse 47: The creation of the heavens and earth is definitely a greater thing tan the creation of mankind, however, most of mankind knows not.

    TD: The creation of the heavens and earth is a wonderful thing, no doubt, but creation of mankind is much more magical. Most of mankind has no idea of their greatness, their image of the Lord Himself that resides within. Without souls, the children of God, the creation is dead, empty. Even the soul that resides in the lowliest, living creature is greater than the creation of the heavens and earth. Any spiritual warrior can determine this if they are willing to work in the appropriate and correct manner.


  252. Q Ch 41 Verse 53: We shall show them our signs on the horizon amd within themselves until it will become apparent to them that this is the truth.

    Dr. Kahn: The Quranic verses appear to describe a catastrophic evemt which will effect the whole universe.

    TD: Unless I’m missing something major, how can endphysics draw any meaningful conclusions, considering physical or hypothetical reality from verse 53. The only part that alludes to mysticism is “within themselves” for it is within ourselves that we must explore and the travel the path of true reality. Other than that, it is a total disconnect — another human belief system rather than reality based on hard physics and math.


  253. Controlling the human body’s chakra energy windows is more probable than waiting for negative gravity or reversing time. I still enjoyed your website. Great colors.


  254. Q Ch35, Verse 9: “It is God who sends the winds and they raise a cloud, then leads it to a dead land and revives the earth after its death”

    Dr. Kahn says: In the above verse the resurrection is compared to physical processes which are based on laws of nature like the growth of plants…

    TD: As a science man, I find Kahn’s conclusion a total disconnect. We water a garden and it grows. This is the same as resurrection? I mean, is the land really dead? Or is there a seed waiting for water to arrive to germinate. In a way, that is the resurrection and nourishment of the plant seed. But if the plant was really dead, it matters NOT how much water falls on it. It would just rot and decompose more. The same with the human body. When it is really dead, “the silver cord lifeline” is severed. It is equivalent to a dead plant. All the time and gravity in the creation isn’t making those dead bodies come back to life.

    Could there be a later resurrection? I assume God can do anything. But is this proof? I don’t think so.


  255. Infidel: “Although I don’t know what a great mystic might be, …. ”

    Tom: Before I continue with Dr. Kahn, I will give you a partial list of Great Mystics. These are powerful souls who have conquered the physical, astral and universal bodies and all the associated, self-limiting minds. To be a Great Mystic, one has to have NO karmic attachment to the lower three creations (the physical universe, the astral universe and the causal universe of the universal mind.

    These rare and exceptional beings come into this creation to retrieve souls; to extract souls and return them to the souls’ True Home far beyond the limitations of the mind. Although this is not an exclusive list, some of the great karmalless msytic souls have been: Kabir, Seth Dayal Swami Ji, Sawan Singh (The Great Master), Sarmad, Rumi, Guru Nanak, Dadu, the originator of the Tao, Mansur, Tabriz, Tulsi Sahib, Bulleh Shah, Sultan Bahu, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc, etc.

    There are more to add to the list, but you get the gist. All of the great mystics have taught the same message — the message of how to free yourself from the bondage of all creations below the Home of the pure soul — the very creations that are caught up in the weird concept of time.

    BTW, It is said there is always AT LEAST ONE mystic giant on this planet earth or mankind would rip themselves to pieces (my expression). Even with this powerful spiritual influence, mankind does a pretty good job of avoiding the Mystic’s message of self-perfection. When Duffster and Jeff G went to Pakistan this past January, unbeknownst to them, they were within a couple hundred miles of this great soul.

    The obvious question is why do so many of these great souls seem to exist in and around the Indian sub-continent, the Hindu-Kush, Himalayan area? The answer is simple. That culture permits these great beings to reside undisturbed, to go about whatever their business is at the pace the great souls find advantageous for their sole goal in this lower creation.

    But, let’s get back to Dr. Kahn and his endphysics website.


  256. Also, and this is my personal favorit Mohamadism, the big guy entered the house of his adopted son zaid and saw Zaid’s wife in seminudeness, and was aroused. Zaid offered to divorce his wife but Mohammed said to keep her. Then out of the sky came an e-mail from Allah himself. Allah told Mohammed to take the woman and not to worry about what the public thinks. Sweet. Sura 33:36-40


  257. Although I don’t know what a great mystic might be, it appears to me that Mohammed was nothing but a charismatic war lord. One of the first things he did after consolidating power was to chop off the heads of 800 of his former neighbors. This was the Jewish tribe of Banu Quraiza. Then he took for himself the beautiful Rihana whose husband and all male relatives were just murdered.


  258. Let me just suggest, that when we are dealing with the limitations of the human mind trying to put the consistent sayings of the great mystics in a sensible perspective; and we rely on other limited minds to give us this perspective, we are truly dealing with the blind leading the blind.

    That doesn’t mean we should give up and quit exploring for our human potential. It means we should be careful where we get our data, and how we apply it.

    Tom. Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician; practicing mystic.

  259. Thomas Jefferson:
    “To talk of immaterial existences is to talk of nothings. To say that the human soul, angels, god, are immaterial, is to say they are nothings, or that there is no god, no angels, no soul. I cannt reason otherwise … without plunging into the fathomless abyss of dreams and phantasms. I am satisfied, and sufficiently occupied with the things which are, without tormenting or troubling myself about those which may indeed be, but of which I have no evidence.” – letter to John Adams 1820

  260. From Dr. Khan’s English translation of the Quran:

    Q Ch 22, Verse 7: The hour will come, there is no doubt, and God will raise those who are in graves.

    Tom’s comments: If we change the english translation of the word “graves” to those who have “passed” i.e. physically died, the meaning is consistent with the message The Prophet and other Great Mystics have attempted to put into the limited language of simple humans.


  261. From Dr. Khan’s English translation of the Quran:

    Q Ch 75 Verses 3,4: Man thinks that we shall not assemble bones, yes truly! We are able to restore his very fingers.

    Tom’s comments: Again, from personal training and experience and the sayings of all Great Mystics, I believe the Prophet is talking about the assent into the astral world(s). The astral body is a perfect replica, only more refined and healthy, than the combination that includes the physical body’s limitation.

  262. From Dr. Khan’s English translation of the Quran:

    Q Ch 56 Verse 47: When we are dead and become dust and bones, we indeed shall be raised again.

    Khan interpretation: You will be surprised to learn the religious contention tha man will rise from te grave is not just a myth but is based on real scientific principles. It can happen simply with the reversal of time.

    Tom’s comments: The reversal of time is questionable at best. It presents a whole new set of physics problems while while trying to answer one sliver of options. I will discuss this later.

    Great Mystics of every time and place in this world have said “we will rise again”. But they don’t mean the body will reassemble its degraded self. What they say is the body’s death surviving components of the astral (electric), universal (causal) and soul bodies will seperate from the dead physical and rise to a higher vibrational rate that is free of the physical limitations. This “healthier” combination will rise into the astral universe, which is beyond the physical perception of most humans, all but the specially trained.

    Our length of stay in the astral world (most religions’ heaven), is totally dependent on our accumulation of “cause and effect” debts each entity carries as a personal burden. If our load is light, we may vibrate to higher regions. If debt load is heavy, we’ll sink to lower levels.

    One interesting observance is soul, mind, astral entity is recognizable as the physical form they bore here on earth, only more refined and healthier as it has shed the the physical trash.

    Note: this does not disagree with the Great Mystics statements. But the phenomena is easily observable in the living human body if one is properly trained, if one is willing to learn to be a spiritual warrior.


  263. Methane, er, lava. boiled in the bowels of St. Helens for a number of years before it finally blew. All it took to set it off was tossing one last can of some camper’s pork and beans dinner down into the origial crater. These big old mountains can be delicate, huh?

    So can the new mountain possibly growing just south of New Orleans. I wonder if I can claim that island or is it British or U.S. property. If I get it first, I’m turning it into an oil and methane sheikdom.

    That is if I survive the 2012 catastrophe — like the Y2K doomsday — that’s going to dump all of California’s dumpsters into the Pacific Ocean, along with, well, all of California.

    We’ll have a good ride,

    Charlie from California

  264. Yeah, I swear Infidel (was swearing on a stack of bibles a no no?), this methane tank under the Gulf has to be the western edge of Plato’s disappeared continent of Atlantis. If part of that methane mess is long gone people, I hope Dr. Khan’s theory (well, the one he borrowed) has left them in a state, God can put them back together in end times. Especially after part of that methane goes through a refinery then gets burned in gas tanks.

    Do you have an answer, Tom? Or Dr. Kahn? Or Physics?

    Charlie from California

  265. Oops, I forgot to mention–and not that it’s important–that my great, great …. great was one of the founders of the Unites States of America, and its third President. He was always saying wise things that my family recorded.

    And, by the way, a valid question is “what if time doesn’t slow, stop and reverse?” Does that mean my freshly buried relatives are in deep sneakers? And, what if another family member chose cremation—a sin to some. Does that mean God can’t put dispersed smoke back together? Fascinating twists to this reality we are trapped in, huh? We’ll explore some of this stuff this weekend.


  266. Infidel, some would question whether or not this is the “real world”. I do know one thing, when and if we stub a toe, it FEELS real. 🙂


  267. Dr. Kahn, First, I again want to commend you on your website and what I am led to believe are clear translation from of the Quran from Arabic to English.

    I also noticed that you clearly refer to European physicists who hypothesize a time and gravity relationship. As an Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician myself, I can see where they are coming from, from their limited perspectives of the Universe we are caught in.

    I will also acknowledge that I attended a Christian funeral in the last year (a relative) whose Christian group is ALWAYS buried with their feet to the East, so that when “resurrection” occurs, I guess their plan is to stand up facing the sunrise and God. I accept that they believe what they believe. It causes no harm to me. To wit:

    As my great, great…. great grandfather and founding father of the United States of America said, “I never will, by any word or act, bow to the shrine of intolerance or admit a right of inquiry into the religious opinion of others.”

    That said, we want to make this an inquiry of msytical science. I will use your website and give in some cases, a slightly varying opinion of those selected verses of the Quran might mean from a view of the unlimited potential of every human’s soul — something it’s clear The Prophet had an insight into.

    This should be a fun and instructive weekend.

    Your fellow soul in a human casing with all its frailties,


  268. Yo Tom, I just read about the methane thing on, guess what, Veterans Today. Were the Mayans off by two years? Holy Moses talk about being annointed with oil!

    The end is rear,

  269. I enjoyed your post, Infidel. This next phase will be more fun than the Gulf oil spill — which is, as you are probably aware — either the first part of the world turning inside our — or excess methane from vegetarians of old times.


  270. Hi Infidel — Actually, when you say “repent, the end is Rear” it sounds an awful lot like the “negative gravity” of Dr. Kahn’s thesis. It’s clear you don’t understand the gravity of the situation!


  271. Yo Tom, I hope you had good luck at the VA.
    Not that it matters but If I rember right, M was Bond’s boss and Q was the inventor.

    As for M Kahn and endphysics, I have to say that I am not impressed, even with all that fancy shmancy Arabic. Kahn gives himself away when he brags about these wonderful new proofs, but then says that proof is only for believers. This tells me that his proof is bogus.

    Kahn also mentions that there is only one Koran. This of course is the Muslim “belief” that the true Koran is up in heaven (Is it sitting underneath those gold tablets of Joseph Smith?) Heaven is also where the Ark of the covenant ended up. Rev. (11:19) Indiana Jones could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had read the Bible more carefully. Noah’s Ark actually ended up on Mars. I know this because I saw the picture of it in a scientific magazine while I was waiting in in line at the supermarket checkout.

    This is my understanding of where the Koran came from: Supposedly the angel Gabriel quoted from the one and only heavenly Koran to Mohammed, and Mohammed quoted to his slave Said. Said supposedly wrote what Mohammed said, and then they placed these verses into a box. Later these jumbled verses EVOLVED into the Koran that we have. Why didn’t Allah just make copies in heaven and send them to Earth by Federal Express?

    By the way this Gabriel was a very busy fellow. He was an advisor to the prophet Daniel (6th cent. bce), and he was also the guy who, how can I put this delicately, impregnated mother Mary.

    That’s all folks,

  272. Thanks Charlie. I’m blessed with a trip to the VA today. And, I had a victory yesterday. So maybe this afternoon I’ll tackle endphysics from an independent point of view. I’ll probably have Indian food for lunch first. Maybe I’ll see my Muslim friend M, there (M stands for one of the James Bond characters, the wild inventor).

    Thanks again for the email, Charlie.


