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By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

This has been the week of “wind down” after the holiday.   I try to spend Christmas in Germany where my most of my surviving friends and family are but remained home.  The reminders are frightening, angry people everywhere and the endless millions in the US who don’t really have holidays, especially those people living in poverty who have children.


[youtube 4zyo10lusCY]


I could be conservative and remind folks they didn’t have to have children in the first place.  I could go further and suggest they commit a serious crime and try out our prison system or perhaps be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can do life in prison then too.

40% of those in prison are innocent, in the US anyway.

See, America has a real Christmas tradition, everything is a racket and everyone is conned all the time.  To me the worst of all of it isn’t prisons or hungry people, its the election.  I actually remember, quite distinctly, over 5 decades of elections.  America has elected things to office even a rat wouldn’t eat.

Kennedy was the reminder, stand up for something, try to stop the “con job” and you will be murdered. 

It wasn’t just Kennedy.  America’s government, especially the presidents are reminded how vulnerable they are rather quickly.  It took two months to shoot Reagan?  His crime?  He was assigned a sociopath as a vice president.

I could never be the right kind of president though I would have no trouble debating.  I do have a bit of a seemingly humorous aspect to me that hides the hate I have for the hypocrites in politics.  Any real professional could take down the candidates we have now.  By professional, I mean cop.  Romney, Perry, Gingrich and, in particular Santorum aren’t even of the normal quality of financial crooks.  “Yes, I took the money, my boyfriend was threatening me and I needed a new vacation house.”

No, these are more like the folks who rob convenience stores at gunpoint and pistol whip grandma.

Any trained interrogator could break one of them in seconds.  I used to like it when the Republicans would hire former New York detectives, usually ones who resigned under unusual circumstances, and became private detectives.  The Kennedy family, Clinton, Carter had an army of these, either following them or their family or interviewing everyone they had ever known, breaking into doctors offices, threatening people.

Now this was democracy.

First off, lets take a position here.  I have watched Ron Paul, who used to support a new investigation on 9/11, back up from that.

I see this as the single biggest military and veteran issue, where we put our 30 million votes plus family members.  We are the biggest voting group in any election, far larger than the Christian “Zionist” conspiracy theorists.

I am suggesting that all active duty military, all police and federal law enforcement and all veterans at least see the Corbett video. 

[youtube yuC_4mGTs98]

There are two primary issues hidden from most Americans, 9/11 and our relationship with Israel.  Asking people to do honest research when I can’t imagine how or where such could ever be done, not reliably anyway, puts me in an odd position.

The video is good as are many of Anthony Lawsons.

You will either quickly get this view, that Corbett or Lawson, who do a good job of presenting the work of qualified people in a rational manner, are political wackos or that there is a very different world out there than the one you think you live in.

This is why we print VT, simply to get quality analysis out there and to present views that have no financial gain whatsoever tied to them.  We hope we do well at it.  Numbers say we do better than well.

There are literally hundreds of sites or “organizations” claiming to be “outspoken” or “progressive,” even “liberal.”  Those who know VT know it is run by former intelligence officers with bad attitudes.  A two year analysis of the “alternative news” has found it to be reliable about 20% of the time and on key points, such as 9/11 or Israeli influence in the US,  games start up.  Those who seem the most against one thing or for something else are actually the opposite.

Let’s use some pain language and save time.  Much of the “good” internet is as big a con as the mainstream news and the majority of those pretending to be outspoken critics of things are “placekeepers” and “gatekeepers” openly in the employ of the bad guys.,

Who are the “bad guys?”

Their overt message is that America is right, that terrorism justifies taking away freedoms and that killing innocent people is justified as long as someone can make up a press release blaming the dead themselves, usually small children, for “being in the way.”

Similarly, we execute innocent people because $15 DNA tests are “a waste of time” and lock up and torture literally thousands of innocent people around the world, though Obama says we have cut the numbers down, simply because “high numbers” justify more money stolen from the American taxpayer.

Mike Chester, a friend for close to 50 years, wrote an intersting article last week on people who seem oblivious from rational thought or any learning process.  It describes many of those around us, the folks you talk to and eventually want to beat to death though they are close family members or supposedly friends.

