New Enemies: Google, Netanyahu, Cato (Koch) and Youtube


Netanyahu’s Corporate  War on America


By Gordon Duff Senior Editor



Investigative reporting in America is dead.  Today, the UK Guardian finally figured out there had never been a movie.  As reported by Jim W. Dean, the endless hours of costly streaming video spewing from Terry Jones, the CIA/Mossad asset whose blasphemy is the real material, also involved more than a few “players.”


Jone’s streaming video was emailed to over 50 million addresses around the world gleaned from, of all places, “Google.”  The central issue of Google involvement and their cooperation with the CIA, Mossad and Gulf States will be an issue of discussion.

We begin with a seemingly innocent Washington Post story about the CATO Institute:

Koch brothers, Cato Institute reach settlement

By Allen McDuffee

 David Koch, shown in April 2011. (Mark Lennihan – AP) The Cato Institute and billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch have reached an agreement that will end their legal dispute for control of the libertarian think tank.

The two have been embroiled in a public battle since March 1 when the Kochs filed a lawsuit over the distribution of controlling shares of the think tank, first reported by The Washington Post.

A subsequent lawsuit was filed in April in response to additions Cato made to its board.

 Charles Koch (Bloomberg News) Today’s settlement, first reported at the National Journal and based on an internal e-mail, includes a solution to dissolve the controversial shareholders agreement, and Edward H. Crane, Cato co-founder and its only president since 1977, will step down.

Crane, who is nearing retirement, told Think Tanked in an interview this spring that he offered to step down multiple times in the last year in exchange for dissolution of the shareholder’s agreement, despite having “at least a few good years” left in him. The Kochs declined.

(Then we find the “featured channels” who represent the group that financed Terry Jones and the maniulation of the embassy killings.  Note CATO among the “right wing idiot fringe.”

From the Tea Party YouTube Channel “PJ Media,” That Finances Terry Jones

Americans have not been told the truth, Muslims have been manipulated and used, fragile states have been subjected to instability that only strengthens the resolve of the enemies of Islam.   There has been one result from this week of violence, an American administration that has stood up to Netanyahu’s insanity, despite the blithering of internet pundits.

When President Ahmadinejad announced yesterday that:  “I am confident that Zionists are goners and the world will be freed from their existence and justice will be established,” he was right.

America is waking up, as though stuck in a nightmare, Americans themselves manipulated by the attacks of 9/11 into a frenzy of destruction and mayhem against the Islamic world.

As America awakens, it finds itself beset, as the world’s Muslim population now suffers a “9/11 of blasphemy.”  What we will learn together is that both incidents had the same beginnings, Netanyahu and his militant extremists, destroying his “Goyim” enemies by setting them on each other.

The prices so many have paid for the lessons learned, learned by those with honesty and intellect has been high.  I stop well short of even blaming the Jews of America or Israel as we now have abundant evidence that we are all capable of being misled, steered into fear, hatred and violence.

This isn’t about religion or race or even the hearts of men but rather of how we have all allowed a great evil to set itself up among us, pass itself off as representing every faith, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, how the snake has fed on us all.

A wise man would learn to recognize the snake and cut off its head.  The snake we deal with is clever, it points to this enemy or that, always unseen, except by those who understand the unending malevolence of those who place themselves above all laws.

Though Islam has enemies, very few of those enemies are Americans.

I live in a city with 30,000 Muslims, less than 50 miles from another American city with 300,000 Muslims.  Even with Terry Jones and Rabbi Shifren burning Korans, those Muslims that live in America, know America know also that this is their home.

One might ask why no one has struck down Jones.  Is he protected by a peaceful nation, a land of forgiveness and justice?  Reality tells us different, America suffers great divisions, Americans live in an armed camp, a society wrought with violence.

Terry Jones and his extremist friends have powerful protectors, police and intelligence agencies, powerful corporations and the Israel lobby, America’s greatest domestic enemy by many accounts.

Was it the movie?

Let’s discuss the movie.  Analysis of the film indicates that this was never a complete commercial film but only a clip.  The clip, made in less than an hour of filming for a price less than $5000 dollars was uploaded onto a one day old Google/Youtube account.

The powerful organization, Google, tied to the CIA and Mossad, used along with Facebook, to spy on people around the world, manipulate ideas, suppress information, support lies, owns “Youtube.”

