CIA Opens Books with Surprises for Lee Wanta, Libya and More

Lee Wanta
Lee Wanta next to Alexander Hamilton at the U.S. Treasury

Reagan Era To Be Declassified


by  Gordon Duff,   Senior Editor


Something unusual has happened.  An era is going to be uncovered, a time of BCCI, Iran Contra, the fall of the Soviet Union, one of corruption and triumph.  What we know is this, the files are being opened and interviews never before authorized are scheduled.

More curious, perhaps the most curious of all, the FBI is notifying former intelligence agents and officials that the project has the official ‘green light.’ 

The fist interviews and, perhaps the first book, will outline relations between President Reagan and Emil Lee Wanta, letting a few into the dream world of White House insiders.

I have had my perceptions of Reagan shattered more than once.  The official cover story, the myth sold by the Bush clan, that Reagan came into office, was almost immediately gunned down and for the next 8 years, George H. W. Bush was “defacto” president while Reagan remained a “doddering fool.”

I spent an evening going over notes with Lee.  His memory of the period is volumes, much of which isn’t going to be of interest to many.  While White House intelligence coordinator, Wanta worked in a grey environment of jockeying for influence, internal strife and one thing he makes clear:

President Reagan despised and distrusted his vice president and refused to allow him to be briefed on anything.   Reagan felt he was saddled with a potential “rogue operator” who would use his experience as former CIA director to use the White House as a platform for personal business interests inconsistent with national policy.

One of Reagan's Best Lines

Of the issues which have current standing, Libya will be high on the list, for awhile at least. 

Tony Blair is doing the rounds in Tripoli today for JP Morgan, the Rothschild partner that worked so closely with Gaddafi on his plans to put together a series of Banks based on the African Union. 

The deals offered, if things go as expected, will be intended to impact the new Libya as they did the old, bleeding the majority of oil cash into private accounts and leaving a pittance for the people. 

This was Gaddafi’s policy and it may well be the policy of the new government as well, if writers like Franklin Lamb are right.

During talks with Wanta I was able to verify some issues involving Gaddafi.  Gaddafi was placed in office in 1969 by the CIA as personal protege of Director Richard Helms. 

Helms admired Gaddafi greatly and valued the relationship between the US and Libya as one of the most critical and strategic for America during that vital period. 

The cover stories, that rogue CIA agents were training IRA terrorists in Libya got a laugh out of Wanta. 

This was Gladio, of course, the bastardized anti-Communist program that set up terror organizations across Europe as a “fall back” defense in case of a successful Soviet invasion.  Libya was the staging ground for Gladio, a program operated, not out of Italy as reported, but out of Switzerland, by the ‘P2,’ a Freemason organization that eventually operated in 26 countries, across not only Europe but Latin America as well.”

“Later on, it was the P2 that had me arrested in Switzerland, put in solitary confinement and emptied the US Treasury accounts I managed, hundreds of millions of dollars.  By that time, they had become little more than organized crime, particularly after they had murdered so many people during the Italian elections.”

Filling out the history of the Reagan era, in particular, the project to “crash the ruble,” the financial trading scheme run by Wanta through the Department of Treasury that netted trillions in assets that Reagan intended to be spent paying off the national debt, as Wanta relates. 

 In actuality, it was much more than that, with Treasury getting control of $23 trillion dollars leaving $4.3 trillion to Wanta’s companies.

This would all sound imaginary if it weren’t for the court filings backing it all up and the arrests, Wanta in particular, and murders surrounding the disposition of these funds, which represent the combined assets of the American people.

The money exists, has existed, enough to erase our national debt.  The concept of Wanta’s own funds, seized by the Federal Reserve, $4.3 trillion dollars less $1.7 trillion in taxes owed, immediately put into the “General Fund” is frightening to some.  This kind of money is unimaginable power, particularly in the hands of someone jailed for failing to be adequately dishonest.

Wanta, a devout Catholic, lay clergy, is a simple working class kid from Milwaukee, one who has shunned the trappings of wealth though he, at one time, controlled the greatest fortune in the history of our beleaguered planet.

Leo E. Wanta - Signed by Ronald Reagan

Sometimes we review accounts and where they have gone, some in billions, the names of powerful political families known to all are tied to the looting of these accounts, some names predictable, some surprising. 

Most embarrassing are bank security photographs of high ranking government officials, cabinet officers, looting bank accounts held in trust for the American people.

 All of the money involved, taxpayer funds, all belonging to the American people, more than enough to fund a high speed rail system for America or housing for a century of homeless veterans.

Ah, but back to Libya and the “teaser” Wanta left me:

“I had some familiarity with Gaddafi during the late 70s and early 80s. 

I had, by  1982, been able to confirm that our “hostility” toward Gaddafi was a CIA deception plan tied to his usefulness in assisting operations around the world, much as with Osama bin Laden.”

There is a rationale for Gaddafi to consider the UN action against him, based on his history of cooperation with NATO, a betrayal in fact.  How could a man, so heavily invested in the Rothschild banks, a silent partner in the Carlyle Group with Bush, Baker, John Major, Frank Carlucci, be attacked by NATO?

Then again, I watched Ambassador Mark Siljander, a Reagan favorite, friend of Baker and Edwin Meese indicted by the Bush administration under circumstances, were I allowed to mention them (I serve on his legal team) as incredulous.  I am showing restraint here.

