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Fiction Seldom Approaches Reality and Truth Hasn’t Happened Yet


    … by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Inspector Morse - Where is he when you really need him?

It would be so convenient if this were a book or movie, it could move in a wonderfully linear fashion with the appropriate car chases and gun battles. 

Our real dead die of mysterious cancers, inexplicable suicides where no Inspector Morse is there to magically ask the right questions. 

The issue is “classification” of information, a disease of “lying.”  The cure is murder on an unimaginable scale.

The secrets, to those obsessed with such things, are always little more than minor cover and deception operations, little snipe hunts to keep the inept but curious self-satisfied with their feelings of insider knowledge and implied superiority.

What if you could ask god any question?  This is the rub.  You wouldn’t know what to ask, not really.  If everything your perception or language has fed your brain was an artificial construct, then even the exposed false reality of the Matrix movies might be, in themselves, might well be what you are wanted to see.

Here are two still “classified” blips from World War II.

According to “highly classified files,” listed never to be declassified, Operation Market Garden, the believed “misguided” idea by General Montgomery to have the allies cross the Rhein River where it supposedly wasn’t defended, through Holland, past hundreds of bridges, at the river’s widest point, was something else.  The allies found top German divisions facing them that shouldn’t have been there.

They also had British forces make extremely odd mistakes, costing needed hours and days, leaving American and British paratroopers, our best, forced to surrender.

This also lengthened the war by months, helped the Germans stage the Battle of the Bulge and almost cost the allies the port of Antwerp which would have, in actuality, defeated the Americans, British and Canadians in the West.

Field Marshall Montgomery

Records unseen forever say General Montgomery planned this defeat with Admiral Carnaris, head of the Abwehr, the German Secret Service.  General Patton picked up on this immediately and this and other things led to his assassination after the war.

Another minor secret involves Adolf Hitler.  In 1946, a very large German submarine was found, abandoned, off Argentina.  Other such subs carried key technologies to Japan and one surrendered to the US in April 1945 and contained the Uranium used in the Hiroshima bomb.

The Argentina sub is said to have contained Adolf Hitler and a significant technical staff.  This is the source of rumors that TV has spent 65 years trying to quell.

A point to remember is that of all these things, you will hear a version, perhaps a wrong reason, perhaps different people or a wrong time but all secrets have an analog, a dirty twin built to defend, confuse and deflate.

Thus, we return to the world of rumor, theories, movies, fiction and reality, but with one problem, we are losing our ability to define reality as we will later show, such a thing is, in itself, not just a theory but a myth as well.

What we have learned, whoever “we” is, and even that can’t be disclosed, is that there is very much a desire that you, mankind, even “us,” as it were, carefully discern conspiracy theory, science fiction, imagination from what is deemed reality.

As part of that process, we agree on scientific laws, axiomatic realities we cling to until our fingers are pried loose and we move on to the next offering.

We look for the next “big bang” as it were, the next popular “hard science” mythology of bending space, curving light, sound barriers, gravitational forces, laws of light and energy that are as true as a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

Say Hello to Magnetic Inertial Fusion

Here is an observation and analysis, a nice way of saying guess.  As to how educated a guess, it really doesn’t matter.

We have two issues initially, observable phenomenon that violates scientific laws as we know them and the “release valve” of fiction wherein explanations some perhaps totally correct, others carefully skewed, are fed to us as popular fiction. It’s a way of softening our intellect and dulling our need to question where our real need to question should be unstoppable.

Instead it is derailed.

Then we have two other levels, this being one of genuine disclosure and the other, ratio 99 to 1, hand fed “dangerous and classified” information spoon fed with just enough sugar as to become the stuff of very satisfying conspiracy. 

We heard of magic powder that dissolved the World Trade Center on 9/11, for instance, or delightfully friendly aliens who carefully spoon feed us the needed technologies to keep our messy existence going, despite their disdain for our proclivities for destruction.

Phil Schneider with wife and only child

Recently, I wrote of Phil Schneider, a man who “never was,” a man who committed suicide by wrapping a rubber cathater hose three times around his neck and half-knotting it in front.

He supposedly did this after warning so many that he was going to be murdered for releasing information that was considered worth killing him for.

There are several new versions of Schneider, all more polished, all of whom tell stories less frightening, less messy, people less angry and upset, with better suits and really good Power Point presentations.

