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Don’t Believe a Word of This


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Anyone has my express written permission to not only not read this but to withdraw from all media involvement.  Problem is, we have an election coming up and either we go to the streets and bring the nation to its knees or acquiesce and vote for Obama or the other candidate, seemingly hand selected to force us all to vote for Obama. 

Please tell me you haven’t figured that one out already?  The fix?  Starting the week with a recap of the horror story in Afghanistan, now that all 50 versions have hit the news and America has found herself behind a humiliatingly unbelievable lie to sell.

Can we hire better liars?  I really want to know.

Even with the 16 or 17 murdered in Afghanistan by one or four or twenty Americans, depending on who you believe, my guess is four which I suggest you accept, I am a “good guesser,” the “news” itself is not news at all.

I can’t ignore the killings, this is too much like a horror movie in an area that many of us can picture easily though it is thousands of miles away. 

On TV earlier this week, I spoke of the far worse incident in Vietnam, My Lai, now practically a theme park in Vietnam where American insanity is put on display much as the Germans drag their own school children, busloads a day, to visit Dachau, north of Munich.

Of the hundreds of American troops on the scene here, there was only one report

Without the wonderful food and great beaches of Vietnam, we won’t have to worry about Pakistan and Afghanistan turning US torture chambers and massacre sites into tourist stops.

Think of Bagram Air Force Base, where Dr. Aafia was raped for 5 years, where so many were tortured, many, I must tell you, who were flown there directly from Tripoli by Colonel Gaddafi.  Most rendition flights made pickups at Tripoli.  Check on it.

How many of the hundreds of military commands around the world combined with private security compounds, how many kidnap gangs, 5 cent governments such as Bulgaria and Poland, Egypt and Libya, so many others, now many secret prisons on embassy security compounds were used to hide innocent victims of the immense human trafficking ring that, in reality represented the global war on terror.

Speaking of “hitchhikers,” here is the tale of two arrested, then released to what turned out to be phony FBI agents who managed, on 9/12/2001 to “hitchhike” a ride to Tel Aviv on the last plane out of America:

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

I have so many reliable reports from every level of the Bush administration, pages, younger male employees were regularly raped by top Bush officials, I am drowning in evidence, names, places, room numbers.

How many tons of documents, America’s secrets were handed out in DC men’s rooms, toilet stalls for eight years while several hundred thousand Americans were hyped up to give their lives protecting America from an imaginary foreign threat entirely created by Americans themselves?

We have to look deeply into what really caused this

Why do you think tens of thousands of American veterans have killed themselves, dozens more killed their families, 500,000 filed for disability and gangs roam Afghanistan slaughtering children in their beds?

What the hell do you think the price of insanity is? People can go crazy and turn their country over to clowns like Murdoch and Limbaugh, Chuck Norris, Hannity, a pack of phony homophobes.

We end up with a Pentagon of thieves and a privatized intelligence network employed to spy on America itself.

We have a government at war with its own people and a regulatory system skewed to enable theft, year after year on a scale unimagined in the history of the world.

The simple parts, rigging elections, writing phony news, murdering anyone that spoke up, we knew that all along and chose to look the other way.  But then I digress, as the most simple and obvious facts that are inexorable to any are the hardest to understand.

Millions of Americans, for year after year, decided they were willing to be the most evil and despicable humans in the history of earth, either watching TV and pretending none of it is real or taking a very active part becoming virtual monsters themselves, in numbers that probably equal the tens of millions, minimally.

Justice?  Can there be justice.  I hear so many calling for the downfall of Israel for their slaughter of Palestinians, real or exaggerated, their prison camps, very real, nation after nation not dissimilar in their savagery.

But clearly, as the entire world has stated hundreds of times over the last decade, the greatest fear in world history has not been the coming of Satan or the return of dinosaurs, even invasion from space but American “peacekeepers” at the front door of their home.

Captain Bologna Showing his Neo-Americanism

Here, in the US, as I have mentioned before, our police, on the whole quite a pleasant lot actually, are increasingly being looked for to turn into servants of a vast conspiracy to imprison anyone asking questions.  Questions.

If only this were a paranoid fantasy but as our own government has continually passed laws, albeit unused and unapplied, that abrogate all rights, weapons ownership,  and freedom of travel.

We have sat by while out elected representatives has passed law after law on oversight of all communication and detention and execution without due process or even probably cause.

All of this was done with hardly a word said by anything but the occasional blogster, is there actually such as thing as “paranoia” anymore?

I am going to be drifting through a few subjects that might stimulate thought.  Were I to aim at the crux of our problems I would point out two things only.  These are so friggin’ obvious that I am uncomfortable in having to mention them.

