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…by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


The joke of the day is Republican candidate Rick Santorum demanding that Iran be bombed. 

His appearance pretending to be hunting in Iowa while looking absolutely terrified, I hope that gun he looks like he is holding is a prop, is the best part.

Now for some background.  Over the last week, Iran has been threatening to close the Straits of Hormuz, the most vital oil passageway on earth, because of “sanctions.”

Talk like this on Iran’s part, considering their ill timed naval exercises and missile tests seem to indicate someone there has gone totally bonkers.

Think about it.

Santorum Bags 2 UFOs and Cameraman

All we hear all day long is one side telling us to bomb Iran while the other side tells us that there is no proof whatsoever they have any weapons program.

In fact, we have caught authors writing “bomb Iran” articles contacting friends to write opposing articles disproving everything they say.  Why the controversy?  Why indeed!!

There is no controversy.  Iran is not going to be bombed.  Rick Santorum is still a total ass as he always was but now has to hope that this photograph of him we are using will be lost in time.

It won’t.

Let me tell you a couple of very important things you don’t know, “for sure things” then we can get into the fun “conjecture and conspiracy” part.

I have to do this because some readers come from the Fox News side of things and have to have their daily fix.  Maybe, just for them, we can talk flying saucers for a bit later on.


This week, the market in natural gas, the way Americans heat their homes, crashed.  The reasons are extreme oversupply, a warm winter and a poor economy.  Empty homes, 30 million of them, average size at around 1800 square feet need no heat.

Empty shopping centers don’t get heat either nor do empty factories or offices.

Natural gas is worthless and, were normal market prices to go info effect, without unwholesome protections some public utilities enjoy, the average gas bill for Americans would lower by 65%.

Technically most companies, be they public utilities or other marketing entities that work with natural gas are bankrupt.  They have been “under water” for a couple of weeks now.  This is a big deal.

Pipeline Infrastructure and Security Contracts are Big Money

One side of this is Europe.  They usually get their gas from Russia and pay exorbitant prices for it, rigged prices.

Pipelines that would deliver new gas to Europe and elsewhere have been blocked.

One of the reasons for the Iran sanctions and the Afghanistan war was to derail or control excess supplies of natural gas.

Rigging natural gas prices is one of the biggest ways of looting the world economy, that and wars and, of course, America’s (read “CIA’s”) multi-billion dollar drug business, starting in Afghanistan and now expanding into Iraq and Kurdistan with help from “that special nation” we love so much.

Here is a problem.  Nigeria, along with Cameroon and others, but let’s stick with Nigeria, has enough cheap natural gas to heat Europe for 300 years at a fourth the price Russia is doing it.

For this and other reasons explained here, Nigeria is slated for destruction. 

Initially France and Israel will supply the muscle while the US has been called in to work the other side, as usual.  America and Israel have fought in Iraq and Afghanistan for years. 

Whenever a head is cut off, a sniper shoots an American soldier or a roadside bomb goes off, be it Nigeria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Mumbai, even New York, Detroit or London, perhaps even Madrid, don’t be so sure you know who did it.

It ain’t Muslims, we know that much. Let’s complicate this more. America used to buy gasoline, import it by the shipload.  We still import oil though we are capable of becoming “energy independent” in less than 10 years, wind, solar, no clean coal (Sorry Larry Craig), no nuclear.

Today, America exports gasoline, 480,000 barrels a day. What? If that were true, which it is exactly, gasoline, at the pump, would average $1.79 per gallon. Oh.

For our conspiracy buffs, I refer the piece Jim Fetzer posted yesterday on cold fusion.  We get another “oh.”  Turns out that cold fusion was always real and those that said they “disproved it” actually rigged the tests because they were bribed.

The Hot Fusion International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) above has been a White Elephant

What does this mean?  Gasoline, natural gas, oil, all of it is worthless, no coal, no nuclear power, no more national debt, no unemployment, no more hunger, stupid stuff like that.  That’s why cold fusion was killed and it can be totally and categorically proven.

Energy to plant crops, run trucks heat cities, purify water, irrigate deserts, light the world was kept from mankind because it threatened the monopolies of utility and energy companies and a few “whore” scientists, just like those who worked for the tobacco companies for years, helped keep it quiet.

The crooked “controlled” mainstream media took part.  What was the outcome?  Millions died who would be alive, civilization would have moved into a golden age 20 years ago and “money” as we know it would not be very important.

