America’s Murdoch Weakness

Murdococh and Unnamed Job Seeker

Espionage and Bribery on the Surface, What is Beneath?


Murdoch and Unnamed Job Seeker

 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Years ago, we were the first to report that Rupert Murdoch was tied to Israeli intelligence.  Who would have guessed that the Weizman Institute of Israel, “doing good works” was owned by Murdoch and the Mossad and into corporate espionage and dirty tricks, according to a Haaretz article below.

Prior to that, to Americans at least, his network, Fox News and so much more, few were aware he owned much of the world’s media, was seen as biased, fanatical, war mongering and racist.

What is kept from America is that the parent company, NewsCorp, is assailed around the world for using their “Operations” section, a professional spy organization which includes a specific group of trained assassins, to undermine the free governments of the world.

When politicians begin to look “too hard” at Murdoch, and if Britain’s mainstream news says this, what can the real truth be?

Hiding behind a few clowns and their rate bigots, Fox News piled up good numbers as the propaganda arm for Neoconservatism, always loose with the truth, always exploiting weaknesses in character and divisions between Americans. The Murdoch organization was, now that we look back, at the heart of America’s moral decline, economic collapse and political woes.

Worse yet, NewsCorp, the “front” for Murdoch worked in partnership with Israeli intelligence and others, not just retirees, but active weapons carrying spies using illegal equipment, actual “hit squads” as part of their everyday practices.  From the UK Telegraph:

 News Corp had set up a covert unit known as Operational Security and employed “former” British and Israeli police and intelligence officers to use hackers to pirate the smart cards of rival pay TV operators. The allegations follow claims by BBC’s Panorama that the company engaged in similar conduct to undermine BSkyB’s competition.

The stash of emails came from the hard drive of a former Metropolitan police commander in London, Ray Adams, who was head of security in Europe at NDS, a former News Corp subsidiary. They show NDS operatives engaging in a range of illegal practices including sabotaging rivals, unlawfully obtaining telephone records and fabricating legal actions…(italics added)

By way of deception

Then Britain exposed them.  It turned out that Murdoch had been spying, blackmailing, bribing across Britain, not just celeb’s but government officials, particularly law enforcement and counter-terrorism.

In fact, Murdoch dictated who would be prime minister for almost two decades.  Now investigations show that Murdoch had used the Mossad and Shin Bet, Israeli spy organizations, to destroy his competition, derailing their businesses to support his political empire of smut, lies and black mail.

Yet, here in the United States, it is as though he doesn’t exist though everything done in Britain, Australia and across the world, has been done by him here, and “in spades.”

The image, of Rupert Murdoch and his sons as Australian “cowboy” journalists, the “wild men” of right wing causes and political extremism, always up for war, always at war with someone themselves was never true.

Murdoch citizenship is primarily Israeli and their interests are in promoting the ultra-nationalist agenda of Netanyahu’s Likudist regime whose influence in America is so powerful, 85% of members of congress make humiliating statements, not just in support of Israel but indicate willingness to go into anther war, this time with Iran, if “told” by their masters in Tel Aviv.

Murdoch and Peres

The reason? Murdoch has been in the US, certainly managing news, not by himself by any means, news filled with lies and mythology for sure but controlled news has only one purpose.  Murdoch’s  job has been to prevent the meltdown that has destroyed his operations in Britain and exposed him as a blackmailer, spy and thug.

His real client is Israel, his real power is wiretapping phones of congress, state officials and working hand in hand with his own organization, filled to the brim with former spies, specialists in computer hacking, wire-tapping, assassinations, poisoning, and the use of political leverage to push an agenda.

What has that agenda been?

Murdoch’s first goal was to see America divided hopelessly, taking advantage of religious extremism in some areas, churches under the power of war profiteer John Hagee and others began dictating to members of congress and, after the questionable 2000 election, they owned the presidency.


The first, perhaps the only real accomplishment of that partnership was pulling off 9/11.

For any who thinks an aircraft hit the Pentagon, who never read the engineering studies, saw the tiny hole, or have learned that the New York attacks involved the arrest of several Mossad teams with guns and explosives, later illegally released, they and the bin Laden family, those who don’t know that southern Manhattan was hit with, not collapsing buildings, but 4 small nuclear explosions leaving thousands dying of radiation disease, now being tracked, suppressed, if you aren’t aware of this, it means you watch world news.

The truth can’t be spoken of.  Ron Paul once asked for a new 9/11 investigation.  The 9/11 Commission repudiated their findings and scientists, military officers, engineers and architects all say 9/11 was a controlled demolition which made $7 billion in insurance, billions more for key Murdoch friends in stock scams, started two wars and was and Israeli operation from its beginnings in Israel and at the Project for a New American Century.

