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Next Years Nobel Prize Winners in Economics
Next Years Nobel Prize Winners in Economics

Issues Foreign and Domestic


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


For US consumption let’s start on a big issue locally, fuel prices.  Every summer, Americans are subjected to a fuel scam, starting after 9/11 where gasoline went to nearly $3.00 per gallon on $55 dollar a barrel oil. 

Oil profits surged, our economy tanked, Wall Street got deregulated and we entered a period of “cowboyism” that cracked the US economy.

Oil is now being artificially supported by a consortium led by the Koch Brothers, supposedly to rig the presidential election.  Oil has crashed, belongs at about $46 per barrel but is sitting at $83 based on a rigged futures market and everyone involved belongs in prison.  Only gas going to $2.50 or below in the next few months, something Republicans will die to prevent during an election year, will save most American families.

The rigged world of hydrocarbon blackmail is criminality on the largest imaginable scale, capable of dictating to any government, orchestrating any war and is, as any but the most ignorant know, based on suppressing technologies that eliminated the need for gas, oil, coal and nuclear power long ago.

An odd side note, the nation with the most advanced research in peaceful “aneutronic” (not dangerous) energy sources is Iran.  Their scientists are decades beyond the US, Britain, France and Israel.  Do a search and see what efforts have been gone to so that this information will not get out.

The scientists murdered in Iran were not working on nukes, these were scientists working on hydrogen/boron plasma fusion projects, totally unclassified, no weapons potential at all, but capable of making coal and oil worthless.  You will find this in scientific journals if you check but nobody checks.

After all, we don’t want the oil companies broke, we might have to end our wars, a few crooked banks might close and Americans might be able to regain some of their standard of living, feel secure enough to take a look at their government and get rid of the whole thing.  We wouldn’t want that, would we?  Oh, what you just read was my way of leaking a “psyop” that I wasn’t supposed to.  Sorry about that.


These readings were taken in Indiana.


That reminds me, prison, we need to have a word about this.  We are currently filling our prisons with veterans while the country is being overrun by cartel crime, which is consolidating with some smaller law enforcement agencies, even a few state governments, creating a cartel based in Mexico, protected by one Federal Agency (unnamed, no need) and serviced by a broadening criminal element that reflects the crashed economy.

We are filling our prisons with Americans who are running drugs, using drugs, selling drugs and ignoring 25,000 public officials, police officers and money laundering bankers who are running it all.

[youtube 7fNP51hZtVI]

We know who they are and, instead of dealing with the problem, we have 15 million Americans in prison or on parole or probation, all supporting a bloated private prison system, courts that, in many cases are totally crooked and a legal industry that needs revamping.

These “stats” are, on their own, enough to destroy America, have removed this much of our population from the tax base and putting them on the public dollar, supporting theoretical criminals and the real ones that actually run the country leaves so very few left, the new former middle class of people hoping their children don’t starve to death.

A war on drugs is immediately needed, not just totally closing the border and certainly not hunting down illegal aliens but cleaning up the governments that, over the past decade, have been bought by drug money.  This isn’t simple.  Money has power and many now involved and taking cash, and we are talking many billions of dollars, had little or no choice.

Where we are now, however, is a government where congress itself is dependent on $400 million (estimated) per election in drug money and local races that are largely controlled.  We haven’t started murdering law enforcement wholesale like in Mexico, but it is coming.

Yesterday, I reviewed figures on diamonds smuggling alone, part of the triangluar world trade in weapons, narcotics and high value assets.  Our secondary economy, diamonds, narcotics, the outflow of laundered cash, handled by investment firms with huge political power in Washington, is costing the US nearly one trillion dollars per year in lost taxes and invisible trade deficit.  None of this is admitted, tracked and reported, nobody in Washington wants to kill the drug money cash cow that is taking the cost of public office, even on a minor scale into astronomical figures.

Our only option, where we have now gotten ourselves, is to legalize as many drugs as possible, control them as best we can, bankrupt the criminal organizations and put tight control over money in politics.  To start, the “Citizens United” Supreme Court case, the one that legalized drug money in the first  place buying congress, has to be overturned.