There would be no national debts, no banking crises and several wars wouldn’t have happened. America would not need its military, not much of it, if most things people fight over are either free or too cheap to care about.

A year ago, I was with Jeff Gates and Jim Hanke in Arizona.  We visited an engine designer.

He had just put together a gasoline engine for XXXX (Japanese company) that had 130 BHP, had simple fuel injection and would average 100 miles per gallon were it put into a Civic sedan.

A turbo-diesel version would run a Ford F-150 capable of pulling a 6000 pound load and run about 65 miles per gallon.

These weren’t hybrids, no batteries or electric motors.

Sitting next to these were several NASCAR engines in the “build” stage and some “Bonneville” candidates.

Gasoline is worthless and we are drowning in oil.

Worse still, several other technologies are being suppressed that make hydrogen fuel cells seem like a joke.  Have you ever heard of a “mag-lev” train?  If you haven’t, this will be a worthwhile video:

[youtube weWmTldrOyo]

Such a technology linking most American cities has been suggested with private funding held “in trust” by the Bank of Richmond, part of $4.3 trillion dollars of funds derived from currency trading in the 1990s.

Air travel over land would disappear.  Homeland Security and the TSA would close down.

I have seen the deposit and transfer slips, the presidential payment orders on the money and, best of all, this is a donation to the American people to be done in the name of former President Ronald Reagan, who would have had this done decades ago if it were not for the Bush family.

Maglev Train

All this is true.

Now for a step further.

A mag-lev train system would change America, end pollution, lower prices, give us 500,000 new jobs and raise our standard of living but, were it allowed.

However, secret technologies, decades old developed “levitation” or “anti-gravity” technology without expending electrical power.

We can be kind and lie. We will say that America “reverse engineered” crashed alien spacecraft and learned how to apply anti-gravity technology decades ago.

This is a lie.  The truth is “out there” but hidden inside science fiction.

[youtube veQ-LCjDCAc]

Richard Dolan is probably putting the best information “out there” on “disclosure.”  Remember when Vice President Al Gore said he was looking for UFO files.  Every president has.  With hundreds of “slam dunk” UFO films filling youtube:

[youtube nLfjgagSTu0]

For anyone curious, these are live HD videos from an IPhone, taken recently in London of flying saucers over BBC headquarters in the middle of the afternoon.

The “gatekeepers” would try to tell you there aren’t thousands of these or put some kind of spin on it.  Sorry, its a bit late for that.

We have had “anti-gravity” since the 40’s or before. I have seen test vehicles personally.

And oil, conventional methods of producing electricity or any methodology of moving “mass” based in implied “weight” are only evidence of the unwillingness of the “powerful few” to risk letting mankind move forward out of lack of trust and unwillingness to give up control.

Cold Fusion was a breakthrough that was never intended.  The mechanisms for suppressing technologies that produce energy or negate mass have been around some time.

Straits of Hormuz - If We Have War, Who Will Choose?
Thus, we return to Rick Santorumand his orange jumpsuit, one best applied for picking up roadside trash, something clearly above his competency level.

Thus, we return to bombing Iran and why Iran is acting so stupidly, dancing in front of the world’s guns, a perfect target.


Back in October, VT caught Iran and Israel playing the oil futures game together.

Iran was broke, Israel had gone into oil futures at high risk and the only way of saving either one, pushing cash into Iran that was going to sink on the Euro and Israel was to create a phony threat of war which involved threatening to cut off the Straits of Hormuz.

We said this in October and I don’t even charge money like the other websites that get almost everything they touch wrong.

I need my head examined:


There is only one way to stabilize gasoline prices that are in “free fall,” closing the Straits of Hormuz, the narrow waterway serving Iraq, Kuwait and other Gulf States that is controlled militarily by Iran through its vast network of Silkworm missiles will do exactly that.

Such an act would hit just like a worldwide oil embargo and could be triggered in hours by any Israeli attack on Iran.

What had been seen, in the past, as a potential world disaster, is now just another way to make a quick buck, despite the fact that those involved are, at least according to stories in our press, “blood enemies.”


To Save Themselves Financially – Would They Do Something Crazy?

Iran’s government is unstable, unpopular, considered extremely corrupt and is subject to pressure both internally and externally and we note from the continual talk of “sanctions.”

Post revolutionary Iran has a theocratic government, whose elected officials are subject to oversight by a religious authority.

However, it is the religious authority itself that is currently the subject of most accusations of corruption and reported to be behind this new deal with Israel.

