Resistance: No Warrant No Entry No Knock No Mercy


by J. Bruce Campbell



This is an American home. 4th Amendment in effect.

No warrant – no entry. No knock – no mercy.


America is a violent country. It was founded in violence, in revolution against a violent England. It expanded to its present size in just over a century by violent conquest. During that period, eighteen northern states invaded and conquered eleven southern states in an aggression that killed over six hundred thousand Americans. Whole cities and towns in the South were burned down.

Thirty-five years later, America invaded Cuba and the Philippine Islands and slaughtered a million and a half Filipinos, mostly civilians.

Fifteen years later, America invaded Europe. Twenty-five years later, America invaded Europe again along with China, North Africa and many Pacific islands. American soldiers slaughtered millions of Germans and Japanese, a quarter million of the latter in a few seconds.

Five years later, America invaded Korea. What else can we call it when one country puts its troops in another country? America killed many hundreds of thousands of Koreans and Chinese soldiers.

During this period, America overthrew elected governments in Latin America and Iran and waged secret wars all over the world. One of them culminated in the Vietnam War, which produced three million dead Vietnamese and about sixty thousand Americans, but it made some Americans very rich.

Today the world is confronted with an America that, without permission from the people or the Congress, is at war with most of the Moslem peoples. We are at (undeclared) war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and Yemen, as far as we know. Presently we shall also be at war with Syria, Somalia and Sudan. Iran, perhaps, after that. China and Russia are the ultimate targets of the Washington warlords.

Suffice it to say, America is a very violent country. Our primary business now is manufacturing and selling weapons of war.

The word “torture” used to be one that we would not expect to find in the same sentence with “America.” No longer. Today, America stands for torture, with centers for agony located all over the world.

You could figure out after watching THE ROAD TO GUANTANAMO five years ago that army and CIA torture of Moslems is an experiment. The Jews who run our government and the Israeli government want to deprogram Moslems from their belief system. Innocent Moslems are tortured for years to get them to renounce Islam, which has not been successful. When the experiment runs its course, the victim, if he survives, is released without comment, apology or explanation. The victim is warned not to discuss or complain lest he be re-arrested.

At the same time as this was going on, the army and CIA developed a plan to vaccinate Moslems to eliminate what they call “the god gene.” To precipitate the vaccination program the army would release a disease such as flu. Then it would offer the vaccine to protect the population. The vaccine would render the potential freedom fighter harmless to Jewish and American aggressors, now essentially the same things.




is a Pentagon scientist discussing the zombie-vaccine with military types who would put it to use. The army calls it “Fun-vax,” which is designed to vaccinate against Islamic fundamentalism by altering the victim’s DNA.

This is the mentality we are up against: Jewish fundamentalism, although it’s not just Jews. It’s Americans enforcing Jewish Rule, the most terrible combination in human history, a combination that has resulted in hundreds of millions of non-Jewish deaths since 1914.

American aggression has been guided by Jews since Woodrow Wilson was president, for virtually the whole of the 20th Century. That’s why we went to war against Germany twice in twenty-five years. That’s why we put Jewish monsters in charge of Russia, western Asia and parts of Europe. It’s why our Jewish-run government put Mao Tse-tung in charge of China. That’s why we put Jewish monsters in charge of Palestine. It’s why we are at war against Islam.

Now, I don’t know who Barack Obama is. I don’t know what he is, exactly. He’s probably a CIA agent representing the Brzezinski faction, which is why his entire history is falsified or a secret. That’s really the only possibility. He is reportedly a protégé of Zbigniew Brzezinski. Zbig Daddy is Polish and he doesn’t like the Israelis. I’d say this is behind Obama’s drastic attack on Netanyahu, whom he detests. It can be expected that America’s political Jews will remove Obama as an obstacle to Eretz Israel. Israel is supposed to get bigger, not smaller.

Obama is smart enough to know that he has little future, now that he has put the Zionists on the defensive with his demand that they return some stolen land to the Palestinians. He’s following the Brzezinski program of anti-Zionist provocation, something not seen since 1963, when Jack Kennedy did the same sort of thing to David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s horrifying nuclear warehouse. Brzezinski provoked the Soviets into invading Afghanistan by inventing and arming al-Qaeda.

This is the political environment in which the American resistance movement must operate, survive and eventually seize control. The police and federal anti-resistance apparatus is under the control of the CIA and the Mossad with the “fusion centers” or “information analysis centers,” designed to detect and neutralize any genuine resistance movement. The FBI’s got its civilian spook outfit they call “InfraGard,” which is the merger of amoral IT and other business executives with America’s number one domestic terrorist organization.