  273. Like most of us Americans, Tom, the Quoran has remained a mystery. I look forward to your interpretation. BTW, did you see the news today, where new technology has uncovered pictures of St. Peter and St. Paul in the ancient catacombs beneath Rome? Apparently they were painted several hundred years after the death of Christ. Maybe now you’ll remember walking in or near Paul’s sandals! 🙂

    Charlie in California

  274. BTW Infidel, though I don’t read Arabic and I’m not an expert on the Muslim religion or the Prophet. However, I have been led to understand that the Koran is divided into three main parts. The part that most interests me for this blog is the Prophet’s take on spirituality. Dr. Kahn’s english translation of critical Arabic phrases was well put, though I expect to have some disagreements. The good news is, they’ll be friendly disagreements, at least from my point of view.


  275. I did also Gary. Interesting site. Well put together. I’ll be able to respond tomorrow or Saturday.


  276. Greetings Doctor Khan,

    I checked out your endphysics but I can’t really respond now. I just don’t have the time.

    Repent, the end is Rear,

  277. Thank you Dr. Khan. You bring up a well thought-out proposal. I will visit endphysics.com and reply to your post.

    Cheers, Tom

  278. Time indeed is a great mystery. Time always flows toward the future. Gravity is always attractive. For time to run backward would require gravity to reverse. This can happen with contraction of the universe. Bible and Quran describe such a scenario in which time reversal will bring back dead to life again. Gravity reversal with the final earthquake can transform earth leading to opening of windows or gates to higher dimensions. This may sound like science fiction but is still well within the laws of physics. For more information google “The Physics of the day of judgment” or visit endphysics.com

  279. I’ve also heard through the PIG (Politically Incorrect Grapevine) that our erstwhile Commander In Chief loudly uses the Filed Under Carnal Knowledge notation when he misses a left-handed layup, or thinks he’s been unfairly foweled — er, fouled.

    Charlie from California, and the Higher Astral World.

  280. BTW — some of the comments on this article could also be summed up with the old British Police blotter notattion => Filed Under Carnal Knowledge.


  281. I’ll add, the eternal flame is NOT New Age woochy-goochy. It is pure, simple, common sense — identifiable by using the best scientific method.


  282. On the other hand, if one is willing to dedicate his or her life to finding the Truth — the Truth secreted inside each human frame — and rise above the limitations of the physical frame, the astral (electric body) frame, and the universal (causal) frame, the Truth will be an elegance of light, color and sounds that is indescribable in earthly words.

    It all starts at the third eye, the tisra til, the ‘long tunnel’ of light found at the energy center above and almost between the human eyes. This is the real adventure. This is the starting path of the spiritual warrior. This has nothing to do with the swirly, energy saving, mercury light bulb.

    I will talk more about the eternal flame that is one guidepost to perfect bliss and freedom.


  283. Charlie, I didn’t say that. It’s just when I limp in the VA door so many of them turn their heads down or away, that I FEEL like they are proctologist wannabes.

    I mean, some people become politician with their head up their own asses, others want to stick their noses others’ asses. It’s a sign of the human condition.

    But, I will say in their defense, I’ve got nothing but the best care from the VA medical staff in my city. I’m blessed in that respect, as are my fellow vets. Now the bureaucrats, that’s something else again. I think many of them spend time exploring for the whirly lightbulbs.


  284. All these years, Tom, you told us that limp came from too many First Cav jumps. Now we find the truth about those mercury lightbulbs. Maybe you should visit the VA proctologist — you say they’re ALL proctologists over there? 🙂

    Charlie from California

  285. gw => “Repent, the end is rear,”

    td => Ah, that’s where those damnable whirly lightbulbs went!


  286. Yo Messenger,

    I read your thingy and plop, plop, fiz, fuz, oh what a relief it was. You see, I thought that I was the only one that god didn’t speak to. Now I know that I am not alone.

    2012? Why does that date seem familiar?

    Repent, the end is rear,

  287. Thank you Messenger, that was kind of you to say that I’m a bright individual. One of my good friends, a Mr. Gary Wayne, who thinks like you, says the same thing. Personally, I think you both might have spotted my missing lightbulb, one of those mercury filled, whirly rascals that supposed to save so much energy. Infidel has lost his also. We might have to go back through Army induction to find them.


  288. Tom, thank you and I have just begun telling the mysteries of creation, life, death, religion, Jesus and death. People of this world have a lot to learn about true realities. We created this world and we will destroy life on this planet if we do not change our ways. People on this planet do not know the troubles and destructions that are about to happen. What a shame, especially greed and lust. My predictions will come true. Take care and may the Power be with you, your family and love ones. I’m getting a sense that you’re a very, very bright individual. Think very deeply and feel your inner intuitions, then write, ok.

  289. Thanks for posting your updated website material Messenger. It’s improving, keep it moving. And it will prove to be therapeutic for those put it in proper perspective.

    Life in this lower creation is filled with strange twists and turns. Our destinies, which we set up by our own actions and thoughts, demand we each follow our own crooked path.

    Enjoy your constructing your views; we will enjoy reading them.


  290. Well, you know the Internet, Infidel. Sometimes there’s more done for passion than for money. But don’t tell the wikileaks.com guy that. Have a good evening.


  291. Ruining the blog was my devious plan all along. And then I, and my covert agents will control the site and get all the money. The best part is, we don’t need no stinking badges.


  292. And of coures, Infidel, some serious conspiracy will be involved. Unless of course it isn’t.


  293. You guys, ze beez zick! I’d tell you about one of the funniest guys I ever met, but youse guys would make fun of him. Henley was his name. Being absolutely funny was his game. He could get us laughing on the edge of pure danger. Oops, I told you too much. We’re ruining this blog you know. My friends who run and write this thing all take themselves real serious (until you get them on a sneak aside).

    Since this article started off with death, I think I’m gonna do one on another aspect of death—the absurdity called murder.


  294. Ahhhh …. ze VaBarian veys, eh? In ze foothil ze Aups Mounzing? Vit ze varing ze blak zuits? Vey myztical zings ze be doingz, eh?

  295. Wow Infidel, how’d you pry that cheeky story out of Dillman. Never heard that before. Funny stuff.


  296. Well Tom, I would have responded sooner but I was laughing too hard. Cheeks, too funny.

    Anyway, I found this site when I read an article by Gordon Duff on 911truth.org last fall. I don’t believe in demons or holy ghosts but I am a certifiable conspiracy nut.

    The end is rear,

  297. Sorry about that Infidel. But, not every veteran story has to be tragic. I saw a LOT of tragedy, but I also witnessed mucho humor. Sometimes the military could be Katz and Jammer crazy funny. In the most serious of moments.

    On one of my hospital trips (sometimes I just couldn’t get out of the way of the incoming crappola) I was being hauled off to the morgue. I was alone on a gurney, being pushed by some orderly. I was ruled as dead. Stuffed, tied, the whole works. About halfway down a dimly lit hall on the way to a cold locker, I friggin’ woke up. I sat partially upright on the gurney. The orderly let out a bellow and took off running. I had got all the cotton out and rubber bands removed )nurses and doctors know what I’m talking about) before a bunch of medical folks came running down the hall to rescue — or bat me over the head to make sure I was dead.

    I guess they rescued me, because the next day a group of Army doctors stopped by my hospital bed and gave me a bad time for messing up their paperwork. No congratulations, just grumps for “messin’ wid de papeur woik.” I think they were from Brooklyn. Or maybe Cape Cod — “Y youse massin wit daaa paaapa waak?”

    I dunno, I was just a young kid from out West. Very few of those guys spoke real english, you know?

    Btw, how did you find the Veterans Today site? And welcome!


  298. Lucky you! I love it, an amber liquid reject! Moms are so smart! I’ll quickly share my funniest draft story. Girls, you don’t get to listen! Er, read.

    Like you, the military had a bunch of us who somehow had passed the intellectual tests lined up for physicals. We were in about three rows of twenty, when we were asked to bend over, drop our drawers and spread our cheeks. A medical person started walking behind us with a flashlight, checking for hemmoroids (sp?) or maybe even, residuals of gastritis? When the medical person came to us, the goofball next to me bent over and put his hands in his mouth and spread his cheeks really wide to show his teeth.

    “No!” screamed the medical person. “The cheeks of your ass stupid!”

    The room broke up laughing. When the tough but giggling military folks finally got us to calm down, goofball bent over again and this spread the right cheeks. Medical person bent over himself and started peering with his flashlight. I was right next to the two of the them and it was most embarrassing.

    Goofball cut the cheese big and loud, right in the medical person’s face.

    “Aaaaggggh” I screamed and fell to the floor laughing, my shorts around my knees.

    “Aaaaaagggggghh, Urrrrrgh,” screamed the medical person as he ran out of the room pale as a ghost.

    “Eeeek, yikes, help, ick, etc., etc.,” everyone else screamed as they gasped as far away from goofball as they could.

    “Ahhhhh, that felt gooooood,” smiled goofball with a dreamy look in his eye. “I love Tex-Mex food.”

    The physical process stopped. Everyone passed anyway… except for goofball. He got flunked out. To this day, I think he was the smart one, though a note from Mama is too bad.


  299. Yo Tom,

    About a month after I left college in 1971(U. Massachusetts) with no diploma, I found myself riding on the bus to Charlestown Navy Yard (Boston) for my draft physical. I passed the mental exam, really, and breezed through the rest until I got to the part where they asked if anyone had a note from a doctor. MY mother had made me take a note since I was suffering from slight gastritis, probably caused from too much amber liquid. The final examiner made me take the note to some guy behind a counter with windows. He told me that the army couldn’t take me on account of my gastritis which could digress into an ulcer. Much to my surprise, I flunked, and was given a temporary derferrment. Shortly after, Tricky Dick ended the draft, and so no, I am not a vet.


  300. Doggone you guys, I’m NOT and old coot. I’m just mature, that’s all, REALLY mature… in everything but my thought processes… I think Physics said that.

    Oh well, he’ll learn and return. I didn’t intend to hurt his feelings.


  301. I visited your website, Messenger. You are off to an excellent start. Whatever you do, don’t give up! Finish that puppy and charge ahead! An interested sliver of the world is waiting. Don’t disappoint.


  302. Thanks Louise, there’s no doubt in my mind that Israel’s influence is a problem, a problem that will be dealt with. We just need American politicians to attend to their Constitutional duties. If the crowd that surrounds WDC today won’t do it, we’ll get them thrown out and cancel their retirement and health programs UNTIL they are 70 — if they’re still living.

    The movement is underway. Bless you.


  303. The more I think about what you said, Jim, the more it makes sense. The reality down here can be harsh, and I think most minds have no clue. That’s why some DO try to secularize their views of reality. It’s a coping mechanism for them.

    On the other hand, others try to turn everything into one of a wide variety of religions. That is their coping mechanism.

    Can’t blame either group for trying, huh? We all want to cope, the alternative is not too attractive. I’ve talked with Dillman enough, where I know where he’s coming from.

    Cheers and keep posting, man.


  304. Infidel! 60? That would put you right in the middle of Nam days. I was at the start end. I never asked, but are you a Vet? Plenty of non-Vets post on this site, and it really doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t. But your twisted sense of humor (this is good) sounds like you’ve been drugged, er, dragged? through similar mudholes.

    One of my longtime neighbors was a WWII guy. Flew in B-26s. He’s retired military, but he maintains WWII was a piece of cake. He spent most of his time on the outskirts of London. He said the only problem he had in the total war was once, they ran out of fuel the engines stopped. They bailed out — over very pleasant English countryside. I mean, somebody has to do that tough duty.

    Just meandering, but another veteran neighbor, draftee no less, spent all of Nam time in Germany. He said, as you would expect, Nam was a piece of cake. Uncle Ho would have loved to hear that.

    There we go. Now I put some Vet stuff in here so I don’t feel so guilty.


  305. Thanks Tom,
    Yes I believe in being a spiritual warrior. I understand the importance of being able to rise above the games and see the picture as it is.

    I hope America stays safe. Israel’s influence in America is one of its biggest dangers.

  306. Enough of the amber liquid you keep talking about and you’ll feel wise. You may look foolish, but you’ll be smart doing it. I’m about your age. I think Dillman said once he was a bit older than us. I never read him claiming wiser, but boy, he fixed on his target! Whew! Just thinking about it makes me want to head for the fridge.

    TV (also my favorite place to sit in front of — wasting my life away).

  307. Actually, Gary, though I was raised in a strict German Catholic family that was also chock full of Arabs, Jews, Indians (Amer type), African, Europeans — most of the non-Europeans by marriage, and a multitude of religions… anyway, the word or name “infidel” never came up.

    I have to admit, though, I’m the only family member (other than my beautiful, extra-patient wife) who actually is a practicing spiritual Yogi warrior. We don’t do all the postures and crap, though there is a entertaining and practical story behind them if they’re not used to just look better on the beach. The rest of my family and friends just accept (in their own minds) that I’m no more than eccentric. This is good of them, because it leaves me alone as much as needed.

