Something Rotten – Arizona and Other Coincidences


A Bedtime Story for America – Rambling the Recesses of Possibility


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


We have two shootings in Arizona to look at, the J. T. Ready event and the Gabby Giffords “thing.”  I have strong ties to Arizona, politically, friends there and I work with defense/surveillance groups that are tied to our military.  This has me talking to Arizona, local issues, state issues, national issues, personal friends, several times a day.  A few things have become clear.  Arizona has too many “coincidences.”

Closer to the truth, Arizona is at risk.  We may lose Arizona.  It may be too late already.  Now I start with a rambling story and hope we all end up with the feeling of unease I am having, perhaps I should have found another way of saying it, but I think you know what I mean.

Several years ago, someone described as a “film maker,” named James O’Keefe, a man tied to Andrew Breitbart, edited a now totally debunked attempt to blame the collapse of the world economy on “Negroes buying homes through manipulating the world’s largest “banks” into issuing derivatives, nearly $3,000 trillion dollars worth, as part of a plot by “liberals.”  This is another fantasy ploy out of the Breitbart toy box, from an enjoyable website that has the distinct appearance of being done by Newsweek/Daily Beast, very high dollar, very big staff,  very inexplicable for a blogger.

The math on all of this, which got so much news, was 6 decimal points off and, to me, seemed to tie both Breitbart and O’Keefe to being errand boys for organized crime.

If only I were kidding.

O’Keefe, who looks like an undernourished fratboy, dressed in a Salvation Army fur coat and said he pretended to be a pimp.  No single human being would have taken O’Keefe for anything but a “whiteboy” dressing up.  The entire incident was the invention of editing, splicing and CGI, O’Keefe is a fraud.

"Cartoon" Street Thug, O'Keefe

O’Keefe, trained in Israel at their spy school is more than a fraud.  The charge “interfering with phones” is an odd way of describing breaking into a federal office with classified documents and tapping the phones.  This is a federal crime, not local, who put this fix in?

His cohort in this was “conservative pundit” Andrew Breitbart, who just died of what was reported to be a heart attack at 41.  Breitbart is also tied to Wall Street, Tel Aviv and was a heavily subsidized hate monger and fabricationist.  His personal history is checkered but, as a journalist, even a half spy, half “shill” phony journalist leaves room for a bit of “Hunter Thomson” behavior.  (Fear and Loathing….)

Call those abuses inspiration.   His death, however, is odd.  He had recent threatened to release a document proving the President, more than a bit popular, elected by a huge margin and miles ahead in the polls, was a “fraud.”

His “assistant” in this is Sheriff of Maricopa County, drug capitol of Arizona, Joe Arpaio.  After Breitbart died, Arpaio went silent, which isn’t his way.  Arpaio is a complex guy, populist, maybe a bigot, someone who could be accused of many things but accusing Sheriff Joe isn’t what this is about.

Then we have another recent story called “Fast and Furious.”  It turns out that several federal agencies were supplying “Mexican druglords” with military weapons.

This is a fabrication.  Yes, Homeland Security and the Department of Justice were involved with the druglords and there was a story about a weapon, the murder of “a” federal officer using one of these weapons.  “Fast and Furious” is a cover story.

Smuggled American weapons are useless to the cartels.  They have money, runways and can access the massive world weapons market at any time, surface to air missiles, 155mm howitzers, RPGs, even medium range surface to surface missiles.  They could attack Denver if they wanted.

They have so much money they could buy a nuclear weapon from Ms. Merkel, the German arms merchant.  No, this is not conjecture, the sale of nukes is real, far greater than imagined, and available to cartels with one exception.

Cartels exist to make money, not to be blown off the planet by the biggest army in the world.

Americans, political Americans, exist to do business with cartels, launder their cash, make sure their drugs move smoothly, that their profits are secure, this is the primary occupation of members of the Obama administration and a rather enormous number of public officials and law enforcement officers across the United States.

There are those who work otherwise, with our thanks.  They know they risk their lives and the lives of their families to stand against this.

On we go….

Now we have a disappearance.  My favorite, thus far, were the two people, I am guessing Israeli citizens, arrested by the New Jersey Highway Patrol on 9/11 for exploding a truck.  We have everything on them except for the two terrorists who were handcuffed in the back of a police car.  They disappeared.

Their “brothers in crime” were picked up outside the Lincoln Tunnel, NYPD, arrested, put in the back of a police car and never seen again.

Then there is the “Mary Landrieu” break in.  From 2010:

Conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe was sentenced to three years of probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,500 fine after he pleaded guilty on Wednesday to misdemeanor charges stemming from his involvement in a break-in at Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) office.

In January, O’Keefe and three others were arrested by federal authorities at Landrieu’s office on allegations of phone-tampering.

Prosecutors initially said they caught four individuals in the process of committing a felony, but the charges were later reduced to misdemeanors.

O’Keefe got the toughest sentence. His co-defendants, Stan Dai, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, each got two years of probation, 75 hours of community service and the same fine as O’Keefe.