1.  The world oil/gasoline market is nearing an all time high while market forces had, in actuality crashed the oil market 4 months ago.  How the heck can you have a high oil market with no functioning currencies, overall worldwide use down 12%, the collapse of the west and east, huge new oil discoveries across Africa, the Mediterranean, Southern Europe and a dozen other spots. 

Do I need to mention technology that makes oil unneeded.  Should I mention the phony conflict over Iran where pissant Israel is threatening to destroy utterly extraneous medical research facilities with weapons they frankly don’t have even though they have been told not to?

If this were serious, which it isn’t, it is all a childish game, Iran could destroy the Dimona reactor in 20 minutes and poison all of Israel.  They would never do it because it is all a game except to the little people who killing in their beds is such a delightful sport for the masters of the universe to engage in.

By the standards of the Nuremberg Tribunal I am lucky I am not in jail.  I can think of nearly 500,000 people that should currently be serving time for aggressive war, murder, human trafficking, narcotics, terrorism, money laundering, hate crimes and so much more.

2.  Then, of course, I ask how the Federal Reserve Bank of New York managed to wire transfer via the SWIFT system $31.1 trillion dollars that never existed to European banks, some of whom have asked for bail out cash though they have enough money to buy entire solar systems.

You just can’t make things like this up, we have the documents.   Every paper knows about it, it is all public but nothing is heard.  What does it mean?  Really?

I  can friggin’ tell you.  It friggin’ means that the entire monetary system of the world is a total joke, all made up, a game, none of it is real, no rules, nothing at all, just a theatrical performance where the script can be changed in mid-line.  Even this is an understatement and, not only can I prove it, every economist in the world knows it.

There is no world economy, there are no currencies, there are no oil and commodity markets, the whole thing is an organized crime scam and we have finally gotten to a point where there is no attempt to hide it anymore, it is all being done right out there in front of everyone.

The Whole Banking System is a Ponzi Scheme, Run by a Private Enterprise

My question, of course, is why there is no more attempt to keep up the appearance of financial disaster, world conflict and such?  Why have they given up and they certainly have?

Compared to what we are seeing in the money markets, fiat currencies, derivatives, oil and gas, agricultural commodities, global instability, threats of new genetic diseases tied to Frankenstein food research, secret billions spent on bio weapons and toxins, the biblical end times are a joke.

Ah then, we can just change the subject, as we all seem to see these things, we all agree and we all also agree to pretend none of it is real so long as there is still Hamburger Helper on the shelf.

We can assume that the impossible can go on forever or that, if something catastrophic is in the plans as so many warn us, we can’t do anything anyway.   Why is it that I feel like a bit player in Soylent Green?

To take our minds off such things, something I recommend for anyone not planning on going postal or jumping off a building, we can find other things to discuss.  In this case, as I am the author of this, my own reflections on how we managed to get here, what we should have seen, what could have represented a warning and if that information may be of some use.

I certainly am not talking to the intellectual elite of the world. Ask me why? Simple.

In order to gain respect and authority, to gain acceptance for one’s ideas, it is necessary to mitigate one’s processes and support one’s suppositions based on the wrong conclusions of those who, not only have gone before, but who failed to recognize the warning signs that helped us fall to the state we are currently in.

In history, only one document, based on impact, incredible accuracy and foresight but damned for its inexorably poor choice of title and narrative, stands above all others.  This document, which any can download, is called by many, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Protocals - Russian - 1905 version

I suspect it was made to seem almost professionally offensive for a reason.  Let’s pretend it is the Protocols of the Elders of Tasmania instead.  What is critical is that we accept some things I may repeat just too many times.

Nobody is stupid enough to put their own name on something this explosive.  If you are going to run a secret society, damn it, don’t publish things that make the world want to wipe you out and then leave your name all over the damned document.

Thus, those who question the protocols in general need to reassess, rather than reject “out of hand.”  Our question is how did someone, in 1905, write an accurate history of the most volatile century imaginable, write it in advance, long before anyone could see it.

Then again, one asks, are there groups, secret organizations, that are capable of controlling events, groups more powerful than governments, than all governments, than consortiums of banks, than powerful crime families, are there groups that have led history for a thousand years or more?

My answer is simple.  Maybe or even probably.  I began accepting this hypothesis as I began using as the famous detective Poirot calls them, “the little grey cells” in reassessing the causes that led to the 2nd World War.

I now am prepared to enter the delusional state that brings me to assume the entire war was staged well in advance, a plan that didn’t end at the war.