    Who cares about the self-limiting folks who are self-justifying by using such terms as calling others infidels. The self-justifiers are brain-washed idiots by various self-serving religions.

    Let me add, that religions CAN be a training ground for discipline. They can also be a training ground for GOOD or EVIL, or anything in-between. From a spiritual warrior standpoint, all religions I know about are merely nursery school levels on the spiritual warriors’ path. Useful, but no more than that.

    In my experience, spirtual warriors come from all religious environments. It matters not whether one is, in no particular order, a Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Sikh, and on and on. Great souls have risen from each of these evironments. That is why we should NEVER be judgemental of innocent souls. Who knows who the next great mystic is, or is going to be? How would YOU like to be the who extinguished the worldly flame of one of the Father’s special children, who came here only to help you and others. I don’t think I’d want to be on the Father’s bad side 🙂

    Probably looking at it from the Prime Entity’s standpoint, we are all (evey human on the face of this earth) infidels. But we can change that within ourselves.


  308. Hi Louise,

    This issue which has been dragging on since 1948 really involves Israel trying to get absolute control over what they call their territory of right (righteous territory?). Churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc in America are typically tax free. I don’t know about other countries, some probably give tax free status, some probably don’t.

    What Israel is doing (I’m not going to judge whether it is right or wrong) is tryig to tax non-Jewish institutions out of business. In much of the Middle East, Muslims do the same, sometimes worse (authorizing honor killings, etc.). The Christians marched all over Europe and New England, fighting church proclaimed wars and burning what they called witches, etc. Goodness, the Muslim Mughal Emporors in India either slaughtered or taxed anyone into the poorhouse who wouldn’t convert to Islam. All this crap keeps going on in the name of “religions” that are on the constant quest for money and power. It’s a human conditioning thing — a product of the mind folks like Lanza are all so proud of. The bottom line, is we’re all a little bit nuts when we succumb to the mind’s limited idiosyncrasies.

    Meanwhile the Vatican is trying to claim financial restitution for the its idea of where Christ’s Last Supper was held, and where King David’s tomb is located (the Cenacle). Who knows if it will work. I suspect, however, that since the Israeli elite will slowly but surely lose control of America’s pocketbooks (read Gate’s Guilt By Asssociatio), Israel will try to appease the minds of the leaders of 1.5 billion worldwide Catholics to help protect them.

    Who knows where it will all go, but I would suggest, follow the money. If Pope John Paul II were alive, and asked me, I could give a fairly strong opinion.

    I hope this helps put your question in perspective of the foibles of the human mind, and why it makes sense to become a spiritual warrior. This creation, I’m afraid, will NEVER change. There is too much vested interest in the status quo. So we have to learn to rise above like a swan does when it departs the water.


  309. Well, TV I don’t know what it is like to be a wise old coot. I’m only 60. The wise part is debatable.


  310. It must be hell to be a wise old coot like Tom, huh? Unfortunately, he makes a lot of sense, including keeping track of you young guys.

    Texas Vet

  311. You guys are deteriorating again! I can’t leave you characters alone for a minute! Good thing you’re a humorous bunch. Sorry ladies. I’ll finish this up in a couple hours — I’m busy enjoying Indian food leftovers.


  312. Please let me interrupt Tom for a second (or longer), Infidel

    The biggest, strongest animals in the world are vegetarian. The meanest are meat eaters (that doesn’t mean all meat eaters are mean). It is the propensity, the driven direction under stress that an animal takes that is important.

    As your daughter probably knows, the excuses mostly used to being a carnivore is “I need the protein,” or the Drs. say “You need more protein”.

    Think about the craziness of those statements. The biggest, strongest animals wouldn’t be that way unless they got plenty of protein (or they could find the human professional athletes steroid supply).

    The simplest vegetarian answer is that “beans and rice” together make a perfect protein combo (all 21 or 22 or 22 essential amino acids are contained within). Plus as you’re well aware, you get to enjoy them more than twice. Sorry you proper ladies who are reading this. You might be drawing the wrong conclusions.

    Remember the song when we were kids Infidel? Beans, beans the musical fruit… 🙂

    Texas Grunt

  313. Yo Infidel, First, happy father’s day if it is appropriate. That’s a good post Gary. I will answer it after I attend my own personal services today, which is a huge vegetarian lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant. Your question is well presented. Even though I’m Jesuit trained and on the outer edge of former Pope John Paul II’s close circle of inner friends (whatever that means) I am probably considered and infidel also, other than by John Paul and (Karol) his best Nazi fighting childhood friend Leopoldo — who was also my close friend. The world goes round and round, huh?

    Your question poses an interesting philosophical position, one that grabbed my attention. Especially in light of the comments by Pakistan’s General Beg in yesterday’s VT.

    Cheers and happy lunch Infidel. T.

  314. Yo Tom,

    As far as I know, you are an infidel because everyone is an infidel. Correct me if I am mistaken but if you are not a muslim, you are an infidel. If you are not a Catholic, you are an infidel. If you are not a member of Fred Phelp’s Westboro baptist church, you are an infidel. The crusades were fought against the infidels on each side. I do not think you can be a catholic and a muslim at the same time, so doesn’t that make everyone an infidel whether they like it or not? I just happen to like it. I am not just an infidel though. I am a godless heathen too.

    The end is rear,

  315. I found this online and thought I should share it because you will never see it mentioned in the US media.

    Vatican & Israel talks fail on Church status

    Tuesday, 15 June 2010 19:34

    Representatives from the Vatican and Israel have failed once again today to resolve a long-standing dispute over the Catholic Church’s legal and tax status in the Holy Land.

    They agreed to meet again in plenary session on 6 December in Israel following a ‘working-level’ meeting in late July.

    A brief joint statement said that ‘the plenary welcomed the progress accomplished by the ‘working-level’ commission and has agreed on the next steps towards conclusion of the agreement,’

    The Holy See wants full juridical and financial recognition of the Catholic Church’s institutions in Israel, including a blanket tax waiver that the Church enjoyed before Israel’s founding in 1948.

    A 1993 agreement enshrined a historic rapprochement between Israel and the Vatican.

    In 1993 a joint commission was established to resolve the Church’s financial and real estate issue, notably in territory occupied by the Jewish state after 1967.

    The joint commission, which had been asked to complete its work within two years of the 1993 accord’s signing, did not meet at all between 1994 and 2004.

    The Church is claiming restitution of lost religious property including the Cenacle, believed to be the site of the Last Supper and King David’s tomb

  316. Gary the Infidel! I like the Voltaire quote. BUT, are you trying to call us all a bunch of Asses with that “end is Rear” addendum? Ya’ didn’t know I knew big words like addendum,didya? I attended a Baptist grade school. I was number 9 in my class — oh, it was a class of 9. Maybe I ought not of said anything.


  317. Yo Infidel — as you can see, it’s similar to being in fire and brimstone liking everybody. Dyaaam….


  318. Hey Infidel — good to hear from you. Man, that so-called French bakery sucked. Carnivores tried to use me in their cheese sandwiches. On top of it, my favorite bakery is owned by some Muslim friends. I mean, it’s an insult (I think) when they tell me to ‘get in between those bread slices, pig’. Then they laugh at me. Sheez, they think I’M an Infidel?

    Maybe we can get ahold of Muslim and he can tell me what to do. 🙂

    Yo, Muslim!! Sign in my friend and have a laugh with me at absurdity of this world we’re stuck in!


  319. BTW, you are absolutely right that traditional “science” will take at least 100 years to grasp the true principles of life, and the Source of these principle. As long as traditional “science” continues to box themeselves into dead ends, like Lanza and his supporters have, it may well take 200-300 years to make progress.

    Charles from California

  320. Thank you Tom. You should try to put this in a single blurb rather than answering a bunch of questions. See you in East Texas, SOON!

    Over and out

    Texas Grunt

  321. Cowardly First Cav weenie? Boy, T.G., I wish my body felt that way. But, when I see you I may stuff a tomato up your nose for that remark. Your nose is plenty big enough in your old age to hold a wad of collard greens along with it.

    All that being said, being a spiritual warrior requires the strongest most fearless spirit possible combined with a Guide who has traversed the spiritual trail of tears and returned to lead others. It’s up to you to figure out what that means.


  322. We are all sheep, Infidel. Some of us are just a little closer to the slaughterhouse than others. Don’t get fat, that makes you a better target for the carnivorous shephards!


  323. Summary of Lanza’s “biocentrism” reception in the science world.


    Arizona State University physicist L.K., “It doesn’t look, at first glance, if it will change anything about science.”

    Astrophysicist and science writer D.L., “Vague, inarticulate metaphor. I don’t see how thinking Lanza’s way will lead into any sort of scientific or philosophic insight. I also take issue with his view about physics.”

    Tufts University Philosopher D.D., “It looks the opposite of a theory because he doesn’t explain how consciousness happens at all. He’s stopping where the fun begins.”


    Johns Hopkins professor of Physics and Astronomy R.H., “What Lanza says in the book is not new. Then why does he have to say it at all? It is because we the physcists do NOT say it”


    NASA Astrophysicist D.T., “Lanza’s work is a wakeup call.”

    Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine E.T., “The work is a scholarly consideration of science and philosophy that brings biology into the central role in unifying the whole.

    Wake Forest University professor of medicine A.A., “This new theory is certain to revolutionize our concepts of the laws of nature for centuries to come.”

    Indian physician D. C., “Lanza’s insights into the nature of consciousness [are?] original and exciting.”


    Tom Dillman: “Bless their pea picking souls, none of the above are spiritual warriors with the possible exception of the Indian physician who most true warriors would call a REMF (ask ex-Marine G. Duff what that means). It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly bright humans want to limit each human’s potential for the supposedly bright people’s personal aggrandizement. I would say, ‘the brighter they are, the harder they fall’.”


  324. Mr. Dillman … where’s the for and against scientists? I don’t have all day to wait. My wife wants to go shopping, and I can’t be thinking about this while I’m supposed to be telling her that those new humongous bloomers are tiny little things, jsut to make her feel good. I’m liable to make a mistake and she’ll wring my neck. Holy Toledo that can hurt.

    Charlie from California

  325. Lanza’s Principle No. 7 – continued.

    7b. Lanza: Space is another form of our animal understanding and does not have an independent reality.

    7b. answer: It is more realistic to say animals understand that space exists. But I would argue that space existed long before animals existed, whether evolved or created in someway, to peruse it. Lanza is not hung up on putting the horse before the cart, he believes, fallaciously, that a cart cannot exist without a horse. How silly.

    7c. Lanza: We carry space and time around with us like turtles with shells.

    7c. answer: Here in this lower creation, our AWARENESS of space and time is carried around like a turtle shell. But if we weren’t here, Lanza, space and time would still exist. Those two–let me call them essences–are completely independent of this ego-centric thing we call a human frame. My position is absolutely provable under stringent measuring conditions. Lanza’s personal frustration with not being able apply his total self is his problem, not mine.

    7d. Lanza: He concludes erroneously: Thus, there is no absolute self-existing matrix in which physical events occur independent of life.

    7d. answer: Once again, Lanza (and Mr. Physics) have put self-imposed limitations on themselves, their awarenesses, and their unlimited potentials. It appears, these self-imposed limitations will permit them to be (if they choose) totally destructive human beings with no worry of consequences. First, that makes no sense, and second, the consequences of NOT understanding the path of the scientific spiritual warrior can be disastrous.

    I would say that is their problem and not ours, EXCEPT, Lanza has wittingly or unwittingly taken the position of the world’s greatest monsters, including in recent memory, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hussein, Amin, terrorists, etc.

    We ALL pay the price of Lanza and his supporters foolisheness.

    In the next small post, I will give the names of well-credentialed, outspoken supporters and critics of Lanza — outside of myself, of course.


  326. Finally, I’m getting around to Lanza’s seventh and last major principle.

    7a Lanza: Space, like time, is not an object or thing.

    7a answer: Time is a measure of events, based on being inversely proportional to the frequency of a particular universe. Space, however, has a different mathematical description. I’ve really not thought much about it as space is just something that a spiritual warrior passes on his or her rise to a higher reality.

    As our earthly tools get more refined, we are discovering more and more particles in this essence around us called space. That being said, our tools are still limited by Heisebberg’s uncertainty principle. That will always be in this lower creation. Uncertainty doesn’t preclude space from existing.

    For example, there is a major highway between New York City and Boston. There is a lot of space between the two cities, filled with all kinds of “junk”. That space exists, and all the junk exists. They are real things.

    A more esoteric example would be the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. There is a lot of space between the two bodies, space that not only is visible, but is measurable. There is also junk — and man’s “space station” and “satelite” and other junk creations. The conglomeration is as real as my nose. Maybe temporary, yes, but real also. To deny that is to deny existence. Is Lanza saying he doesn’t exist? Then how did this article get written from a book he wrote and all you folks read and commented on it?