SWIFT - Bank Transfers of Trillions That Disappear

Our informants told of the planning and later, when that organization took over operation of the Bush White House, the execution of 9/11, the execution of the financial collapse of the dollar and euro, market after market, stocks, bonds, mortgages, war after war, each one lost, first Iraq, now Afghanistan, and the death, dismemberment and disability of up to 700,000 Americans.

Wire transfers totaling $31.1 trillion dollars, more money that really exists, went to Europe recently from America at Secretary Geithner’s orders.

The SWIFT documents were made public, an original order from Geithner was presented to the House of Lords in Britain and Americans aren’t even paying the debt on the money.


 The dollar is now backed by derivatives, not gold, not diamonds, not even treasury bonds.  The dollar, the pound, the euro and the Swiss franc are no longer valid currencies.

I do enjoy the theory however, that if all currencies collapse simultaneously, interchangeably, yet will still buy a loaf of bread or gallon of gasoline, though the prices are double, who will notice?

We notice? Could this be done without Murdoch?  Perhaps.

His role has been to advance the cause of what he misrepresents as Israel.  With the Arab Spring, Israel is a failed state, continually confronted with sanctions at the UN, having its own illegal nuclear weapons, it is trying to convince the world that the IAEA, also run by Shinbet and the Mossad, have found evidence of Iran building nuclear weapons.

Nobody can deny it if it is in the news and the “bought and paid for” congress, bribes, photos of members having sex with boys and girls, intercepted text messages, all the things brought out in Britain have clearly been at the heart of American politics even longer.

Tom Selleck(left) as Commissioner/Convict Bernie Kerick (right)

But it was never about war or 9/11, nothing was, it was a “bank robbery” that needed a distraction.  A minor insurance fraud, knocking down several buildings, two of which were filled with asbestos, over insured and unusable is an old story, one we have seen in New York a hundred times before.

Can Rudi Keep Dancing Long Enough to Not Get Caught?

After all, Bernie Kerik and Rudy Giulianiwere running the city.  It was wide open for terrorism and crime, with those tasked with controlling such things tied to Murdoch.

Kerik, the police commissioner is still in prison, something not reported though he is played by Tom Selleck in the TV drama Blue Bloods.

I wonder if the show will have Selleck’s character being sent to prison.  Selleck tries so hard to look like Kerick, mustache, pursed lips, the minor mob bagman that Giuliani had Bush appoint as head of Homeland Security.  A convict would have been running our national security if he weren’t imprisoned first?

Problem is, Kerick was a minor player, singled out, persecuted, when thousands were involved, tens of thousands in the theft and, thus far, 293 in the planning of 9/11.

Our issue is Murdoch.  We contend that his huge empire of newspapers and TV news that crosses the US spewing lies, filth and pornography are a war on the American people by an extremist group that has seized control of Israel and turned it into an apartheid police state.

News about Israel, its failure, how many are leaving, how plane loads of “non-Jew” Russians arrive each day, living off US aid, moved to live on stolen land, taking the jobs of Israeli’s, buying Russia a foothold along with Syria but that is another very curious story.

Each year, many members of congress along with Israeli officials demand the release of Soviet master-spy, Jonathan Pollard.  Netanyahu claims Pollard only sought the locations of Palestinian training camps and America refused to hand them over.

Yet Pollard has done 27 years in prison.

The Traitor Has High American Officials in His Booster Club, Including Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey.

What Pollard actually did was turn over the names of all CIA agents and assets working behind the Iron Curtain.  All were captured, tortured and killed, 1100.

Israel was then an ally of Russia while pretending to be an American friend.  Israel was and is a socialist nation, far closer to Russia than the US and, odd as it may seem, far closer to Syria than any other nation though Syria is seen as a Russian colony.

We have considerable intelligence to support this along with recent news stories putting America’s primary military ally in the region, Turkey, firmly behind Iran.

Pakistan is there too, a major nuclear power that has lost nearly 10,000 troops fighting alongside Americans in Afghanistan.

But you say that TV portrays Pakistan as an enemy?  Why does America give them $15 billion a year then?

Someone is lying and it is usually the news, backed up by shows like NCIS Los Angeles and so many others that are carefully written to propagandize the American people, in the Murdoch style, to see the world upside down.

Americans have little idea why people around the world laugh at such a huge and powerful country that, as with Germany, seems to be under total control from Tel Aviv.

A problem here at home is that what appears to be Israeli control over congress with their continual war mongering over Iran, something the American people simply don’t accept, as 69% are, according to polls, ready to immediately leave Afghanistan under any circumstances, are choosing to blame American Jews.