On September 10, a “Youtube” account was opened and a horrific and blasphemous attack on Islam was uploaded.  Simultaneously, Terry Jones began a “streaming video” assault on The Prophet, using every pornographic and disgusting assault his CIA “psyops” (Psychological Operations) training prepared him for.

This is the official “Google/Youtube” policy on content:

“•We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity).”

We have known Google/Youtube accounts to be closed in minutes for 1 complaint.  The 13 minute film placed under the pseudonym “Sam Bacil” received 46,000 “inappropriate comment” complaints, 4 Americans are listed as killed, news claiming this film responsible, and millions have attacked American facilities.

The story has been reported on every news media in the world including Google itself, who maintains a very large news service.

Yet the video remains, for one purpose, to keep the fighting going, to keep the hate going.

Sergei Brin and Larry Page, the owners of Google, are dual citizens of the US and Israel.  Is there an answer why they refuse to honor their own policies, why they would foster such violence and why no member of the media would question their role?

Is all media controlled?  Those who say so are said to be “conspiracy theorists.”  Perhaps some conspiracies are real.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Libya.  The dead there include the US Ambassador and his immediate security team, US Navy SEALS, reputedly the best trained fighters in the world.  They were slaughtered in an ambush by a highly trained security team brought into Libya days before.

How do we know?

Members of security agencies, who observe Libya closely, watch the airports, check all who enter and leave using advanced technology reported to us that a team of “special forces” from the United Arab Emirates entered Libya days before the mayhem over the broadcasts began.

Who are these “special forces” and who trained them?

Three years ago, an American firm called DynCorp sent in a team to train units of UAE Special Forces in assassination, rendition, intelligence gathering and psychological warfare.

Headed by retired senior officers of the US Special Forces being paid $30,000 per month, DynCorp spent 24 months preparing these units.

The US was led to believe that the UAE needed these troops because of concerns that Iranian Republican Guards units, specially trained and equipped, needed to be offset by similarly or even better trained forces from the UAE.

Some of those who trained the UAE’s “black ops” units are longtime associates who accepted this employment as it was at double the rate any other similar job was paying.

They had no idea these troops would be used against the US.

It is believed that this group killed the US ambassador and his Navy SEAL escort which may have actually resulted in more American deaths than already reported.

Typically, if Navy SEALS are involved, any reporting of casualties is a security issue and SEAL dead are sometimes said to have died accidentally or are not reported at all.  The CIA operates under similar rules.

Thus, the US may have lost more men.

What is also important is to note that if there was a SEAL team or part of one in Libya and there were casualties and hundreds of demonstrators didn’t die in the process, then one can be assured that demonstrators were not involved in these crimes.

Eradicating demonstrators or escaping them would have been “nothing” for Navy SEALS.

Thus, the story of what happened in Libya is as I indicate, not as reported.  My sources are thus confirmed.

Our next issue is to track who financed Terry Jones and his endless hours of blasphemy on 9/11/2012, expensive “streaming video” backed by email announcements that went around the world as almost nothing else has in history.

All of this, of course, was done, supposedly, by a church with a dozen or so members and no money.

Then we began tracking and we found something interesting.  Two groups were behind Jones.

The real assault on Islam was underwritten by PJ Media or Pajama Media, a “Tea Party/Romney” group funded by the Israeli Koch Brothers who make millions each day by manipulating gasoline prices.

Checking the “Youtube” website of PJ Media, we find a strange affiliation.  Along with their attacks on President Obama and endless pro-Wall Street rhetoric is proof of their association to a Washington based think tank.

That group is called the CATO Institute.

The CATO Institute supplies policy advisors for the Republican Party and are largely funded in secret by the pharmaceutical industry to oppose President Obama’s plan to offer all Americans affordable health care like other advanced nations.

Charles Koch founded the CATO institute in 1977.  However, in recent months they had become independent.  The Koch Brothers, only 4 months ago, reasserted their control of the CATO institute and resumed their role in support of extremism and Israeli causes.

Did CATO plan this disruptive attack on the US?

Our investigations make them a suspect.

Then there is another point, there is no other group so politically inclined, no other group controlled by violent extremists and no other group with the influence and extremely talented base where a “working group” tasked with such an operation could be garnered.

Thus, we will want to examine the CATO Institute very carefully.

The CATO Institute has a long history of advising the CIA.  Have we seen the nature of that relationship, one intended to be of service to the United States adjust its loyalties?




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