    Since that answer got a bit long, I’m going to continue Lanza’s fallacious Principle 7 in the next section.


  327. The gist of the following responses sum up a refutation of Dr. Lanza’s ill-informed theory that time automaticaly reboots upon death. The counter-argument is based on real-life, scientific principles that are measurable and reptetive.

    In the process of elucidating this message, I’ve tried to answer every poster’s comments with sometimes humor, but almost always with a message included that meets their expectations where they are on their own path through this thing, this experience, we call life.

    I’m nothing special (I guarantee that) but I just another passenger on the trip, like you all. I hope you all enjoy the ride as much as I have.

    Tom Dillman Army Vet, Scientist, Jesuit trained.

  328. Thank you Charles for defending my “fetish”. I have no problems with what other people eat, drink or do with their time as long as I’m left alone to attend to my own harmless knitting. Let me be clear (President Obama’s guaranteed saying in every speech) the path of the spiritual warrior requires as much purity of the mind and body as we can achieve. As Charles says, this makes the vibration shifting an easier task.

    Let me also state, this human frame is to a great degree what it eats and absorbs. How do we know what our meals have absorbed in their “lifetimes”. It is best by far to avoid the animal’s level of activity so that we don’t absorb any of it. But we have to eat something to survive. So we eat the least body stressful substance. That is plants and plant products.

    Your couch potato, Tom

  329. S.E., but I do need to add, that IF you wished to be a spiritual scientist, a spiritual warrior as it were, you can use the well-proven scientific method to PROVE the existence of the soul.

    It is sort of like Newton, the apple and gravity. Zillions of apples fell to the ground over the millenia until Sr. Isaac elected to be an “apple warrior”. He broke the scientific code of gravity and proved again and again by being able to repeat the experiment after predicting the results.

    Just because most people never try, doesn’t mean there aren’t some Isaac Newtons of spirituality — i.e. the science of the soul.


  330. The problem is LaVerne, as great as Spinoza and Descartes were, they too were limited to this lower physical reality. It is not their faults, it is the TIME they were born in, a time that continues until today or we would never be aware of their existence, thoughts, and conclusions.

    Excellent response of yours, though.


  331. Physics, troll the whole post. Towards the end you will find how limiting Lanza’s Seven Principles are. I have what I believe are clear answers to the barriers Lanza constructs in an attempt to make his case. Be a true scientist and push your self further.

    Tom — Electrical Engineer, Physicist, Mathematician

  332. Further, Mike, if you read this whole post — I know it gets long, but it is conveniently broken ito bitesize chunks — I suspect you will move one more step away from agnosticism toward the understanding of what real humans are.

    Cheers, T.

  333. BTW Joey, You’ll see as you read my responses to Lanza’s Seven Principles toward the end of this blog, that particles DO still exist, even if an observer tries to ignore them. Lanza’s a self-limiting and confused man — but let’s give him credit for trying.


  334. Okay, burp! It’s time to get on Lanza’s Principle No. 6 of 7.

    6a. Lanza says: Time does not have real existence outside of animal-sense perception.

    6a. answer: The answer is so simple it is ludicrous. Does the lower creation’s time STOP when one animal out of billions dies? Was there no time before animal like creatures evolved on this planet? Of course there was. Time is a function of the mind, and it’s source is in the highest mind, right below the abode of the pure soul. The soul is timeless, yes, but as soon as it takes on the first “diving suit” cover of the universal mind, the soul gets trapped in the mind’s time. If the soul can escape the abode of the mind (and it can) then yes, time ceases to exist for the soul. But all of this lower set of creations continues its set of time beats to the rate of the frequencies inherent in a particular creations level.

    6b Lanza states: It (time) is the process by which we perceive changes in the universe.

    7b answer: Lanza is correct in that brief analysis. But that doesn’t mean that the true essences, you, I, we, are limited by time. Just rise beyond it. When you achieve that, you, I, we become timeless, eternal. This is our true home.


  335. Okay you guys, stop picking on me or I’ll reboot your flimsy asses.

    That said, I have two more of Lanza’s Principles and then I’m out of here. But, I won’t get to it until after dinner. Vegetables, you creeps.

    🙂 T.

  336. Where’s Johnny Punish been hanging out. This conversation should be right up his alley. Come on JP. You were raised in Austin. You know what it’s like living around nutcakes. Probably we should probably bring Jeff Gates, too, but he’s busy looking for bad guys under every Arizona bush. Come on Leon, get these guys in gear. And bring Duff along too, if we can stop him from being so dang prolific. Even Higgins if we can get him out da’ bar and into his Thomas Paine cab. And Major Bobby? You should be able to handle Dillman — at least for a short while.


  337. Yo yourselves guys. Leave Dillman’s vegetarian fetish alone. It’s all part of purifying the mind and Dillman’s chakra windows to the higher realities — the realities far beyond the big time reset button. Sorry Infidel — you can’t drink either. Clouds the concentration, slows the vibration shifting he’s talking about.

    Charles from California

  338. Hey Infidel — I don’t remember if it was chicken fried steak or McNuggets, but I sure to the chickens caught in their own personal time reboots could give a poop less. That is, unless they ended up in my East Texas outhouse. I’m gonna let Dillman investigate that awful smelling hell hole when he shows up here — that is, if the cowardly First Cav weenie cares. 🙂

    That should get a rise out of him, and speed up that free lunch he owes me. Ain’t much Vegetarian crap out here in East Texas though. Just some collard greens and tomatoes. But you’re welcome to join us, Infidel — I promise you won’t have to dig and rake for any old chicken stuff. No pig stuff either, if you bring Muslim along. He’s got a good point with that unclean stuff. Even though trichinosis (spelling?) was originally behind it.

    Texas Grunt.

  339. Yo T Grunt,

    I think it was actually chicken fried steak, but I am not going to look back. Remember Lot’s wife? She looked back and holy salty dog mister man, that was a big mistake!

    Damn, I’m out of beer again.

    Shepherds are for sheep,

  340. Goodness sakes, Dillman, what are you trying to do? Here all this time I thought time was what is on this thing I call a wristy-watch, this thing that just goes round and round and was a birthday gift from my grand daughter. I’m gonna send Infidel after your butt if you keep this stuff up. Maybe I’ll even send Muslim along with him. I hear they have the good sense to be friends.

    See you in East Texas — in the land of… what does that author Rob Riggs call it? the land of the ghost lights or big foot or wild man or something… He’s as crazy as you are but he’s fun reading.

    T.G. Gary Owen!

  341. Lanza’s Principle No. 5 is next.

    5a Lanza: The structure of the universe is only explainable through biocentrism.

    5a. answer: To Lanza’s severely limited mind, he’s probably correct, although his position has absolutely nothing to do with logic, the creation around us, and experience.

    5b Lanza: The universe is fine tuned for life, which makes perfect sense as life creates the universe, not the other way around.

    5b answer: Why does he have to have such an absolute position? He has no experience. If he even had the remotest clue of the souls’ science — if he ever steps outside his water closet (outhouse to you kids) to think — he wouldn’t make such a blunderous statement. Oh, I forgot though, Lanza is one of the heroes of Huff and Puff Past.

    5c Lanza: He goes on to say, the “universe” is simply the spatio-temporal logic of the self.

    5c answer: He’s partly right, except he conveniently left out the word “awareness”. As difficult as it is for him and Physics to swallow, the gateway to ALL universes can be found within the human frame. Great Eastern Mystics call these windows on the total Creation, chakras. The higher we travel on the chakra path within the human frame, the higher we must shift our vibrational self, and the frequencies that match the windows. There is a precise way of doing this — this frequency shifting.

    Scientists time is inversely proportional to frequency: t=1/f.

    Simplistically, in the total universe scheme of things, t=x/f, where X varies depending onthe nature of the particular universe outside the particular chakra window.

    When the frequency becomes infinite, there is no time. This is the condition of the Soul returning to its true home in the lap of whatever the human mind’s latest contrivance name of something it doesn’t understand. For convenience of the Western Mind, we’ll call it God.

    Enjoy Physics and Lanza. I apologize, Candace for not being totally direct, when I’m being totally direct.


  342. And did you know that the human nose is proof of intelligent design? As Voltaire observed many moons ago, “It is obvious that the nose was designed to hold spectacles.”

    Repent the end is Rear,

  343. Hi LaVerne again, the website “rebooted” in the middle of my response. Whomever controls the reboot button may be after my carcass!

    To get back to my point, based on the results of billions upon billions of people who have lived and do live on this planet, plus the observations of the trillions upon trillions of other lifeforms, and the Obamanut notwithstanding, perfect health and infinite life in this creation is NOT a right. A good, healthy life is desirable. A long healthy life is desirable for most folks. BUT NEITHER IS A “RIGHT”. If it were, a hell of a lot people would still be around who are now long gone from planet Earth in the forms they once had.

    I don’t believe President Obama believes it either. It is just another piece of worthless hope and change that gives him a chance to tax more so he can live better. The unfortunate news for him, is he is wearing down right before our eyes. Since he gets so much TV coverage, compare pictures of him two years ago and today. Whether you like his policies and personna, well, that’s your business and you are welcome to it. That is the American way.

    Getting directly back to the article above, let me quote my great, great,… grandpa Thomas Jefferson, “Error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.”

    Thanks LaVerne, I’m sorry I got windy. T.

  344. Hi LaVerne, There is something else ALMOST all of us can agree on, especially as we make more trips around the sun. This physical body wears out.

    I love the Obamacare people (that’s you among them, Mike) who jump up and down, wave their hands and SCREAM LOUDLY, “WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO GOOD HEALTH!!!!”

    What is that all about? Are they going to jump up and down the next time they want to force America into bankruptcy and holler, “WE ALL HAVE THE RIGHT TO LIVE FOREVER, AND WE SHOULD BE TAXED ACCORDINGLY!!!”

  345. Oh, I forgot to tell you guys, Physics and Lanza (your two names together sounds like someone trying to figure out how to apply a butt cream to hemorhoids — so much for claimed brains) meanwhile, I forgot to tell you I’m a disabled Vet — blown up, hurts like hell, worse some days and nights. Lanza, since you’re an MD — or an eye doctor or proctologist — you should well know that left temporal lobe injuries cause eccentricities. Some of written history’s most famous people enjoyed the same experiences I have, but that’s another post.

    🙂 smile for Candace, she wants me to be direct.


  346. Who said anything about Chicken McNuggets. Oh yeah, it was Infidel or Physics further up the post. Well, I wasn’t planning on those high priced things. The old outhouse has plenty of its own historical (non-probable) nuggets lying around outside. Oops, I’m sorry. This is supposed to be a squeaky clean squealers’ site. ‘Bama’s going to throw the switch on it an year.



  347. Texas Grunt, I’ll do that one day. But I can’t share any Chicken McNuggets with you. I’m a vegetarian. Been that way for about 30-40 years.


  348. Yeah Tom. My two-holer is all natural wood. East Texas pine. The problem is, I can’t get a good Sears catalog anymore to use for TP. I tried using phone books, but only the white pages work (if one doesn’t mind black streaks from the print). The yeller pages, now that’s a totally different story. Can’t use those suckers. I started using 8×11 white paper that I record Politicians speeches on. Since they don’t say anything, I don’t have to worry about ink stains.

    Come on down (Texas talk) and we’ll meet out by there (upwind from a probability standpoint) and have a talk.


  349. You already are rich, Texas Grunt. I’ve seen your country outhouse, the mark of the super-wealthy. It’s a two holer with lots of natural ventilation. The probability is that ventilation is old knotholes.


  350. Well, you’re doing better Dillman. Maybe all this probability shit you’re writing about can help me on my next trip to Vegas. I mean, I can zip around and “observe” my competitors cards and know how to bet better. They won’t even know I’m there.
    Weeeooo! I’m gonna get RICH!


  351. Lanza’s Principle No. 4 is next. Then I’m going to lunch.

    4a. Lanza asserts: Without consciousness, matter dwells in an undetermined state of probability.

    4a. answer: Excuse me? Let’s assume a big old brown boulder is laying askewed on top of a small hillock. Although there are people who will dispute this, in general it appears the boulder has no consciousness. But there is a pretty determined state of probability that the big old brown boulder lying askew on the hillock is a big old brown boulder lying askew on the hillock. Multitudes of independent observers who pass by will note and describe the same thing. Common sense.

    4b. Lanza: Any universe that preceded consciousness only existed in a probability state.

    4c. answer: He’s semi-right from an egocentric, narcissicist point of view. Once more, Lanza is trying to justify his existence from a position of complete insecurity. I his defense, he probably doesn’t want to know any better. It is too unsettling.

    Cheers Lanza and Physics. See you at Principle 5.