Additionally, Iran had chosen to invest around the imagined stability of the Euro, both out of poor financial judgement and a belief it was a way of opposing the influence of the United States in the region.

However, as the Euro is currently in total collapse and the banks looked to for providing support for the Euro, banks Iran is heavily invested in, are insolvent due to hundreds of trillions of Euros of “toxic assets,” worthless securities they have used to underwrite their most profitable lending activities.

Thus, Iran’s financial picture isn’t very hopeful and much less so if oil markets are under threat.

A collapse of oil prices would lower Iran’s GNP (Gross National Product) significantly, causing additional social discord and the inability on behalf of the government to subsidize key constituencies. 

Currently, veterans of the Iraq/Iran war are one of the key political constituencies in Iran and are very mobilized for political action.

They stand ready to act against the current government if financial policies threaten their interests, as does the military and the Revolutionary Guard.

If Ronald Reagan was jokingly referred to sometimes as the 'Acting President' - What would you call this guy?

Thus, if you will excuse my circuitous route, we return to the theatre of the absurd.

The cast includes bombings that can never succeed, invasions that can never happen, crazy politicians with long histories of personal cowardice and corruption playing the war monger for campaign money.

Meanwhile Iran and their partners, who now seem to include most GOP presidential candidates, try to artificially inflate fuel prices with silly threats.

Silly threats.  If you wanted to close the Straits of Hormuz, you would simply run two old tankers through, scuttle them and apologize.

But then the arms companies wouldn’t get their share.  Don’t forget about them.

Oh, while you think about it, remember the TV show on AMC called Rubicon?  As soon as Rubicon mentioned this, it was cancelled despite being the “cult” TV show of our era.

[youtube 5ncliULMdEA]

So, a year ago, a minor TV show exposed all of it then was closed overnight.  It was so good the BBC picked it up although the show itself dead-ends without a word.  Rubicon opened the door that could never be opened.

This was AMC, not a major network.  The show cost nothing to make, the actors were all “scale.”  Closing it down became an issue of “national security.”

One more thing stands out today.  I got this from Jim Dean.  It isn’t from VT but represents some great work and credit is due.


Marianne and Newt Gingrich - Hustling More Than a Few Dollars

Newt and his previous wife, fell into an FBI arms sting, were caught taking a 10 million dollar bribe, faced life in prison for selling arms to the enemy and so much more.

Freeh personally saved Gingrich from prosecution, as has been done so many times before by others, and has, himself, been exposed now.

Israel was involved, as you may guess.  Need we explain more?

Investigator Joseph Trento, according to Marianne Gingrich, it took the direct intervention of then FBI director Freeh to “get the investigation called off.”

Michael Collins Piper covered the story in the American Free Press:

I will include an excerpt and suggest readers support this piece and refer friends to it.  Former FBI Director, Louis Freeh, now works for Daimler Benz.

A Yahoo (Google stinks) search of his history there, when MB was caught bribing folks, what Freeh did during the bribery and how he moved up later will make a good read for those with a legal mind.

As for the Piper article:

In 1997, hardworking FBI agents in Miami were on the verge (they thought) of snaring then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his second  wife, Marianne, in a $10 million bribery scandal  involving multiple ties to key elements of  the Israeli lobby in Washington. However, then-FBI Director Louis Freeh stepped in, and the impending  sting was called off.

This revelation appeared on page A-2 of The Washington  Post on Dec. 15, but it has not been mentioned  in The New York Timesor been given any play in the  major broadcast media.

While the Post downplayed the Israeli connection,  a limited rendition of the story in one brief UPI report —published in only a few  newspapers—never mentioned  the underlying pivotal, in-depth role of Israeli-linked  intermediaries in the matter.
Instead, the reports focused on international arms  dealer Sarkis Soghanalian’s ties to the affair, leading  many readers to think Gingrich was involved in arms trafficking. In reality, it was the arms dealer, a longtime  FBI informant, who was acting on behalf of the  FBI in the effort to nab Gingrich.
The Post story was based on a far more detailed  and revealing exposition of some 6,400 words by veteran intelligence correspondent Joe Trento, published  on his website at .
The entire scenario is complex, reflecting events taking place over several years time. But the bottom line is that Gingrich and his wife were allegedly attempting  to shake down Soghanalian for a $10 million  bribe and that, from the beginning, operatives for Israel  were on the scene, acting as middlemen for the  Gingrich duo.
The rest is available at the link above and is deserving of note.  I thank Virginia Abernathy and Jim W. Dean for bringing this to my attention.
Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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