Assassination Colombia – What If It Ain't About Whores?

Hotel Caribe, Cartagena, Colombia

Was Presidential Detail Penetrated by an Assassin?


 by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Cartagena, Colombia (VT)  The story, one a child wouldn’t believe, is that our Secret Service and Army advance teams, those that arrange for presidential security, were arrested for failing to pay one or more whores for “services rendered.”

The real deal is very probably this: 

At least one of the members of the presidential detail is suspected of working with foreign nationals to arrange the assassination of President Obama.

A certain nation comes to mind, one very close to former Governor Romney, the GOP candidate hopelessly behind in the polls, a candidate belonging to a religion seen as a dangerous sect, a candidate hated by most American women and women vote.


One country was told it wasn’t getting a war with Iran, has chosen to put all its weight behind an obvious loser and has no choice but to kill Obama or suffer the wrath of a president who has little to lose during a second term. There is no other reason such a hare brained story as this one would be foisted on the world during an election year.

" Can You Remember Now? "

What is coming up is not fines and demotions but waterboarding, electrodes, lie detectors and forensic accounting, not tied to “below the waist” antics but more to making sure the president was going to catch a 9mm disease or be subjected to one of those car bombs we so often miss.

The newspaper stories, though entertaining, just enough sex and “stink” to put on the president to amuse the Fox News crowd is hiding something and that something is vulnerability.

This is actually such a lame excuse or as we call it, “cover and deception” would work, mainstream news and their addiction to smut.

The supposed party was at the Hotel Caribe, five military officers, the command portion of the president’s advance detachment, under “house arrest.”  Several members of the Secret Service are, theoretically, back in the US, awaiting administrative hearings for “code of conduct” violations.

[youtube r8L41er32CI]

This is not credible.

You see, nobody gets to work security for the President of the United States without a special kind of security clearance.  Along with constant drug testing goes the lie detector tests.

Something is Missing in This Picture? What is It?

As the “honey trap,” blackmail tied to sex, is a way of compromising an agent, the tests given both Secret Service and military that do advance security work for the president and vice president include questions about sex with prostitutes.

They also include meetings with foreign nationals, accepting payments, lies of any kind, violations of rules, the questioning is quite circumspect and effective. This group went “bad’ all of a sudden or the whole thing is a lie.

Presidential advance detail, both military and Secret Service also have defacto diplomatic immunity.

What makes this even more unlikely is that Columbia is a drug client state of the CIA, where Americans can, if they are the right people, and these are the right people, can shoot folks down in the street with impunity.

In actuality, we do just that, attack drug production facilities, at times we have major military forces in Columbia and keep half the Army, police and other officials on our unofficial payroll.

The duplistic aspect of this is that while cocaine submarines are plying our coasts prominent Americans not only launder the cash but the CIA has a very long history of dealing directly with cartel members, supplying aircraft, some flying directly into the US, others landing first in Costa Rica.

We called this Iran/Contra and if you are curious about how the game has been played, one decades old, Mike Ruppert would be glad to tell you about it.

" Gordon Duff is My Friend - Assist as Requested. "

There is even more to this.  When the presidential advance team arrives, they are met by high ranking opposites, all of whom are “above the law” in Colombia.

I carry a stack of business cards in my wallet, heads of security organizations, some heads of state, national police agencies, spy agencies, most with private cell phones written on the back and I am nothing but a petty journalist.

Imagine if I traveled for the president?

Pull out one of these cards, the handcuffs are removed in seconds, you are saluted and, in some countries, the police ask you if, just as a common courtesy, there is someone they could kill or at least torture for you.

What isn’t done is arrest American troops.  That is illegal.  How?

SOFA. We call it the Separation of Forces Agreement that requires local cops to call someone before arresting an American.  Generally, unless there is a busload of burning kindergartners and grieving parents, someone, such as a whore, is going to be led away.

As for the issue of “pay or not to pay,” Columbia is a Catholic country and prostitution is illegal.  A prostitute or whore who goes to the police to enforce her pricing code is arrested, especially if the foreign national involved is part of a group that spends hundreds of millions of dollars on the Colombian police and military.

Prostitutes that want to be paid hire pimps with guns and pay off police, same as here in the United States.  Generally hotel clerks, or the “concierge” at better hotels arrange the deal.

" Can I go for two out of three right? "

I have no responsibility for the relative judgement of those who protect the president but it is my guess that they are regularly subjected to lie detector tests that cover any drug use, contact with enemy agents, breaking any laws or code of conduct.

Such things are extremely routine and are done continually.  This means this whole thing is a farce.

