Dick Eastman: World China, World Jewry and the Destiny of Common Man


Every man is responsible to every other man.

No man is an island entire of itself; every man
is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;
if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe

is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as
well as any manner of thy friends or of thine
own were; any man’s death diminishes me,
because I am involved in mankind.
And therefore never send to know for whom
the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.
– John Donne

By Dick Eastman

One writes hastily to get the ideas out. Once doesn’t go back because when a nation is falling before your eyes, such niceties as spelling and grammar and turn of phrase don’t really matter very much.

The United States filled with people escaping the feudalism mixed with fince capitalism of of Europe and the absolute oriental despotism of Asia was bound to fail against the combined onslaught of Jewry and Jewry’s new docile manpower source, China.

The Chinese are an agricultural people and no a large percentage of them are an industrial people. Not so with us any more — except the Mexicans — who are the closest Americans to what we European-wave Americans once were until destroyed by the corruptions of anti-Jeffersonian urbanization or conspiratorially planned degeneration of a once free people. While American negroes who move to urban slums where the whore and the drug dealer become the idols of children, and all tend to look down on the those of that race who remained in the deep (US) south and continued to farm — not realizing that the farmer is the highest form of life and virtue and well-roundedness and that the strength of every town is the refreshment of virtue and health of people who come in displaced from the land. And in addition to agricultural and industrial people the Chinese also have the two traditions of “war by other means.” The great Sun Tse who believed in totally vanquishing an enemy by corrupting his princes and working the breakup of its organization and provision — provided the basis of what was needed. Furthermore, China’s criminal Triad princelings have the power of a communist dictatorship whose secret determination to realize a plan for world communism under one Chinese-Jewish government has never wavered. Trotsky and Zhou Enlai (Chow En-lai) were able to combine Sun Tse with the tactics of fifth-column subversion by (Jewish) agitators, working the destruction of our Jeffersonian principles. Jews prosper by conspiracy, because without conspiracy, they are at a disadvantage as a people who consistently hold themselves apart from all others in the lands they come to occupy.

Somewhere in the archives of my yahoogroup frameupand I think it made it to Rense.com, there was a description and excerpts from a book by the brilliant farmer, scholar, and Populist Party candidate Ignatius Donnalley written in the 1870s about what American civilization would look like in 2000. The book was Caesar’s Columnand it tells how the United States ends up being controlled by Jews through their simple hunger of dominance and their coveting and their less-than-disregard for all not of the tribe — although not in such stark terms. The Jews were simply the obvious choice in this intelligent and well-informed man’s extrapolations into what the future would be like.

Anyway we are going down because of the combined efforts of Jewry and the foreign power — Chinese power Jewish bankers created and now control. It was the Jews job to recruit and organized the “corrupt princes” of their Sun-Tse-Trotsky-Zhou strategy, people like Bernard Baruch recruiting or otherwise controlling people like Wilson, George C. Marshall, Achesen, Hiss, the Clintons — while the agents of Jewish banking power (Morgan, Rockefeller, Harriman, Biddle — check a membership list of the Council on Foreign Relations for names of more conspiracy families etc.) served the overthrow of the Jeffersonian republic from the top down — through banks and the corporations and mostly the law — seeds of such destruction laid by the Federalists — agents of City of London (Jewish merchant bankers) like Hamilton who gave us a central bank and a national debt, John Marshall the Supreme Court Justice who opened the door to total financial sector and corporation power; and John Adams, the president who gave us our first “Patriot Act” in the “Alien and Sedition Acts” — which led to Shay’s (anti-Federalist — or populist or “conspiracy theory”) Rebellion which was put down. later came Congress dominated by agents on retainer to the banks like Danial Webster and Henry Clay and from their Hamiltonian “American System of big debt financing, land speculation and money manipulation came the American Civil War which started as simply a bigger version of Shay’s Rebellion — with the issue of slavery only as a side line, which became bigger more to recruit volunteers and to gain moral support for the cause of Northeastern Money Power domination etc. And — but I digress.

So the Jew will inherit — in Biblical Jacob style — the US and mostly the Chinese will supply the military power that enforces Jewish control even as Chinese eventually swallow the continent. Mexicans and such whites and blacks as are permitted to continue living and reproducing will be given their functions as well, the new helots — with all remembrance of moon landings in 1969 or the invention of the light bulb etc. forgotten, erased by the historians in the employ of the victors. We are already there too.

