American Slaves, Our Real Destiny

Servitude for Life

Nothing Biblical About It, It is Forced Breeding of Slaves


[Editors Note: We have an excellent slavery resource list at the end of this article, with a download link for the classic They Were White and They Were Slaves, by John Cobden..1854.]

Servitude for Life


…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Americans can’t talk about race, not without making total asses of themselves.  Europeans are worse. 

Most “whites” came to America as slaves, not “indentured” as we are taught.  They stayed slaves for life with only a few being freed. 

America was built on “the enlightenment,” the move in Europe against Christianity, toward science and learning, this is who all the founding fathers were.

Individual colonies were Catholic or Quaker but America was never meant to be white, only free of religion in government.

There isn’t a single word in the constitution about race but lots about religion.  We didn’t want any part of it.  We had seen it destroy the world for 1700 years, and it has gotten only worse since.

There were things we didn’t see.  We ignored slavery, white, black, all of it, because ignoring problems was the only way we could get states to ratify the constitution.

As most voters had either slaves or servants, none were poor, all were land owners or businessmen, bankers, it took us until 1863 to pretend to address slavery and until the Civil Rights Act of 1965 to put teeth behind emancipation.

America began with an addiction to aristocracy, rule by men of learning and accomplishment, when they were the few and it was believed that, with talent, came wealth and authority.

Yes People - White Folks Were Sold Right Down at the Docks

[Editors Note: Only the ‘best quality’ were sold on the docks. The leftovers, the ‘dregs’ as they were called, were marched inland to be sold at town fairs, with the price dropping as everyone knew the least desirable were the only ones left.

When labor shortages became bad, petty criminals, prostitutes and street urchins where sent over to empty English jails of what they called ‘our excess poor’.]

We have certainly proven that theory worthless.  America was aristocracy and slavery until the settlement of the west led to a reassessment of European values.  A Bowie knife and a Kentucky rifle, in the right hands, was worth more than a dozen European titles.

This is where the idea of real America began, guns, freedom, mistakes, chaos and theories about politics, government, order, all based on the total rejection of Europe, what it meant, its religions, its kings, all things that the central government empowered by a highly flawed constitution would work hard to perpetuate.

Fought to Save the Union - of Free the Slaves?

Did we fight a civil war to end slavery?  Who were the slaves, the Africans stolen to work on plantations or the white citizens bled dry through taxes, wage starvation, currency scams and the exact same politics we see today.

Slavery began to end then, with the war, the questions of the value of each human being.  If an African slave could be freed, so could a wage slave in a mill or a bank slave on a farm.

This is the war we are still fighting today.

We still have it, mind you.  You don’t see it.  When a governor tries to fight “unions” or someone opposes “Obamacare,” they are talking slavery.  They want a country of poor and sick.

When a politician talks about abortion or birth control, in reality they are defunding cancer screening for women.

First of all, the slavery fight has never ended.  That’s what the 99% is all about.  When a governor signs an order ending equal pay for women, he is returning the US to slavery.

Why do you think we have 40 million illegal aliens?  They were brought in as slaves, walked right across a border we could have closed in 24 hours, brought in to break unions, to replace “black” slaves, clean swimming pools, mow lawns, work in slaughter houses and be sent back before they earn their unemployment or social security benefits.

Many American companies, big ones, do this as a regular part of businesses, all republicans.  They bring in illegal workers, pay them nothing, keep them as

Duff House, Oddly One of Many in the Family...the Good Old Days

sweatshop slaves, then call “immigration” when they have a new group coming in.

This has been going on for years.

Then we hear about Europe?  Paris and London were built on the backs of slave labor, Africa, Asia.

Ninety percent of the money that paid for Victorian England was the result of slavery in India.

Funny thing, British love seeing the things built by slave labor, paid for, those things the Germans didn’t blow up, but tend to forget it was all built with stolen money.

Every major home, palace, estate in Britain was, for the most part built by slavery.

Gordon - the 'Blue Scott'

Our family was different, we sold whiskey, salmon and stole cattle.  Check out Duff House in Banff.  We, at one time, had 384,000 acres, pretty good for people who painted themselves blue and beat people to death with rocks.

That’s who we always were, what made us “racially superior.”

Our European brothers now complain that Muslims are “breeding Europe brown.”  Did they forget their two world wars?  Did they forget the centuries of wars before that?

Did they forget over a thousand years of religious rule where science was illegal, no improvements in medicine, no vaccines, no bathing, no public sanitation?

The Muslims had those things but the Catholic Church made them illegal, instead burned 60 thousand old women to death as witches.

In 1572 as many as 30,000 French Calvinists were murdered in one day, the St. Bart’s Day Massacre, a Catholic celebration of religious freedom… 30,000 dead in one city in one day.

Want to talk about the crusades?  They killed more Christians than Muslims.  Crusaders burned the worlds Christian capitol, Constantinople. Remember, Rome was a backwater, destroyed in the 5th century and not rebuilt until the Renaissance.