Read the article, I found it saved me some time.  What will it tell you?  Mike describes the millions of Americans who choose to believe things they know to be lies because it makes them feel better or is easier than actual thinking.

Here is a similar question:  “Why would your priest rape your child?”

“It is fun and feels good.”  What could he say?  “It makes me feel like believing Rick Santorum or watching Bill O’Reilley on Fox News.”  Is one type of lying to yourself and others any different?  To some, it is only if the victim is too small to defend themselves.  Now everyone is “too small to defend themselves,” even Americans.

This, for some reason, leads me back to Ron Paul.  I want to hear him come back to his original beliefs on 9/11.  I believe, that until we execute all the Americans and others, and I think we may have a group of Israelis involved also, as soon as we hang everyone involved in 9/11 and imprison those, be they tens of thousands, who have hidden evidence, purposefully lied to investigators, withheld facts or worse, America can only move backwards.  Backward?  Yup.  Back to the days before the Patriot Acts, back before 9/11, back to when we still wanted to be free and hadn’t given up.

Where are we now?

After 10 years, we are prepared to present a criminal case against the Bush administration.  We know the FBI has wiretaps that cover the planning of 9/11, wiretaps done in the White House itself as part of a spying investigation quashed in 2009.   Meetings discussing the attacks on 9/11 were taped, other FBI operations involving creating phony terror cells, a common practice, were presented to the 9/11 commission as real terrorists just as it was an FBI investigation that ended up blowing up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City.

The issue today is how to get through an election year without getting caught up in the game, taking the candidates seriously as though they weren’t all petty con men paid off through drug dealers and controlled by, of all things, the tiny country of Israel that really may be America’s biggest enemy and yet seem like our biggest friend.

Israel isn’t Israel.  Israel isn’t Jews.  Israel is a place where some Jews live that is run by organized crime.

Deal with it.

You can watch Jon Stewart on talk about anything.  When he decided to talk about how fellow Jews control the Republican Party, this is what you get to see:

Ron Paul just went through two or more weeks of accusations of racism.  The racism, of course, was when he advocating cutting off foreign aid to Israel.  Why?  Was it because our aid is primarily weapons which are used to bomb civilians who, if they throw rocks back, are considered terrorists and get more American cluster bombs?

Is it because Israel is demanding that America invade Iran though there is no proof Iran is our enemy?

We can prove Israel was involved in both the 9/11, 7/7 London and Mumbai attacks and nobody talks about them being enemies.  Every single member of the press that has criticized Israel in the past 40 years has been fired and branded and “antisemite.”

We have some strange questions about Iran.  Every rational person admits they have no nuclear program.  Back when Gaddafi was building nukes, making poison gas and tons of anthrax, Israel never said a word yet Gaddafi spent hours on TV talking about how bad Jews are.

Is something wrong with this picture?  Suspect it has something to do with gas and oil pipelines more than secret Iranian nuclear facilities which nobody can find, as nobody found those Israel talked about it Iraq.

Is Israel believable?  Is America believable?

All I see this year is two political parties, one demanding war but with only poor Ron Paul as their lone veteran candidates.  Then we have the democrats, a sad bunch who used to fight for veterans rights, clean water, decent schools and such.

Now, even the democrats seem to have lost their minds.

I have a theory.  I believe organized crime has taken over our government, the nightmare of Jeff Gates, the old Arnold Rothstein gang from the 1920s, the one that took over Israel has taken our foreign aid money for all these years, taken over our banks, bankrupted America, bought our congress, our judges, got us to invade Afghanistan and cut deals with the Mexican cartels, and flood the country with drugs.

Do we have a country flooded with drugs?

Did we invade Iran, supposedly looking for dancing Jewish hijackers and only find places to plant opium poppies?

Did we arm the Mexican drug cartels that now operate in all 50 states including and perhaps especially Alaska?

Do real Americans have any idea what their government does, who they answer to or trust them at all?

I doubt it.

This reminds me a bit of the organization started by Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeepers.

Congress swore oaths.  Almost all have violated those oaths.

