Imran Khan Interviewed by “Nutcase” on CBC (Kanada video)

Canada's Version of Now Dead (so far) Andrew Breitbart

Next President of Pakistan (We Hope) Subjected to World’s Worst TV Journalist


Canada’s Version of Now Dead (so far) Andrew Breitbart

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


It’s no secret that Veterans Today and its sister publication in Pakistan, Opinon-Maker are strong backers of Imran Khan.

Let’s keep this simple, I know Khan well, know he could eater either American presidential candidate “for breakfast” in a debate and am amazed at his patience in this CBC interview:virginia lottery




YouTube - Veterans Today -

As for myself, I would have likely throttled the little son of a bitch, but that’s just my PTSD talking, or is it?

What do you think?

Another vital question, which is worse as to Mr. Solomon’s attire, the tie or shirt?  I wonder if he is wearing pants.


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Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades.

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  1. If it is true that India and Israel are in bed together, he is in a most unenviable position.

    India possessing nuclear reactors and warheads scares the sh!t out of me. It is the most corrupt, jerry-built nation on the planet. And Australia has just signed a deal to sell them uranium even though they are not a signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.

    Wonderful news.

  2. “Canada’s Version of Now Dead (so far) Andrew Breitbart” Is that a hint that breitbart is still alive chilling in the bahamas with Tupac.

    This prick reporter doesn’t even know what the word Taliban means.

    Imran Khan will truly be a brilliant leader, Let’s all hope he can win and brings some sanity to the middle east and creates real change.

    The us/canada/israel want a neverending always expanding war.

    I am convinced now if it is on tv it’s propaganda. the good ol’ Propaganda Box.

    Imran refers to the current paki pres as a stooge of the US, haha thats awesome.

    “Both support drone attacks you know that” – prick reporter! this reporter is a real piece of crap , shows no respect to Imran.

    “some have said you would be an anti-american president” – prick reporter!

    Why can’t they phrase it “some would say you would be a pro-peace president.” That’s because they are trying to slant views and push propaganda.

    I think they emphasis the very famous cricket player part to try to belittle Imran’s political views.

    the prick reporters last statement
    “I appreciate you coming OUT of power in politics mr. khan”
    I rewound it multiple times , what the hell does that mean , some kind of subconcious word play programming for the braindead viewers ?

    Great analysis Jim, It takes a sublte eye to notice every little technicality they threw at him and with your points I am seeing it EVERYWHERE ON EVERY STATION NOW. Yeah Khan wanted the hell out of there at the end , he literally rips that sucker off.

  3. I too would have loved throttling this presstitute masquerading as a journalist. It took all the patience I had to watch this “interview” to the end. It reminded me, once more, how lucky I’m not to have had a TV in my home for the past 30 years.

    I was impressed by Khan’ courtesy, patience, dignity, courage, and intelligence.

    Pakistan is a colony of the USA, and the USA doesn’t take kindly to colonial insubordination. Can you imagine the losses to American weapon makers if khan is allowed to become president of his country? And what about the plans to encircle Russia and China and achieve “full spectrum dominance”? And if Pakistan is allowed to prove the superiority of peace over war, what will happen to the bankers, generals, and drug runners? What about the Orwellian war on terror? And what would happen to the plans of American and Israel fascists of fragmenting and dehumanizing Islam?

    I suspect that Khan was detained in Toronto and not in the New York City (his destination) because the purpose of the whole exercise was not interrogation but a death threat. Khan was detained in order to remind him that the USA is powerful enough to have him arrested (or assassinated, if need be) anywhere on this planet. His detention and the belligerent interview constitute a death threat, pure and simple. The CIA and the Mossad are presenting him with a choice: Betray your people and serve as our lackey and we’ll make you even richer than you are already. Refuse, and we’ll kill you.

    I’m thus filled with foreboding and dread. Thousands of foreign and American leaders and activists have already been assassinated by our Invisible Government, including probably Benazir Bhutto, her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq. Imran Khan, or perhaps a family member or a close associate, could very well be next.

    There are ways of counteracting such threats—but only if their awesome gravity is fully grasped. I cannot go into all the details of a defensive strategy here, and only wish to remind khan of the first two steps: 1. Recognize that these people will not hesitate to snuff out your life—or the lives of 7 billion human beings for that matter—if they were so inclined. A threat from La Cosa Nostra is nothing compared to a threat from these people. 2. You must tell the whole world that you don’t plan to commit suicide, that your heart is in perfect working condition, and that if anything happens to you before or after the elections, your murder must be traced back to the men of the Invisible Government.

  4. Imran Khan detained and ‘interrogated over drone views’ by U.S. immigration

    The Observer – Oct 28, 2012

    “…taken off an international flight from Canada to New York and questioned by US immigration officials over his views on drone strikes and jihad.

    “Khan, who has been at the forefront of a high-profile campaign as leader of the Pakistan Movement for Justice party (PTI) to end US drone strikes in northern Pakistan, had been in Canada to give a speech and was on his way to a fundraising dinner in the US on Friday.

