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A History and Culture, A Foundation of Lies


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


This didn’t just happen and it wasn’t an accident.  One day we woke up, found ourselves in wars a decade old, wars over terrorism, we are told.  Those few, now millions, who looked, who asked, who were real Americans learned it was all a lie, the terrorism, the disappearing jobs, the phony news, the crooked government, the rigged elections, the torture, the airport nightmares, it was all planned, all pre-staged to create an American slave state.

In 2000, the Supreme Court, by a 5/4 decision, placed a dangerous psychotic, a dictator, into the presidency.  America had been going back to work, not the same high paying jobs but a start, America had been paying its bills, budget surpluses, no wars, no terrorism, good relationships around the world, no “Homeland Security” or wiretapping.

A nation that paid its bills, treated the world with respect and worked for a living was turned into a police state, constitutional rights suspended, a decade now, economic collapse, multiple wars, imaginary enemies, hated by every nation on earth, all built around one face, that of George W. Bush.

What was behind him?

Wall Street for sure, he would push deregulation and America would collapse.  Were there a free press, the story of the planning and execution of 9/11 would be known by every child as the day the rich and powerful decided democracy had to die.  The story would have been better if Americans had fought back, demanded a restoration of the constitution, and end to the illegal wars and execution for hundreds, prison for tens of thousands that took part in overthrowing our government.

The problem is, we are still “overthrown.”  Electing Obama didn’t end the nightmare. 

If this were 2001 and we didn’t know the Iraq War, a massive undertaking that cost trillions, killed two million civilians, disabled half a million American servicemen and women, killed thousands of American soldiers was a criminal act conceived by an illegal American government, I could understand some people better.  If Iraq was a war purposefully staged by criminals who control our government, something that has been totally exposed, imagining 9/11 as part of that same plan is only common sense.

“Common sense” is a rare commodity in America today.  Real solutions, as things have gone so far, involve more than politics.  We are down to street protests, the mass arrests need to be police, judges, mayors, even congress, not those protesting the criminal acts of others. 

The current police state tactics to silence dissent tells me only one thing.  Until freedom is restored, America is to be fought against, not for.  The troops that are coming home from war are now taking their positions on the battlefront here at home, used up, abused, lied to and exploited, their very real patriotism has managed to survive.  American patriots, a word so often used to hide scoundrels and thieves, real Americans want “real America” back.

To get “real America” back, those who believe they are in control need a lesson.  Peacefully bringing America to a total halt is a start.  It is now clear that organized crime, by that I mean the government, is willing to break any law, destroy anyone that threatens their “turf.”  The easy prediction is domestic terrorism, planned and executed by police and private security and blamed on freedom loving Americans.  It has already started and it will escallate, be assured of that.

Over a year ago, Fox News exposed 9/11 as a government conspiracy.  The most biased TV network out of an act of incredible courage was, however, quickly silenced.  Many Americans pretend they never learned the truth.  The whole truth was never allowed, Israel’s complicity or the fact that Al Qaeda was an invention of the CIA.

The plan was that we were supposed to be frightened into complacency or join the “Tea Party,” the sham “controlled opposition.”  The movement to restore America became the loudest voice for Facism, for the police state, the loudest liars, the petty thugs working for Wall Street and its clones in London, Zurich and Tel Aviv.

Many of us know to what extent 9/11 was a criminal act conceived in Washington, in New York and in Tel Aviv.  We know it can be proven but we also know that powerful forces are protecting the criminals.  On the other hand, the war crimes of Afghanistan and Iraq are clear as day.  There is no disagreement.  The entire Bush regime is guilty of waging a criminal war, of murder, of torture, from the president down.  We have their confessions,  the laws are clear as day yet the criminals continue to wallow in wealth and walk free while millions of Americans languish in prisons, a suspiciously large number of them quite probably innocent of any crime.

We have a similar case with the worldwide economic meltdown.  These weren’t miscalculations.   This was pure theft.  Every act a crime, easily proven, tens of thousands involved, their names long known, the proof of their guilt part of the public record but they roam the earth free also, wallowing in stolen wealth.