Who bolds an oathkeeper responsible?  When only those who swore oaths they never intended to keep run our government, our courts and our police, when they are, in fact, an occupying enemy, what is the value of an oath?

We send our kids off to war, they come back indoctrinated as our own enemies.  We send them off again and they either don’t come back at all or they are destined to spend their lives living in our basements, unable to work, maimed, sometimes seen, often unseen, but maimed just the same.

They were supposed to be the crusader army that murdered the world’s 2 billion Muslims.  You don’t think so?  This is what they were taught, this is what schools are teaching your children now.

Does anyone really care about Muslims, extremist, dead, here at home, throwing rocks at Israeli Apache helicopters?  Not hardly.

This election, this war, this army, our prisons, our police, there is nothing “our” about any of it.

Who decided America wanted any of these things?

Didn’t we want peace?

Didn’t we want jobs brought home, not “burger flipper” jobs, the ones our children, our grandparents and our former combat veterans wait in line in hope of getting.

Two things to notice: 1) Natural gas prices around the world have crashed, supplies are at an all time high with demand at an all time low but consumers are paying more rather than less.  2)  Oil prices are being artificially pushed over twice what they should be by threats of “closing the Straits of Hormuz.”  Funny coincidence, Iran is making billions, Israel is making billions on oil futures, oil companies are making billions on artificially high prices, we send aircraft carriers over that serve no purpose other than to act as potential targets, acts only meant to push up oil prices.

The whole thing is a con.  There is no new report on Iranian nuclear weapons.  There is no old report on Iranian nuclear weapons.

There is no report on Iranian nuclear weapons at all.  The whole thing was made up to manipulate oil prices so you wouldn’t be paying a dollar a gallon again.

It took Bush years to push gasoline over $4 per gallon, hard work for any psychopathic moron.  Nobody wants to lose that just because there is no demand and we learned during the last year that oil reserves were 40% higher than previously thought.

We don’t want to begin to discuss how many thieves it takes to put on the kind of theatre we have going on in the Persian Gulf now. Poor American families are worried about their loved ones, Israeli’s are being primed, day and night, for missile attacks from Tehran that are never coming, all over the same old scam, running gas prices up at the pump while there is so much gasoline we should be dumping it in the sea to save on storage charges.

We have so much gasoline, we are hiding it on oil tankers, there is nowhere to keep it.

Oh, what else can I tell you to scare you?  Ah, the great Chinese aircraft carrier scare.  This is the good part.  China has nuclear submarines, ICBMs with H- Bombs and we are worried because they have finally, after decades, gotten a 30 year old Russian aircraft carrier out on the water.

Are we worried because our new F 35 or our F 18, the mainstay of the fleet, after spending trillions “projecting power” are now considered “last generation or before” technology?

We have been fighting wars against bronze age cultures for so long, Vietnam onward, that the idea that there are countries out there, not just Russia and China, that build aircraft that can fly rings around ours has been forgotten?

Remember World War II?  Our P-40 was a generation behind the average German and Japanese plane.  Remember Korea?  The MIG could out climb, out turn, out run and out shoot anything we had.

Vietnam?  We had no plane that could go head to head with a MIG 21, we didn’t even have a plane with a gun on it.  Our policy?  “Hit afterburner and run for home!”

There are no surprises, America plans this, builds inferior weapons systems, shows up unprepared and then runs to the public yelling for more money because the “bad old enemy” built something better than ours.

Remember Sputnik and the “missile gap?”

Our continual desire to reprocess 1970’s technology, while anything new we had developed had been stolen and improved upon years ago, is the watchword of the American defense industry.

Why don’t you think we ever developed a decent rifle?  You do realize that we have M 14’s from the 1960s that we bought back from South Korea being reissued in Afghanistan?  Did you know that they, themselves, were only an improved version of the World War II Garand, except with a changeable magazine?  I could go to any sporting goods store and buy a better weapon than our troops have, always could.