[youtube ESbE8Ih9010]

The French even named a second pope and had a crusade of their own, killing up to 2 million Christians in Southern France in what they called the Albinginsian Crusade.  Why?  They were stealing land.  Oh, at the time, the real country “France” had never existed.

The Losers

If you want to know about being white and Christian, ask the Irish, they can tell you.

What Gabriel Byrne is talking about is why Ireland threw the Catholic church out?  Why? Fifty thousand recent victims of sexual abuse by priests is a start.

Centuries of enslavement by the church, a church that ran schools, orphanages, all really prisons, physical and sexual abuse for centuries.

Then we can always talk about Mormonism.  For those of you who don’t know, Romney’s dad was born in Mexico because the Mormon Church was at war with the United States, not just over polygamy.

They had been dressing up as “Indians” and raiding wagon trains.  No, I am not kidding.

[youtube l2kLSRgh370]

Though this video is tedious at points, it is a clear demonstration that the Mormon Church, now trying to place someone in the presidency, with the help of the Likudite Ultra-Nationalists, is largely a fabrication.

Tom Hanks said Mormonism was anti-American.  It certainly isn’t Christianity.  Our question is simple, when did Mormonism quit being a murderous cult?

[youtube oZWY3r5EV3Y]

This is one of the Mormon holocausts, there were others. There were many others.

Hare Krishna - Prabhupada

Those innocent kids on bicycles selling a wild blend of science fiction and fabrication are dressed as they are so they seem less like the more harmless Hare Krishna recruiters we used to see at airports long ago.

The real questions should be the hard questions.  Why are some Muslim countries, overtly at least, 100% devout?

The answer is simple, coercion, social or physical.

France is an interesting study.  Much of French government and culture is still under Church control but only 11% of French consider themselves Catholic.  Germans still tithe, by law.  The government of Germany finances the Catholic Church though half the country is Protestant.

The point?  When you turn your children over to a gang of buggerers and fabricationists, be they John Hagee’s or the gang from the Vatican, when you send your children to die in war because they are defending the Jewish religion, the religion of a country that is primarily atheist, nobody is allowed to ask, nobody can talk.

The Zimmerman “event” here in America was a lesson.  According to a recent poll, one I don’t necessarily believe, only 39% of “white Americans” think it should be legal to murder “blacks.”  This is a poll published in the mainstream media.

The purpose?  Easy to figure out, it is an attempt to stimulate revenge, race hatred, race war, while America is having its bones picked clean by a pack of financial criminals who own and operate our press, our government, our banks, all industry, print our money, control our military and may eventually decide we all need to die because humanity might just be an “inconvenience.”

They will find their rationale in religion.  To a sane person, anyone who hears voices from invisible sources, telling them what to do is put on medication and, if dangerous enough, locked up.

Now we have our first presidential candidate who is a Mormon Bishop, carrying around a bizarre science fiction version of the bible, being careful to keep his true beliefs, racism, hate and sexual deviance behind closed doors.

It was bad enough when the Christian bible, different versions I admit, had wormed their way into public life.

Were many to have a clue where that document came from, the editing, the mistranslating, the bizarre things in it, endless contradictions, bizarre heresies, the negotiations that went on to make the old Roman and Greek religions blend in so easily, to make Christianity acceptable to the Druids.

Any group that followed the original teachings was wiped out in centuries of slaughter, human pyres, mass burnings, executions, hundreds of sites all over Europe and the Near East.

John Scofield
Then there is Scofieldism,the new American church, something that is further from Christianity than Islam or even Buddhism.

This is the “red state” religion of the rapture and speaking in tongues, of snake handling and nuclear war for the glorification of “greater Israel” and the imaginary “end times” that the author of Revelations, John, would never recognize.

America?  It was the product of Franklin and Jefferson, of Adams and Jackson, not a pack of TV preachers.  It was imperfect, a land of rich, a reflection of Britain and the class system we inherited and has changed very slowly, or had changed, until the last few years.

Now it is going the other direction.

Fewer go to college each year now, this is how it has been for 30 years, since the “conservative revival.”

Our standard of living is plunging. Our currency is worthless. Our prison populations have tripled.

We have been in wars for over a decade, all lost, all illegal, with our former leaders unable to travel because of war crimes.

What we are becoming is simple, we are moving back to the iron age, the bronze age, the stone age, bred into extinction, bred back into the trees.  Even a monkey would turn off Fox News.

" Can you smell this freedom now? "

What we have proven is the failure of the idea of central government, of the standing army, of the military industrial complex, of the central bank, of the political party, of laws and judges bought and sold like candy bars, of police who serve the rich, of media meant only to enslave and divide, all have failed, all have to be discarded.

Disband the TSA.  If someone misbehaves on a plane, I will personally beat them senseless with my laptop.  I don’t need an X-ray or flashlight stuff up my rectum to prove I am safe.

Accepting these humiliations has proven otherwise, that we are still gutless slaves, that empty talk is all we are worth.

Funny thing, when I listen to myself, I imagine I must be an FBI informant like everyone else that talks about freedom.

Freedom is sedition just as religion is the opiate of the masses, as Marx warned us.