It is time that our entire federal government be subjected to lie detector tests, have their personal finances forensically examined and anyone with foreign bank accounts, ties to industries that profit from oil or war, from price fixing, from nuclear or coal disinformation or from medical fraud, and all medical business in the US is fraudulent today, you either agree to be a criminal, keep your mouth shut or work elsewhere, it is time for a house cleaning using that massive federal bureaucracy we have created and the laws we passed to intrude into our lives.

Well, let them use the laws on the real criminals instead of intimidating Americans who threaten what has become a criminal state.

Americans aren’t going to watch their standard of living plunge  year after year while they read the papers every day, trillions of dollars going here and there, bailouts, billions in bonuses to companies who are running on borrowed taxpayer money, it is going to be necessary to jail these predators and let out most of those now in prison.

There are a few things that need discussing, some will be purposefully, as usual, not aimed at our civilians, others of general interest.

Last week Canada’s banking system collapsed.  The US sent them $131 billion to keep them going.  Bernanke and Geithner are inventing money by the trillions, using the “slop” of a totally unregulated Federal Reserve system to underwrite half the world in pure “band aid” fashion.

We are now paying for Canada’s social welfare system, utter lack of productivity and all their self righteous bullshit about what a wonderful place they have.  They are running a welfare state on thin air, we are running a kleptocracy on imaginary money and the EU has virtually disappeared.

There is no functioning world economy and this next election will be critical.  Thus far, the half hearted attempts by Obama to stabilize Europe, Canada and moves by China to get out of their crisis, which we are told doesn’t exist, can only last so long.

Let’s be clear, the Bush administration took a broken system and turned it over to total morons.  The problem is 90% theirs, 0% Obama’s and the US is not responsible for the rest of the world.

I’m for taking the Russian/Soviet  tack on this, “nuke-up,” operate with a full Hitleresque controlled economy, which for those idiots that don’t know this, was handled with brilliance (to a point).

I am really trying to like Romney but is clear to me that he has no idea how the world economy works and is very much advocating crashing America and turning this place into a full police state, and we are 60% of the way there now, as far as our legal system goes.

A short word to friends, no matter how profitable it has become to have “imagineered” a series of ghostlike enemies to replace the Cold War out of the dregs of what is mostly failed Soviet intrigues, the model we are using is no longer viable.  What we are not discussing is a multi-national effort in Africa that I won’t begin to put on paper.

Without a solution for Western and Central Asia, where the US can step away financially with a realigned Israel integrated with Pakistan, their relationship with Turkey repaired, Egypt on the way to stable democracy and some frank talk with our Saudi friends about their own viability, our reassessed “areas of interest” will be outside our reach.  We have some very talented people doing only half the job, still unwilling to walk away from a defective mindset, believing themselves answerable to congress, which, we all know is a total joke.


Yesterdays JTA sent out a “news blast” that included an “overwritten” and fictional account of another family suicide in the Phoenix area.  Speaking in minimalist terms, this was a cartel killing, the victims were executed before their “suicide” and the media is at clear odds with local law enforcement.  I have nothing negative to say about this family other than that they were chosen, my guess only, to be killed tied to missing money tied to a “laundering scheme” in Phoenix.

Those on the scene said all 5 bodies, all shot “execution style” were carefully stacked in the back of the SUV, another neat trick for a man on fire with a bullet in his head.

Reminds me of the J.T. Ready “suicide/killings” where two cars drove away from the scene immediately after the killings, according to witnesses but police, though including this in their reports, saw fit to not follow up on, that and about 500 other pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit together.  I do love the media.  Officially, the Ready murders, including J.T. are listed as “homocides” but reported nationally as “suicide/murder.”

As local law enforcement had mistakenly speculated aloud, “Had Mr. Butwin shot himself in the head before or after he lit his car afire?”

Reminds me of the suicide death of an Air Force General a few years ago, one who had “misplaced” several nuclear weapons.  Not only did he shoot himself in the chest twice but then disposed of the gun.

Lack of curiousity kills alot of people as 9/11 and the global war on terror has taught those with eyes to see…

Here is why I mention this:  Arizona is a “petri-dish” for America, where the infection that can take us all down is being bred and refined.  Phoenix is “ground zero” in this.

