Wishin, Hopin, Prayin,


Wishin’ and Hopin’ and

Thinkin’ and Prayin’

by E. Paul Newell


Wishing, Hoping, Thinking, and Praying. These four words with all the might that can be mustered with them will accomplish absolutely nothing. These four words are among the most negative words in the English dictionary. When we were young Mother used to say “Child, wish in one hand and “Spit” in the other see which one fills first”. Sadly. these four words lead to nothing but an empty hand.

Unfortunately these four words are touted as last resort efforts to make something happen. Do they ever really make something happen?? No! They never have, or ever will. What makes something happen is action. For every action there is a equal or opposite reaction. This fact has been known for a very long time. eg. trial and error. However it took the likes of a man named, “Sir Isaac Newton” to let the world know about, and to explain the formula for this scientific discovery. Either we still don’t get it or just fail to apply logic and common sense.

Wishing, hoping, thinking, praying, is nonsensical, juvenile, misguided and ill spent energy. Energy that could be used to implement positive action, action creating change, change for the betterment of all. Hope all you want, wish all you want, pray and pray all you want – the result is still zero. Thinking is just that – thinking, not doing. Thought will only remain in the brain if action is not taken to implement that thought into existence. Some will say I prayed and prayed and “God” made it happen therefore I believe. Some will say that I prayed and prayed and “God” did not make it happen, therefore, I don’t believe. The reason that “it” happened or did not happen is credited only to action, or inaction, not mystical forces of unproven claims.

What is the point of this writing? The point is, stop wishin’ and prayin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ about it and take action. This is what the responsible citizen is obliged and expected to do. Stop relying on criminals, thugs, terrorists, conmen, liars, and cheats to look out for your best interests. Yes, your government qualifies no matter which country you live in. Action is the only progressive choice that is available to effect positive change for the better.

Please if someone can name any politician that does not fit at least one of these categories (criminals, thugs, terrorists, conman, liars, and cheats) please by all means available to you note them here on the comments section, and please have evidence to back up your statements..

Today we have a global political foul stench. This is a clamouring of nincompoops that circumnavigate the planet injecting their poisonous subjection with every slither and slather they produce. In every corner of the globe they have left a wake of inconsistency, fear, confusion, out right insult, and emotional damage beyond correction. This wake left without recourse is the main cause for death and destruction , the main cause for poverty, disease, and the fragmented family/social structure that exists today and in turn creating crime and disarray…The very people that have somehow been chosen to lead all to the “new and improved” world are actually leading the masses to their final resting places. Today the political climate is drenched, and literally steeped in corruption at every and all levels.

Sad, however blatantly true, is this stumbling and bumbling human existence, that just can’t seem to walk, for crawling, still trying to climb that Ego of life itself.


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