We have nothing to lose. We already threw all that away ourselves, under Jewish suggestion and the base appetites that temptation and seduction by “sin” ( a word that will vanish as Jewish-Chinese-Pavlovian mass-indoctrination methods eradicate Christianity and Islam from the world — although the names may continue — as they do in the mental prison camp of Zionist “Pat Robertson” Christianity.

So what?

So I wonder whether any Chinese have ever read one of my articles on Social Credit or the advantages of a populist society — the kind of world Ignatius Donnalley as well as Jefferson and John C. Calhoun (insofar as he was the great elaborator of Jefferson’s political philosophy, and Huey Long — and other people you have never heard of or have been taught to revile but who really would have given us a better world if their ideas had been given a chance against the agenda of the Jew-dominated Money Power. As I was starting to write, I wonder whether anything of the proposals of we twilight populists and social creditors — will be remembered. I doubt that much will. Our thoughts have been locked in the cordon sanitaire of cyberspace — and future cyberspace will easily be able to erase our mark here, even as Neil Armstrong’s marks on the moon will be erased.

I do not believe in natural law, agreeing with John Stuart Mill that “Nature” is the most ruthless and callous mass-murderer of them all, knowing no justice, but only war, pestilence and famine — mirroring how the dirty trickster is always able to destroy the saints, the liar and stealth thief able to bring down the structures of the intelligent, the industrious and the good. But I do believe in adaptation, including learning — and that the principles of Jefferson (classical liberalism — before the Jews got to it) or of Kitson, Soddy and Douglas (call it “social credit” or the populist critique of debt slavery and monopoly) I do believe all those things — can be re-learned. Social Credit and the principles of populism are solutions to the problems of exploited mankind that remain “out there” to be rediscovered — as long as mankind is close enough to what we now are to have the problems that we have.

I think as the rule of the Jews and the rule of the “legalist” Chinese dictatorship (and don’t forget the ruling elite of India, also controlled by the City of London as “corrupted princes”) tries to hold on to this empire — they will stumble, their power will break apart because they will be on top — once the conspiracy takes over they become responsible for the future and the people will know it. When the ruler of Chin overthrew the last of the Chow and conquered the other states of China he adopted the name Shih Huang Ti “First Emperor” and set up a totalitarian dictatorship administered by Li Ssu — they stamped out with brutal murderous force all other ideas, killing the students of Confucius and Mo Ti (who was the Chinese Jesus, before Jesus — the peasant philosopher really greater than Confucius and Lao-Tse — but the one most consistently banished from Chinese thought every since because of the constraints his universal-love-over-special-interests-and-family-interests teachings placed on ruling elites.) The Chin Dynasty burned the books, set up an absolutely intrusive police state — not unlike what is today associated with North Korea — and understood big government spending programs like FDR, LaRouche, Kucinich and Helen Brown are pushing – undertaking the building of much of the great wall of China — but the people could not stand it and so a farmer in 221 BCE led a “Shay’s Rebellion” peasant uprising against the Chinese “Federalists” (called “legalists”) so that the stinking oppressive “New World Order” of Shih Huang Ti and Li Ssu was brought down in only 15 years. Then for 6 years China had freedom and instability, followed by an eventual takeover of the government by a peasant turned warlord, the much milder Han Dynasty which lasted for 400 years. When World China is “unified” under Jewish influence, I predict the same thing will happen. Jews are fit for conspiracy, not for rule. They will prefer to remain in the bankground as Chinese front World China — but their policies will pinch just as those of Li Ssu pinched — and one way or another — World China will revolt against the Jews — the Jews will say they were scapegoated — and a better – non-Zionist world will follow.

Put my prediction next to Ignatius Donalley’s.

Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington
Every man is responsible to every other man.

Populist Nationalist Social Credit Brotherhood of American Citizen Peacemakers of All Races and Creeds  — This is our Common Ground!!! 
(This idea failed to take hold of Americans who were, I regret to say, already too far gone — but the ideas will surface again in World China — for those races surviving, or those new races who will have to develop new creeds, better creeds, to replace those that are now being extinguished.  The ideas of Mo Ti, reappeared in Jesus.  The ideas of Jefferson and Douglas (social credit) will reappear in a Chinese version.  Sparks die, but new fires are always possible.)

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