Steve Rosen - Weissman - AIPAC

I look at the indictment of Steve Rosen, former head of the Rand Corporation, member of the Bush/Rice National Security Council arrested for spying for Israel. 

News reports fail to mention Rosen’s position as top Bush advisor on the Middle East but, instead, mention his later employment with AIPAC, the Israeli lobby. 

Rosen sued AIPAC for firing him, they claimed they couldn’t have an “accused spy’ working for them.

His claim?  As AIPAC is a spy organization, firing me is the height of absurdity. 

Rosen’s case was dropped and investigations against other Bush advisors, in fact ALL Bush advisors were dropped after a 3 year FBI “sting” operation that included wiretapping the White House. 

“Play by play” of the tapes included, among other things, passing on nuclear secrets, done by people currently, not only ‘free as birds’ but chirping to the news every day.  Moreover, dozens of hours of FBI transcripts cover sexual liaisons of what is typically termed an “unnatural” nature, described in punishing detail and tedious repetition.  

The prosectutions were halted, the FBI agents reassigned and the targets, Rosen the least of them, still, to a large extent, run America, certainly run the Republican Party.

But we still aren’t getting to that “teaser” on Libya.  How do I say this?  

MK Ultra - Survivors Conference

According to Trowbridge Ford, Reagan was told by his vice president, George H.W. Bush that John Hinckley, the man who tried to murder him 69 days into office, the most obvious CIA “MKUlta” case we know of, was working for Gaddafi.

Ford has put some top level intelligence on VT but this just didn’t jell.  Hinckley’s family was directly tied to Bush.  They were family friends. 

I saw nothing that could have tied Gaddafi to this.  Ford went on further stating that Gaddafi planned and executed the Berlin club bombings at the behest of the Soviet Union and, in return, suffered a devastating air attack at the hands of the United States, the 1986 bombing of Tripoli.

I am now told that all the groups Gaddafi was said to control, the IRA or a group pretending to be “IRA,”  the Red Brigades and others had been working for NATO all along as part of the Gladio program, the whole thing was a NATO “cover and deception” program, an integral part of the Cold War. 

Thus, the “retaliation” against Gaddafi was nothing more than theatre as were other incidents of pretended confrontation with the long term CIA asset, as previously stated, a strong parallel to Osama bin Laden.

The CIA’s version of events is different, more than a bit.

Operation Gladio - Taxpayer Funded Terror

The “disco bombings” were not Gaddafi but rather “P2/Gladio” operations, part of a series of bombings that began in 1969 and went on into the 1990s.

The reason for the attack on Libya is classified, not “up for grabs,” not yet anyway.  I will keep working on that but, rather than simply invent something, best tell you that I just don’t know.  What I do know is this:

The 1986 bombing of Tripoli that supposedly killed “Gaddafi’s daughter,” a subject of much conjecture, was planned between the Reagan administration and Gaddafi. 

Gaddafi agreed to the bombing to provide him with “needed cover and credibility.”

The operation began with the landing of Special Forces personnel in Tripoli.  They secured the Gaddafi family and arranged for “selected targets.”  Those included the communications antenna arrays near the Gaddafi compound, army barracks and an air field.

All targets were “painted” by American Special Forces personnel on the ground working with Libyan permission.  One American plane was lost due to mechanical failure.

The results?

Gaddafi in Italy - Gladio Operations Framed Communists

Gaddafi claimed a great victory over the United States. 

He fired two SCUD missiles at Italy and America continued to blame Gaddafi for terrorism that had nothing to do with him, he continued to be the “front man” for false flag terrorism much as Osama bin Laden was blamed for attacks in Africa and on 9/11 though we were able to confirm that he was on the CIA payroll at the time.

Was Gaddafi ever under total NATO control?  Was he ever a full ally of Israel, a nation he worked closely with on WMD programs?  Why was Libya given so much latitude in keeping its WMD programs alive if all this weren’t true?

Some of the key elements, proof if you choose to accept it, came out recently when former Bush special envoy, David Welch, met with Gaddafi representatives in Cairo, at the Four Seasons Hotel, on August 11, 2011. 

Welch, now head of Bechtel Corporation, the “top of the food chain” when it comes to American multi-national corporations involved in military construction and “big oil” reiterated continued support for Gaddafi, albeit 11th hour.

They May Want Him but Will They Get Him ?

The real discussions, taking into account that Gaddafi was “dead meat” politically, involved the disposition of his billions spread across the banks of Europe, the United States and his defense holdings, partnered with the Bush family.

We still know little about Gaddafi.  Was he really working for an independent Africa, free of western financial machinations or acting as a ‘front man’ for Rothschild interests in Africa? 

That is never going to be known.  We do know the banks he proposed would never have worked, the currency he wanted to put in place, a ‘pan-African’ replacement for the dollar and euro were not supportable with Libya’s tiny gold reserves. 

We also know his partners in the African Union to be among the most corrupt politicians in Africa.

Was his attempt still, taking on what could never be done, still an honest effort?  Will we ever understand Gaddafi, who to this day may well be alive and, under some circumstances, still have a role to play?

Will Gaddafi ever admit his position during the Cold War, was he a CIA asset of simply “playing the grand game” of East v. West?


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