Confederation Not Empire!


Our Entire Purpose Must Be to Prevent Tyranny, Either Over Us or by Us Over Others


by J.B. Campbell


America has been a tyranny since the charter granted by Congress and President Washington to the First Bank of the United States in 1791, following the adoption of the US Constitution in 1789. This central bank was privately owned by the owners of the Bank of England, the Rothschilds and their European associates.

The private central bank needed a strong central government to borrow from it. Government debt to the private bank would be paid by the people in taxes. The dirty secret of private central banks is that they charge interest on loans created out of thin air. Today, all banks do this. Banking is the racket di tutti rackets. The scam of scams.

The Federalist Party headed by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and others crafted the new contract between the states and the people. Considering that the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was convened to modify the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union between the States but abandoned the Articles in secret and then foisted an entirely different form of government upon the people, we can say that there was an element of fraud in our basic law from the beginning.

It was done in secret because the Federalists wanted to “avoid controversy” while overthrowing the old government. This is the same method that the CIA uses today. The Federalists pretended that they wanted a means for the new government to borrow money to pay off war debt. The truth was that the Rothschild group wanted to be the creditors – the owners of the debt. The Federalists were their stooges.

The US Constitution has been amended seventeen times since the first ten amendments were added in 1791, so nothing is carved in stone. Those first ten, known as the Bill of Rights, were added to protect us from the imperial nature of the Constitution and have now been essentially nullified by legislation and executive orders and Supreme Court decisions.

Executive orders and presidential decision directives and other extraordinary decrees are of course issued by the president. Under the Articles of Confederation there was no such thing as a president or a supreme court. There was only the Congress, which decided things in committees for eight peaceful years.

The main beef of the Federalists was that the Articles did not authorize borrowing by the federal government or a federal tax on the people to pay principle and interest to the bankers. As noted above, only two years after the Federalists got their federal government which supposedly reserved to Congress the control and regulation of the currency, George Washington granted to the Rothschild machine a private monopoly on not only the currency but also the debt of the United States. The fact that this made no sense also made it virtually impossible for the people to understand the scope of the fraud that had been committed by the Federalists and their banker-bosses. The Bank of the United States, the first one and the second one, were private companies!

Again, the Articles of Confederation did not allow such a thing.

Very few Americans understood what had happened. One who did, though, was Andrew Jackson. He destroyed the second private central bank in 1833 and created enough awareness of its fraudulent nature that it did not reappear for 80 years.

But reappear it did, with a vengeance. 1913 was the most radical year in US history, one that completely undid whatever we think was declared in 1776. 1913 gave us Woodrow Wilson, the protégé of Edward Mandel House. 1913 gave us the 16th Amendment, the Federal Reserve and the 17th Amendment.

The history of the United States is a history of lies, force and fraud. 1913 was the Year of the Fraud. Few people realize what happened with the addition of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. It destroyed it.

The 17th Amendment provided for the election of US senators. Before 1913, senators were sent to Washington by the state legislatures. Two men from each state were appointed by that state to represent the state’s interest. Representatives, or congressmen, were elected by the people to represent their interests (supposedly). The US Constitution was theoretically a contract between the states and the people, the states being represented in the upper chamber, the Senate, and the people in the lower chamber, the House of Representatives. If both chambers are elected, then the states are no longer represented and the contract is broken.

All states had the same vote (two per state) whereas the people were represented based on population. Under the Articles, states sent from two to seven delegates to the Congress. But the Constitution required two separate sections of the Congress. This would be its undoing in 1913. If Senators and Representatives are all elected, it’s a sham. And that’s what we have had for ninety-eight years.

The 17th Amendment rendered the very basis of the federal government null and void! So, we have actually not been under the Constitution since 1913. We might as well scrap it. Abraham Lincoln showed that it could not survive the first tyrant who ignored it, which happened in 1861.  The tyrant was supplied by the Constitution!   The tyrannical Republicans made a total mockery of it with the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments added at gunpoint immediately following the War of Northern Aggression, when the defeated Southern states were under federal occupation.