Writer Douglas Adams

It included the cold war, the destabilization of the United States, the temporary rise of China and India, their downfall and the eventual systematic restructuring of earth in ways and manners inconsistent with the wishes of the inhabitants.  For those who read such things, think Douglas Adams.   Well, anyway, off we go….

An initial word that will alienate some right off.  I grew up after the last big war.

My role in life, as outlined by President John Kennedy was to spread democracy across the world through education, helping fight disease and poverty and through instilling the human values of democracy into the hearts of what is now a world of 7 or more billion.

This was why America existed, this was who we were to be as people, this was why we had a special pride in our armed forces, we protected people, we were to make a world “safe for democracy,” a term now seen with cynicism and derision, President Wilson’s supposed legacy.

My first assignment as part of that policy of enlightenment was to kill as many agricultural workers as possible to make the world “safe for democracy.”  How many had the same experience, let’s see some hands out there?

[Editors Note: What Gordon is referring here is his year in Vietnam…300 combat patrols, 200 night ambushes, 5 amphibious landings, and a few bayonet charges. Read here if you want the details, it’s worth the time…Jim W. Dean]

Let’s run the clock back even further.

A better look at our own history shows Wilson to have brought us the income tax, the Federal Reserve system, passed laws much like our recent unconstitutional abominations and to have had little or no grip on historical reality or even current events.

No one who studies our mythological history will understand the 20th century.  I was on radio yesterday with Mike Harris.  He brought up a document some believe but most do not, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.  It outlines a vast conspiracy from 1905 that almost perfectly reflects the next century.

If we head back another century or more, American history is about banks and the power of central government with the largest war in the history of the world as of its time, state against state, fought for reasons that aren’t just misinterpreted but totally suppressed.


While America fought a civil war where one side understood that we were an economic colony of European secret societies, Europe itself put armies on our borders, Maximilian in Mexico, the phony German monarchy of Britain into Canada, waiting to pounce as it were.

Thus, we return to the “protocols,” real or imagined, representing “the” secret society or one of many.  Suppressing their history, writing so much off because it is misleading or found offensive to a group in control, is, in itself, a very odd note of history.

If the protocols could be suppressed and discredited, though almost magically correct, is this not proof of their validity?

If they are a forgery, is it not that they are utterly accurate in their predictions but somehow purposefully inaccurate in the mischaracterization of a racial or ethnic group?  Why would a secret society put it’s own name and identity on every page of the most dangerous document in history?

Then again, if not the Zionists, then who do we blame?  The real issue, where we lose so much, is that we have lost the right to study, to decide, to learn, to challenge.  Look at this hypothesis:

If the protocols were created, an extremely accurate prediction of the next hundred years of history showing malignancy by a single group as the “prime mover’ in world entropy, and such a document were a “forgery,” would it not be of prime concern to learn, not that the document itself were “untrue” or “forged” but who has the ability to manipulate a century, predict every movement, obviously control events with incredible accuracy yet totally escape scrutiny?

Freemasons?  Someone else?  If the powerful Jewish banking families followed by their eventual control of world media were dedicated to suppressing historical blame that belonged elsewhere, what weakness does this reveal?  The evidence is there, the suppression, the reasons given, sad and inadequate, the truth of the predictions and the lack of intelligent analysis of who profited.

Jews, as proven by 20th century history, certainly did not but somewhere, trillions of dollars has disappeared, currencies invented, inflated and milked, markets manipulated, populations enslaved and any search for explanation is halted before it starts just in case there may  be a Jew, be it one in a thousand, one in a million, at the end of the road.

Has anyone considered this?   When I look at the trail from 9/11, how several teams of Israeli intelligence agents are left “holding the bag” and in such, all investigation is from that second forward suppressed.   Yes, we know that Mossad teams were used, hired, even arrested and, due to power and influence, released.

What we also know is that because of this, all investigation is stopped, suppressed, fearful of finding a Jewish hand, were it even innocent, were it one in a thousand, among the guilty.  Was Larry Silverman, the $7 billion insurance profiteer the prime mover?  He is the one seen on video almost screaming out to the nation, “I did it.”

This is so simple it smells.  Then we are expected to forget the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, the billions stolen, the endless shiploads of oil hijacked, the trillion dollars of heroin shipped out, the world economic collapse carefully engineered to hide behind phony terrorism, the enslavement of half the world while the right hand wouldn’t let the left hand see what it was doing.

Find me a university in the United States that teaches that the Federalists were a European secret society bent on enslaving America?

