Phony Whistleblower Runs Interference for Assange the “Mossadnik”


Andrew Drake Spins “Bad NSA” to “Good Assange,” Proving Drake Still Doing “Dirtywork”


 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


So many had been fooled.  Andrew Drake seemed too good to be true.   But then we look. 

His information is all a decade old, all watered down, bland assertions, old news then it comes.

He is on RT where Julian Assange has become a “non-entity,” eating up time as their media circus master, eating up most of their funds too.

We see now that the Israelis asked Putin to help lob a ‘touche’ round over the American bow.


[youtube qMy2ZbPkyvw]

Drake’s performance, the “whistleblower” a decade late and 50 cents short is tearful and heroic.  Then we noticed.  His accusations go nowhere.  In fact, he lacks any substance at all.  Worse things than this are published in Newsweek.

Assange himself admits the whole things is a lie, here from

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange concedes there is no current indictment pending against him that could result in his extradition to the US.

But the WikiLeaks founder insists US prosecutors are building a case.
The Australian-born 40-year-old is about to spend his third night holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London as he awaits a decision on his bid for political asylum.
He is trying to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations, which he says are baseless.
Mr Assange previously claimed there was a secret US indictment against him over his role in publishing thousands of secret US diplomatic cables.

“Previous claims” means he lied.  Why would the US wait to extradite from Sweden when Britain is our NATO ally and Sweden isn’t.  Assange is aligned with the powerful Israel lobby in the US that controls congress and, were he to keep his “pants zipped” at the proper times, would be welcomed among the right wing war mongers who are his strongest supporters here.  As for Drake, this is just more of the same, pure fiction and “grandstanding.”

This was simple theatre and the real clown, pure “center ring entertainment,” at least it is hoped, will be accused rapist Julian Assange, now pretending the Americans are after him.  After who?  Julian what?  We thought he either died or had moved to an estate in Britain where he went on fox hunts with former Nazi sympathizers and posed continually.

Did Mussolini have a grandson, I wonder?  If not a grandson perhaps a “mini-me?”

[Editors Note: So once again we ask the age old Intel analyst first questions. Why now, and who does this benefit? Think about that as you watch this. We are in 2012. Everyone has long been aware of all the data gathering, and it has been a zero issue in the Presidential campaigns.

Assange’s Wiki-move blew up in his face when he ran an operation with Israel and his hero Rupert Murdock to use an anti-Imperial America smokescreen to seed help propaganda in the War on Iran build up that Israel was trying to suck the U.S and American military into as dupes and cannon fodder…payback maybe for the Soviet Afghan war.

Do you think Putin’s Russia has less or more surveillance than here? You know it’s more. His government as put 3,00,000 entrepreneurs in prison over the last ten years. It is a country where you can pay a bribe to have your competitions arrested and sent to prison.

Does RT think Americans are going to buy that the Putin regime feels Americans pain over our bad government? The polls have consistently shown that…Congress permanently in the tank and not caring a bit over it. And then we had Bonzo Bush leaving office with the worse ratings in history besides Nixon.

The Russians are putting some cards down on the table for some flank moves they are making and using their media, just like it’s done here. Gordon has more below from the VT archives…Jim W. Dean]

The timing for this is perfect.  Putin just returned from kissing Netanyahu’s behind in Israel, stating “Iran’s nuclear program the greatest danger to the world.”  We know that Putin knows Iran has no nuclear program.

Then, perfectly timed, this bomb, which we will make sure blows up in their faces, the attempt to resurrect Wikileaks through Russia, a weapon against Iran by the powerful Israel lobby in the US helped along by Israel’s new partnership with Putin, replacing the US as their main ally.

Back in 2010, VT caught Assange (just in time for Chritmas), not just covering for 9/11 and cheerleading for Israel but pushing for war against Iran and the breakup of Pakistan.

Then, in December, CFR Director Zbigniew Brezezinski on NPR with Judy Woodruff accused Assange and Wikileaks of being staged in order to output phony intelligence for an agency.

Ziggy never said Mossad, but we already knew. Every word out of Wikileaks was Israeli propaganda. Here is the interview:

[youtube jAca9RdGl98]

Then, months later, when it turned out that everything Wikileaks did was approved in Tel Aviv first and that the New York Times was working directly with Wikieaks to pick out the “proper material” to help Israel, we had the proof.

Rupert Murdoch – Dead Man Walking

The world had the proof, Assange was part of the Rupert Murdoch spy ring, working for Israel, on the inside, accessing secret info, not through “hacking” but through Mossad spying just as was being done in Britain and across the US.

In America, the flood of Wikileaks info came from AIPAC where former Rand Corp head, Steve Rosen, White House advisor, spilled the beans.

AIPAC was a spy organization and we tracked their material, not to newspapers or spy organizations but to Wikileaks.

It wasn’t that Wikileaks and Assange were actually leaking anything.  They were planting phony leaks, created to promote international war and discord.