Size matters. The United States is too damn big. It is about to get a lot bigger, now that the North American Union is taking shape. The NAU, in case you didn’t know it, will be Canada, America and Mexico with no borders between them. We first heard about it during the GW Bush regime. Barack Obama said it wouldn’t happen with him as president but he lied. It’s happening.

So obviously that means we can forget about scrapping what’s left of the US Constitution. That will be done for us by Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations, the architect of the North American Union. We ourselves shall have to scrap the NAU’s constitution, which will probably resemble that of the old Soviet Union. And we shall have to replace it with something such as the old Articles of Confederation. In other words, we’ll need to dismantle the North American Union and configure ourselves back into 48 autonomous states with certain agreements on commerce and extradition for major crimes, such as treason. Every person, for example, who contributed to the North American Union will be tried for treason, the only true national crime.

Alaska and Hawaii, made states under fraud and duress, will become just as independent as each of the forty-eight actual states.

We won’t be needing a president or a supreme court. They were not provided in the Articles. Now, this is no more radical than what the Council on Foreign Relations is preparing for us. The North American Union will make our lives very unpleasant. An American Confederation would do the opposite.

The main purpose, the legitimate function, of the Congress would be to provide a plentiful and stabilized national currency with no borrowing allowed by the state governments or by the Congress. There will be no need for borrowing or the payment of interest because the Congress will pay off the national debt currently and legitimately owed with the new currency. Contrived debt to the Wall Street speculators will be repudiated and the malefactors prosecuted. Legitimate creditors, if there be any such, will be repaid without interest in the new currency or not at all. Profiteering at public expense will not be allowed.

The Federal Reserve System will of course be shut down more quickly than Andrew Jackson shut down the 2nd Bank of the United States. The twelve Federal Reserve mausoleums can be converted to museums of financial knowledge, as institutions of higher learning about the single most important aspect of our economic lives: debt-free currency. Students of all ages will be exposed to the miracle of carefully issued fiat currency and to the fraud of gold, silver and interest payments to private companies.

Usury (interest) will be outlawed and counterfeiting made punishable by death. Congress would have a legitimate monopoly on the creation of money and the regulation thereof. As Bill Still tells us, it makes no difference what the money is, just that its issuance is controlled by Congress for price stability and prosperity. Taxes will be unnecessary and extraordinary expenses paid by excises on foreign goods only until American industry is rebuilt. Income taxes today are only used to pay the interest to the private bankers who have made fraudulent loans to government.

Aggressive war must be outlawed. The military industry must be shut down and the merchants of death punished for war crimes.

It must be remembered that the Federalists clamored for a privately-owned central bank from which government could borrow and repay with interest. The innate inability to repay privately-generated debt means that control of government policy by the lenders is inevitable.

Some people want to believe that the Constitution was based on the laws of the Iroquois nation, as if this lends some mystical connection with a more honorable people than the venal and deceptive Federalists. The fact is that the Federalist schemers who gave us the Constitution were Freemasons who based the new document on Masonic lodge rules of order and governing, according to Henry C. Clausen, Sovereign Grand Commander of the 33rd Degree, in his 1976 book, Masons Who Shaped Our Nation.

The US Constitution is a dead letter. It is technically dead due to the self-destructive 17th Amendment. It has been dead in spirit since 1861. It is going to be replaced with a bogus document demanding our allegiance to the North American Union despite President Obama’s promise that he would not do this to us. This travesty must be renounced and a general effort made to hold a convention to replace the Constitution with a slightly modified Articles of Confederation, a contract with more durable guarantees based on two hundred twenty-four years of experience with the US Constitution.

Our experience has been the lurching from one cycle of destruction to the next, with ruinous deflation designed to rob us of our hard-earned savings and property. The Constitution did not prevent this – it made it possible.

We must have a contract that prohibits the formation of a central government, because the only people who need a central government are central bankers.

The reader is urged to examine the Articles of Confederation which are available online.


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