Industrial Apocalypse Soon, Says Writer


By Drake Bailey

We Are on Our Own

To those with ears to hear…
Finest government money can buy, and the EPA is on the payroll!
Look where their funding comes from… all the industries they rule on!

Refusal to take action on the gulf oil spill shows how useless all our government agencies are.
The SWAT teams, Wakenhut security, and armed denial of access to the affected areas?
Martial law 100 miles inland from our national borders…

After refusing any and all ideas of what should be done, is it any wonder people are skeptical?
Thousands of fishing boats could make a difference, but this is not allowed.
Thousands of people could help in these efforts, but they are not allowed.
Instead of addressing the issue, we now have official plans to evacuate!

It will start small, BUT, all in all, there are some 20 to 40 million people involved.

The migration of the great dust bowl all at once and multiplied by ten…
Think of a forbidden zone that is too dangerous to go into.
Think of the fact that after the oil rains, nothing of any kind will grow there, and all wildlife dead…
Those who resist evacuation are to be forcibly removed!

The whole gulf of Mexico becoming a great soup of chemicals, AND the air deadly…
The wind will spread this destruction over the entire south east of our country…again, gotta move!
All gulf coast states are now subject to this, all major cities, and all the people there.

To ruin the rest of the country, all it takes is one die hard hurricane that simply keeps going inland,
Slowly spreading that toxic oil rain that has already fallen in Texas and Louisiana…rumors of the same in Georgia too…

If you think BP is criminal in this, what about our very own government?
They all knew and not only did nothing, but ignore it all…
There were censors on the ocean floor indicating exactly the problems that have escaped…
The readings are a part of the reports to our government agencies!
Now what?
If there is any way you can, leave!

Many of the survivalists and patriots might be willing to accept people and even help them get out.
Lots of people are setting up to survive, but everyone will be required to work.
Bring essential survival types of things, tools, dried food, water purification devices, and arms.

Most of these communities will be under someone in command.
Be ready to take orders and designated responsibilities.
Everyone needs to be proficient in firearms for hunting and defense.

No one has said anything about how these 20 – 40 million people are going to be taken care of.
According to just the shear number, it doesn’t look like any agency, state, or the fed is capable.

This leaves the alternative of using FEMA camps.
You know, all those concentration camps all over our country that don’t exist…?
Several thousand U.N. vehicles have been spread out over the south east United States…wonder what they are for?

None of this is going to be good.

It is recommended that everyone, no matter what you are doing, start getting ready to be on your own.
Take care of your family first, doesn’t matter if you work for the government or are in military service.

Water, food, and arms are the big three. Do not get caught in traffic on any road.
Do not trust anyone, they might be after what you have, you, or your family…
There will be thousands who will starve to death, die from lack of water, and many will disappear into the FEMA camps.

Out of this, a lot of people who survive, will be coming to visit.
Hungry people are the most dangerous on the planet…the reason to be armed.
After that comes the takers. Small groups that systematically raid survival groups, taking what they want.
Another reason to be armed and have several people to help.

In about two to three years, things should calm down, and most will be able to look into the long range tasks of surviving.
This is what we have to look forward to, at the beginning now, and after the dust settles.
Are you ready?


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