By Jim Condit Jr., Candidate for US Congress, 8th District Ohio

(My congressional campaign at www.TheRestOfTheStory2010.com is devoting our “radio ads campaign” to making known the 1967 attack on USS Liberty. The significance of what happened to the USS Liberty in 1967 holds the key to current attacks against our “Ship of State” in 2010.)

The Precinct System has been set up for almost 200 years, and is the only peaceful and constitutional way to take back our country.

Normal, everyday Americans need to learn how to participate in the Precinct System in the major party of their choice in their own COUNTY — with a view to mobilizing to preserve and restore the true freedoms enumerated in our Bill of Rights and US Constitution.

At the top of www.WagTheDog2010.com – find our primer video on the precinct strategy, “The Strangest Political Secret” (13 min).

This was the short video that the Leaders of the Nevada Tea Party, 912, and Campaign for Liberty groups (among other groups) used after the April 15, 2009 Las Vegas Tea Party Rally to send out to their members right before their first coalition meeting. Then they decided at that first coalition meeting to implement the Precinct Strategy.

Hear Nevada Precinct Leader Bill Pojunis tell this story on youtube (seach for The Precinct Solution – Part I) about how the constitutionalist coalition had taken over the Las Vegas Republican Party (reported by FOX NEWS on December 12, 2009).

In the fall of 2010, in Utah at the GOP state convention, local precinct leaders and others un-endorsed long time RHINO GOP Senator Robert Bennett – and replaced him with a Tea Party type leader. This needs to happen in all 50 states in both parties.

Until enough normal Americans understand the HOW and WHY of the Precinct System — we are not even on the playing field.

We see the candidates. But where do the candidates come from?

A precinct is five or ten streets around your house. Each of our 3141 counties are divided into neighborhood precincts. All the voters in your precinct vote at the same location on election day. According to the rules in your state, every two years (or four years) the voters in your precinct elect a precinct captain or committeeman for each party. The democratic primary voters elect a democratic committeeman, and the GOP voters election one for your neighborhood for the Republican Party.

At the bi-annual COUNTY precinct organizational meetings, the Party Leaders in your county are elected. It is at this COUNTY precinct organizational meeting that inadequate party leaders can be BOOTED OUT and replaced with Party Leaders who will once again stand up for the people and the Constitution.

Such principled party leaders will then endorse Constitutional-minded Congressmen.

And a constitutionally minded Congress can make the policy and laws to save our country.

Let’s review:

The precinct captains are voted in by the voters in each precinct.

The local COUNTY party leaders are elected by the precinct captains from their party at the bi-annual county organizational meeting (every 4 years in some places). This is the meeting that the current party leaders don’t want you to know about.

The county party leaders endorse candidates for public office. 95%+ of the time the endorsed candidate wins the primary for each party, and then one of the primary winners gets elected in November and goes on to city hall, the state house, or CONGRESS where they make the laws and policy which largely determine the future of our country.

Rallies, while good in themselves, are basically defensive strategies. Put another way, why beg Nancy Pelosi to do something, when you can use the precinct strategy to replace her? And the same goes for all the other 435 congressmen and the 100 Senators.

The Precinct Strategy is an OFFENSIVE strategy through which total victory can be achieved. Defensive strategies by themselves have NO CHANCE OF WINNING against the well-entrenched forces destroying our country in Washington D.C. This is why all concerned Americans must add the precinct strategy to their personal action plan.

Our 50 states are divided into about 300,000 neighborhood precincts.

Now we all — together – using the internet, conference calls, email, cell phones, and local meetings — can educate a few hundred thousand of our fellow Americas about the Precinct Solution — and take back our nation and our future by 2012.

The precinct strategy is the MISSING INGREDIENT to all other current action plans. Whatever issue you believe in, office holders will take it more seriously when they see you and your fellow citizens coming at them as precinct captains to take their job away and give it to somebody else – if they don’t perform.

The Precinct Strategy, or Precinct Solution, has been so hidden and de-emphasized by party leaders and the news media over the last several decades, that I think we are more than justified in calling it “The Strangest Political Secret”.


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