Alan Dershowitz on Tuba


By Gilad Atzmon


“Dershowitz is not only a remarkable liar and slanderer, but also an extreme opponent of elementary civil rights” Noam Chomsky

The following is an analytical yet amusing glimpse into the deceitful and psychological  nature of  Zionist propaganda as manifested by arch Zionist Alan Dershowitz.

Dershowitz wrote last week, “in a recent post, Atzmon said that he would be willing to play alongside David Duke. What a duet!”

This little insignificant anecdote brought a smile to my face because in my text I was actually positively considering joining a new healing musical adventure along together with Alan Dershowitz on tuba and David Duke on trumpet. Here are my words, “I really do not understand why Alan Dershowitz believes himself to be morally superior to Duke.  Dershowitz is a Zionist Jewish supremacist, he is a world leading advocate of a racist and expansionist ideology, namely Zionism. And yet, I wouldn’t say NO to an invitation for a musical gathering along together with Dershowitz on tuba and Duke playing the trumpet, just because I believe that music brings people together.”

The text is plainly clear. There is no room for misinterpretation. It was not a ‘duet’ which I was willing to join but actually a ‘trio’ that would include Alan Dershowitz alongside David Duke. Dershowitz lied again. Instead of just politely declining and admitting that he is ‘no good’ on tuba, he followed once again his falsehearted tactics-first he put words in my mouth and then interpreted the words he himself invented.  “But that’s exactly where Atzmon belongs,” wrote Dershowitz  – “in the company of neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, homophobes, misogynists, sexists and other bigots.”

If Dershowitz was an intellectual, which he isn’t or an artist which he certainly isn’t, one could have argued that this kind of behaviour suggests that the elder Zionist may live in a cute phantasmic solipsistic universe. If Dershowitz wasn’t aware of his deceitful actions, he could have been classified as a psychopath. But I actually, tend to believe that there is a certain level of awareness behind Dershowitz actions. And the conclusion is, indeed, very concerning, we are dealing with an inherently dishonest person, a ‘remarkable liar’, as Noam Chomsky describes him along together many other intellectual and humanists who have reached the same conclusion.

But why is he lying? Why is he doing it so often? Can he get away with it? Clearly not anymore, yet he wouldn’t stop. At this stage he cannot stop.

In The Wandering Who I attempt to grasp the ideological, intellectual and emotional  apparatus at the core of Jewish identity politics. I try to analyse the deceitful operative mode that is, unfortunately, symptomatic to Zionist campaigners, Israeli Hasbara but also to very many anti Zionist Zionists (AZZ). The book is basically an attempt to grasp the ideological continuum between the Dershowitzes of this world and their collaborators within the Palestinian solidarity movement and beyond.

It is pretty obvious that Dershowitz lies continuously because, like the Israeli Mossad, he hopes to win his Hasbara wars ‘by way of deception’.

Dershowitz lies compulsively because Zionism, which he advocates, is inherently deceitful. Dershowitz lies consciously because Zionism, which he supports enthusiastically, is also consciously impervious to ‘Truth, Justice and Peace’- Zionism strives on a continual conflict, it is based on a falsehood (the invention of the Jewish people and their homecoming) and it is also a racially driven ethnic cleansing philosophy fuelled by expansionism.

But there is obviously a deeper psychoanalytical layer here. When Dershowitz claims to detest ‘bigots’ and ‘Nazis’, he may as well admit a certain amount of self-loathing. In The Wandering Who, I elaborate on the work of Austrian philosopher Otto Weininger who cleverly pointed out that “we hate qualities (in others) to which we approximate”. If Weininger is correct, we have a good reason to believe that Dershowitz probably hates bigots and neo Nazis because he may recognise such qualities in himself. In Freudian terms, he simply projects.

Such a reading, however, would assume a certain amount of guilt at the core of  Dershowitz’ psychology. But guilt as such must be driven by an elementary amount of ethical awareness. Sadly enough, there is no evidence of such awareness in Dershowitz’ conduct.