Then we look at Washington.  In the last week or so, stories have leaked into the press that a few key legislators have been involved in stock frauds.  They can’t be punished as congress passed laws exempting itself from law.

I am not kidding.

Civil and criminal law as we know it doesn’t apply to members of our government, not unless they have powerful enemies among the criminal elite.

It is a good guess that 70% of the members of congress are involved in conflicts of interest or have accepted money that would make them, by any legal standard, felons.

Then there are the simple issues of “representation” and elections.  Many states have congressional districts that aren’t even contiguous, carefully designed, some weaving over 150 miles, in such a way as to disenfranchise voters and deny fair government.

During the first “Bush election,” we learned that voting machines had been “hacked” to “flip” up to 6 million votes.  “Exit polling” is the most accurate statistical model imaginable, has been around for years but is no longer used.  It had always been able to predict election results down to the decimal point.

Now it is “off” by  huge margins. 


We have no elections.  Though many regions use paper ballots or are abandoning the machines that rigged so many elections, the damage is done.  Laws have been passed, rights taken, criminal “police state” bureaucracies are in control and there is no America to save.

Even John McCain, the Senator from Arizona and unsuccessful presidential candidate, so often tied to organized crime, admits that both political parties in America are hopeless.

In truth, one is entirely controlled by Wall Street and the Israel lobby, that being the Republican party.  It rents out to organized crime, drug dealers and oil companies when needed but its real purpose is to enslave America.  This criminal organization has so debased itself that its current group of presidential candidates have become a laughing stock.

You just saw me mention “the Israel lobby.”  95% of Americans don’t know what this means or why we went into two wars or changed financial laws that collapsed the US because it was supposed to “help Israel.”  In truth, what calls itself the “Israel lobby” has nothing to do with Israel or terrorism or being Jewish or anything else.

The “Israel lobby” is the leftover of Arnold Rothstein’s criminal organization you can watch on the Showtime series, Boardwalk Empire.  There is no “Israel lobby” although there are people that run around claiming Iran is trying to build gas chambers to throw Jews into.

This is childish raving and no more.

The “Israel lobby” is simply a front for what we used to call “the mob.”  It hides behind charging anyone who stands against it with holocaust stories or charges of antisemitism.  It shakes down foundations and companies for “support” much as with Arnold Rothstein’s original rackets in the 1920s.  Volkswagen just gave the lobby a million dollars last week, “blood money” based on blackmailing Germany about war guilt.  In reality, Volkswagen just paid a million dollars to organized crime.

Israel needs no lobby, it has a huge army, hundreds of nuclear weapons and, in a recent UN vote, has angered 107 of 121 UN member states for reasons no American will know because of press censorship.  American Jews need no protection, they are integrated into society, respected and highly successful.  Saying anything else is absurd.

Israel, terrorism, “liberals,” “Obamacare” and dozens of other issues, starting with “family values” are nothing but ways for criminals to misdirect Americans too lazy or too depressed with bad news from taking control of their lives, their government and their fates.

What will eventually wake up America?  Parents love their children and want them to have meaningful and full lives.  Very few Americans now have that hope for their children. 

Today, parents hope they can hold onto a family home, 30 million families have already found that impossible, and pass it on to children who may not be able to pay even the taxes and utilities.  Americans that once believed they might retire in their 50’s are now working well into their 70s, millions because their pensions were stolen, more because they are trying to feed middle aged children and grand children, even great grandchildren.

Do this.  Start looking around you, see how many are working minimum wage jobs that should be enjoying those “golden years” we were all told to expect.  The frightening part of this that isn’t spoken of is that, for every senior citizen holding a job, a young person is kept unemployed.

The game has been simple.  Things that are plentiful and inexpensive have to be made costly and dear.  Gasoline prices?  Refineries are closed, prices fixed, the world oil glut shielded from market realities.  Grains are used to make useless fuels, unwanted and unneeded.  Crops are engineered to produce abundance, but abundance of what?  Genetic engineering of food may very well wipe out the human race entirely.  Gene manipulation that protects soybeans from disease is just as likely to create new cancers in those who have the misfortune of ingesting these wild experiments.