Most Americans had not been aware that our combat gear, in particular our “body armour” was all defective, sold to us by Republican insiders..  Richard May writes on this:

Despite Point Blank’s long record of delivering substandard and often untested equipment to the US military, Point Blank was recently awarded another $30 million contract to produce the outer body armor vests.  I realize that it is beyond the comprehension of most taxpayers and the service members who wear Point Blank’s armor, but this appears to be modus operandi for the folks in charge of protecting the well-being our troops in combat.

As I wrote earlier, “Let’s face it, our military and civilian leaders don’t give a damn!  If they did, the people responsible for testing body armor and conducting fair and impartial testing would have long ago been fired.  Furthermore, those who continue to quibble and provide false information to Congressional leaders and the public, such as, Lt. Gen. William Phillips (principal military deputy to the assistant secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology), Col. Cole, Project Manager for Soldier Protection, and US Army Brigadier General Peter N. Fuller, the Program Executive Officer of the Soldier Systems Center, should be relieved of command.”

This scam has been going on for a decade with lobbyist money tied to killing off American troops with defective equipment lining half the pockets in Washington.  We expected junk in Vietnam when they gave us the first M 16E1 rifles, which jammed on every second shot.  You couldn’t even beat someone to death with one without them falling apart first.  At least they weren’t a problem with suicides, you couldn’t even kill yourself with one, not only weren’t they lethal, they were too unreliable to try.

Despite that, who has the energy to kill themselves while starving to death.  Ah, but that was that other war.

America never tires of what it does for it’s troops.  28% of those serving in combat in our decade old war against an enemy that we can prove was never in any way involved in any act of any kind against the United States other than to deny oil pipeline rights to a company with too much influence in Washington….

….that 28% are on anti-psychotic medications, having been pushed over the edge, more by misguided propaganda, continual military/religious proselytizing and the usual absurdity Americans are now used to, of course that being “fighting on the wrong side.”

Even Vice President Biden has alluded to it, that the Taliban are more the legitimate government of Afghanistan than Karzai and the drug-lords of the north America put in control.

Back to our creeping question of the day:  “Do we trust Ron Paul despite the fact he has backed up on so many promises.”  Do we believe he is pretending to be a crooked republican thug in hopes that some of the religious nutcases that back Santorum and Romney will send him money?

“Ronnie, send us a sign, drop us a message, tell us you haven’t gone to the ‘darkside.'”

In the interim, President Obama appointed former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray as “consumer watchdog.”  Republicans threatned to block this appointment so Obama used one of those infamous “loopholes” to put Cordray in office.

Cordray is know well here in Ohio.  He is independent, tireless and honest.  His job, protecting Americans from the massive financial fraud perpetrated by Republican friends, “pioneers” and “fellow-travelers” is vital to the security of every American family.

I see him as a threat.

Cordray is know to be an enemy of organized crime.  Here is what you can learn from this:

Those that attack Cordray or his appointment are working for organized crime.  Since most of congress, almost all of our state legislatures, our courts and police are all in bed with the mob, this new group, if it is new at all, will hardly make a difference.  After all, the idea of it, sending people to jail for defrauding the American people of trillions, the entire legacy of the Bush/Cheney administration, is a betrayal of the “neocon birthright.”

Sometimes I think reminders of utter stupidity and total dishonesty can’t be offered up enough.  From “out of nowhere” is one of my favorites and yours too.  It is not only amusing but it is short.  Here, Tim Russert, currently dead, and former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, currently not in prison, both very publicly commit what are quite probably some of the most infamous felonies in history, crimes that cost trillions of dollars and uncounted lives.  Watch and remember:

[youtube vLlvXvJTnFo]

This one was painless.  Now go back up and follow a few of the other breadcrumb trails I have left you.

Imagine me sitting in a barbershop on main street America.  Next to me, what we are told is the stereotypical American, looking suspiciously out the window, hoping evil Negroes don’t steal his hubcaps or that a Muslim isn’t hiding in the back seat waiting to cut off his head.

His son or grandson is learning to walk on new aluminum legs.  The medications haven’t stopped the nightmares yet.  They never will.

This was the child we were going to give everything up for.  We waited in lines at Christmas so that “impossible to get toy” would be under the tree.  We grilled him about drugs, drove him to soccer practice, taught him to fish, to ride a bike.

