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1936 Alvis
1936 Alvis

It Isn’t for Me to Judge, What is or Isn’t Important


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


To start with, I just got off the phone with a friend stationed an Ft. Huachuca in Arizona.  He read me a story about J.T. Ready, the supposed “Neo-Nazi” who they say murdered his family and killed himself.  Last week I got the police reports and put one of our local people on certain areas of the story.  Later, I headed out to a local auto show, something we will finish up with, a lighter note.

I am not a big J.T. Ready fan.   I had spoken with him at length, as with other candidates for sheriff across Arizona, and had some reservations about him.  One horrible problem comes up, a major Phoenix paper, selectively quoting the lengthy police report, much easily proven total fiction, failed to mention 5 witnesses who saw two cars flee the scene immediately after the shooting.

The narrow gap between journalism and criminal conspiracy could be seen as having been crossed here.  We can only hope the “feds” have a free hand to deal with this.

This is my point.  In general, I work with former FBI often.  In general, I like many law enforcement professionals, I respect what they do.  However.


Many departments are terrible places to work, any cop will tell you that.  What they don’t tell  you is how many police are involved in organized crime, human trafficking, drugs and, most of all, murder for hire.  Most professional killers in the US, and there are many, are serving police officers.

You wonder why, when someone is arrested for trying to have a husband or wife killed, it is always a cop they had hired?  This is what police do, not all, not most, but many.  Others loot crime scenes, steal drugs, all the things you see on TV.

Here is my best guess, and this is the best guess  you will get as to the J.T. Ready issue:

Ready’s inside group, many years ago had been white supremacists.  Wake up dumb asses, 85% of people in red states, rural America are white supremacists and dislike Hispanics, African Americans with a majority hating Jews as well.

This has been a big part of American history, has defined American political movements for a century and a half and is taught at graduate level in every university.  You know what else?  Every other country is the same, topping the list is Israel but I could name 75 others.

It is simply what people do, they stay to “their kind,” resent others, don’t want their jobs taken and feel efforts to “invade” their territory threaten their families.

Closer examination will generally show that the “homeland” being defended was stolen from someone else in the first place although, with transportation such as it is, and governments throwing money to the wind, with TV and movies DEMANDING racial mixing, which simply happens anyway and is a PERSONAL issue, American politics, despite misreporting, fantasy, fiction and control, will be dominated by race and ethnicity issues just like in Europe, Africa, Asia and every place else.

Live with it or leave the planet, thank you very much but stop lying.

Back to J.T.:

Informants who knew Ready, candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff and former Marine,  said he was working with law enforcement groups to stop trafficking of minors for sex and to help intercept drug couriers.  When you see photos of empty backpacks covering the border area, don’t think they had underwear in them.  They carried drugs, a form of money.  When the backpacks hit the ground, the drugs were transferred to couriers and taken into the US for distribution.

Let’s be clear, the only friends, for the most part, J.T. had left were local cops, and several of his “friends” were listed as investigators on the police report but only two admitted knowing him.  Several others lied, not just lied but considerable expensive equipment, night vision and such, “went missing” during the police evidence search.  I wonder how he afforded it but that is another story for another “agency.”

None of this could happen, based on what is available to guard against it, without full cooperation of the majority of police departments in Arizona and most public officials, judges, district attorney’s and such.

More than that, Federal agencies have been either infiltrated, have made “deals with the devil” or as with the Department of Homeland Security, are totally in with the cartels.

Let me be very clear, we have reliable information that some “news agencies” and “reporters” who have used the term “neo-Nazi” or “anti-semite” about Ready are, themselves, employed by organizations that have been officially named as suspects in drug running and human trafficking.

Most of those responsible for “trashing” the very imperfect J.T. Ready should be interrogated as to involvement in his killing and the local police should have their mobile phone bills reviewed.  I suspect we will find 3 officers involved in active coordination of the killings and were stupid enough to use their own mobile phones for coordinating the crime.  This is just a guess, like one any professional law enforcement officer is paid to make unless they are told to play out the cover story and keep their mouths shut.

I hope this isn’t the case.

What is happening in Arizona and Texas, New Mexico and California, will be happening across the US and there is enough money involved to buy every local government and every police department in America.  Anyone standing against them will be murdered.

It is my belief, based on reviewing police reports and access to information on how inaccurate those reports are that police killed Ready and his family on behalf of the Mexican cartels.

