US Century of False Positive World and Domestic Policy Confirms Paradox


US Century of False Positive World and Domestic Policy Confirms Paradox

March 2011……….Second decade 21st Century US policy remains singularly trapped in an anachronistic foreign policy, total domestic financial collapse, and civil mobilizations rising out of a dense fog paradox. Welcome to the New Palooka Villes

A paradox of  U.S methodology domestic and foreign that was considered sound at the turn of the 20th Century but as history data and factual events unfold across the world the 21st Century U.S. populace are now being accused punished and made to pay for this 100 year systemic flaw.   Conversely, a populace attacked from every position that historical facts, documented data, and self admitted excuses “Too Big To Fail’ proves was almost certainly flawed.

So egregious and peculiar,  the 20th Century flawed methodology has held grip on the entire Nation who up to this moment could care less!   This 100 year false positive systemic methodology transforms American citizenry into a nation inflicted with severe  “Stockholm Syndrome.”   Translation; Stockholm syndrome any person, entity, nation that has been incarcerated held prisoner over a very long period are transformed into a love of being a captive prisoner, in other words a masochist.

Foreign Policy Paradox Versus Domestic Economic Financial Tranquility

Daily headlines exposes fully documented almost certainly a flawed foreign policy coupled with old notions of empire.  Most Republicans and Democrats Agree: Cut Aid for Poor People, Not Israel.  President Barack Obama’s budget includes halving the home-heating oil subsidy poor households depend on.   “But he proposes $3 billion from Israel.” Posted by Alternet

Old and outdated notions of empire and the sustained systemic flaw and paradox of maintaining 750 belligerent military bases across the worlds spectrum.

“As the sun peeks over the horizon of the Arab world, dusk is descending on America. Watching them face security forces using batons, tear gas, rubber bullets, and in all too many cases, real bullets (in Libya, even helicopters and planes) and somehow grow stronger is little short of unbelievable.

Seeing Arabs demanding something we were convinced was the birthright and property of the West, of the United States in particular, has to send a shiver down anyone’s spine.

Both Democratic and Republican governors are demanding the cuts, and in most cases they are collaborating with public sector unions to put them in place. Both parties openly and shamelessly insist that the working class must foot the entire bill for the economic crisis that was triggered by the parasitism of the financial elite. The American Empire Is Collapsing Before Our Eyes in the Mideast Posted by Tom Dispatch Foreign policy article; “Nefarious War Crime Allegations Directed To All Americans Absolutely Flawed”  The Solon blogger describes on Democracy Now why the new charges against Bradley Manning are so nefarious.  Posted by

Incredulous war crime allegations against Mr Bradley Manning who exposed  hyper flawed U.S. policy resulting in war crimes, crimes against peace, and International War Crimes while Secretary of State Hillary Clinton parrots daily the total annihilation of 70 million indigenous peoples of Iran.  Her actions speak for herself by confirming that the U.S. projects globally supreme paradoxes, self anointed reverse victims complexes,  and extreme self immolation trajectory. video by Keith Olbermann MSNBC

Wisconsin Ohio New Jersey Exposes Century Old DOA Budget Proposal Paradoxes

Cities States Federal bureaucratic apparatus follows 100 year DOA conventional thought by confirming old fashioned notions of  recovering financial stability.  Consequently ignoring the singular and absolute reason for economic and financial demise.  By avoiding looking in the mirror at their reflection these particular, errors in time, continue exacerbating decomposed solutions.

Perpetuating the dismissal of  time honored traditions, to serve, obey, the Laws of the States they were elected to serve, ignoring a flawed and rigged market system, deflecting the crony crime organizations accelerated theft of all U.S. citizenry labors.   Published article; “Why Don’t Teachers Get the Respect They Deserve? Republicans Would Rather Destroy Schools Than Raise Taxes on Millionaires” Schultz: “They got more millionaires in New Jersey than they do teachers, but we got to have the teachers pay for everything.”Posted by Alternet

100 Year False Positive Systemic Methodology

“Both Democratic and Republican governors are demanding the cuts, and in most cases they are collaborating with public sector unions to put them in place. Both parties openly and shamelessly insist that the working class must foot the entire bill for the economic crisis that was triggered by the parasitism of the financial elite.”  Posted by

To conclude this article opportunity is presented to offer solutions for the profound causes and effects of American Century of flawed methodology, paradoxes, old fashioned notions, outdated dysfunctional imperial ambitions, Stockholm Syndrome, and a totally rigged corrupt crime organization market economic and financial system.

Causes Effects Solutions

This first solution offered is to end the absolute ownership of America and 320 million citizens from the decomposed DOA top.  The zenith of American paradoxes, that confiscates all  labors property assets and total occupation should be considered terminated.  The private potentate bank cartel.  A cartel that was false positive DOA ‘dead on arrival’  100 years ago.  Is this bold and revolutionary????  Not really!!!!   But it would be the first solution that would return national sovereignty, liberty, financial stability, transparency of government.  Thereby, stabilize dysfunctional trillion $ foreign policy death waste and destruction and focus on the business of getting American populace priority corrected and sustained.

Unless and until the century old anachronistic transfer of all U.S. freedom, liberty, self dignity, labor, property and hard assets is halted and returned to the U.S Treasury and ‘We the People’  than the exponential compounding of misery will continue unabated.

c.1910 implemented in c.1917  Federal Reserve Act or the DOA exponential magic of compounding misery results in ultra hyper concealed supreme crimes that currently result in arrogantly ignoring civility, inherent human rights, and the rights of self dignity to all individuals labors, property, and assets.see video Financial Empire

Simultaneously, and instantly by computer entry, projecting and propagating incendiary “Corrupt Politicians, Profiteers, Cooperative greedy culture, world domination by any means possible; Barbarism, false flagging, accusing others of having Weapons of Mass Destruction while allowing criminal Zionist state like Israel to keep building than lying and denying “A Courageous Speech” Posted by Dr. Dalia Wafti



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