Kennedy...with a few seconds left

Decades ago, a president long murdered by our own government was accused of being a Vatican agent because he was born to a Catholic family.

Now a Mormon bishop, someone who believes he will inherit a mysterious planet filled with mindless virgins for him to fornicate with forever is looking for the same office with power over us.

He is also asking a foreign government for support, promising Israel that America will give up the lives of a generation of our young, not his, ours, invading Iran so that “Greater Israel” can thrive though lesser Israel is failing.

Without continual Russian immigrants, Israel would eventually be retirees, foreign workers and little else.   It is being destroyed like everywhere else, totalitarianism, apartheid, injustice, a macrocosm of everything going wrong with the world.

An entire generation, Americans, Palestinians, others the world over, due to media manipulation, the Murdoch crowd, the banksters and unending holocaust publicity have hyperfocused on a few miles of sand, yes, miles of injustice too, and lost sight of so much.

What we have lost sight of is what we have all lost.

We have all lost our freedom, some all of it, our “overseers” less and our “owners,” we may never know who they are.

Recommended Slavery Resources…The Big Three:  Jim W. Dean

They were white and they were slaves, by Michael Hoffman

This is the best one book read on American white slavery, heavily footnoted and a bibliography that could choke a horse.  It’s basically a pure research book with quoted material from a huge number of sources. Out thanks to Hoffman and the the sponsor he found to fund the research. Wish there were more of those around.

The first TV guest show I ever did was on this topic, featuring Hoffman’s book and it drew more public response than all their past shows together. It was an eye opener for me as to the market for buried, censored history like this.

The White Slaves of England, by John Cobden, 1854

This is an all time classic, written by a first person observer who was on a Parliamentary committee to produce a report. Prepare to be shocked, especially the parts regarding children, especially in the mines, where to save money mine shafts were constructed at just enough height for the coal carts to get through, and kids used to push them through either from behind or in front from a position of an American football offensive lineman.

The book has some engravings illustrating this. And to save destroying their clothes the worked naked or semi-naked. Downloadable link above. Add it to your library folks and make sure your family all reads this hidden part of their European heritage.

The Slave Trade, by Hugh Thomas

This is the mother load book on the Atlantic slave trade. You have probably never heard of it as it devastates the children’s coloring book version of the slavery story were are all taught in school.

Thomas spent 25 years compiling the research to present us a 900 page tome on the subject, densely written as an academic construction but just filled with heavily footnoted primarily resources (don’t forget that they can tell tall tales, also.)  The hot link above is a NY Times review.

I had read it twice in preparation to debating Atlanta Civil Rights white guilt race hustlers in a planned series of Heritage TV studio shows. But when word got out to them that I would be using Hugh Thomas’ book for all of my sourcing no one here would accept an invitation.

This is also a one book read on the subject. But be prepared to take it a bite at time. I advise using a yellow magic marker and dog earing pages with key quote material or you will never be able to find anything you want to use without spending a lot of search time.

I used this method for years preparing for live taped shows, reviewing material the night before, early the next morning, and 15 minutes before show time. I did not have the luxury of a producer feeding me quotes on a Teleprompter or via an ear piece.

It made me look smart, but it was really just good preparation and grunt work and having enough good sense to not want to look stupid on your own TV show, the media equivalent of suicide.

As always, we are trying to save you all time by passing along the best of the best so you can spend your time and effort acquiring the key material that we all need a good grounding in to be effective critics…and not just another Internet loud mouth who has not learned that no one really cares what you think until they have a good feel for what it is based upon.

It’s called building trust. And as our regular readers know, that takes time…yours and ours.  Enjoy.

Editing: Jim W. Dean

Dear Folks,  A homework assignment here. Below is the classic image of a the slave ship with the unfortunate occupants packed in like sardines, which we have seen countless times during our lives. Ask yourselves:

1) When is the last time you saw an image of white slaves packed onto a ship. If you say the movie Ben Hur you get a free issue of the next VT front page.

2) During the 1600’s, the worse period of shipping conditions, where white passengers on the Northern Passage packed in a) a lot more tightly packed, b) a lot less tightly packed, or c) about the same?

3) Was the death rate for the white passengers on the Northern Passage a) substantially worse that their black counterparts, b) substantially lower or, c) about the same?

4) When illness swept the tightly packed holds, were the white passengers with clothes spoiled in vomit and dysentery taken up on deck to be cleaned off with the warm North Sea waters and to do laundry so they had clean clothes. Were their quarters below rinsed clean once and day and scrubbed with vinegar? Or were they left to lie in the urine and diarrhea soaked clothes until they finally died and were tossed overboard?

5) When one of Robert E. Lee freed slaves was sailing back with her family to the new free State of Liberia, was the death rate on her trip: a) much lower on average than the average of those coming over on the slave ships, b) much higher, or c) about the same.

6) And last, when she got to Liberia, did she or did she not find repatriated American slaves engaged in the slave business?

I will post responses in the comments to each when they are requested. Have fun. Welcome to VT’s new online history classes. For a limited time the tuition will be complimentary.


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