  352. I have time now, to squeeze in a response to Lanza’s Principle No. 3

    3a. Lanza: The behavior of subatomic particles, indeed all particles and objects, is inexxtricably linked to the presecne of an observer.

    3a. Answer: Again, this is an egocentric absurdity. Again, there is no doubt the behavior of subatomic particles, all particles and objects can be affected by an observer. I mean, if I drive by a piece of environmental trash (make that paper) lying by the roadside, the whoosh of wind from my car will make that paper fly in the air until it lands again somewhere else. I affected the paper’s behavior. If I hadn’t driven by, the trash paper’s behavior would be different. It would keep lying there until someone elses car went by, or a bicycle, or even a gust of wind from the sky. Then it might zoom another direction. It is only common sense.

    The point is, objects still have a reality and sometimes “behaviour” independent of the limitations of a particular observer, and the observers need to “control” the environment they find themselves in.

    3b. Lanza continues: Without the presence of a conscious observer, particles and objects “at best” exist in an undetermied state of probability waves.

    3b answer: In one way, he’s right. He as the already passed observer doesn’t know the passing bicycler made the paper fly in a different direction governed by a different set of probabilities. But that doesn’t mean the trash paper object doesn’t exist! Sometimes people just have NO common sense.

    Just because Lanza can’t observe a speck of blood in the ocean that a shark can smell for a mile away, doesn’t mean the blood doesn’t exist or the shark doesn’t exist. It simply means Lanza’s (and other humans’) nose is defective compared to the shark. Lanza’s nose isn’t necessarily bad — though it may be large if he’s related to Mario — but it means his nose is an instrument designed to be adequate to help him survive in a completely different environment from the shark.

    To draw other unsubstantiated conclusions is senseless and absurd. It is self-limiting. It doesn’t have to be that way.


  353. Next we’ll peruse Lanza’s Principle No. 2

    2a. Lanza’s Principle No. 2 says our external and internal perceptions are inextricably intertwined.

    2a. Answer: I agree that our external and internal perceptions are intertwined. BUT, NOT inextricably. The very nature of this construction we call a human being is much more complex than Lanza and his followers can imagine, or even dare to dream about with their self-imposed limitations.

    2b. Lanza: Our external and internal perceptions are different sides of the same coin and cannot be divorced from each other.

    2b. Answer: The external events any one human perceived when “alive” in this lower creation continue to exist after this human frame degenerates into its inherent multiple parts. For example, a rock outside Person A’s house continues to exist after Person A’s demise. Group consciousness verifies this. On the other hand, Person A’s actions, reactions and thought processes when alive govern the “the future” internal experience of Person A after death. The coin is definitely seperated, definitely divorced at demise. This is absolutely measurable while alive in the human frame IF the measurer is willing to develop the instrument potential of the human body.

    Very few are willing. It is their loss. But the fact that they are NOT WILLING does not mean the alternative realities (some say parallel realities) don’t exist. As an example, just because I’m too lazy to walk three blocks to the grocery store to purchase ice cream doesn’t mean ice cream — or the grocery store — doesn’t exist.

    It is absurd to think the only reality is what we directly perceive at any instant in time. And that it all stops when any individual dies. That absurdity will allow any individual to do whatever he or she wants at any point in time, no matter the consequences to fellow beings. That absurd way of thinking has allowed the Hitlers, the Stalins, the Saddam Husseins, murderers, rapists, robbers, etc. to exercise whatever terrible ideas and misery they want on other entities.

    End of tea break. Back to my meeting. Lanza’s Principle No. 3 of 7 will be next.


  354. Hey Physics, this is for you now. Pay attention. I have to do this around my busy work day so excuse me if it takes more than one post. The good news is I’m the boss around this office. The bad news is I’m the boss around this office and everyone expects me to be the “rainmaker”. Oh well.

    Lanza’s theory of biocentrism has seven basic principles. There are truths and fallacies in most of them. But that’s the nature of of the human condition, which has placed itself at the merciless (sp?) limitations of the human mind.

    1a. Lanza: Biocentrisms first principle starts by saying what we perceive as reality involves our consciousness.

    1a. Answer: Lanza avoids the concept of single vs. group consciousness. He’s a bit on narcissus side by believing he is THE center of the Universe, and the Universe only exists because of him. Uh, have any of us ever seen politicians that feel and act the same way? Lanza’s type of self-centeredness can justify any kind of action. His ends justify any means, good, indifferent or bad (some would insert ‘evil’ for bad.

    1b. Lanza: An “external” reality would by definition have to exist in space.

    1b. Answer: Why? That’s only a limitation of human’s weak, lower mind. An external reality could exist in many forms, many not visible or sensed by a human. As a simple example, cats see things a human eye can’t. Cat’s eyes have a sensitivity to a broader frequency range. A dog can physically smell things a human can’t. Does that mean the dog, or what it smells doesn’t exist just because Lanza can’t smell it? Absurd.

    1c. Lanza: Space and Time are not absolute realities, but rather tools of the human and animal mind.

    1c. Answer: Space and time DO NOT have to be “absolute” realities in order to exist. It is only the lower human mind that demands they are absolute, in order to feel control over the frustration of this existence. Space and Time have every “right” to be as flexible as the situation requires. The true spiritual warrior learns to navigate the wild variables of Space and Time. The land-locked Lanzas and his wishful supporters can do nothing but try to squish reality down into their self-imposed limitations.

    That is the end of Lanza’s principle No. 1. I have a meeting to attend to now. I shall return.


  355. Okay Grunt, here goes. Hang on to your bullet riddled helmut, you old coot! I’ll be in your neighborhood next week and try to catch you for lunch. Assuming you’re still biocentrically alive. 🙂


  356. Well, Dillman, I’m looking forward to hearing this rebuttal of the biocentrism crappola. If you can convince and old warrior like me — one who is getting ever closer to knowing for sure — I’ll extract all the comfort I can. To heck with all those young folks (not in a mean way) who have no real sense of their mortality, but still have all their energy to achieve EVERYTHING if they could overcome the limitations of this terribly mind distracting world.

    Texas Grunt

  357. Today, Physics, it looks like I’ll have the opportunity to simply explain the severe limitations of the biocentrism train of thought. I’ll append it towards the end of this blog. Please note, I have no intention of changing your mind. You’ve made some good points and you’re entitled to your opinions, as is Lanza. But I tell you, there is nothing like experience that is repeatable across a broad spectrum of people.

    Best to you.


  358. BTW Mike, Agnostic is an excellent position to maintain until reality shows its face. We certainly don’t need to get caught up in following the lead of loud hollering “blind” people. With all due respect, I don’t mean someone who has lost their physical eyesight.


  359. Well said, Cal. And “Gary Owen” to you. Keep your DJ music rocking! Uh, maybe that’s Rockin’ Chair these days?

    Tom Dillman, Vet, First Cav

  360. I believe in Life after death. One of the reasons being, is from near death experiences. Over 5 million Americans have had this experience. With a number that high, a research needed to be done. There have been 3 major researches done in the past 20 years. When asked if it was dream like in any way, there was a resounding, “no”. Dreams or illusions have a tendency to bounce around and end without a conclusion. N.D.E. is not like that. Dreams don’t cause life changing experiences as N.D.E. does. When we die, we will all have this experience. It’s called the dieing experience. There have been cases where a person has been blind from birth and for the first time in their lives they have sight and can see the activities going on around them during recesatation. There can be no other explaination.
    That’s a scientific fact and not an opinion.

  361. Hi E. Although the “classic” definition of pantheism is a bit different from yours, when taken in your context, yes, all is One. All is He. We live in a creation of cycles within cycles within cycles, ad nauseum.

    The real deal is, IF WE CHOOSE, if we are honest about our desires to understand, we can break free of the entrapping cycles. But we have to want to be free within our very beings, before the Guide will arrive. We don’t have to understand what this feeling deep within us is about. That will come in the fullness of time, with the help of the Guide.

    Quoting Obama, “Let me be clear” (that’s the end of my Obama quote): a Guide is essential on the path of the spiritual warrior. And the Guide must be living when he “touches” the soul and imparts that speck of energy and success. And the Pure Guide, the spiritual Guide has some requirements. He will want nothing worldly from you, no money, no things, nothing but to follow some simple principles that will free the soul from this Pantheatic Cancer, freeing it for eternal bliss and happiness.

    Thanks for your post, E.


  362. I need to add Eric — I was wandering some years ago in England and the old Tower of London. It was kind of fun stepping on the poor, but very bright people’s grave plaques. And then observing the not-so-bright but rich and powerful elite who had giant sarcophogi — brightly decorated and mounted high so they can be see from far.

    I know their dried out carcasses are in there, but biocentrists would claim they’re not. Fascinating… My wonderful old Dad’s cooked carcass is scattered along some of the high mountain ridges of Mount Rainier in the State of Washington. I guess biocentrists would say that part of him doesn’t exist, or never has. Then I look down at my hiking boots and dyammm….. he must have been here. Mom said so. Fascinating.

    Meanwhile, back in the Tower of London, I took a left and wandered down some meandering burial halls when I came across a fairly large–make that medium sized–sarcophagus room. I glanced up at an ornately decorated tomb box and carved in the side of it were the words:
    “I die daily”. It was dated from 1300s – 1400s. A small trail of consciousness was inscribed on the side of the stone sarcophagus. Gee, Dr. Lanza and Physics — does that mean they existed? I mean they did leave a trail behind that is measurable in any level of physics.

    🙂 Smile, you are on Candace’s camera. T. Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician, First Cav Veteran

  363. Good response E. I might add, that many advanced Yogis, Yogishwars and Mahatmas have learned to “die daily” and return to their bodies at will. The old biblical “silver cord” trick. I’m going to give Lanza and Physics a lesson in REALITY down towards the end of this post. I’ll try to keep it funny and enlightening at the same time—yet direct. Candace will like that.

    RS – Tom in Texas

  364. Infidel, maybe you should try the darker purple-red liquid. It has a lot more antioxidants in it. You know, longer life and all. On the other hand, you may have more trouble waking up. Biocentrists will then claim the world no longer exists for the rest of us because YOU are drunker than a skunk.

    That said in all humor, I really need to deal with Lanza and Physics in a more sane way. Actually, in a more insane, narcissistic way. That said (I repeat myself) I’ll devote a little more time to Lanza’s professed principles. I’ll do it in a way that won’t be boring. Maybe even Deepak Chopra will be as impressed with me as he is with himself.

    🙂 T.

  365. Tom,

    Like most americans I used to believe in Jesus and holy spooks and all that stuff. But I was a young fella then. You see, when I was a child, I thought as a child, I understood as a child, I spoke as a child. But now that I am a man I have put away childish things.

    Although, it has often been said that I see through a glass dimly, it is probably because the glass is usually filled with a cold, bubbly, amber liquid. Ah well.


  366. Hi Infidel, if you learn to use your body instrument correctly, you can verify whether Jesus existed or not. Then again, one has to have a high level of interest before that dedication can occur.

    I like the gnostic gospels. The Nag Hammadi gospels — like Philips — present a lot of difficulties for a number of my Christian brothers and sisters. My suggestion is to ignore Thomas or Philip unless you are willing to have new doors opened — doors that will challenge our brainwashed reality.


  367. Tom, I like you. I think you have proven with your posts that people can have different outlooks but still be respectful and kind. In general everyone here has been respectful. That’s cool.

  368. Infidel, we don’t want to achieve everything there is to achieve in this world at too young an age. If we do, then what is there to live for? As far as Al the Great getting syphilis, did you know that is a camel borne disease? That creates an image in the middle of Afghanistan, huh? MOST people get it from camel spit. If you see one of those suckers curl its lip, get out of Dodge (or Kandahar).


  369. Hi E. — You are correct in a lot of what you say, your experiences are “on track” with reality. When we fall asleep, our higher bodies and minds do rise out of this physical body — generally through lower energy centers. The difference between sleeping and death, is that during the sleep process “the silver cord” as it says in the Bible and other mystic books, remains attached to the physical body. When our body awakens in the morning, the silver cord “lifeline” snaps our higher selfs back into this physical body.

    When we go to sleep and DIE, or just fall over dead, the physical body loses all control and attachment to the body’s silver cord. The silver cord snaps and like a helium filled balloon drifts up and away from the physical remains to the Astral world in most cases. The physical body deteriorates “ashes to ashes and dust to dust.”

    When it is time for another rebirth in the fullness of time, the silver cord is reattached to a new fetus. Life, real life, fills its infant form and the higher body cycles again through the birth and living experiences until wears down again (or is damaged beyond repair) and the silver cord snaps once more.

    The cycle continues almost infinitely, unless an accomplished, Perfect Guide, one who has made the complete journey to and from our True Home, finds we are ready to end the ceaseless cycle of craziness in, as you say, “a universe that goes on and on” — almost endlessly.

    thanks E.