As Israel become increasingly unlivable, American aid likely to diminish and disappear, Russian refugees and other groups causing social strife within, not just the millions of Palestinians, either thrown out of the country or kept in the equivalent of prison camps.

Israeli Tent Protestors Got Bought Off - But with Whose Money?

Israel is unlivable, like any island, not surrounded by powerful enemies but rather, instead of being the “democracy” in the region, beginning to show itself as the militarist police state surrounded by neighbors seeking freedom and modernity.

Old Islam, the “cold war” version, run by dictators and phony royalty is coming apart, the version America built to steal oil and keep out Soviet influence.

Those nations are quickly disappearing leaving Israel an apartheid state like old South Africa under the whites, where Christians and Muslims are spit on as they walk the streets.

It is hardly ‘the Holy Land’ of John Hagee’s delusional ramblings.  The young people there are quickly relocating, seeking careers and a future to raise children, moving back to America or Germany, many even to France where so many had fled in the past.

Is this why we see the recent attacks there, is it really the French or the old Mossad trick, “containing the Jews” by making them feel hated and unwanted.  The Toulouse killings are, by our estimation, one of those efforts, a staged Mossad “hit” to make France look unwelcoming.

Those of us who have lived there know France to be the most “laid back” place on earth, much more of an economic disaster than they admit, but certainly a home for all American veterans after each war.  This is why we keep a large bureau there led by Jane Rosenstein.

The story today, however is Murdoch, why he is openly being sought across Britain for crime after crime, never himself threatened, his information is just too damning for that, I am sure he has photos of Prince Charles in his “nickers” or worse.

Why Has He Done All of This? Who Has He Created It all For?

But Murdoch is “done” in Britain, “toast” as we Americans say it, totally discredited, stands accused of billions in economic crimes in Australia as well and not one word of news in the US, nothing in our papers reporting this.

There are no investigations in Congress, no SEC involvement, not FBI reports of the use of Israeli spies by NewsCorp, something they have been doing for decades.

It isn’t just lying, it is suppression of justice.  Britain has proven America to be a slave colony but of what, a few square miles of worthless desert that suffers from far more internal strife than America itself? (and this is an election year)

Of late, Israel has been rebuffed by what they claim is the most anti-Israel president since Jimmie Carter.  They have been refused the use of American armies (that no longer exist, destroyed in Iraq an Afghanistan) for their planned American invasion of Iran.

Americans are now beginning to ask what it is that Iran has done?  We don’t seem to remember?  Why does Israel care?  They aren’t neighbors, they have no reason to be enemies and everything we ask of Iran, signatory to international conventions that Israel has refused to sign, is done.

Frankly, Americans don’t care if Iran does have nuclear weapons.  Only Israel has threatened to use them, even to attack Rome at one time.  They call it “the Sampson option,” a nuclear attack on Europe, even America, they can now do that with ICBMs supplied them by India, if they manage to end up with a government crazy enough.


Netty the Tough Guy

They may have one now, nobody has ever accused Bibi Netanyahu, a former Philadelphia furniture salesman of being stable.

Changes of government in Israel often involve voting fraud, assassinations, mysterious illnesses and lots of controlled news, propaganda, bus explosions, mysterious rocket attacks, we have seen that game over and over again.

“We are being pushed into the sea” by governments that we now know have been paid off by Israel for 30 years.

It is Murdoch’s job to deliver a war on Iran, deliver 100,000 American dead, to make sure Congress is blackmailed, stays in line, to keep the American people divided, poor as possible, uninsured and lied to.

His tools?

He is partnered with a foreign intelligence agency and the Republican Party, also partnered with a foreign intelligence agency.

Remember Newt Gingrich, the candidate nobody wanted.  He got $75 million dollars from a Vegas casino boss, we are being kind in our reference here, as his primary campaign funding.

Here is some background on Seldon Adelson, Newt’s “angel:”

Sheldon Adelson - Who is He Working For?

Adelson has always wanted to influence political leaders. Jason Chudnofsky, the former CEO at COMDEX, says Adelson told him decades ago that one day, he would be “talking to ministers” and heads of state.

According to a lawsuit by a Hong Kong businessman, in 2001 Adelson called several congressmen (including Tom Delay, then House Majority Whip) after China asked him to use his influence in Congress to stop a human rights resolution. (This was 3 years before his huge Macao casino opened, and while Beijing was seeking the summer Olympics.)

Adelson admitted calling the congressmen, and the bill was bottled up in committee and died. Adelson denies undermining it, but an employee of his Sands hotel testified that he “relayed a message to the Chinese taking credit for it” according to the New York Times.