We could go a step further. Imagine yourself an American citizen in Columbia at a 4 star hotel such as the Caribe.

Picture the hotel staff calling the police to have you arrested because a prostitute that they let into the hotel was demanding money from a patron.

This isn’t a cheap hotel. They really want the entire world to know they are filled with cheap whores and that their staff works with the police to shake down the residents?

Whoever thought this one up better hope they are very good friends with the owners of the hotel.  I can imagine how this one will look on the comment section of or on Rick Steve’s new “Let’s Visit Columbia for Drugs and Whores.”

Next time someone wants to kill a president can’t we just do it in Dallas as usual, set up a coverup, with the assassins running the investigation as they did for Kennedy or 9/11? Won’t we ever learn?

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


The Post-Standard (Syracuse, NY) September 14, 2006 Byline: Editorial assistant Tina Norris Editorial assistant Tina Norris interviewed Antoniette DePalma, owner of Transitions Salon and Day Spa in North Syracuse.

In a few words, describe what your business is: We are a hair salon. We do haircuts, color, highlighting, pedicures, natural nail manicures, facial waxing, men’s haircuts and children’s haircuts. web site men s haircuts

Number of employees: Two independent contractors and two employees.

How long have you owned it? Nov. 1, 2005 What did you do before becoming a business owner? I was a hairstylist, pedicurist and manicurist in another spa.

What makes your business different from other similar operations? What is it best known for? I am very oriented toward customer service. I really want our customers to feel comfortable and at home. I really care about the customer from the time that they walk in to the time that they leave. The salon is very open, too, they can see their stylist and everything that is going on.

What led you to do this? Were there any unusual circumstances? I never thought that I would open my own salon. The woman that I previously worked for passed away. She was a great lady and taught me a lot so I decided to go out on my own. I wanted to open a place and make it how I wanted it. This actually all happened by accident.

Describe a typical day for you: I put on the coffee when I get in, talk to the other stylists, see what I have for the day and take care of my customers. I also have to take care of the business side of the day. I have learned how to juggle both.

What’s your favorite part of running this business? It is nice not to have to check with anyone if I want to change something. I also enjoy being able to go to hair shows. I did not have the freedom to do that as much when I was an employee.

What’s the most challenging part? Juggling everything. The business aspect and the hair, pedicures and manicures. When I am at work I am at work to take care of my clients. It is hard to juggle everything. I think the hair, the manicures and the pedicures come first. That is the most challenging part.

Describe your most unusual request: I had a request for a Brazilian wax.

What’s the nicest thing a customer ever said to you? I have had people tell me a lot of nice things. I had a lady come in and say that she has not been able to get a good haircut in the last five years. She was a walk-in and took a chance on us. She said that it was the best haircut she has had in five years and that she finally found a hairstylist.

How would you describe the business climate in North Syracuse? I have been in North Syracuse a year with my own business and almost 10 years with the other spa. I love the area, it always is up-to-date with what is going on. The people are so friendly and they really do expect customer service. They make you want to treat them good. I would never go to another area. website men s haircuts

Is there a person in business you admire or someone you’d like to thank? My former boss, Carol White. She was not only a hairstylist and a teacher, she was a woman who had a head for business. I learned a lot from her and I can’t say enough. I also would like to thank my husband for taking the time to help me with the salon. He has done a lot of the work here. He helps greet the clients and answer the phones and I really couldn’t have done this without him.

What advice would you give someone starting out in a business like yours? Do your research, really stay in the moment and learn everything that you need to learn. Be prepared for the 16-hour days. I learned that if you just take one day and put it aside for yourself the other six days will run a little bit more smoothly. Be prepared for the long hours is the best advice.

What’s the best piece of business advice you were given? Not to take everything so seriously. Every time something new comes up, kind of take it slow and stay calm.

If someone else took over running the business for a day, how would you spend your time? I like to go shopping, to walk the mall. I like to actually be alone on that one day. I also enjoy reading.

In five years, what do you hope to be doing? What changes would you like to see for your business? We are already growing. Eventually, I would like to start doing massages, facials and have more room to do pedicures. I would just like to be able to do more things.

Just the facts …

Business: Transitions Salon and Day Spa Address: 110 N. Main St., North Syracuse Owner: Antoniette DePalma Hours: 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday; 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday Phone: 452-0070 CAPTION(S):

PHOTO Gloria Wright/Staff writer ANTONIETTE DePALMA, owner of Transitions Salon and Day Spa, cuts the hair of Olivia McNitt, of Cicero.


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