    Your buddy, Tom Vet, First Cav

  370. E — I enjoyed your “whirling dervish” Sufi analogy in describing the good Doctors column. So accurate! But your comment opens a door I want a number of our posters to step through. Please bear with us.

    It is interesting to contemplate where and how that “whirling dervish” concept evolved. The Sufi mystics were attempting to disassociate the mind from the body’s senses by spinning until the mind and body became totally out of sync with each other. Thus, they freed the mind to rise to higher energy centers (chakras).

    There is no doubt this can work — I assume they can/could keep spinning in the higher spiritual regions until the soul is spun free of all lower world connections. For most of us, that spinning is very difficult — er, especially as I get older and the body more frail. Like anyother mystic discipline it complex and time consuming.

    There is a better, easier way for us non-spinners to achieve the same if not greater results, at least, equal results as the best Sufi spinners. That more comfortable way is a type of meditation, often called Surat Shabd Yoga. In effect, you (we) disassociate the soul from the lower minds and bodies with a specific form of concentration at the third eye (tisra til) and energy centers above it. For those of us who were raised in the West this lifetime, we are more familiar with (but don’t comprehend) the biblical term “let thine eye be single and thy whole body shall be full of light.” That is a first major milestone along the spiritual warrior’s path.

    Thank you E. Your “beneath the spin” columns get better everytime one hits the good old streets!


  371. Tom,

    In his opening paragraph Dr. Lanza says,

    “What happens when we die? Do we rot into the ground, or do we go to heaven (or hell, if we’ve been bad)? Experiments suggest the answer is simpler than anyone thought. Without the glue of consciousness, time essentially reboots.”

    He then went on to use two-thirds of the article to describe a childhood experience without providing any experimental data or a shred of evidence to support his hypothesis.

    I’m no scientist, but I am a writer, so I know padding for lack of credible evidence when I see it. I specialize in calling out politicians for doing exactly the same thing – that’s why I call my column “Beneath the Spin.” And from what I saw, the good doctor is spinnin’ like a whirlin’ Dervish.

  372. Again, Physics,

    Science cannot describe death, only dying. Science requires that you be able to prove your hypothesis. Can you prove your hypothesis, Physics, or are you simply dealing in speculation like the rest of us?

  373. Funny you should mention that. I’m a pantheist. I take the position that God, Nature, and the Universe are one. Thus, God din’t create the universe – he IS the universe. Consistent with that view, when I die I will continue to exist, as does all matter, though in a different form.

    One should also consider that since consciousness is a form of energy, it is conceivable that our consciousness just may transcend death. While I personally doubt it, one cannot rule out that possibility. After all, everything in nature goes in cycles from electrons and protons orbiting around the nucleus of an atom, to our solar system orbiting around the Sun. Even our seasons and the tide goes in cycles, so who’s to say that conscious energy isn’t recycled. That very energy just might be what stimulates life in a woman’s womb.

  374. Physics,

    It seems to me that the bigger ego is the one that thinks it’s qualified to make unwarranted assumptions about what another person understands – and especially on the subject of death. Death, like the existence of God, is a subject that can only be approached through speculation. Science can only speak to the issue of DYING, not death.

  375. Tom, I know exactly where we go when we die. We go back to where we were before we were born – to sleep. We die every night when we lose consciousness and drift off to sleep. The only difference is that we maintain the ability to come back to life.

    When we go to sleep at night, time and space becomes irrelevant. One minute we’re looking at television, and the next thing we know it’s morning. That’s what happens when we die. the only difference is, morning never comes.

    Many insist on speaking of a hereafter due wishful thinking and an irrational mind that refuses to conceive of a reality without our presence. For example, when I watch WWII movies I often think, how could all of this have gone on and I wasn’t hear to witness it. Then I force myself to recognize that I didn’t witness most of the history of the universe, and I won’t witness most of it’s future.

    So when we close our eyes for the last time, the universe will go on, just like the people on the night shift continue on when I fall asleep at night.

  376. Deadman? Time and space are irrelevant once we become free of these limitations. All the words of explantion won’t change the facts.

    To tickle your brain, one of my good friends is a World Expert on the Wild Man who lives in the Southern swamps. You may be more familiar with the wild man’s cousins, the Yeti, the Abominable Snowman, etc. etc. He is firmly convinced from observations that the Wild Man has the functional capability to travel through space / time wormholes, as it were. I don’t know, but his stories are fun to listen to and he is well published.


  377. yes Fizzy, but that’s like saying, “Well, I’ll run this red light. I’ll deal with the accident when it happens.” Hmmm…..


  378. Hi again, Naoma. Some Mantras are to achieve comfort in this world. Some are to achieve eternal comfort. It’s your choice what you want to do. I support you whole heartedly in your lack of endeavor.


  379. Sounds like another form of prayer to me Tallulah. Avoidance is a negative prayer. That’s the whole point. If you are going to pray, why not do it in a way that will help you?


  380. Oh and one more thing, allegedly the name Abraham itself came from India. Brahmins. According to my sources.

    Well its happy sleepy time,

  381. Amen Sage, er, Shalom Sage, er, aw shit, Sage!

    Hang in there brother. You’re on the right track!


  382. I know, Kelly. Gary the Infidel can be weird at times. But give him a chance. He also can be very funny, and he’s thoughtful. The rest is just cover-up. Distraut minds like to do that.


  383. BTW Steve — If the “others” feel injured because you work hard enough to afford a new sports car, that’s their problem, not yours.


  384. Yep,Steve,but this thing we call Earth is not the real Paradise. You have to travel beyond the body, the astral body the mind body. That being said, there is nothing wrong with making this temporary residence as pleasing as possible as long as it doesn’t injure others.


  385. You’re most welcome Trav.

    Gary Owen (Custer’s marching song! Horses love it. Turns out, so do Indians!).

    Tom, Texas Vet, First Cav

  386. That was a very good response, Evan. I thought you’d put the McNuggets in proper perspective. It is good to realize this world can be a humorous pile of dog doo doo. The realiziation helps our daily attitudes. Someday, I’ll tell you how McNuggets are made. Groaty!

    And if you think I think so, what about that cluckin’ member of 8,400,000 species? Like cows say on that commercial: “Eat more Chickin”.


  387. Mike, the “posts from the people” are better and more accurate than the article. But the article was interesting from a limited point of view. At least Dr. Lanza should have witnessed as many or more deaths as we Veterans of conflicts. That is, unless he’s an eye doctor. But kudos for him trying.


  388. I don’t know how or if Paul knew so much, Infidel. For the life of me, I can’t remember scuffling along in his sandals. It could be that the Universal Mind is powerful enough — it is where all memories are stored. We each have a tiny access to it — maybe even moreso if we consume enough six packs?

    Now, I’ll share something with you that will drive many folks crazy, including one of my sons who is a minister. This might answer your question about Paul’s legitimacy as a Jesus disciple.

    I have a close friend who is a Professor of Physics. He has been to a small town in Northern India where the legend is that Jesus healed and retired there to live a full life. It is the same town where Jesus developed his mysticism in his missing years. I have no idea if it is true or not, but it would/could account for Paul’s limited knowledge of Jesus’ teachings.

    Further, one of my wife’s Doctors is from India. His name? Abraham Thomas. His family is direct descendants of St. Thomas, who retired in India in Kerala State (south of Goa). That implies to me that India was certainly known to Jesus, as it was to one of his close disciples.

    If you want to, if you desire to, if you are willing to be a spiritual warrior and you need these questions to be answered… …you can use your human frame instrument to visit them while you are alive. Ask them yourself. Remember, you can go where your greatest desires are… that is the power of the human frame. Even Angels and pantheon of lower gods need to take on a human frame to make the journey to higher spiritual regions… to the soul’s true home.

    Now, if your only desire is the contents of the refrigerator, the human frame is best for that too, though I saw a god on TV fetching food from a refrigerator for his wheelchair bound owner.


  389. Greetings Tom,

    The way I remember it , Al the great died of syphillis as he lamented there were no more worlds to conquer. Caesar, the Julius, was drooling with envy a couple centuries later because Al had conquered the known world before he was 32, and all Julius had done is dress a salad. It must have been quite a tossed salad because he was offed in a CONSPIRACY of big govenment insiders. Ah well that’s what ambition will get you.

    On the other hand, “For the living know they will die; but the dead know nothing…Go eat your bread with joy, and drink your wine with a merry heart” – Ecc.9:5-7
    I’ll drink to that.


  390. Yes, the disciples were touched. But how could Paul have been spreading the message of Jesus when he never met him, except on that fateful trip to Damascus.
    By the way, not that it matters but, Paul or the author of Acts contradicts himself in telling that story (ch. 19 and ch. 22). He also contradicts Jesus, at least the Jesus of the Gospels, which appeared much later, after the temple and Paul were gone. And no, it does not make him a bad person, but all that cursing, and my way or the high wa attitude of Paul is not pleasant to me.

    By another way, I have a friend who is a dentist. He graduated from Temple U. He speaks of the Jesuits there in the highest regard, even though he is not Catholic, but agnostic.

    As for blasphemy, that is an offence against the gods, and since the gods do not exist (I deem it.) neither does blasphemy. Everyone can relax now. Sweet.

    Repent, the end is Rear,

  391. Thank you WJ. Unfortunately (or fortunately) many of my friends have made a living in the entertainment business. I personally haven’t had time yet for “Lost” but I wouldn’t be surprised if we left a little taint around that and many other show and tells.

    I always say, “great minds think alike” BUT “so do weak ones”. If you’ve enjoyed my post responses, you can get the double meaning! 🙂


  392. I can’t disagree Infidel. Paul himself was the creator of the Christian church, not Jesus. Not Peter. Not any of the other disciples.

    The difference between Paul and the disciples was the disciples were “spiritually touched” directly by a living Master, Jesus. Paul wasn’t. Paul was a dreamer. An opportunist. A smart person. A promoter. In my opinion, unless Peter blessed Paul in the Name, Paul was just another bright mind that found an opportunity for possible fame and fortune. That doesn’t mean he was a bad person, but just a person trapped by the mind’s vast array of illusions. But that is for you to decide. But giving credit where credit is due, Paul worked hard to spread Jesus’ message as he understood it.

    Granted, my viewpoint is tainted by being Jesuit trained. And by sharing a small part of the very inner circle of Pope John Paul II. I know many will disagree with me, some will say I haven’t gone far enough, others will accuse me of blasphemy. All of that is okay. It’s just the mind particles at work, trying to defend themselves against their own fear of demise.


  393. Hi Infidel, His lack of rhythm (and good sense) has probably been instrumental in his pending divorce. Then again, so might be his facing impending death and destruction. We can all scramble, but we can’t hide. We are so tightly wrapped into this physical creation that even the speck of dirt where our deteriorating body is to “rest” calls our name in our last years. Do you think Gore is any different? Power and wealth notwithstanding?

    I believe it was Alexander the Great who died in his early thirties in what is Afghanistan. He was the most powerful man in the world at the time. He asked that he be carried back to his home with empty hands outstretched so everyone who saw him would know, today’s power and wealth mean nothing after physical death. If it were otherwise, everyone who died long ago would have already absconded with all the world’s wealth.


  394. Hi Candace — I’m so sorry for not being exactly direct. This blog has a wide variety of minds absorbing it. They all deserve an answer they can handle, depending on where that in the life process. What would be direct for one person can be discouraging for another, equally interested person.

    What I want people to absorb, is the physical body and mind, astral body and mind and the “universal” body and mind are themselves inherently limited by the very nature of this Creation. The soul itself is unlimited — though trapped by the lower bodies and minds; it similar to a deep sea diver being trapped and limited by his or her diving suit.

    When ALL people (which will never happen of course) realize they are UNLIMITED in their potentials, and begin the process of realizing their unlimited potentials, the simple, idiotic things we get involved in like wars, boundaries, skin color, wealth, family squabbles, etc. will disappear.

    Though we can never achieve perfection in our earthly “diving suit”, we can and must try. The “diving suit” is one vehicle needed to disentangle our perfect souls from this creation, from the astral creation and from the “heavan” of the universal mind.

    I hope this is a little clearer Candace, a little more direct. Trust me from your post, you are on the right trail. At some point, a True Living Master will enter your life. He or She will say what I’m saying, perhaps a little better. You will have the choice to open your processes and listen — or ignore.


  395. Good observation MK3W. However narrow the article’s thoughtline was, never forget: “the path of the spiritual warrior is more narrow and difficult than a camel trying to pass through an eye of a needle.” The article presents a self-limiting viewpoint that is so large and cumbersome that a gulf spill could flow through it without polluting the edges.


  396. So is the world, A. Colin. More bends, twists and disjoints than an infected colon. 🙂 But you’re right. The original article has major holes in it. Like an ulcerated colon. But at least the author was trying to think. That’s a step forward!