Were one to trace the history of the renewal of Federalism, through decades of infiltration of law schools and courts, one would only see what one might have seen two hundred years before, a secret society bent upon domination, of rule by oligarchy, of debt slavery, proof that a dark purpose can lay hidden for decades, generations or even centuries.

Thus, to Americans, to the world, history is but theatre, mythology built around dates and battles, massacres and wars, all without reason, all without purpose, all leading nowhere, nothing to understand, nothing to learn, all carefully packaged by the Ford or Rockefeller Foundations, engineered ignorance to chronicle our descent into subhumanism as express most recently in our religious heresies and political aberrations such as “neoconservatism.”

Both are simply attempts to put a smiling face on man’s Darwinian reversal back into the trees.

Ah, the protocols, if you can find them, rationale for wars, prime mover of a century, root of a Marxist half century that may well be with us under a different guise, can we admit something?

If something is shown, if this is the product of an all powerful secret society, then would it not be, not purposeless, we have seen its purpose, but have we looked deeper into what is hidden?

Here is a question.  Does Zionism even exist?  Hitler was a Zionist, he supported a Jewish/German republic controlling the Middle East, he financed it, trained its military, supplied its weapons.  Think I am making this up?  Check.

Note this was a time before oil had its value.  Note that this was a time when Islam was in total decline and disarray, centuries of Ottoman control had left it toothless and destroyed.

We have erased all of this from our history.

This document blames “Jews,” in particular, a secret Zionist society.  Conventional history says this document is a forgery though Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler and many whose names are not so public but would surprise you accepted it as gospel.  Looking back, the “facts” as outlined, the destruction of western society through manipulated alliances, endless wars, phony ideologies (communism for sure), everything we see is in there.

I don’t ask that the “Protocols” be accepted or that Jews are involved in a plot against mankind, there is an aspect of insanity to this.

However, the idea of conspiracy and secret societies, of governments being controlled or manipulated, of there being a mysterious power, alien invaders, a vast banking conspiracy or, as discussions with those who have taken me into their confidence, to either use and “disinform” or whatever the reasons, we return to the “secret society,” more than one, some over a thousand years old.

Why such a thing one might ask?  The answer is obvious to those willing to accept some hard truths.  Look at America’s founding fathers.  “Blowhard” politicians try to rewrite American history but we were the great experiment.

The real “founding fathers,” those responsible for the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation were not Christian.  They rejected religion, as did all intellectuals of the time, as superstition.

Ah...the Wheel days of the Inquisition

This was the true tradition of the era.  Enlightenment meant rejection of dogma, of Christianity, of the brutality of the inquisition, of the managed ignorance of the dark ages.

There were other forces at work meant to derail and undermine America as a social experiment.

These were the Federalists, those tied to the European banking consortiums, to the ancient secret societies, the agents of what seemed overtly to be England but of something far more sinister.

Thus, America ended up with a constitution that was more than imperfect, but as is the case with so many efforts over the centuries, I could name dozens, hundreds, “engineered to fail.”

The constitution was written as a counter-revolutionary document to restore European control over America, to pre-stage the establishment of a central bank, to build a “federal government” that would be entirely under the control of Europe through the banking houses of New York, simply “front organizations” for names like Rothschild, the one picked by most, whether correct or appropriate, it is the “brand name” most easily recognized.

The “separation of powers” was the con.  The senate made treaties, oversaw the supreme court and was unelected, representatives of nobility and wealth.  The electoral college made theft of elections possible, if not inevitable, and the Bill of Rights, now almost totally abandoned, was thrown in as an afterthought, proof that real Americans weren’t going to stay silent forever.

The constitution was never really ratified, its framers, as proven conclusively by the works of historian Charles Beard, were little but gangsters.

Charles Beard at mid age

What the United States was created to be was simple.  We were supposed to be a colony of Europe used to dominate the America’s, to be bled to death, our armies mercenaries for Europe’s endless “spats,” our endeavors and ingeniousness just another asset to be spent, exploited and wasted.

American history is easily defined, those who recognized these facts and fought them, Andrew Jackson, John Kennedy, many others, and those who were little more than foreign agents.

Today’s America exactly as described, two great European wars settled by American mercenaries, trillions of American dollars “wire transferred” to European banks in the dead of night, our technologies and productivity stolen, our people impoverished, America is now known across the world as a land of arrogance and thuggery.

To Americans, it is a land that is lost, under the political control of gangs none understand and only the most ignorant accept.  Some known as “extremists” call America’s system of government, “ZOG” (Zionist Occupied Government).