There is no legitimate basis for these centers of subversion. They must be dismantled by the resistance.

We can assume that non-violent resistance to federal tyranny will be modeled on activity by “Anonymous” and other groups in a loose network of anti-tyrant hackers which has shown the ability to get into the computers of the IMF, the US Senate, the FBI and the CIA, among many other high-powered companies and government agencies. “Anonymous” has declared cyber-war on all tyrants and has been engaged in battle for some time.

Because, however, America is such a violent country, as noted above, the resistance must be prepared to counter official violence with similar force. Peaceful and moral efforts such as hacking the computers of tyrannical agencies must be defended from violence. Due to the great size of the country and the logistics of defending resisters in far-flung locations, the defense will at first probably take the form of reprisals, which can be taken anywhere the tyrannical agency or privatized mercenary business has offices.

With the recent court decisions that forbid Americans from lawfully resisting warrantless home invasions by uniformed gangs, the mask is off our so-called legal system. The reason that police have become terrorists is because they are not sufficiently afraid of us. Most Americans have been disarmed mentally. This can be changed quickly by spreading the word to Americans that it is their duty to resist unwarranted deadly force with deadly force.

It will be the duty of the resistance to spread this word and to resist armed aggression with deadly force, i.e., to lead by example. The invaders are paid by us, which makes us the boss. When the boss doesn’t like what he sees, he makes changes. There must be an attitude adjustment in both the employer and the employee, to reestablish our proper relationship.

The resistance has to stand for healthy and constructive change in the nature of the American system. The system has been under the control of federalists ever since the adoption of the US Constitution in 1788. The Federalist Party lost power and died after the death of Alexander Hamilton, its founder, but its legacy lives to this day through the treacherous Constitution.

The main political goals of the resistance must be along these lines:

to nationalize the private company known as the Federal Reserve System;

to reestablish Congress as the supplier of debt-free currency, the US Note. Borrowing by the federal and state governments from private corporations and individuals must be prohibited in perpetuity;

to repudiate any part of the national debt that is the result of the Federal Reserve Act and profiteering by speculators – legitimate instruments such as US savings bonds to be paid in the new US Notes;

to decentralize power by replacing the federalist Constitution with an updated Articles of Confederation, withdraw from the federal government the power to tax, levy or conscript and to prohibit the forced redistribution of wealth;

to eliminate the dictatorial presidency and Supreme Court, neither of which was allowed under the Articles of Confederation, and produce a more rigorous Bill of Rights. States to be represented in Congress by appointed senators, the people by elected representatives;

to establish a defense against Jewish aggression, the underlying cause of America’s decline. Eliminate Jewish involvement in government, media, law, medicine and education and declare the rabbinical class a national enemy;

to demobilize the armed forces required for an aggressive foreign policy. The military industry be dismantled and converted to peaceful production of goods and services;

to investigate and prosecute all secret societies and organizations which have produced criminal government policies of aggression, theft and murder;

to prosecute war crimes as described in the War Crimes Act of 1996, which has no statute of limitations.

Keep in mind that all of the thousands of draconian laws and regulations that are strangling us today were allowed by just five out of nine men and women on the “Supreme Court.” This should persuade anyone that this ridiculous and arbitrary junta, which hijacked the 2000 presidential election, must be abolished forever.

Private monopolies in the legal and medical establishments would be abolished. The American Bar Association and the American Medical Association, among many others, have based their existence on a conflict of interest to the detriment of the American people. Their monopolies have benefited only their members, not the people.

These are some ideas for an American movement to resist and eventually overthrow the official and private forces of dictatorship that have been established for our control and destruction, which forces have already been successful in the murder and suffering of hundreds of millions of innocent people all around the world for the past one hundred years. It has been one hundred years since Edward Mandell House wrote a book he called Philip Dru: Administrator, published anonymously in 1911.

Colonel House not only selected Woodrow Wilson as the Democratic candidate in 1912; he created the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921 and urged the Democrat Party to make Franklin D. Roosevelt the Democratic candidate in 1932. House’s actions were responsible for the unprecedented loss of life and happiness which marked the 20th Century.

2011 is an appropriate year for the kick-off of a resistance movement to liberate us from the dark forces of murder, greed and theft whose headquarters are in the Masonic enclave known as Washington, DC.

The past one hundred years have shown that the sinister federal government must be abolished and replaced with a non-aggressive confederation of independent states.

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