Ashamed – Living in “Post Rational” America


Have We Become a Nation of Vomit Eaters?

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The last debate actually left me feeling sick.  My best hope is that Romney and Obama were both lying most of the time and really don’t believe much of what they said.

They were talking to America as though we were a nation of rubes, of monsters, of total idiots, fools, vermin and swine.  They told childish lies, both embarrassed any educated or decent person, their rhetoric on the Middle East, Romney’s economic blasphemy, it was shameful.

Without pitting one candidate against the other, as the lack of differences was tragic, taking both together, I admit I still feel unwell and I used to shoot people for a living.

Let me tell you a short story here.  One of my friends will, we all hope, be Prime Minister of Pakistan.

This is the problem:

Imran Khan is western educated, brilliant, makes Obama and Romney both look like a joke, and is a devout Muslim that is able to stand up to the Pakistani military and US but is not seen as partularly anti-American and not anti-Israel.

I will go further, he could be elected President of the United States by a wide majority, despite being both a Muslim and foreign born.  You think I am kidding?  Watch:

[youtube GF00BtlBqMI]

I know Khan as a friend, others know him from cricket, a game much of the world lives for, as he is one of the greatest players in history.  Others know him for his cancer hospitals or charitable works or his controversial marriage to the former Jemimah Goldsmith.

If you watched the video and are old enough to remember JFK, Imran Khan is almost like getting JFK back again.  (I hope he doesn’t read this, he will be embarrassed.)

Here is my point, go back, watch the video.  Any American who would meet and talk with him would trust him, recognize his grasp, his moral center, perhaps his flaws, see a human being.  I can think of only one other person, Nelson Mandela, who has done more than Imran Khan and no one can reasonably be compared to Mandela.

However, as decent a man as this is, someone who is very much the most influential leader of all Muslims in the world, someone fearless, politically moderate and clearly acceptable to any religious group in the world, even this man has been under assault by manipulated press.  Here is an interview from BBC Hard Talk (optional, watch the first one, this one you can survive without).  Don’t die of shock but Imran Khan says he would refuse American foreign aid.  Listen to these attempts to silence him, a standard BBC tactic:

[youtube dT6JATLwjqY]

So, perhaps for the first time in years, you can hear someone tell the total truth about something or, at least, all the BBC will allow, which, by the way, is very little.  The BBC makes America’s controlled news look good.

I spent a reaonsable amount of time in Britain and even Fox News, which minimally, is exceedingly biased and ridden with wild conspiracy theories, is “sensible” compared to the BBC.  They are a joke.  Americans worry about Iran or Pakistan or Israel when it is Britain or perhaps Germany that are, when it comes to news reporting, police states.

Anyway, we will, in a circuitous way return to the debates.  A critical aspect of the debate, number III, was Iran.  The statements regarding Iran and Ahmadinejad, even suggesting his arrest and prosecution for “genocide” were predicted on wild press conspiracy theories that he said he planned to destroy Israel.

The truth?

He once quoted an Islamic scholar who said, and read this carefully:

History will erase Zionism from the sands of time.

This is the war crime.  It isn’t a war crime to invade Iraq, use nuclear weapons on Fallujah (I am able to scientifically document this) or even poison tens of thousands of our own troops.  98% of the “terrorists” we detained, killed, tortured during the war on terror have been shown to be “mistaken identity.”

There are hundreds of cash settlements for years of torture, people kidnapped off the streets, no effort to check who they were, they simple looked “too Middle Eastern.”

Yesterday, the New York Times reported that NYPD had hired gang members to harrass Muslims, hoping they would respond and could be arrested for “terrorism.”  The reason?  NYPD gets a couple hundred million dollars a year in “counter-terrorism” funds, much stolen by politicians and gangsters, and this is part of a scam to steal more American taxpayer money by attempting to stage phony terror attacks.

Do I have to remind people of the “Detroit Crotch Bomber” who was carried onto a plane by a member of India’s RAW (their CIA) in Amsterdam, no ticket, no passport, no visa, just a defective bomb.   The “Time Square Bomber” was much the same as have been most others, all tied to spy agencies, the FBI or, as with the individual that shot Gabbie Giffords, someone who spent three years in a special Army “psychiatric pre-enlistment program” that only had one member.

Do we need to discuss Ander Breivik, the “Butcher of Norway,” who killed off the children of the leaders of an entire political party because he wanted to “protect Israel?”