  397. Thank you Candace. One further “scientific” piece of evidence evolves around the body’s need to consume protein. Many of those who are not willing to think, believe we can’t live without consuming other animal life. But to complete your point, why are the largest and strongest animals on earth plant eaters? Why are the meanest, cannibals — er, meat eaters? Clearly we can get all the nutrition we need from plant sources.

    You probably guessed I’m a vegetarian. A spiritual warrior vegetarian. There is a simple spiritual explanation, but I’ll address that later.

    Good post, Candace.


  398. Ms. Foreman? Those who are stuck on complete body identity THINK there is nothing but peace and quiet after death. What about the old saying, “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the bugs play pinochle on your snout. The little black bug with the big red nose goes through your liver and out your toes”. Sounds really peaceful and quiet to me 🙂


  399. Tom speak plainly: Do you think I am simply “resaying” or “rewriting” what the “Truly Great Mystics” have said? Moreover, are you suggesting that my point of view is limited? Explain. Though I enjoy subtext, direct is better.

  400. Yo Tom,

    Here is something else from the creator of Christianity, Paul, “If anyone does not love the Lord, Jesus Christ, let him be accursed (anathema). O Lord come. (maranatha)” – 1 Cor. 16:22

    And, “If anyone preaches any other gospel to you, let him be accursed.” – Gal. 1:9

    With Paul it was Yahweh, or the highway. But that is the intolerant theme of the Bible god.


  401. Yo Tom,

    How is Willy Gault doing these daze?

    Rand, the deva of the libertarian party, was an atheist to the core. “Faith is the worst curse of mankind, as the exact antithesis and enemy of thought.”

    “Religion is a short circuit to the brain.”


  402. Yo Tom,

    This shows how dazed and confused I am. I didn’t even know that Al Gore had any rythm.


  403. Very nice read. Now I’ll be wrangling the concept of time in my head all day, thanks!

    Tom, did you happen to be a fan of Lost? Season 6’s “flash sideways” seems to be in line with the concepts you’ve presented here. However minor the association, there are still some striking similarities.


  404. What did Saint Paul say? “I die daily.” We look forward to reading some of your stuff, Messenger.

    Tom Texas Vet, First Cav, Gary Owen!

  405. Actually Physics, most posters don’t understand or have a clue about the algorithms of math, chemistry and physics involved. That doesn’t mean their inputs aren’t valuable observations.

    For example, Columbus sailed to the new world. He made the charts, read the stars, ordered the sails set, directed the steering, etc. He was the “chief scientist” on his voyage. But that doesn’t exclude his crew labor from also observing the new islands and talking about them in a meaningful way when they returned to Spain.


  406. Candace, all of the Truly Great Mystics have said and say the same message. We as listeners screw it up and try to rewrite or resay their message with our VERY limited points of view.

    Keep posting.


  407. I know what you mean Carol. I had two of them while in the Service. Complete with… well, you know. When I stumbled back from S.E. Asia, someone handed me “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. That 1934 novel set me off on an incredible trek.


  408. Well Colossal, I mean KOLOSOL, it can be something else when we talk on this site about the VA, BP, the Little O, Politics, Afghanistan, Israel, etc. That meaningless stuff can make all our heads hurt. But hang in there.


  409. The article is what you say, Jim, but many of the response posts are real. Avoid the terms secular and religous–they only cause conflicts in inquiring minds–and speak the language you handle well. Thanks for your post.


  410. tallulah, You can make that choice. It’s okay with me. I just happened to have chosen the Spiritual Warrior’s path. It is my different choice. A difficult but pleasing one. I will tell you though, my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE shows me I made the right choice. It shows me on a daily basis.

    Those of us that are destined to reach our (yours, mine, every soul’s) True Home will all arrive there. Those who want to stay in this cycle of birth and death, birth and death, birth and death, well, that’s okay too.

  411. Ron, you are right in much of your analysis. One think, however, is that how you think about and respond to events that you go through in this life CAN effect your DNA configuration in a follow-on life. That information is buried in what many today call “junk DNA”.

    So, the trick is to override the inflences of thoughts and actions. That can be done by a certain mystical lifestyle. It takes a Warrior’s steel will to do that however. If it’s a fit, welcome aboard. If not, that’s okay too.


  412. Aaron, the gulf oil spill has yet to reach Texas. Oh, I’m sorry, you probably knew that. Let’s see, something you don’t know yet….

    Dyammmm, I can’t think of anything. Everything is already known. We just have to wait for the fullness of time for the event(s) to occur. Of course, your thoughts and actions responding to the event(s) sets courses of action further down the road.

    Keep going, Mon… T. Texas Vet

  413. You make a good point Shirley. But, prior to Columbus or whomever, there was no evidence the world was round. What if there was a super-being, not God, Allah, Yaweh or whatever 1000s of names impotent man has come up with, who has his finger on the red “time button”? I’m not saying its true, but the world DID turn out to be round, even if saying it could would get one killed.


  414. Shea, be kind to all creatures. Who knows? The dog may have been your great aunt Mabel in a previous life! Ever notice how some people and their dogs look so much alike? Interesting physics in play.


  415. Hi Naomi — it is good, no, it is very good to remain a non-believer until your time is right. Only in the fullness of YOUR time will that happen. Why should you spend your life as one of the blind following the blind? I wouldn’t, and didn’t. I listened and rejected, listened and rejected.

    But you know what? That golden city you dreamed of as a child, before the harsh realities of this lower creation took over your senses, that golden city exists. You can find it by using facilities in your physical body. But remember, it is ONLY the second step of a long, often delightful, journey.


  416. Hi Richard, What if I should suggest the ‘holy spirit’ is divine consciousness in action. This is also supported by early ‘string theory’ in physics (a newer mathematical way of looking at an age-old technology). Then, what if I were to suggest that a tiny drop of that divine consciousness in action resides in each living being? And if I further suggest that another name for that droplet of divine consciousness is the soul? Then, when I agree with you that when the physical body dies–ashes to ashes and dust to dust prevails.

    But after physical death, what if the higher vibrational bodies, including the souls, continue to live in different form?

    Then, if I say to you that all of this is provable while you are still alive in the human body, how would you respond?

    You see, the actual spiritual words of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Sarmad, Moses and on and on all say the same thing. It is just when our non-understanding minds get in the way, that we have to change their great messages.


  417. I hope your not talking about me Baltimorebabe! But if you are, I resemble that fact. But you should be very careful who you say that to. It isn’t everyone who has designed one of the greatest, airborne nuclear missile launchers ever conceived by mankind. Of course, I was young then, still full of shit and vinegar. Now I’m old, and Gary would prefer I was just full of sh-t. Oh well. It’s a strange world.


  418. I like your response, Infidel. You have a great sense of humor buried under that six-pack and bucket of chicken.

    T. First Cav Veteran, Korean DMZ and Laos

  419. Hi Kelly — nearly 30 years and over 25,000 hours sitting on my dead ass contemplating on the tisra til (the third eye) under the guidance of a Perfect Living Master. And still maintaining a householder’s life, earning my own keep, etc.

    Male or Female, one has to be a great, committed Warrior to travel this Path. It is not for the faint of heart. But the rewards along the way are outstanding — no, more than that — they are not exprssable in common human words.


  420. Gary, your human body is the instrument that can give you all the “shards of evidence” you’ll ever need. It’s up to you to learn how to use it. It’s also up to you to choose not to. Either path you choose is okay with me. Your destiny is yours, mine is mine.


  421. Physics? Biocentrism is just another figment of the mind. It’s okay to play there if you want — I applaud you for that. You have the right to be self-limiting if you’d like.


  422. Hey Physics — be real, use logic, use your head for something besides a hat rack.

    Tom First Cav Vet, Electrical Engineer, Physicist and Mathematician.

    BTW – My algorithms helped put the man on moon. How about you? I thought not.

  423. I agree with Deadmantalking. I have learned in my short existence that in some instances you don’t get points for a half right answer. Sometimes you’re either right or wrong. What I have started to realize is that people are really starting to accept the notion that there are many “Paths” to salvation. If this was a test and that was the answer you bubbled in, you are wrong.
    I don’t judge people for what they chose to believe or their actions. I’m not supposed to. Now more than ever the challenge for us all is not to worry about knowing everything – we can’t. But truly listening to our hearts.
    In these times there will be a lot of new “leaders”, new discoveries, and “new breakthroughs” that will be presented to us in such a way that it sounds like – progress or even truth…but don’t be deceived.
    Ask yourself this…what is progress if it leads us further away from God?
    The concept of simply “Rebooting” when life ends is a great guilt reliever. It is a great way to absolve people from ever thinking about their actions and most importantly… repenting.
    There are forces that do not want to see you saved. We are in times of many distractions. The following three things are constantly pumped into our subconscious:
    1. Do only what feels good 2. Do whatever we want 3. Technological discoveries erase boundaries which can only be good (ie. With the discovery of synthetic life, life may never end –immortality)

    A person can spend decades only focused on what was just described. All that person did was waste precious time…
    Salvation is hard work and sacrifice. Salvation is not something that is half right. Either you’re right or you are wrong. It is not an easy test. The good news is…as long as you live you can try again.

    Test question: How can you achieve Salvation?
    A. There are many paths toward Salvation
    B. There is no such thing…your mind simply reboots
    C. Good Works Only
    D. Jesus Christ
    E. None of the above

  424. Again, that is not what this article was about Tom, this article talks about science, not spirituality. Read again, and learn biocentrism.

  425. Tom, wow, for somebody who doesn’t understand that biocentrism is a science you sure have a big ego … learn the science and stop your condescending BS.

  426. This article was amazing, and based on scientific considerations, but the super natural comments are mostly a bunch of superstitions about reincarnation… this article states that time is a biocentrist illusion, no time = no “after”, so stop discussing your “after life reincarnation” brilliant ideas here, you’re out of the subject. Thanks

  427. “In fact, it was Einstein’s theory of relativity that showed that space and time are indeed relative to the observer.”

    [The “space and time” one observes in a dream seem real enough (esp. in nightmares), but are replaced by the “space and time” of the “bedroom” upon awakening.]

    “Quantum theory ended the classical view that particles exist if we don’t perceive them.”

    [Did quantum theory begin a “new” view that particles don’t exist if we do perceive them?]

    But if the world is observer-created, we shouldn’t be surprised that it’s destroyed with each of us.

    [Is the world “observer-created? Well, I am quite certain that I didn’t create the World Trade Centre demolition on 9/11/2001, although I sure did observe it.]

    Nor should we be surprised that space and time vanish, and with them all Newtonian conceptions of order and prediction.

    [Newton was anti-Christ…he didn’t believe in the Holy Trinity, and therefore, did not have the Son. Therefore, he did not have the Father. Therefore…who cares about Newton’s concepts? If gravity is truly an “attractive force”, why haven’t the pieces of the asteroid belt come together over the aeons of time? Ditto for Saturn’s rings.]

    Believe the testimony of Jesus Christ…accept no substitutes.

  428. HELLO; Messenger ! I have had a near death experience , also , AND, you are right when this thing happen to all these high-brow non-believer, there will not be enough drugs, to handle the ” SHOCK””””””!!!!! may a GOD have mercy.!! On the other hand– Candance make sense : LEAVE IT ALONE, NO ONE KNOWS. PULL -UP TO THE SEAT OF LIFE , GRAB THE WHEEL, PRESS THE GAS PEDAL ,KICK BACK and ENJOY THE RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!

  429. Physical science needs to stop presuming it can explain life in terms only material. While we may not prove whether or not our minds survive physical death, science should not presume to be a final authority on the matter. Doing so simply exposes hubris on the part of science.

    What the great scientists seems to overlook is that mind is non-physical, where it goes after a person dies no one can ever say for certain. But this article seeks to presume – or explain – the post life experience.

    If we did indeed cease to exist, then why would a mechanistic universe produce a mind that conceives of the possibility of something more? Can a machine (intelligent life void of free-will mind) create a machine that has mind that postulates?

    This article is nothing more than clever secular propoganda.

  430. I had a 30 minute death experience and all that’s being written in these comments here are in false reality. There is an afterlife and all of you are going to be totally shocked. Reincarnation does exist and will keep existing until this Beautiful Earth is destroyed. All I can say is: “you’re going to shocked and very disturbed at what you see”. Read my web site on my experience, for I am going to write much. This is a fantasy world we live in, the real world is the afterlife.

  431. Life consciousness does continue after physical death, but we may “sleep” for awhile, and we usually forget most of what has happened previously, until something triggers part of the memory. We don’t keep the same personalties, but often some traits are continued. The essense of our beings has existed for eons, and I have experienced a few partial “memories” of past lifetimes, but I’m very different now. For every effect there is a cause, in spirit and in science, even when we don’t remember it (in spirit) or haven’t discovered it (in science).