An examination of facts supports this, but not this alone.  America’s government is certainly “bought” like whores, those who stand and fight are crushed, even killed, no rational person could begin to question that, but does Zionism even exist?

My own studies, puny though they are, tell a different story.  I look at the real Israel, not the TV version.  No young person can get a job there, none but the wealthy can afford the smallest of homes, it is hardly a “homeland” for Jews, not for many years. 

Much of its population is displaced, some in concentration camps, its education system and media are propagandistic, certainly Israel can be blamed as a participant in evil but of their own making or a “convenience” used by others?

The mythology of the “unwashed” would have Israel the creation of a vengeful superbeing, the subject of a series of ancient texts long since edited, twisted and defiled.  With so many powerful religions, all supported with implied violence, dependent on iron age mythology, the simple truth, that most “chosen” texts are counterfeits has been known all along.

Look at America.  Even by the standards of the earliest Christian texts, long falsified, edited, rewritten and misinterpreted, with 90% that failed to serve the Roman Empire going into the fire, what is left has been twisted even more.

Can one be an apostate or heretic for believing the rapture or dispensationalism when these schools of thought are built from the dung heap of a psychopathic Roman emperor and a period when religions were created with less rationale than the current weekly specials of Taco Bell?

Rick Santorum

American comedian Bill Maher loves throwing this in our face, that entire states, those we know of as “red states,” the most backward of which are currently supporting Rick Santorum for the presidency.

The man known, not only as a “total nutcase” but whose immoral predilections were long ago “banked” to assure his convenient destruction and downfall.

I won’t repeat them.  Why air the deviance of one politician when most are similar.  Should America have anything but a deviant president?

As a veteran of our military debacle in Vietnam, one of the endless wars where America chose to side against democracy, I look on the last 40 years as an awakening.

It has not been a good awakening.  Despite My Lai and the hundreds of dead at the hands of an Army unit purposefully created for its leadership incompetence and probability of compliance, Vietnam was a failure based on current standards.

With the draft, with the patriotic traditions alive in some of us, delusional though they may have been, a childhood of “John Wayne movies,” the military that went to Vietnam, almost entirely children of Roosevelt democrats, raised on progressive values, many if not most with some college or university bound, with America in revolt against the hypocrisy of the past, the majority of America’s military in Vietnam saw military service as a form of prison sentence.

Most Vietnamese felt sorry for us.

Despite the films of tanks and bombers, the real war, as with Afghanistan, was one of patrols, endless patrols and ambushes, but, moreover, life with local villagers. 

As a Marine, I took special pride in the fact that most civilians were friendly and open with us, never feared for their families around us, shared their food, invited us into their homes or, during our cursory searches, felt our embarrassment at being forced to terrify and dehumanize them.

The tall big target Dufster in Vietnam, 1969

I so wanted to be a real human being despite efforts to not only convince me otherwise, but reward me generously for acts that were both brutal and criminal, depending on who caught me and who backed up my story.

This is how we define heroes.

But then, it is after midnight, this has sat here for two days and it is time to hit the publish button and let Jim Dean look for the horrific parts.

I am thankful for the intelligent folks out there, the humans, and for the others, I am not sure how long the rest of us are going to be willing to abide your use of oxygen.

This isn’t a threat, I am a man of peace, or at least I think so.

It’s that I actually, from time to time, meet people who are intrinsically, not just poorly informed or angry but genuinely evil.

Occasionally, a customs official or waiter will offend in some end of the earth where Americans were never intended in the first place but the problem is here at home.

Realize it or not, the world is of the belief that a significant number of Americans are criminal sociopaths and living here, I am finding that I am in increasing agreement with them as are many I know, people who I once shared no political beliefs whatsoever.

Now millions of Americans think millions of other Americans are friggin’ nuts and dangerous, dangerous like we don’t want our children or pets near them, we don’t want them near our cars, we don’t even want them looking at our trash cans.

We don’t trust them. One might call this a total breakdown of societal cohesion and, oddly enough, the more religious people are, the more dangerous they seem to others, the more threatening, the more we expect acts of violence from them.

I have spent endless time in countries where privileged classes have thought nothing of beating or starving family servants, where the idea of even dressing ones self, as though one were a Bush family member, is seen as a profane act.

Those people I expect these things of but, despite my harsh judgement, I also see humanity and kindness as well.

Such things are disappearing here, at least with many, entire communities, states, belief systems, political parties, social groups, almost as though any form of association manages to sink the level of all to the lowest denominator as Peter had predicted, the author of the infamous “principle.”

Then I remember picking up Freud’s Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego so many years ago.

It was all there too. And so it goes…..                                                               Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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