You will find these to be Schneider’s “dirty twins,” better packaged, more enjoyable, their stories carefully weaved together as though the “secret world” weren’t “compartmentalized.”  That is a key word of the secret world where no one person gets a big piece of the mosaic. All are informed of what they need to know and are told often outlandish lies about related matters or nothing at all.

No one is given enough to put the piece together and if they do, human weakness and a need to confess passes through “compartments,” a very common problem. Then what might have been simple “connected dots” becomes a mosaic of fact, where theories become proof.

If proof debunks a large reality or”disproves” the basis of a large portion of accepted reality then two groups go into action, either the disinformation gang, a huge part of our black budget, including most of the public press or whatever it is called, and the second being special “Tier One” groups who silence those who speak out.

When Susan Lindauer, while working for the CIA tripped over one of the cover operations meant to be used in case one of the infinite set of lies around the events of 9/11 failed the “sniff test,” as well they should, she was arrested and then diagnosed as mentally ill and illegally detained on a military base and drugged.

Gwenyth Todd - In the field

Sibel Edmonds suffered a not dissimilar fate when she tripped over a massive multi-national spy ring operating openly in Washington DC.   She was silenced for 6 years and she had only broken one “compartment” tied to a much larger plot, one actually beyond her imaginings.

Gwenyth Todd of the National Security Agency, close associate of Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice, back in 2005, discovered a White House plot to stage an attack on American forces in Qatar.

While attempting to stop the attack, her security clearances, the highest in the US, were immediately cancelled and she had to flee for her life despite her being one of the nation’s highest level Middle East experts and well known to President Bush personally.

One day she simply disappeared.

From the Sidney Herald:

The bell rang at the home of a US citizen and Australian resident, Gwenyth  Todd –  a former Middle East adviser  to the White House, the Pentagon and the  US Navy – and her husband, a senior Australian Defence Force officer.

Ms Todd’s husband answered the  door and was greeted by a middle-aged man   who said he was the US embassy consular officer Bill Phelps. He said that a  recent  incident involving Chinese hackers had compromised  some US passports  and he was warning local Americans.

Once inside the  house he told Ms Todd – whose married surname begins with an  H – he was  speaking to   US citizens with surnames starting with that  letter.

”I said, ‘Your story has a problem because my last name on my US passport  does not begin with an H, my last name  is Todd’,” she told the Herald.

”He got all flustered, and he said, ‘Oh wait, let me think, R, S, T …  oh  yeah, Ts were compromised, too.’ It was so bad it was almost comical.”

Mr Phelps left soon after. ”I said to my husband, ‘I think that guy is  intel. I could smell a rat’.”

Despite  Ms Todd’s allegations, the departments of defence and foreign  affairs will not comment,  and the US embassy refuses to  admit an incident  occurred.

The classified version is more colorful still.  Ms. Todd witnessed a White House official, top advisor to President Bush passing what he openly announced to be nuclear secrets to an Israeli agent at a cocktail party.  His name is known by all.

Present were Secretary of State Rice, Paul Wolfowitz and the interchange was both filmed and taped by the FBI who had the group under surveillance which led to the arrest of two top Bush aides for spying for Israel, one named Steve Rosen, whose charges for reasons not easily understood were dropped.

Anyone who tried to assist Ms. Todd escape hit teams from the Joint Special Operations Task Force was either murdered or charged with terror related crimes.

Mark D. Siljander

A similar fate befell Ambassador Mark Siljander, a former Congressman who reported to President Bush that all his intelligence on WMD’s in Iraq was falsified.

Though a “poster boy” neocon, he was arrested on dozens of terror charges and eventually, after losing everything, plead guilty to one charge of “obstruction,” but we are not sure of “what.”

Mark was not subject to arrest due to being covered by a 1982 presidential order which covered him in advance from any of the charges made.  He was illegally arrested anyway.

Former White House Intelligence Coordinator and Inspector General of the Department of Defense, Leo Wanta, was similarly arrested though under White House immunity and full diplomatic cover, imprisoned, tortured and railroaded.

Dr. David Kelley - Murdered

As with Dr. David Kelly, the British poison gas and nuclear specialist who was tasked by his government with supplying “all white” South Africa with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons and later murdered when he threatened to come forward, we see more secrecy.

Some of the weapons systems derived are said to be in Syria but those who say this fail to mention they came there from Britain and Germany, more classified information.