As we speak, motorcycle gangs across Arizona, who make income from selling some illegal substances, I am not judging here, are being systematically targeted while the huge cartels, with so much money they buy members of congress and even can run a candidate for president, are being given free reign across the US.

This is a war and it will touch every school, every town, every child in America.  Drugs exist to target, not minorities but our children, to destroy them and it isn’t by accident.

For the most part our primary enemy in the war on drugs is the Federal Government, congress and our own police and elected officials, just as in Colombia and Mexico.  It has all come home now.

What you may or may not know is that heroin isn’t a recreational drug, heroin “owns you.”  What used to cost a thousand dollars a week, kids can now afford with their lunch money, we produce that much heroin and ship it around the world in huge jet aircraft.

Production is under US protection, with distribution, worldwide, done by the powerful Kosovo/Albanian gangs, that, with US government support, wiped out the Russian Mafia and the other gangs, I won’t say “Italian” or “Jewish” or “Greek.”  Few know much about this.  I know more than a bit, much more.

Afghanistan was about drugs, America taking over the world’s drug business.  Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo exists to sit on the world’s drug distribution center and Albanian gangs, check with the UN on that, are so powerful they could wipe out the FBI overnight if they wanted to.

Not a word is said about this but this is the invasion we feared, one started during the cocaine cowboy years of the CIA during the 1980s and one a thousand times more serious than crack, meth or “oxy.”  Terrorism killed 15 Americans last year, drugs killed nearly 100,000.

The second issue, worldwide, is human trafficking, we call it slavery.  Some of it is pure slavery, free labor, paying for the things America buys that are sewn or wired or boxed by human slaves.  Some call them “guest workers.”

Were I to live where I do with the income I have, normally I would have, were I to live in one of a hundred plus nations, a staff of 3 to 10, paying them, combined, less than my gas bill.

If I chose to rape or beat them, I could have them arrested for complaining.

This is how the majority of the world works, why nations like, not just Israel but others, have one in 5 or as in the UAE, 7 of 10 residents “guest workers,” or, in reality, slaves.

Now this is coming home, here in America we have industries, non-union work always, where far less than minimum wage is paid, here inside the US, slaves living 20 to a room, serviced by child sex slaves brought into the country with full complicity of federal agencies and local police.

Hey, just wait, you will never have to iron, vacuum or wash a dish again, you may be like a “Bush,” never having to see food in a package, never seeing a store, you could be like Mitt Romney yourself, maybe without the thousand Swiss bank accounts, all numbered, none taxed, all potentially criminal, not the same but we may all be a small version of this and live our lives profiting from human suffering.

This is why we have such a huge world population so the few could live as predators on the slavery of the many, so we could live surrounded by junk, grow increasingly useless or simply die off, no longer needed when any American worker could be replaced by a “dollar a day” kidnap victim.

In fact, most American workers are already there.

Outside the US or Western Europe, nobody I know has ever washed a dish or even entered their own kitchen.

We have no understanding of the world.  One of my good friends was offered a pygmy last week.  No, I am not kidding.  They sell them in Africa as forms of amusement.

Another good friend in Eastern Europe employs a Moldovan staff, a personal assistant, a dog walker, a masseuse, gardeners, drivers and, in actuality, has saved their lives by doing so.

The women had the choice of this or prostitution, the men, who knows?

Some hire everyone they can to work in their household just to prevent families from starving.  Both end up slaves and never quite understand.

I am always given drivers who never take me where I want to go and security details that I am more capable of protecting than them protecting me.  The only way one can be listened to and respected in many areas of the world is if one arrives with a parade of lawyers, assistants, gun toting guards, car polishing drivers and such.

Where no real economy exists, where no opportunity is there, such positions are often of high value.  Judging from afar is sometimes wrong.

Some of this is the innocent end.  Remember when the US had to get Saddam out of Kuwait, the slavery and prostitution capitol of the world?

Oh, you didn’t know?

To Americans, hard work, hard physical work is known to build character.  We are also told that “defending freedom” makes us better people.  I watched the truth, generations of Americans have fought around the world defending gangsterism and have been discarded to die in prisons, live under bridges or waste away fighting federal bureaucracy in a military that exists as a country club for some and slavery for most.

Most American veterans suffering physical and mental distress at a level 5 times the norm.  Here is a “fact” you will never read.

The average life expectancy for a combat veteran of the Vietnam war is 47 years.

