Breaking: HBO’s “Newsroom” Blasts GOP as “Taliban”

HBO's Newsroom Calls GOP "Taliban"
HBO’s Newsroom Calls GOP “Taliban”

Tea Party Insanity and Terrorism Potential Cited


 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The HBO series, Newsroom with Jeff Daniels, a show demonstrating not just the failure of American news reporting but worldwide cowardice and corruption, this week has debunked the American opposition party.  Most serious is the timing, in the midst of the Republican Convention.

[youtube c6ffLVivtCs&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=4&feature=plcp]

The primary issue at hand isn’t economic, there has been no substantive political discussion whatsoever, only conspiracy theory, wild accusations, email spamming of rumors, American politics, the GOP/Tea Party variety is really more a psyop or psychological warfare operation against the American people.


[youtube _7X9ALvFrWE&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=3&feature=plcp]

As Romney’s financing is primarily foreign money, some tied to terrorists and international criminal groups, as his own business activities, his own tax forms are all secret or, beyond that, his actual life has really been more “offshore” than on, this isn’t even an American election.


CNN reported earlier today the following convention incident:

Two people were ejected from the Republican National Convention when they threw nuts at a black CNN camera woman and said “this is how we feed animals,” the network said Wednesday.

“CNN can confirm there was an incident directed at an employee inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum” on Tuesday, the opening day of a gala at which former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney will accept his party’s nomination to challenge President Barack Obama in November’s election.

“CNN worked with convention officials to address this matter and will have no further comment.”

(From a Romney Supporter’s Convention Handout…)


The perfect platform for Romney, a “morally flexible” or “sociopathic” opportunist is the extremist and clearly anti-American position now taken by the Republican party.


[youtube HSHLsbvwBvc&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=2&feature=plcp]

Never before in politics has an unnamed foreign power,  to some seemingly extremists in Israel pushing for a world war over Syria and Iran but, were have never had a truly foreign candidate for president.  Patriotism drove Romney to avoid service in Vietnam, the multimillionaire youth basking in a Chateau in France while his peers died in combat.

Now he wishes it should be his finger on the nuclear button, a finger attached to a hand that wants no more than to wave “goodbye” to another generation of Americans heading to war, this time in Iran, a war he has promised his master, Sheldon Adelson and his mentor, former Philadelphia furniture salesman “Bibi” Netanyahu of Israel’s extremist Likudist regime.

We have had “mob” candidates or those suspected of being mob, almost entirely tired to the imaginary “Mafia,” the boogeyman taken out of the closet like bin Laden, whenever an ethereal opponent or “fear factor” needs to be used to damn without substance.


[youtube i_Gh64poAXo]

Romney, on the other hand has Sheldon Adelson with him continually, someone Al Capone himself would walk across the street to avoid. This is the same Sheldon Adelson  who addressed the staff of a media company in Israeli that he had bought, and said this with his wife standing by him (on video):

“I am not Israeli, the uniform I wore in the military was unfortunately not an Israeli uniform, it was an American uniform, although my wife was in the IDF, one of my daughters was in the IDF, and my two little boys, the oldest, hopefully he will come back, and his hobby is shooting and he will come back and be a sniper, fof the IDF.”

Shelley the Godfather?

With that “albatross” are the thousands of bank accounts that sit in a dozen safe havens, untied to any admitted business activity.

To that we add a the BS factor, an extremely wealthy family has a child with every advantage who manages to fail to become “unwealthy” through a lifetime of sleazy business, underhanded tactics, predatory associates and campaigns financed with money tied to criminal groups.

To this we now add Newsroom, the phenomenon, seemingly entertainment but a blatant exposure of the ignorance and self destructiveness, even the blatant insanity of many involved in politics and the blocs of voters who support views that end up destroying their nation, their children’s lives and making the world a hellish nightmare.

This week it is high praise to HBO and the producers of Newsroom for courage and intelligence.

Not every show has this quality but they hit this one “out of the park,” no question about that.


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