Earlier we mentioned Phil Schneider.  We strongly recommend you follow the link and watch his videos.  About 70% of what Schneider says I am aware of but restricted from discussing.

By this, I mean that, according to the government of the United States, the terrifying things he says, in part, are part of an official record which the US has spent years trying to deflect through feeding TV shows like X Files, Fringe, the Men in Black films and so much more.

Schneider is about disclosure, about decades of involvement by the US and other governments with multiple alien civilizations and about aspects of that relationship that have led to the deaths of many, some in combat, some, numbers you don’t want to ever guess, slaughtered as cattle for consumption.

Thus, you are fed a thousand Disneyesque versions, leaving out trillions of dollars spent, massive threats to civilization kept secret but hinted at by President Reagan and technological capabilities which are, in some cases, equal to or beyond Star Trek.

[youtube Ag44dRO8LEA]

This is a “hint” from a man who spent a trillion plus dollars publicly, much more privately, developing energy weapons to be used in space.  We claimed it was to beat the Russians, a nation we later learned, magically, had been bankrupt for years.

When we talk of Phil Schneider, the man who lectured America on our alien wars, our massive underground facilities, of the horrific threat, a man more than a bit credible to any that listen to him, or even those who adhere to “Schneider-lite,” the mirror images with smiling aliens and zippy space ships, we come to one area touched but not examined.

Schneider talks of time travel, how the US is visited by time travelers.  Let me tell you a story, albeit a true one, thus, one you have never heard.


Today we learn about the vibrations of the universe through advanced signal processing and analysis.  Actually, we don’t hear anything at all because all such information is classified.

Years ago, it was musicians who dealt with vibrations, which they called “sound.”

Stradivarius -the Real McCoy

You see, musicians know special instruments, the Stradivarius is one, only one of many such highly specialized and magnificent pieces of human artistry, instruments so unique that any highly trained musician can tell one from another in a second.

Instruments are a combination of craftsmanship and construction and precision quality instruments could be made identically, using artistry, for hundreds of years.  Then something happened.

In the 13th century, musical instruments, made by the same people, same methods and same materials somehow changed.  They could no longer be made under any circumstances, not to sound as they should.

The identical thing happened in the 16th century.  All of a sudden, things began to sound somehow different, no matter the tree, the process, the artisan, the musician, the precise tonal qualities of the worlds greatest achievements, the greatest tools of mans construction no longer worked.

Man had not changed, trees had not changed, the universe changed, it began vibrating differently, so differently it made instruments work entirely differently. This is what historical research, very suppressed, tells us.

Today, were one to hold one of those clearances beyond “Q,” and even beyond “Special Compartmentalized,” one would have come on research into what has altered the frequency of the universe. Or you could watch a Fringe episode.

We can’t ignore the idea of aliens.  Carl Sagan, Henry Kissinger, to name two, are among those most familiar with aliens and their history and technology.  Sagan is dead and Kissinger untouchable and in the public domain.

What we are not told is that the frequency of the universe is measured carefully and the discernible changes measured have been tied directly to visits by time travelers.  This leaves us with a paradox.

One can’t state we are the only species of intelligent life and be considered rational.  One can’t deny proof of visits by aliens without ignoring a mass of evidence.

One can deny highly classified government programs that are exposed by real whistleblowers or disinformation experts or simple fiction, perhaps planned to deflect the truth or just plain “good guessers” like Chris Carter of X Files fame.

General George Patton

I take one recent piece of history, the war in Afghanistan.  In June, 1944, while fighting a war against Japan, 250,000 troops landed in France.

Had General Patton been their leader and others, Eisenhower, Montgomery and others not been around, that army, one that grew every day, might well have been in Berlin for Christmas 1944 and very possibly Moscow by February 1945.

From what history has taught us, invading Russia would have been, not only advisable, but our military capability was so far beyond that of the Soviets, who we had every reason to believe were our blood enemies, a necessity for our survival and the survival of earth.

Now, a military a hundred times stronger and better supplied, after 10 years of conflict in Afghanistan, actually more than 10 years, controls 3% of the country and is clearly losing.

Were we to use our real technologies, the Raptors would seem like a joke.  Even the occasional “mini-nuke” used in Iraq and Afghanistan would seem like virtual toys, only good for taking down office buildings hit by light commercial aircraft.

But a decade, for a military built to conquer the world in less than a year?  I don’t believe it.