Here are selected quotes by Newt Gingrich, Rupert Murdoch’s primary contact in Washington and current presidential candidate and the person who led the unsuccessful Clinton impeachment attempt.  (references below)

Clinton is listed as one of the top three presidents of all time.  Gingrich is ready to drop out of the race any moment though he will be allowed to keep 10’s of millions in donations, most of it mob money.

Are They All Lap Dancers to Newt?

“We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.'” – Anne Manning (who was also married at the time.)

“We would have won in 1974 if we could have kept him out of the office, screwing her [a young volunteer] on the desk.” – Dot Crews, his campaign scheduler at the time

“She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife. And besides, she has cancer.” – Newt, on his first wife (Jackie, his high school teacher)

“I don’t want him to be president and I don’t think he should be.” – Newt’s second wife Marianne.

“She [Callista] is the single most self-centered person I’ve run into in politics—it’s all about her. They do these movies together, and she does a word count: she has to have the same number of words on camera as he does or they have to reshoot. …And Callista did not want him to run for President. That’s why he had to buy her so much damn jewelry.” – an unnamed “former strategist.” Will Rogers, Newt’s ex-Iowa strategist has denied it was him.

“He treats me really nicely, buys me all these ices. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and that Donna, Karan, he be sharin’ All that money got me wearin'” — Callista? No wait, that’s Fergie, “My Humps”

“[I was] very lonely, very driven, and pretty weird as a kid.” — Newt

“It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.” – Newt, as he dumped his second wife for a younger, healthier woman

Stashing Cash in the Caymans - Or Just Passing Through?

The leading candidate has his money in the Cayman Islands, $75 billion in accounts but no evidence of earning a cent of it?

Is it money laundering profits for the cartels?

What kind of country is America?  For two years, a criminal organization of massive proportions can be exposed, bribing and blackmailing.

The last couple of weeks, massive industrial espionage charges have been leveled, the top officers, the Murdoch family itself, still “named” but avoiding obvious jail and prosecution yet this same duo practically runs the United States using the exact same tactics without a word.

What is it about the British that make so many of them so much braver than Americans, able to stand up against the bully of all time, and Murdoch is certainly that.

What makes America a home for crime, where Secretary of Treasury Geither would rather assure Obama’s re-election with Wall Street money than see 10,000 financial criminals in prison where hundreds of thousands with CIA fed drug problems now abide?

From Haaretz of Israel:

NDS, one of Israel’s most prominent high-tech success stories, has become embroiled this week in the ongoing hacking scandals that have been shaking Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire.

According to allegations made in a BBC Panorama investigation, NDS, which is partly owned by NewsCorp, leaked details on the internet that allowed viewers in Britain to access television channels for free. This is alleged to have lead to the financial collapse of ON Digital, the largest rival of NewsCorp’s Sky television network in Britain.

NDS was founded as a start-up by a group of researchers from the Weizmann Institute in 1988 and is a world leader in the development of encrypted smartcards and other systems for digital television networks. The company was bought by NewsCorp in 1992 and has been a key component in the corporation’s expansion of its television networks worldwide.

NewsCorp still owns 49 percent of the company, which is currently based in Britain, but has Israeli research centers in Jerusalem and Petah Tikvah and many of its senior executives are Israeli. Two weeks ago, it was announced that the American computers giant Cisco Systems is planning to buy NDS for around $5 billion.

On Tuesday, BBC’s Panorama investigative program claimed that NDS used a website called Thoic to leak details enabling viewers in Britain to freely access TV channels operated by On Digital.

[Editors Note: In case you missed it you have just had a peek into a major long running espionage operation involving the judicious use of of high investment assets to fund itself via industrial espionage.  This is done on a scale that would hurt your head. What makes it worse is that many intelligence agencies are aware of this and historically never warn their respective publics.  Homework will be to guess why…Jim W. Dean]


America can never be free until it rescinds Murdoch’s citizenship, strips Murdoch of his holdings in the US, puts him on the “no fly list” and begins criminal investigations for his varied activities, every single one, along with full scale investigations of all his political “contacts” in the US.

Few have done more to make America more endangered, more unlivable, more divided and less free than Rupert Murdoch, the citizen “by act of congress,” his “thralls.”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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Editors Note: In case you missed it you have just had a peek into a major long running espionage operation involving the judicious use of of high investment assets to fund itself via industrial espionage.  This is done on a scale that would hurt your head. What makes it worse is that many intelligence agencies are aware of this and historically never warn their respective publics.  Homework will be to guess why…Jim W. Dean]





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