Whatever you have heard, this is what we know.  This was a combined US government/Mossad operation to place surveillance equipment in the office of a member of congress tasked with investigating billions in defense fraud.  Phones were bugged, rooms bugged and a “black bag’ crew from the Department of Defense was used.

One of the “co-defendants” arrested in his car not far away, a car with automatic weapons, burglary tools and Israeli built surveillance equipment is also an active employee of an American intelligence agency, working directly with James O’Keefe.

Why would a “dress-up pimp” be involved in a Pentagon “black bag” operation against congress?  This is exactly what it was but why O’Keefe along with a crew from the XXX?

We don’t mean FBI or CIA.

This is the US army and a probable foreign spy doing a “black bag” operation against a member of congress and yet having everyone walk away without their background, Israeli training, identities, DIA agents,and purpose, 20 year plus felonies, exposed or prosecuted as required.

How do you go from “dress up pimp” to “DIA/Mossad black bag crew?”  If he was there as a “film maker,” then where is the film?  Where did the Israeli bugging equipment go, $6 million dollars of it, how did this fly through the courts and news with no reporting?

Does Andrew Breitbart’s mysterious death become easier to understand, that and “Sheriff Joe’s” silence?

Then we have the more mysterious death of J.T. Ready.  I believe Ready came into contact with the FBI as a confidential informant during a short association with the “Natinoal Socialists of America.”  Here is a video from their website.  Listen carefully.  See if you notice what I do.

[youtube e1vh6y7yp3k]

I have been following local news stories that focus on the NSM and Ready, calling him a “neo-nazi.”

However, the film I watched gave me the impression I was talking to a law enforcement officer.

Ready, who ran the US Border Patrol, an organization at times down to one man, himself, was a parallel to  the NSM.  Was it?  Is there an NSM?

I return to Arizona, a state in total turmoil.  I have a Federal Judge and member of Congress along with others including one child, murdered by an individual who had belonged to an Army “pre-enlistement” or “psychological fitness” program for 3 years.

Mike Harris, onsite at the location of the J.T. Ready death and associated mayhem saw FBI there in an hour, not one agent but a task force.  We watched much of Arizona swarm with Army, FBI, ICE and Homeland Security after what was called a “murder suicide of a neo-Nazi.”

Then we can talk LDS, the Mormon church, a power in the region.  With Mitt Romney believing he has the nomination, why are there no questions about what Bain Investment is and why it moves billions from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands to secret numbered accounts?

I am told this is drug money, up to $82 billion in accounts at one time.  Bankers talk more than Mitt would like.

It isn’t just Arizona but Florida too, parts of Texas, Nevada, half of California, under foreign drug occupation while Congress spends their 3 hours a week talking about invading Iran with troops that no longer exist, we lost 585,000 in the last wars, dead, wounded and disabled,  and aren’t going to be fighting more wars.

Obama begged Karzai last week for permission to stay.  Did Obama offer Karzai a bigger cut of the heroin profits or does Obama have that authority.

We are told he doesn’t.  He is an employee only.  I have heard that one clear as day.

What will Arizona become?  Ever hear of Kosovo?  Maybe kids will be bagging up heroin, cocaine and meth or oxy, perhaps “x” in a government “bootstrap” program Newt might come up with.

Funny thing about the NSM.  I just dialed their number and they say nothing about “Zionism” and Israel, the basis for being a “neo-Nazi” as any good FBI informant would know.  At one time, the Michigan militia had over 200 FBI informants in their membership.  They only disbanded when, during their last meeting, only FBI informants showed up.

I tried to reach the NSM.  No luck.  I did read their manifesto.  Strange.  It is 95% Ron Paul, at points actually brilliant economics and 5% utter insanity, racism, blithering, as though they were purposefully meant to discredit themselves, like the ADL does.

I will ask them about this.

I hate to ramble but making sense of things is hard.  The “why.”  It is clear why I am talking about Arizona, it is the breaking point for taking America down, a beautiful state being destroyed overtly from without, helped along by federal bureaucracies and organized crime.

Oh, that?

This is why I mention Kosovo.  It will be key to the next few years, the part of Serbia that the US has occupied with NATO and set up as the world’s drug distribution center.  The second racket, a thousand times more lucrative, is the diamond business, Russia, South Africa and Tel Aviv.  Phony diamonds, manufactured diamonds, cloned diamonds, “blood” diamonds, hundreds of billions a year move each month through a dozen hands.

Sources tell me it is this group that sends NATO to bomb, orders killings, tells prime ministers and presidents what to eat for lunch and Murdoch’s criminal empire what to print and who to blackmail.

As we ramble, “out there,” 4000 audio tapes, hacked phones, emails, text messages, the Royals, Cameron, Minister of Defense, Home Secretary, CIA agents, diplomats, all still under the control of Murdoch’s lawyers, enough to keep himself and his son out of prison.

Never have so many officials of one nation “not been able to keep it in their pants” as Britain.  Even worse, the endless plots, the murders to cover the plots, all hacked, all wiretapped, bribery, extortion and you have Rupert Murdoch sure beyond any doubt no matter how many crimes he and his son can be charged with there will be no indictments.  He owns them all, has them “by the short hairs.”