Then my memory goes back to 1963 and I think.  Few know this, as information doesn’t move so well during the “information age” but Lee Harvey Oswald was photographed in the doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dallas, Texas, the moment he was supposedly 5 stories up, shooting President Kennedy with a defective rifle.

I can accept this as a plot, a massive coverup by the FBI, Allen Dulles, the CIA, Gerald Ford, Earl Warren or was it more.

Bobby Kennedy’s shooting in 1968, however, has me asking questions.  Those who have even superficially looked into the shooting know Sirhan Sirhan had nothing to do with it, Kennedy was shot multiple times from behind, shooters were seen leaving the building, a police dragnet was sent looking for them but they had disappeared.

Robert Kennedy - Last Moments

I look at 1968 and wonder, that is all any of us are allowed to do, was 1968 a year when we entered a time loop, when a team of those visitors killed Kennedy, set up the Nixon election, decided to carry Vietnam out for years and years and alter how much history?

TV talks of little else, speculation of time travel, meeting yourself traveling back in time.

It becomes less funny when we gain information that is given “good” to “very good” reliability that we are visited by time travelers and that I am not allowed to confirm anything regarding changes to the universe.  Perhaps we can speculate about that.

Are visits from time travelers, those top scientists anonymously believe changing the nature of our universe, our past, our present, erasing our future of are they tourists as we would be told?   You could drop off a diseased insect on a rat on a boat heading for Venice in the early 1300s and kill half of civilization.


Does history follow natural progression or is it “stair stepped,” interfered with by events that could be attributed to those we now have reason to believe are very real, filled with intent, and not one bit interested in the planet earth surviving and prospering.

Oh yes, that agenda is very clear.

For history buffs, one might ask if the Albigensian Crusade was staged to put back the Renaissance.

You see, back in the 1200s, the Renaissance, the revival of modern thought, art and science had begun in Southern France in a region controlled by the Templars, under the religion of the Cathars, something worth a lifetime of study on its own, and under the protection of the Roman Pope who was “doing a road trip” brought on by powerful enemies in Italy.  (Thanking Jim Dean as editor, I summer in the hills nearby…Carcassone, always great cassoulet)

History is unknown to most, even most history professors.  The Normans who were really vikings who took over England also ruled Sicily, a very powerful kingdom and Southern Italy.  They allowed all religions equal footing but had special relationships in Scotland where certain families, believed related to King David and Christ himself, were believed to have settled.

Were we to follow the “magic UFO” version of history, Christ would have carried an alien bloodline protected over the centuries, perhaps a rationale for secret societies which have phony “analogs” like the Bilderbergers, the Rothschilds or the Trilateral Commission.

Riddle me this, why would a secret society print a membership roster and hold public meetings?

Just a thought.


The next time that strikes me is 1972.  Somehow, Nixon, most hated man on earth is reelected, America is still in Vietnam though the “other side” had been notified 4 years earlier we were quitting and, most of all, the moon was suddenly “off limits.”

Let’s be clear.  The space shuttle can fly to the moon, carry a lander or fly around it any time.  It always had the cargo capacity, the capability of refueling from the ISS (International Space Station) and was, if needed, capable of modification for distances well beyond the moon.

Fusion chamber test design

This is, of course, if we choose to keep from the public that fusion based drive systems had limitless range and speed, cost nearly nothing, were small enough for a child to carry and reproducible industrially by 1988.

This, of course, meant all other forms of energy, even wind and solar, were obsolete.

You see, fusion doesn’t need anything “nuclear” or “neutronic” as the term implies but could involve simple hydrogen like the sun does or hydrogen/boron as we had developed decades ago, safe as kittens.

For those who don’t know, another big secret, the Iranian scientists killed by the Mossad were working on Hydrogen/Boron fusion systems incapable of being used as weapons, doing so in partnership with the American company, Lawrenceville Plasma Physics.

None of it is about “medical isotopes,” even the Iranians lie about that.  It’s about endless free energy and the ability to crash the western economies and, more frightening, probably save the world.


That’s another point about time.  If we are in a loop, which we well could be.  Look back, 1972, where we were.  We have video games, tiny phones and a shorter life span, a world polluted, few with clean water or electricity, continual war, we have been moving backwards, discernibly backwards, since 1972.