Assange was, in fact, along with Murdoch, Israel’s biggest intelligence coup since Jonathan Pollard.

Now he is being recycled and the NSA is helping, giving Andrew Drake to RT, the platform so often used by Israel’s friends, to spin back his long lost credibility.

The biggest thing Israel needs back is Wikileaks and the opportunity to push for a new war, a war with Iran and to put phony intelligence into the system through Assange.

We are watching, on the video above, an intelligence agency setting the stage for war with Iran by trying to build a case against Neocon hero Julian Assange, the beloved friend of Israel by trying to create the phony idea that he is being hunted.

Has Julian Assange Found Religion at the New Putin/Israel altar?

Asssange is a hero of the ultra-right and huge and powerful Israel lobby in Washington.

Nobody is hunting him.

He is the most protected man on earth, money everywhere, friends wherever Israel buys them including most of the US congress.

There hasn’t been a mention of indicting Assange for years.  We could have brought him here at any time.

This is bull.  This is spying.  This is deception and cover.

This is the Mossad and Drake and Assange working for the NSA by playing a very mild case of how “medium bad” the US used to be long ago and how dangerous the toothless right wing war monger Assange is, what a danger he is.

Assange has one assignment, war with Iran, where he started years ago before he was outed as an Israeli agent. Now we have another. Too late boys.


We have named one gang, Assange the stooge, Murdoch the sponsor, Tony Blair and Bush 43 the shills, Netanyahu holding Putin’s strings for the oligarchs of Moscow, Adleman of Vegas and Koch Brothers, whose failure to put enough mob money behind Mitt to guarantee a world war failed.

The goal is simple.  Take America down and this is the team.  Force Iran to close Hormuz.  Make Putin leader of the Middle East, bleed Turkey and India away from America, have Israel finally show its Soviet colors.

This is one step in the New World Order where we begin to see the players move.

These are the pawns.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


Addendum, edited and annotated version of Brzeziinski interview on PBS:

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But I think the most serious issues are not those which are getting the headlines right now. Who cares if Berlusconi is described as a clown. Most Italians agree with that. Who cares if Putin is described as an alpha dog? He probably is flattered by it.

The real issue is, who is feeding Wikipedia on this issue — Wiki — Wiki — WikiLeaks on this issue? They’re getting a lot of information which seems trivial, inconsequential, but some of it seems surprisingly pointed. …The very pointed references to Arab leaders could have as their objective undermining their political credibility at home, because this kind of public identification of their hostility towards Iran could actually play against them at home.

Editor’s note:  The use of the term, “pointed” is key.  This indicates two classes of information and also begins building a hypothesis to support “intent.”  If there is “intent” in the leaks, then they are an intelligence operation, not a leak.

It’s, rather, a question of whether WikiLeaks are being manipulated by interested parties that want to either complicate our relationship with other governments or want to undermine some governments, because some of these items that are being emphasized and have surfaced are very pointed.

And I wonder whether, in fact, there aren’t some operations internationally, intelligence services, that are feeding stuff to WikiLeaks, because it is a unique opportunity to embarrass us, to embarrass our position, but also to undermine our relations with particular governments.

Editor’s note: Brzezinsky goes exactly there, indicating his belief that Wikileaks is tied to an intelligence agency.  This is a full and direct challenge to the credibility of wikileaks showing no reservations whatsoever.

For example, leaving aside the personal gossip about Sarkozy or Berlusconi or Putin, the business about the Turks is clearly calculated in terms of its potential impact on disrupting the American-Turkish relationship….the top leaders, Erdogan and Davutoglu and so forth, are using some really, really, very sharp language.

JUDY WOODRUFF: But this is 250 — it’s a quarter-of-a-million documents.


JUDY WOODRUFF: How easy would it be to seed this to make sure that it was slanted a certain way?

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: Seeding — seeding it is very easy.  I have no doubt that WikiLeaks is getting a lot of the stuff from sort of relatively unimportant sources, like the one that perhaps is identified on the air. But it may be getting stuff at the same time from interested intelligence parties who want to manipulate the process and achieve certain very specific objectives.

Editor’s note:  Brzezinski’s assertion is that “chickenfeed,” things off the news, low level “junk” intel is being “seeded” by an intelligence service to serve an agenda with “very specific objectives.”  Can anything be more clear?

STEPHEN HADLEY :  The — what we know or what has been said publicly is it looks like a data dump through a pretty junior-level person. So, in terms of that material, it looks like a data dump. Generally, in Washington, I have had the rule that, if there are two explanations, one is conspiracy and one is incompetence, you ought to go with incompetence. You will be right 90 percent of the time.

Editor’s note:  The Obama administration withdrew the AIPAC spying convictions when it was clear that Stephen Hadley would be put on the stand by the defense.  Hadley’s very close relationship with the defendants in this spy trial brings up a number of interesting questions which are not hard to answer if you read his response above.

ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI: But, Steve, the other foreign intelligence services don’t have to wait for me to make that suggestion.   I think they can think of it themselves, particularly after the first instance.


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