The police claim they had no helicopters, no boats, though they knew him, knew he was armed, knew he was there, called him by name and all belonged to the same Masonic Lodge as Breivik.  The “still” below is all that survives of a helicopter video showing Breivik killing a victim.

This is a police video from a helicopter they claim never existed.  They filmed the entire slaughter but never interfered.  Instead they sold off pieces as “photographs” through an agency out of the country.

The video is gone, nobody admits to the helicopter having existed except we have three examples that totally debunk the police cover story:




We can take these irregularities, the particularly absurd ones, and add to them the “double-death” of bin Laden, Romney’s wild claims about Iran and Syria, nations he has proven he can’t find on a map, oh, we have that on video too:

[youtube GWI1tDp9J2I&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=1&feature=plcp]

Calling Americans “vomit eaters” may seem extreme to some, even angry, almost bitter.  I can’t call it irony, we are beyond that.  We are a joke.  The debate, as with our last decade, has all been predicated on the events of 9/11.

Here is a short video.  To those who have the intelligence to come down from the trees and lap filthy water from a scum ridden pool, this is enough to prove, beyond any possible contradiction, that our government (with or without “others”)  is responsible for 9/11.

This does it simply, and in doing so, please be aware, the press knows of this, you see both CBS and CNN featured, Dan Rather announcing news he now says never existed.  We know who the police are, there are records.

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

 This is just one arrest on 9/11.  NYPD and the police in New Jersey arrested 120 people that day, 4 teams with weapons and explosives, numerous camera teams including two in helicopters, and not one of those arrested, even after, as you hear from the police on the video, after an explosive goes off, is any of them arrested.

One camera team was detained for 10 months after admitting they had been sent from Israel to document the 9/11 attacks.  Is this an admission of complicity or pre-knowledge of some kind?

I would say that would be for a court to decide but they were released as were all the others, without any legal process being met.  We have people who actually exploded a truck on the George Washington Bridge who the FBI drove to JFK airport and put on one of two of the only civilian planes allowed to take off from the United States.

The second contained the bin Laden family.

So, 10 days and an election.  The debates have proven we have to insane SOBs running for office.  Those of us who are sane or at least aware hope which ever one is elected lied about much or most of what they said during the campaign.

Then again, did they say the insane things they did because Americans expect to be lied to, demand it, demand vomit instead of being treated with respect?

Its not like I am talking about poor sharecroppers in Arkansas who can’t afford batteries for their AM radio.

There are armies of Americans, probably thousands, who, for nearly no pay at all, spew filth, delusionally  believe they can intimidate those who speak out, almost all are self appointed economists, “anti-imperialists” or blindly obedient acolytes of some bizarre conspiracy theory.

I suspect their mothers either bred with sewer rats or, more likely, were sewer rats.

I can really understand Washington, a town filled with thieves.  At least they are well paid, ending up with enough money to live far enough away from other crazy Americans so they don’t have to deal with them.

I can even understand the NRA, one of the biggest cons on earth.  At least their leaders make millions and laugh like hyenas doing it.

Even a hyena knows joy or so it seems.

Its not that there aren’t intelligent, decent Americans, hard working, based in reality out there.

I simply wonder why they don’t wake up and realize that they aren’t going to be able to survive in a country with that “other” group.

I would rather be caught by the Taliban and hung upside down for a week than eat lunch in Dodge City, Kansas.

I can always say, at least I am not one of the 15 million Americans in prison, a number we work very hard to hide from the American people and the world.

Then again, no American can be sure he will spend the rest of the day out of prison or even alive.  Even our “dog vomit” press reports these things on occasion.

Leave you with this last “humorous” note.  This is what constitutes comedy for most Americans.

[youtube qV-OuQCiBtE]

 A minor note.  The police officer, 240 pounds, identified his victim as “large and muscular.”  However the coroners office shows the victim to have weighed 135 pounds.

For another look at Arizona and how the Gabby Giffords shooting could be covered up, please google “J.T. Ready.”

You will read of a violent Nazi killing his family and then committing suicide.

What you won’t read about is two unmarked police cars that drove off after the killings and have the coroners report, which we have a copy of, where all the bullets from the killings were accidentally misplaced.

It seems police actually used their own weapons for the killings.  Dumb.

Read the accounts and then know absolutely nothing you read is true.  If you asked Romney or Obama they would say Lee Oswald shot Kennedy although, in 1975, a congressional investigation overturned the findings of the Warren Commission.

My advice?

Don’t vote for anyone you wouldn’t let walk your dog.


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