    So far there is no real (unquestionable) proof of spirit or spiritual consequences, but there is no unquestionable scientific proof of some cause and effect situations, either. We are still learning about many things, and we will learn more, sometimes without really trying, but just by observing. (It doesn’t take us long to realize that some things cause a lot of pain, but other things may take awhile.) But, even in this one lifetime, we forget some things which have happened previously. However, we live with consequences, eventually, whether we remember them or not.

  432. I liked Tom’s writing, though I do not completely agree. I heard that humans only really use 10% of their brains anyway. Who knows what could happen if we used our entire mind? I guess the point to all of this is…who knows?
    Though people have different belief systems there is always an element of judgment involved. Even with what Tom described there is an element of judgment outlined. Who decides if I become a spider or a germ? The truth is I think the folly of mankind has been presuming to know what actually happens when our lives end and that there are no consequences. If you need proof that there is a God, look around. There is only one thing that is certain, we did not create the world we live in. How is it that the earth is the perfect distance away for the Sun as not to burn or freeze? Why are in most cases herbivores the larger animals when compared to carnivores? So there can be a balance. Nature proves that a great deal of thought and judgment went into its design. Why would there be no judgment after life?
    As we learn more about science it reveals how life is not happenstance – it is a design. With any design there is extensive planning. As we uncover the execution (how to create synthetic life) we have not stepped any closer into understanding the planning or the “Why?” of life. For me I am very content not knowing this part, I don’t think I am supposed to.
    I know there is a higher being and there is life eternal. I guess the debate has and always will be: Who is the higher being? And in what form is eternal life? The point that is certain is judgment is a critical and integral part of the process and there is no escaping it. Even for those that chose to ignore it.

    I think it would be wise to spend time thinking about your status for eternity…

  433. Ah yes, I do recall how the “great” mystics have always classified Chicken McNuggets as a living form of the cycle of 8,400,000 species. Er, wait…

  434. I often wonder if there is something everyone can agree on? I have to admit we do seem to have an awareness. That’s a start.

  435. Man you never know. Is like getting knocked unconcious, once you die, you are unconcious and black out thats for sure. But then you won’t know if some entity detects that you black out somehow and extract your soul/conciousness/memory etc to another place. This time simply reboots is pretty narrow.

  436. Amen to that. I find it strange that people are so concerned about what happens after they die. Nothing people, nothing. Even if I’m wrong, deal with it when it happens and just live your life.

  437. Greetings Kelly,

    I waste my time because this kind of stuff, astral or not, seems rediculous. There is not one shard of proof for any thing in that article. It is new age baloney. I think that all religions are negative vibes and so my alleged negativity makes two negatives or a positive. Sweet.



  438. It seems to me that if there is human afterlife after physical death, then DNA supports that human afterlife is for that one same and only unique person who lived but once on earth. If there is human afterlife, it seems to me that DNA supports that a resurrection of each human is the manner of entering that afterlife. DNA stands against the reincarnation of humans into other humans and/or animals.

  439. When I was 9 I was told that after I died I’d see all my relatives — in life
    I was happy to avoid them, so that didn’t interest me. Then they promised me
    a mansion and streets of gold. Neither did that “fly” — happy in a tiny abode
    and forget the gold streets. Can I have my sports car instead? In other words,
    religion and the hereafter did not interest me SO I dropped out and all these
    years later (and I mean MANY YEARS) I still do not believe in any of this. And,
    until someone returns and tells me about it I will remain a NON BELIEVER.

  440. Well… if this is the case then everyone who is alive right now has, at some point prior to their present life, lived, and died, before. So, knowing this, I can honestly tell you that I remember absolutely nothing from before I was born and can safely assume that this is what I will also remember when I am dead. Okay, now that’s out of the way tell me something I don’t know.

  441. I am a non-believer in religion or the hereafter. I simply believe when my
    life is over it is over. Nothing to fear; just a lot of quiet and peace.
    Cannot get into the heaven/hell thing and have no desire to.

  442. This is the truth and to be believe this when science is not yet developed so far ,people are sceptical but to prove this will probably take 100 years.No body would have beleived life existed in water 50 years ago,but it contains life.This was written in Jain texts centuries ago.Similarly this is written in texts.

  443. Very interesting article. There are seemingly endless levels on which to process death in the mind. Of course the whole idea of reincarnation or a rebirth brings up the idea of fate and whether certain instances of “I don’t know why but something inside me made me made me want to _________”. I guess I kind of compare it to the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” where Jim Carey’s character has an urge to skip work and jump the train for a reason he doesn’t understand, but the reason was born from a past existence (in this movie it is explained as the erased memories within his mind). For me, the idea of eternal blackness and nothingness is terrifying, but what transfers to a future being? I cannot imagine that memories would transfer……though maybe they do. Maybe that’s why some people are geniuses in this world (Einstein) and some are not. Maybe Einstein (and others of superior intellect) are the result of many rebirths with gained knowledge from each life versus those who have lived through very few lives and have not gained experiences through the many lives. Just a thought…..

  444. Very interesting article. There are seemingly endless levels on which to process death in the mind. Of course the whole idea of reincarnation or a rebirth brings up the idea of fate and whether certain instances of “I don’t know why but something inside me made me made me want to _________”. I guess I kind of compare it to the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” where Jim Carey’s character has an urge to skip work and jump the train for a reason he doesn’t understand, but the reason was born from a past existence (in this movie it is explained as the erased memories within his mind). For me, the idea of eternal blackness and nothingness is terrifying, but what transfers to a future being? I cannot imagine that memories would transfer……though maybe they do. Maybe that’s why some people are geniuses in this world (Einstein) and some are not. Maybe Einstein (and others of superior intellect) are the result of many rebirths with gained knowledge from each life versus those who have lived through very few lives and have not gained experiences through the many lives. Just a thought…..

  445. very good article!
    tom, very refreshing to here a person talk about something other then what most of us have been brainwashed to believe. it seems that you have been doing alot of research and studing … i happen to believe the same as you in this.
    gary … don’t you get tired of being so angry all of the time? why not use some of that anger energy and check things out (not just believe what you’re told). i personily am tired of listening to this type of negative. here’s a great article … something to think about and all you can say is where’s the virgins? why bother waisting your time … or mine?


  446. very good article!
    tom, very refreshing to here a person talk about something other then what most of us have been brainwashed to believe. it seems that you have been doing alot of research and studing … i happen to believe the same as you in this.
    gary … don’t you get tired of being so angry all of the time? why not use some of that anger energy and check things out (not just believe what you’re told). i personily am tired of listening to this type of negative. here’s a great article … something to think about and all you can say is where’s the virgins? why bother waisting your time … or mine? 🙂

  447. Time reboots? Like Tron remakes? As a wise man said “The flower dies but the seeds live on” In that sense you never cease to exist. The Bible says that everyone will have a chance to live forever on a paradise earth. Amen.

  448. Evidence suggests? What evidence? I hate when people write a column on something completely speculative, and call their opinions evidence. This is worse than the “evidence” supporting the Big Bang Theory we got crammed down our throats all through highschool.

  449. There is absolutely no evidence to show that time reboots. If conscious dies, as you say everyone knows, then there would be no consciousness of anything… past, future, up, down, pain, joy… or anything. Computers don’t reboot without systems making them do it. (A “dead” computer doesn’t automatically reboot!) If there is anything that has awareness, renewed, transformed, or otherwise, there must be a back-up system of consciousness, whatever we call that system… God, Spirit, Life Force or Universal Intelligence. But even if awareness is transformed or changed, it really hasn’t ceased to exist. A sense of space and time can be lost, but only a continuing consciousness could be aware of such loss.

  450. The Bible is Jehovah”s living Word to all of mankind. He authored it through the power of His holy spirit. Eccl 9:5 states: The living are conscience that they will die,but the dead are conscience of nothing at all, neither do they anymore have wages ,because the remembrance of them has been forgotten. Also,their love and their hate and their jealously have already perished,and they have no portion anymore to time indefinite in anythingthat has to be done under the sun.

    Don’t worry about hell it doesn’t exist, but the common grave of mankind (HADES) does. But that’s OK because you wont know you are in there.

  451. Yo Tom,

    Do fries come with that chicken fried steak?

    And boy what will I be thinking when I become that head of lettuce? Boy I really blew it? I could have jumped on that train of good, good, good, good astral vibrations a happenin, but alas and alack, I chose another path. I just hope they don’t use blue cheese dressing on me. Uugh!

    And to make matters worse, I am out of beer again. Well I guess I can fabricate another soul and put it on e-bay, afterall, souls like the gods require no material. They are manufactured ex nihilo, making for a very good profit margin. Cheers.


  452. No problem, Gary. Hold out for a better offer. If that’s your destiny, that’s it. Don’t be surprised when a future you turns out to be somebody’s chicken fried steak. Or a head of lettuce in a salad bowl. Or even a ball of live snot dripping out of a wild chimpanzee’s nose. 🙂

    In the big picture, it really doesn’t matter. It’s none of my business, other than to wish you well with your 30 pack and 70 virgins.

    As for the shalom people, most don’t have a clue of their potential either. Neither do most Amen folks or the Allah be Praised brothers and sisters. The true reality is inside each human being. This world means nothing other than as a place to burn past and current karma as fast as possible

    Your fellow Infidel, Tom

  453. Hi B.A., I’ll keep it simple unless you ask for more. We’ll start with humans, though the same can be said for every lifeform in varying degrees of activation.
    That being said, I’ll paraphrase ALL of the Great Mystics’ teachings.

    Each and every human is composed of the same basic elements in ascending order: the physical body with its physical mind; the higher vibrational astral body with its higher vibrational astral mind; the higher yet vibrational universal body with its universal mind; and finally, the perfectly vibrating soul—the true and eternal essence of every living being.

    When the physical body dies, and returns to dust, the combination of the astral form, the universal form and the soul rise together as one astral conglomeration to reside in the astral world, awaiting judgement for the freshly dead physical form’s most recent thoughts and actions.

    Since our desires (lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachments) control our destinies, when we are judged and pay or earn the price of our worldly actions, the astral conglomeration is recycled where best our most pressing desires can be fulfilled. Eastern mystics call this “reincarnation” or getting trapped in the Cycle of 84 (8,400,000 different physical species). Round and round we go in this cycle of 84, trapped by our actions, reactions, memories, etc. Mystics call this cycling “paying off or receiving the rewards of owed or earned actions, “karma”.

    Most of us remain trapped in the Cycle of 84 for countless lifetimes, cycling out
    of physical bodies into the astral bodies (which include the universal body and mind, and the soul), and eventually back into physical bodies again, then back to astral bodies, etc. etc.

    Most worldly religions call the Astral World either heaven, or hell. they have little or no concept of true, perfect, eternal reality.

    Once we understand perfection’s nature and how we can merge into it while living in this human body, how do we escape the anchor like grasp of the Cycle of 84 that is pulling us back down into this lower, grossly imperfect level of the creation arround us?

    Even more fundamental, is DO we want to escape. Most of us want to continue the carnival, the play, forever. Unless we get fearful of being cycled into a “lower” species, like becoming a pile of Chicken McNuggets. Or a cave dwelling spider, or a rose bush, or a germ, for example. These are all living forms in the Cycle of 8,400,000 species.

    But fear is not adequate to escape this prison house. The flame of the Love of Perfection must be lit within us — not by the blind leading the blind — but by one who is a true guide, who has made the journey beyond the universal mind and all the lower forms that make up what we think is a human. But the true human is the perfect soul — a delighted, painless, eternal droplet of the Divine Ocean.

    When you are ready, the flame lighter will arrive in your life at the most unsuspecting moment.

    I hope that wasn’t too much to warm your thinkers. Warmest R.S., Tom Dillman, Texas Vet, Mystic

  454. I’ve been thinking about that lately. When I die everything I learned or saw or smelled or heard will be gone. There will be no me to remember these things and no one who will experience the world the way I did. And did you ever wonder about the dead being called to be judged. I thought the soul left the body at death. Would there be a soul in the body to be judged? Maybe it would be reincarnated over and over to wait for judgement day. Maybe one day, we’d just wake up “new” with no memory of our old lives. It’s an interesting idea.

  455. Michael, Michael, Michael — if you only had a clue, you’d stop reading the clueless Huffington Past and their timeless version of Mario Lanza.

    It is so hard for people to comprehend something beyond time. Something timeless. But it exists, and it can be explored using the human body as a vehicle to go beyond the gross time limitations of the mind.

    But, the good news is, Mike, at least you’re thinking, exploring for the right direction.

    Cheers, Tom

  456. Reboots for who? Is this about reincarnation? If you are unaware of the reboot, has then the classical view that particles (time) exist if we don’t perceive them, it has not.

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