Weininger contended that his insight into self-loathing explains why the most profound  ‘anti Semites’ are very often Jews. They fight ‘the Jew’ in themselves. I would add here that self-hatred may as well be the highest possible form of Jewish universal ethical awareness.  It is no surprise then that the greatest Jewish humanists (Jesus, Spinoza and Marx) were all self-haters.  Dershowitz could do with a tinge of self mockery or even a drop of self-loathing. Such an approach could heal his soul and even amend his reputation.   Dershowitz  wouldn’t even have to work too hard. The man can easily find in himself every and each possible aspect of Zionist ugliness.   

The Passion of Dershowitz

In recent years I have detected some fragility in Dershowitz conduct and it leads me to believe that the elder Zionist doesn’t really feel great about himself. Rather occasionally the man contradicts his own statements. On the one hand he would repeat himself insisting that Atzmon is insignificant intellectually politically and even musically, on the other hand he is doing little in his life but fighting Atzmon and Atzmon’s endorsers. Last week Dershowitz invited himself to the Manhattan Friends Seminary to lecture on the ‘dangers of the sort of anti-Semitic hatred spewed by Atzmon.’ Surely, Atzmon  must be important enough then.

Contradictions are pretty revealing. They point to a cognitive dissonance. It seems as if Dershowitz’ universe is shaken. He clearly finds it hard to cope with it all both emotionally and intellectually.

I have recently even detected an element of desperation in Dershowitz behaviour. The Zionist fanatic is aware of himself becoming a laughable cliché. Like a 12th grade student, he is now pushed to furnish and validate his lies and spin campaigns with some pseudo academic formality. Though he would quote out of context, consciously cherry picking isolated anecdotes with a clear attempt to attribute a misleading meaning to people and ideas, he would also provide a meticulous bibliographical reference hoping that no one would ever really check and review the texts he clearly distorted. Dershowitz is desperate to convey an image of an appropriate academic formalism to cover for the lack of integrity and content.

I have noticed that many Zionist as well as AZZ operators are using the exact same tactics. Inherently dishonest people  tend to believe that formality can be grasped as intellectual integrity.  I don’t have a doubt that Dershowitz, Zionists and AZZ ‘got away’ with this tactic for a while, however, once you buy yourself a reputation of a ‘remarkable liar’, the image of formality may even make you look more foolish and mischievous than what you are for real.

Such an operation doesn’t reflect greatly on Dershowitz or any other Hasbara operators. But it certainly exposes a volatile mental state. In the case of Dershowitz what we see is a clear discrepancy between what he claims or wishes to be and what he happens to be for real. This discrepancy between the phantasy of ‘academicism’ or ‘formality’ and the reality of being known as a ‘remarkable liar’ is at the heart of Dershowitz’ and Zionist  neurosis. But this neurosis is also symptomatic to different forms of Jewish identity politics and even contemporary Left thinking. If ‘unconsciousness is the discourse of the other’ as French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan suggests,  then Dershowitz, AZZ  and the Left are tormented by the possibility of their real truth being exposed. For the Left it is its emerging detachment and irrelevance reflected by the victorious rise of Islam as the leading and probably only anti imperial liberating force. For the AZZ it is the the growing awareness of its Jewish left disingenuous tribal role within the solidarity movement. For Dershowitz it is the exhausting and tormenting recognition that actually, it is him and his relentless actions that gives Jews bad name.   

I initially thought that Dershowitz would benefit from playing tuba under my direct supervision. Music is the embodiment of truth and beauty and it also has a clear therapeutic value. I thought that devotion to aesthetics would elevate the suffering man and his spirit high above his tribal loyalty. I also thought that Dershowitz would benefit from sharing a musical platform with David Duke. It is not a secret that Duke bought himself very many enemies along the years but as far as I am aware, no one has ever called him a ‘remarkable Liar’. I thought that after a while alongside Duke, Dershowitz may learn to state his Judeo-centric truth in a clear and honest manner.

Being a devoted humanist I do not have any plan to give up on brother Dershowitz. He knows that he will join the band eventually. If it isn’t the tuba, we can always provide him with a bagpipe. After all, the man is full of hot air.




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