Decades of science, decades of technology allow the poverty stricken and unemployed to “text” each other endlessly.  The subject?  It is always the same, too much time, too little purpose, lives that have to be spent on emptiness, staring at a screen or looking down at a keyboard.

The only path to a successful future is by proving to the middle managers of the criminal cabals that you have the potential to lie, cheat and steal if need be.  If you are bad enough, you can be a police officer.  If you are utterly hopeless, you can go to West Point or run for congress.

Why would anyone want to burn all this down and start over?  What if we began cataloging each other, who lives, who dies?

I remember my mother telling me she voted for Reagan once.  When she said it, it was as though she was describing killing a favorite pet with a hammer.

We have millions of Bush voters among us.  I believe they can’t be rehabilitated.  It is one thing making a bad decision.  It is quite something else when one chooses to place a criminal psychopath in a position of “life and death” power over billions of people.

This is nearly 2012, it is closing in on us.  There are Americans who believe there is an Islamic plot against America, who believe hijackers flew planes into buildings on 9/11 even though science or that rarer commodity, common sense, makes the whole concept absurd.

A little over two weeks ago, scientists working with genetic samples from Iraq proved that America used nuclear weapons in the Iraq War.  We aren’t talking munition made out of scrap uranium but actual atomic bombs.  The proof is conclusive.

No newspaper would print the findings.

$80 billion dollars a year in heroin is flown out of Afghansitan, 92% of the world’s supply.  Our papers say the Taliban does this but they have no planes, no access to airports and the poppy fields are guarded, just like “heaven,” “by United States Marines.”

No newspaper prints any of this.

What’s the game in America?  Reality TV, dumbed down universities, minimum wage jobs and a government deeply involved in flooding the country with illegal aliens and drugs.

As life deteriorates, police become increasingly brutal, little more than armed mobs, as we have seen in Oakland, New York and so many other cities. 

What else is happening?  Do this.  Get your local paper and read the classified ads.  Look at the jobs offered.  How many of the advertisements that supposedly offer jobs are actually asking the unemployed to pay “fees?” 

There are no jobs and preying on those desperate to keep their homes and feed their families has fed millions of Americans to the racketeers who run half the commerce in America.  “Payday loan” and credit card scams, mortgage scams, “debt relief” scams, all run by criminal organizations, operate openly, protected by the police, protected by politicians.

The thin line between crime and politics disappeared long ago.

In a recent visit to Nigeria, I met with officials who discussed that nations endemic corruption problem.  After hours of stories of billions stolen I asked for a moment to speak.

I told them things are actually much worse in Washington and that, were officials to have a conversation about correcting the problem such as the one we were having, we might all be murdered.

Ask a retired FBI agent what happens when he or she tries to investigate criminal acts by mob connected felons.  Any law enforcement official will tell you that their life revolves around avoiding confronting mob connected figures.  When the FBI went after the National Security Council under Bush for spying, Israel, Turkey and Russia, 3 years of investigation, thousands of hours of recordings, hundreds of felony counts which included the highest officials in the land, spying, treason among others, John Ashcroft made it all go away in one minute.

Witness statements included one top presidential advisor handing an Israeli agent nuclear secrets at a cocktail party and pointing it out to everyone in the room in the process.

This reminds me of the FBI agents who tried to stop the “Tel Aviv Special,” the plane loaded, well, we don’t know, that was allowed to fly out of the country on 9/12/2001.  Did something happen that made America unsafe for certain people that they needed to escape questioning by the FBI that day?

I can imagine one passenger, snickering at his or her seat, thinking about dropping a “hijacker passport” near ground zero.

As the flight went on, and considerations came into play, they may have though that rubbing it around so it was at least a bit dirty might have been a good idea.

They needn’t have bothered.  Nobody cared.

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