We should have developed the technology to educate the planet, control population, end pollution, cure cancer and heart disease, travel the solar system at will, all should have happened years ago. Instead, even Americans are starving and we have enough fallow land to feed the entire earth.  Just look around.

So, we can assume we are not alone.  We can assume aliens aren’t all friendly.  We have information that leads us to assume the likelihood of time travelers and can easily assume they have some game up their sleeves.


Proof itself involves the study of probability.  That would entail advanced modeling, something we are more than capable of, seeing where applications of “dumb luck” or “timely disaster” such as 9/11, the most obvious of all, and see how they effect mankind.

Here are some of my assumptions:

  1. I think we have been manipulated to stay on earth.
  2. Technologies that would raise awareness and increase world standard of living have been suppressed in an obvious way.
  3. Addition to duality, not just “haves” and “have nots” but significant technologies kept away from human advancement has been a major agenda.
  4. Diseases cured have been offset by diseases created.
  5. Where created diseases have not been able to guarantee an agenda of population decline, fertilization has been impacted by nuclear testing, use of depleted uranium and staged events like Fukashima, the “granddaddy” of all disasters.
  6. A system of eugenics is in place meant to breed a race of human cattle for some unknown “consumer.”
  7. Alien forces dictate to unnamed elite elements on earth who willingly accept an end to man’s dominion.

When we talk about “stair stepping” in time, like right out of TV, we also have the opportunity to look at lost technologies, passed off as “don’t look at me” or that “50 ton blocks weighed less then” or that “oops, we just had another dark age.”

One set of theories places the prime meridian at Giza and works from there, establishing a network of monuments from many civilizations, all either fitting carefully in a mathematical pattern, which the XXX claims, or it just being one of those 8 digit “coincidences” that happen so often.

To the historian, one can’t help but notice the systematic effort to misrepresent certain causes, from the sacking of Rome long after everyone left (Alaric the Visagoth had bad timing) to massive misrepresentations of population levels prior to the onset of the “black death” in the 14th century.

What we seem to be looking at now, perhaps the real “end times,” whatever the causality, we are seeing lots of effect but no “cause.”  The simply question is, “Why would someone do that, it makes no sense.?”  No, nothing done today makes sense to anyone planning on living here very long or very successfully unless they have cut a deal with our new “landlords.”


Are we going back in time?

There is a general belief that government doesn’t govern but that a group of elites or multiple groups of elites dictate to governments, rig elections and even plan wars, collapse currencies, manipulate economies and even spread diseases or create earthquakes.

True or not, these beliefs are based on intelligent humans looking at the world around them, with an inaccurate though it may be, view of history, and trying to make sense of why history is going ‘backwards” at 300 miles per hour.

As children, today’s senior citizens were told they would have flying cars 40 years ago.

Then, our TV stations, perhaps peddling “snake oil” or not, tell us of Nazi flying saucers and anti-gravity devices long ago.  Then, seemingly believable Americans, especially believable when murdered for going public, confirm this and more.

Even I can confirm anti-gravity flight personally and when questioning someone of sufficient clearance to be briefed on “exo-sci” related issues, was told the unit I examined was built at an American aircraft plant in 1953.

I can’t and won’t tell you the number of times I have been told to not ask a certain question or mention a certain word and I come from the “knock folks in the head” side of the tracks.


These are suggestions.   Given proper reasonable authority, they would be more than “suggestions.”  I “suggest” that we cleanse our history of mythology, cover ups, and the fictionalization meant to glorify one or many ethnic groups.  Several come to mind.

Anyone up for take out tonight - as in 'being' take out?

I would feed all of them to the hungry flying saucer guys in a minute.  When you steal our history, it leaves us with a legacy of lies, which is what may well have gotten us where we are now. Screwed.

With a quality history, we can examine areas of potential “re-engineering” of events, taking into account the current schools of theoretical physics involving multiple universe, wormholes, and, of course, time travel.

If we have been keeping time travelers as guests for decades, as we are now told by some, then we can assume such thing exists.

If we have physical evidence of manipulations of “frequencies” in the universe than coincide with “incidents” then a study of such is critical.

Maybe our “time traveling friends” need to be “uninvited” or perhaps a bit more.

In general, we all agree things are not as they should be, do we have reason to believe some hand, certainly not that of a “higher being” has been responsible?

The end result, such as can be expected, would allow us to at least be aware that we are living in an alternative timeline.  We are owed that right.

Editing: Jim W. Dean





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