Debate-itis – Please Save Us from Another Debate (Romney Debate “Fail” Videos)


Doing TV Commentary for Iran on the Last American Debate

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I just finished doing the TV commentary for the last presidential debate on Iran’s national network.  Two weeks ago, I did an hour on Clear Channel, owned by Romney’s Bain Capital, so I feel “evened out.”

During closing statements, Romney talks about “taking the torch from the ‘greatest generation.'”

Weren’t those the guys who fought World War II?  When “torch time” came during the Vietnam war Romney was in France for nearly 3 years.  Three million other Americans “took up the torch” for him.

You won’t friggin’ believe this…

[youtube pvFpKpS–lY]

I nearly choked on that one but, for those who didn’ t watch, it is best to pretend none of it happened…like it was a bad dream.  Debates are g-d’s way of telling us we are too stupid to live.

Perhaps the “end times” people are right after all. Watching one of these makes you feel there is only an hour left to human history, that it doesn’t deserve any more.

Romney appears to be on medication, either for illness or more likely to treat depression and stress but also he looks like he has been dosed with Atropine.  On at least two occasions he began to tear up a bit which we will put down to stress.

Watch Romney’s now world famous geography fail:

[youtube GWI1tDp9J2I]

As for the debate, I would never have watched were I not required to because of the TV show.  My gonads are not likely to recover from this much BS.  Both candidates are wearing down with Obama the clear winner, primarily based on the fact that he only went “deer in the headlights” twice compared to the dozen or so for Romney.


[youtube s9QA5B6U86s]


My guess is a cocktail of some kind.  He also doesn’t look very well and I was afraid he was either having a stroke or facing a heart attack.  His color was blotchy, eyes red, he kept looking to the left as though he were a poorly trained blackjack dealer in Reno.

Romney shone most brightly for five minutes discussing trade with China.  He clearly understands trade well, knows much about China, though that knowledge, as Obama pointed out, was from working for them against the US.  Still, he was impressive on that subject.

As for the issue of the night, foreign policy, about 35% was spent on subject.  Tonight’s big gaff was Romney stating that, if Syria’s government is overthrown, Iran will lose access to the sea. As Jim Dean loves to say, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

It is one thing forgetting talking points from a prep team:

Length of Coastline: Iran’s coastline includes 2,440 kilometers on the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman and 740 kilometers on the Caspian Sea.

Several dumb things were said tonight, OK, several dozen, perhaps a hundred, but this one demonstrated that Romney lacks even a remote idea of the basic geography of the world, much less the Middle East.  This one scared me. Romney scares the hell out of the intelligent community.

Why? Because they may get an order to prepare an attack on Boravia, when there is no such country…or one for the Marines  to do an amphibious assault on Armenia. Romney’s response? “John Bolton told me…and John Lehman confirmed.”

Obama was far more competent during the foreign policy discussion.

A more serious point was the issue of military spending and requirements.  Romney displayed little or no knowledge of military issues at all.  Obama could have been stronger but took a lead, mostly based on the fact he has been doing the job for four years.

My serious concern is that Romney lacks intellectual capability. Many other Americans fear the same from Obama. Ouch!

About half the debate was spent courting Jewish voters and contributions to the point of making wild claims about Iran.  It was embarrassing and a waste of time.

Additionally, should I have failed to mention it, but nearly all statements made by both candidates regarding Israel and Iran were delusional but Obama is much more decisive in his delusions than Romney. If anything, I want the finger on the button to be the more decisive of the delusional sociopaths.

The real issue, if we are going to be honest, is one of staying power.  Romney looked beaten though the maniacal look he had during the last debate has subsided. It is clear he is on a cocktail of anti-psychotic drugs.

Bob Schieffer of CBS did a decent job, the format was fair, nobody hogged the microphone too much.  Nobody was able to carry crib sheets or had their mike turned up full while the other candidate was speaking as last time.

Romney’s economic plan, 12 million jobs, 7 trillion in new spending with 5 trillion in tax cuts for the rich is pure voodoo. America is screwed economically and we are running as fast as we can.  Ain’t nobody fixin’ nuttin’.

Even the metal markets, gold and silver, are showing signs of default.  OK, they actually defaulted some time ago but there has been no announcement yet. Take for example the 50,000 tons of non-existent gold has been sold through the London Bullion Exchange.  If you are buying gold or silver, buy real metal and not paper.

The strangest area of the evening was with Romney and Pakistan.  Romney went on and on about Pakistan and their 100 nuclear weapons.  He was doing well until he mentioned how the millions of Pashtuns living in Pakistan were all Taliban and planning to run across the border into Afghanistan as soon as the US left…

That was another indication he is unqualified.  Pakistan has several million Pashtun refugees who now permanently live in Pakistan and will continue to do so.  What Romney was not told was that in 1903, the Durand Line was drawn by the British and Russians as a demarcation line which runs through the middle of Pashtun territory.

All Pashtuns are “militants” and have been for centuries.  Some are Taliban but there are two Talibans, one that only attacks Pakistan.  The border area isn’t so much “taliban” as “wild west.”  This is all way over Romney’s head I am afriad.

People who have been living somewhere for 2500 years aren’t likely to pick up and move somewhere else because, well, Romney didn’t get into any because.There is no because.  Romney is simply unfamiliar with Afghanistan or Pakistan or Iran or Iraq or Tunisia or Egypt or Syria.

He did know Libya. He knew Libya because Gaddafi had been his business partner for years.

The pundits and morons will be spinning this debate.  I had one on with me, reading talking points from the Romney/Netanyahu camp.  Iran always includes an Israel representative on every TV show. I wonder why?

Any American with a high definition television will notice Romney.  Look up the side effects of varying drugs such as atropine.  Figure he is on Trazodone and Wellbutrin as well and hits the Xanax bottle from time to time.

Romney’s statements about sending heavy weapons, tanks, artillery, aircraft/helicopters into Syria to whoever the rebels are, is nutty. His claim that he will blockade Iranian ships from world ports, an act of war, is also nuts.

You see, the US has diplomatic agreements that allow India, Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Turkey and many others to buy Iranian oil. China alone imports nearly half a million barrels per day and India is not far behind, a massive increase over previous usage.

Romney can’t mention any of this, however, because it would be bad for his personal business, so he lied. If you want to check on this, look here.

This is the official list from Russia Today:

Countries exempted by the US from Iran sanctions list: China,  India, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka,  Turkey and Taiwan have all received waivers from the US in exchange for  “significantly reducing” oil imports. Ten European countries have also  received waivers, but they will not be allowed to import Iranian oil  starting on July 1.

Of course, in truth, the above listed countries have cut deals for deep discounts and increased their purchases and the European countries have negotiated extensions or are simply openly violating sanctions by rerouting and renaming vessels.

Lest we forget, the Iranian oil fields are serviced by a company based in the UAE that is not subject to sanctions. That company is Haliburton.

Then again, those “10,000 centrifuges” that Romney spoke of several times produce enriched uranium hexa-fluoride gas, a product that can’t under any imaginable technology, be used for anything but medical isotopes.

You see, we never learned how to turn gas to metal. That is called “alchemy” and is a form of “witchcraft.”

Maybe Iran should ask Romney, after all, he is a Mormon bishop and witchcraft and alchemy are in his genes.



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