Senator Jay Rockefeller has asked the Brits to send him evidence of US laws violated by Murdoch.  I hope he has a comfortable place to sit and wait.

I have had my own job explained to me.  I am part of the circus too, blaming the third rate gangsters of the GOP or the Israeli lobby for the ills of the world when they are a minor sideshow.  I return to my theory of the “ouverage” or “blister.”  This is when an infection comes to the surface.

What do we know?

Like Dr. David Kelly, R.T. Ready and his family were slaughtered.  Maybe Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes but I doubt it.  I think he died of overexposure to exposure to spy organizations tasked with blackmailing members of congress, like the programs that Murdoch runs for Israel in Britain, the kind Jay Rockefeller hopes to learn about.

It would explain why those who talk in Washington speak in “tongues” only the ignorant of putrified can understand.  I can understand Obama claiming credit for the death of bin Laden who died a decade before, an American agent, loyal to the last (we can prove it, thank you very much).  I excuse that.  Then he talks about Iran when he has NO proof Iran ever did anything, not since 2003.  He presents no evidence, just empty words and talks about diplomacy.  He sounds like an angry man, lying through his teeth, dependent on the idiots who follow the Israel lobby’s lies.

What a dung eating pack this is.

Much of our fiction, first Rubicon, now Scandal but many other shows, focus with some accuracy, Person of Interest is another, on the continuous abuses of our government.  This is a misdirected version of the truth, sanitized of reality.  Just read the credit, see who the producer is of whatever who has a president order a murder or the CIA running drugs.

Our national obsession, shared with Britain, at exposing political scandals wiped clean of the real perpetrators and planners is a psychological operation used to manage how and what we think far more effectively than any news show.

Nobody believes the news but you can become infected watching NCIS Los Angeles, and the diseases from that and other shows are more dangerous to your freedom than any weapon of mass destruction.

And we are losing Arizona like Serbia lost Kosovo, taken over by mobsters, drug dealers and, seemingly, our own government that the media tells us is, in itself nothing but mobsters, drug dealer, all secretly moving automobile plants to China in the Middle of the Night, not laundering billions a day in conflict diamonds in Tel Aviv or looting trillions from the Federal Reserve Banking system.

Years ago, the US military took over supervising the border with Mexico through Ft. Huachuca, AZ, the command center for all military surveillance activities in the world.  Tens of billions was spent on specialized radar systems that could detect tunnels, identify individuals 200 miles inside Mexico as “likely to cross the border” and, of course, capable of detecting every human being within 100 miles of the border as to height, weight, age, sex, body temperature and likely ethnicity.

Saying any more would not be allowed.

This information, available in real time, distributed through billions in portable computers to dozens of agencies is not used.

It is easier to sneak into the United States from Mexico than for an American to drive from Detroit to Windsor, Ontario to eat lunch at the local Chinese Buffet and return.  I had one friend, State Department Intel Employee, top security clearance, retired senior FBI official with gold badge get strip searched returning from commanding intelligence operations in Iraq.

This isn’t an internet rumor.  This isn’t a kid, he was hired into the FBI by J. Edgar Hoover personally.  He also had full diplomatic privilege.

He was strip searched by TSA though holding full and active US clearances and ID, outranking the TSA employee and his supervisor’s supervisor by nearly a decimal point.  While he was being searched, 500 drug mules walked into Arizona, each one electronically catalogued but eliciting NO response from any agency.

We made a deal with the cartels, members of congress, I can name them, launder their cash, we give them weapons, everyone knows who does that, who lives on kickbacks, drowns in lobbyist money or worse, the things Murdoch taps phones to learn about, the things O’Keefe taps phones to learn about.

The phones O’keefe tapped also were used to discuss military audits, contractor thefts, overcharges, calls to Senator Levin made every day.

No ACORN “fancy Negro/Pimp mortgage business” was done there, nothing for O’Keefe and Breitbart to worry themselves over but things that put them in position to get killed over.

It is stolen billions that gets you killed, people who don’t trust you, who worry about your “habits,” not “funny” birth certificates.

Then we ask what got Gabby shot by an Army MK Ultra “programmed” assassin, or was it the federal judge, what got J.T. Ready shot, because we know the FBI doesn’t do “domestic calls” with a full task force.

I can’t put any huge plot together other than to assure you that there absolutely is one and if I could name who was really running it, I would be dead as a doornail before I cold hit the “publish” button on this.  I have received that assurance.

The real players could care less if Chicago is nuked, to them it is something else.

They talk like it is money but it is even something other than that.

Odd conversations, population estimates falsified, eventual inability to “band air” currency failures and something else.

Sometimes there are holes bigger than mountains, missing parts of conversations that scream out.  If you talk about Bilderbergers or Skull and Bones or Bohemian Grove, the giggling starts.

Pretend you are a small child in a planet where humans are grown for food and eaten by lizard aliens.  Sorry for borrowing a David Ickes analogy but lizard aliens are so much fun, the idea of the queen eating a ferret.

Then someone hands you a picture of Jesus, in the background you see a lion and lamb lying together.

This picture is the cover of a menu.  You are the appetizer.

And so it goes.






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