We are still working on Operation Desert Storm but the initial numbers are similar.

In the end, of course, we accept the error of our ways, that Saddam didn’t really invade Kuwait at all but was invited in:

[youtube Zn44sXhLwAM]

There were no “Gulf of Tonkin” attacks, Vietnam was a criminal act by America, fighting freedom loving people to enslave them.  I was there, I saw it up close and personal.

The War on Terror was worse, check out this fictional fiasco:

[youtube SSkk0Qa6CG0]

Knowing what we learn from the video above, shouldn’t SEAL teams have been hunting Russert and Rumsfeld and not the long dead Osama bin Laden?  You don’t want me to look through thousands of 9/11 videos, all debunking the official story, showing the demolition so carefully.

Enough of this.

I have spent considerable time in the United Kingdom, an imperfect version of America that I have learned to be at home in.  They have some wonderful TV shows, one that ended last year was Doc Martin.  It was about a well known surgeon who moved to Cornwall, the warmer end of Britain, the Southwest.

He became a local doctor.

The show, one of many in the UK never seen in America shows differences in their society.  This one:

[youtube tytWZbb5n5U]

is a mixed highlight reel.

Why is this show censored in the US?

The answer is simple, Brits don’t pay for medical care.  I have lived there, have gotten sick, very sick and comparing, let’s say, the top VA hospitals in the US to a small regional hospital in Britain, here is how I rate them.

VA = 1  Britain = 8

You see a doctor in minutes, treatment, even for American citizens is totally free and there are doctors everywhere, nurses working, almost like they were real people and not part of a what we have created, a nightmare.

All the complaints about care overseas is bull, paid for by the bloated medical industry.  This week, a visitor from Norway was in the US, bitten by a rattlesnake.  He needed minor care, a shot of anti-venin and some steroids.

The bill was $143,000.  Anywhere else in the world it would have been free or $30 dollars.

A Norwegian exchange student is receiving international attention after being bitten by a snake and receiving a $143,000 hospital bill. The large figure stems from the use of two antivenin drugs that were used to save his life.

“My jaw was dropping down,” Dag-Are Trydal told 10News. He was stunned to receive the large bill after being bitten by a rattlesnake. “I thought maybe $10,000,” he estimated. In Norway, he noted, “it would have been free.”

Trydal was walking back to his car when he felt a sudden pain.

“I stepped two steps back just immediately, and I was seeing that a snake was sitting right between my flip-flops. As I was walking over [to the nearby Scripps Hospital], my heart started thumping and I could feel a tingling in my body and a metallic taste in my mouth,” he said.

He was treated with four doses of two separate antivenin drugs, one totaling $102,440 and another $25,610.

This is what I can tell you.  The antivenin drugs require refrigeration, are manufactured in Britain only since Wyeth quit producing them and have a wholesale cost of about $30 dollars each.  One of the shots here, wholesale cost of $30 dollars was over $102,000.

Now do you understand why so much money is spent to tell  you how bad “Obamacare” is?

Oh, but you might have to wait for care?  Under our current system, I had thought my first 13 month wait to see a specialist a bit long.  Currently as a 100% disabled veteran, I have been waiting 27 months for an appointment.

27 months.

I can document this.  Oh, this means I have gone 2 years without refills for needed medications and it isn’t like I don’t call.  You see, there is a backlog with 500,000 recent veterans reporting to be totally disabled for life, average age 27, requiring $4.3 trillion dollars of care and benefits, money perhaps that might be collected from those responsible for 9/11.

I can name who they are and only two involved were Muslims and none from the bin Laden family or “Taliban.”

Both had been photographed in the oval office with President Bush.

Today, the sun was out, I said “to heck with it” and headed out with a friend in his aging Sunbeam Tiger, a small British car he has owned since it was new in the 1960s, small but with a powerful American V8 engine.

We left the removal hard top next to my filthy Mercedes ML and rumbled on down the road….

[youtube q1XtsqDQVWY]

and, a moment or two later…I will add that Vesper is also my attorney and as Hunter Thompson tells us, never travel anywhere without one, especially in America.  What we are seeing, of course is how “fear and loathing” has taken its toll where the toys of our youth have become the obsessions of our life, preserving what little we can of a time….

[youtube kFBHkzsyuqQ]

Last but not least, a 1936 Alvis….

[youtube l0IEIwjAMag]












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