We worried about his friends, about what he was being taught, we lived in fear of losing our jobs and homes because of what we knew it would do to him, a fear all Americans share but almost none admit.

Now, 500,000 of them, our children, boys and girls, some with kids of their own, need us and we can do so little to help.

Worse still, we may well have caused it.  How?

Elections, like the one coming up, we listened to liars, we voted from criminals and paid with our children’s lives, our grandchildren’s futures.

Solutions?  I can’t think of one that fits into the plans our government has for us, another rigged election, enforced by our gutless police forces and our courts.

What we face is pure coercion, control, pure force.  We live under threat.  Think and do as we are told or die and they aren’t kidding.

A beginning?

We can accept the truth, that we have no political system and that the words “liberal” and “conservative” are as phony as the ravings of thousands of preachers begging for nuclear Armageddon to bring on the rapture.

A generation of Americans were told it was impolite to talk politics and religion at the dinner table.  That generation has, in the process, seen every freedom taken away, every new freedom being fought for, forgotten and tossed aside.  That generation is the first American generation to see a lowered standard of living, to see fewer American children get a higher education, to see more Americans live in poverty than plenty.

Did someone say “silence is golden?”  Is being silent about cruelty and deception the new “polite?”

Do I call it embarrassment?  When almost everything I hear from a public figure, particularly things that are said to draw a predictable standing ovation, are known lies, should I be embarrassed at being an American?

What do you do when the majority of candidates running for president are children you knew you wouldn’t want your own kids to play with?

Santorum and Perry, of course, have the intellect of toddlers.  Romney represents Wall Street and the Israel lobby and has no perceptable loyalty to the United States.  I won’t even begin to discuss his religion which makes the Taliban seem “amusing.”

This leaves Barak Obama, a man whose performance, real performance as president has been curious and insanely contradictory.

It is because of Obama that I believe, truly believe, that America is ruled by an organized crime Cabal.  I think I have seen signs of Obama trying to stand against it, usually failing but not always.

Then I look to Ron Paul and think to myself, that unless we have a third party willing to imprison thousands of criminals across America, public officials, bankers, judges, members of congress, lobbyists, military officers, so many others, electing Ron Paul will have no effect at all.

Even Ron Paul isn’t really “Ron Paul” anymore.

This is another reason I truly believe America is ruled by an organized crime cabal.

The new “Obama” and the new “Ron Paul,” new and improved, less independent, less decisive, less honest, I see that.  I pay attention.

The basics?

  • No foreign aid, Israel, nobody else
  • Nothing imported without tariffs, no slave labor products taking American jobs
  • 100% border control even if every American base overseas has to be emptied to get the personnel necessary
  • Say goodbye to the Federal Reserve
  • No more “policeman of the world”….if anyone attacks America, we can incinerate them, otherwise, we leave people alone
  • No more imported oil and don’t tell me we can’t, the technology is there
  • No more nuclear power
  • No more corporate news, shut it all down and start all over
  • No money in politics
  • Keep America drug free at any cost, narcotics are not a right
  • Redistrict America based on geography, not politics, “gerrymandering” is not democracy (learn about this)
  • Disband the Supreme Court, it has become a clear and present danger to the United States
  • End “Prison America,” the American gulag that enslaved millions for profit
  • End the electoral college, it is Unamerican
  • Create Senate districts based on geography with no single Senate district with under 3 million people
  • Remove money from our legal system, from appointing judges to buying laws to corporate bullying

It is time we agree, by any reasonable admission, America is done.  We are the “bad guy” to the world, on the wrong side in every war.  Our government is controlled by international criminals, our elections are rigged and we are racing into poverty, each generation poorer than the last.

There is no plan in existence to restore America, bring in decent jobs, restore our legal rights or our standing in the world.

Not one American in 10 approves of anything congress does yet each major party controls one house?  What does that tell you?

Americans fought a revolution against Britain over fewer issues than the average American has with the government we have now.

Can anyone actually apply the word “democracy” to anything that goes on in Washington or any of the state capitols?










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