A side note;  a number of well known organizations have been targeted, we will call them “alternative lifestyle criminal subcultures” that live by their own rules, very violent rules.  Economics has dictated that what might otherwise, as depicted in the TV series Sons of Anarchy, be a colourful regional subculture, not without its attractions, has become something much larger.

This is a response to the economy.  Thousands of Americans, many veterans, are given the choice of what we call “crime” or simply starving to death.  Once one becomes part of a group involved in this kind of operation, especially when many have high skill sets, weapons, intelligence, communications, very sophisticated people, and exist in a high risk environment, the potential for violence becomes extreme.

As they will tell “you,” more is stolen on Wall Street in an hour than they have ever been involved in.

Going after bikers is “low hanging fruit,” not the solution to the problem.  Simple modeling clearly demonstrates that, from an organizational standpoint, these are groups that respond to a situation and are not responsible for creating it.

Get others first.


We have an issue in Syria not being looked at.  For those who don’t know, Syria has, for years, possessed nuclear weapons which are, as we have been able to learn with a high degree of certainty, under control of responsible Russian units.

The Syrian Army is highly disciplined, well trained and motivated and will not be defeated by a revolution though such a thing is not without real reason or purpose.

Additionally, maps of the region showing oil and gas deposits have been altered.  Syria has huge gas deposits, worth nearly one trillion dollars, that have been erased from geological studies of the region.

This makes me very suspicious.

Also note, another issue, that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate group, not extremist.  Can someone please send news reporters and Pentagon types back to school somewhere.  Even the CFR will tell you this, just call them on the phone.

You might as well simply phone the Muslim Brotherhood themselves, they will invite you to tea and cakes and you can talk about how extreme they are in person.  I have done this.  They are excellent hosts.

The issue with Syria is a strange one, one of biblical prophesy.  Depending on who you are, this is either real or imaginary but the issue is one of belief, who believes, who doesn’t and what can these beliefs bring about when those who do believe are those who have decision making power over significant military assets.

I find it disturbing that Syria’s Russian allies are believers in biblical prophesy.  Too many people are ready to not just allow but push the Syria situation into a war that is very likely to go nuclear.  We are dealing with some seriously crazy people here.

One issue, I am seeing endless phony reports, many we publish, trying to cover for Syria’s mass murders.  They are all real and those denying them are cranks.  My question is to Assad himself, it being obvious that he is never going to be subject to the same pressures that led to Gaddafi’s demise, why then is there so little realistic dialog and so many deaths on a daily basis?    Despite claims to the contrary, expelling diplomats and hiring reporters who are no more than paid press agents is unlikely to prevent escalation.

Does Assad, does Putin, does Netanyahu and who are the others, is Obama of this same mind set, do they all want a regional war that may have already begun in Iraq with the recent escalation in terror attacks, a war that would invariably involve Russia, China and the United States?


Has Israel frightened Iran to death yet?  We recently have noted Global Research, a Canadian organization of “confusing direction” pushing for a half hearted “step back” by Israel.  I have always assumed, despite their endless protestations to the opposite, that Global Research is Israel.

I almost see them as a partner to the National Post though with a far more intelligent staff.  OK, monkey’s with typewriters could outwit the National Post, the Toronto based outlet for Israeli based disinformation and attacks on free speech.

Thus far, no claim made during the last year about Iran has disproven America’s National Intelligence Estimate that there is NO Iranian nuclear program.  Why are we bothering with diplomacy, time wasting and game playing and isn’t it time to admit this is all being done as a front for oil speculation and to take the focus off the world financial crash?


Russia, China, India and South Africa are advocating that the traditional financial centers be replaced, that the world no longer be run off the printing presses of Zurick, London and New York.

These, being the four worst run nations on earth, makes me almost laugh.  Each is under the power of oligarchies involving crime families, with China showing the only planning, leadership and capability, based on their realization that as “sweatshop to the world,” they can’t keep selling useless gadgets made by slave laborers to people whose credit cards have been cancelled.

I do so love competing criminal enterprises, it is almost as though we weren’t subject to a world monopoly of secret societies who are manipulating humanity into slavery and destruction.

My next question will be to our alien visitors, do they have their own ideas about a world currency, perhaps they could underwrite some sort of inter dimensional bond issue by selling off assets in alternate universes.





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