Virginia Beach Camp Lejeune Meeting Saturday July 17th

Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina

By The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten

Over the past few weeks we have been able to host three informational meetings for the Camp Lejeune drinking water contamination. I can honestly say that those who have attended the meetings were not disappointed. We are attempting to educate our community about what we were REALLY exposed to and give them some sound advice about what types of relief are available to them and their family members.

The Corps has obfuscated this issue and told so many lies regarding the contaminates and what happened on the base that these meetings are a necessity if you are concerned for the health and safety of yourselves or your family members. We are amazed at how many of us still believe that ABC Dry cleaners was the sole source of contamination for the base or are unaware of the massive fuel losses at Hadnot Point near the potable water wells on Hadnot Point.  

Our next meeting will be this coming Saturday July 17 in Virginia Beach. If you live nearby or in an adjoining state, we urge you to attend. RSVPs are being accepted until July 15th. The contact to register is Vanessa Bertka at 843-546-2408 ext 757 or you can email us at [email protected].  

If you are interested in holding one of these informational meetings in your area, we will need a volunteer to help coordinate the people in your location. We have already been contacted by several members in Texas and California. In order to host a meeting, we will need about 75 participants. I encourage everyone to use our bulletin board on the website as a means to make this happen for you. Jerry Ensminger and Mike Partain have volunteered our time to speak at the meetings and answer any question you may have about Camp Lejeune.  

Here is the list for meetings in the works. We still need people to register in order to hold these meetings.  

July 17th Virginia Beach , VA RSVP by July 15th
July 31st Charlotte , NC RSVP by July 29th
August 7th Syracuse , NY RSVP by August 5th
August 21st Pittsburgh , PA RSVP by August 19th  

We are also planning a meeting for Tampa Florida. If you are interested in a meeting there, please contact Mike Partain at [email protected].


  1. I”ve had cancer twice because of this bad water!! Our great gov. wont even help me!! You tell me this isn’t a cover up???? Come on!!

  2. Your website was brought to my attention yesterday, by a soldier who is suffering the effects of the toxic water contamination @ Camp Lejeune. I wanted to share our company information, as we have seen incredible results relative to detoxification (and our ultra-pure water is being tested with Autistic children in NY, as well as numerous other facilities and research centers, in an effort to determine HOW “better than pharmaceutical grade” water can flush toxins from the body (humans as well as animals). I would encourage anyone with questions to contact me for additional information. Thank you, and I wish you the very best in your endeavors. Melinda Lagasse

  3. I did not find out abnout the Va Beach meeting til it was over. I was in Lejeune in 73 -76 and lived in the Hadnot point area approximately 2000 – 3000 yards from the base Dry cleaners and would wake up smelling the fumes from the dry cleaners every morning I was there at Lejeune. This on top of drinking the water bathing in it and consuming foods prepared in it. As an Electronics technician I routinely used Varsol and other solvents containing VOC’s on a frequent basis. I did not even learn of the contaminantion (and I lived in DownTown Jacksonville from 82 thru 96) until I accidently came accross an articel on Yahoo about it. As I read more and more information (every scrap I could find on the net) the angrier I got. when I found the lines in one article that the Marines were supposed to use the IRS records to notify everyone that lived in Lejeune from 195 something to 1987 I imediately ask “WHy have I nnot beeen notified” The IRS and THE Veterans Administration have known my address since 1984 when My Wife (an active duty Woman Marine) stationed in New River Air Stration, Died in an a Car accident in June of 84 and I started recieving DIC payments. It was during this research that I found out about the meeting ion Va Beach but it was the day after the meeting. HQ Marine Corps finaly contacted me but onnly after registering at ATSDR registry and the information was limited and very confusing. Everything I read is taling about the children of mothers that drank the water but what about the service members that also drank the water in the barracks and mess halls and bathed in it. Any studies underwqay or to begin anytime soon to determine what if any Health effects can be expected by those of us that were also there.

  4. To find out additional information about the Camp Lejeune water contamination, please visit the website of The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten at TFTPTF was formed by 2 Marines- Jeff Byron & Jerry Ensminger- whose families were adversely affected. On TFTPTF’s site, you will find a historical documents library, timeline, photo gallery, illness registry and discussion board.

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