    “He claims that the drone strikes kill large numbers of innocent civilians – a claim denied by the US.

    “I was taken off from plane and interrogated by US Immigration in Canada on my views on drones. My stance is known. Drone attacks must stop,” Khan tweeted yesterday after his questioning.

    He added: “Missed flight and sad to miss the fundraising lunch in NY but nothing will change my stance.”

  5. Gordon,
    I admit to not being current on the Pakistani political scene.
    That said, I really like this guy, Imran Khan! Straight talk, no bull, don’t mind SCREW me and try to put words in my mouth kinda guy.
    Refreshingly honest. You’re right when you said in another article this man could even get elected as the US President. Especially since being born in America is no longer a prerequisite (ala Obammer’s usurping of the office).

    But, anyone who sees this interview can tell Mr Imran Khan is sincere in his conviction to disengage from the military solution imposed by the US war on terror and seek to unite his OWN countries disparate tribal and urban constituents to politically combat any terrorist factions. Which, I’m sure would be nonexistent if Khan becomes President and shuns US aid and military intervention on their land and in their Government.
    The MSM interviewer, Mr Solomon’s (read as shill) leading questions and repeated badgering of the man is so blatantly obvious it should have had one of those banners across the bottom saying,
    “Ok folks, as you may have guessed, this is our attempt at furthering the spread of misquotes and lies already broadcast by us in the MSM to thwart Kahn’s popularity. If we can convince the world he is anti-United States it will hopefully side rail his bid to be elected to the office of President of Pakistan. And THAT would NOT be in the best interest of the US Empire, regardless if it is the best thing to happen for a peaceful future in the region.”

    Of course, if they WERE being that honest in their intent they’d also have to post the result,
    “Um .. We failed to fool Mr. Khan into a rage induced, self condemning reply. Seems Mr. Solomon is the only fool you see on the screen. Sorry ’bout that.”

    Thanks for this report, Gordon. Please continue and report Khan’s bid to lead his country towards political independence and away from the USA’s undue monetary and military influence.
    As always, “you done good”, Sir!

  6. If the interviewers introduction wasn’t telling enough regarding his unquestioned ignorance of the subject, his stuttering to vomit the words from the teleprompter should have given him away. sputter, sputter, spit, sputter, sputter. Maybe a woman with good cleavage and a sirens voice would have been a better option?

  7. I’m a Canadian, and like most Canadians, that cbc er, interview er (cough) means nothing to this Canadian. Many Canadians are sleeping, and this is a perfect example on how bozo gov. press enlighten the masses of northern America, to us many they are the butt of every joke. Khan, never should of granted Mr. Bososolomon the time and would of done better on a main stream radio talk show in Toronto, cuz everybody that knows Khan and VT are on the same page, and agree, are busy working to pay people to sit and watch the cbc. so we could have a well informed ( cough) voter. I’m in-barest.

  8. I’m a Canadian, and like most Canadians, that cbc er, interview er (cough) means nothing to this Canadian. Many Canadians are sleeping, and this is a perfect example on how bozo gov. press enlighten the masses of northern America, to us many they are the butt of every joke. Khan, never should of granted Mr. Bososolomon the time and would of done better on a main stream radio talk show in Toronto, cuz everybody that knows Khan and VT are on the same page, and agree, are busy working to pay people to sit and watch the cbc. so we could have a a well informed ( cough) voter. I’m in-barest.

  9. “Journalists” are the new airheads of the 21st century. I hope they at least review their footage to see how stupid they look every day, framing questions in any way but straightforward and factual. I feel embarrassed for them, especially because these tv airheads are so clueless to their own incompetence. Maybe they’re like presidents and truly are just teleprompter readers. If that’s all you can do, you deserve no more than minimum wage, and should probably be booed in public as the farce that you are.

    Intelligence assets in media should really re-evaluate their duties because it’s not possible to be a propaganda asset and have intelligence if you really think about it. Here’s a clue: your ratings have plummeted because your audience’s intelligence level far outweighs yours. Your audience views you as irrelevant because you’ve made yourself that way – congratulations media!

  10. Mr. Dean,
    Who would had thought that Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly were married and gave birth to a Son?
    This is stereo-typical of FAUX NEWS type of character assassination. Like the killing of 1,000,000 Iraqi’s over a LIE and always resorting to the *We were there to Liberate them from Saddam’s Evil Rule* when in fact the US caused more death’s then Saddam ever did towards his people.

    I’m surprised this reporter couldn’t find an actress to show the Taliban pulling infants out of incubators too. This would be like asking all 4,801 listed Iraqi’ US War dead if they were greeted as Liberators or the additional 40,00+ with head wounds and 160,000+ now Disabled all for a LIE.

    Yet the Controlled Media (Circus) continues to tell American’s we are hated for our Freedom’s. It seems like everyone that goes to WAR eventually has to sit at a table and sign a peace Treaty (except Israel) so all the killings on each side serve no purpose at all.

    I can still hear Kissinger saying that “Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy” This would be like mailing the IDF video to the Parents or loved ones who’s family was murdered in Iraq for an Evil Agenda.

    In closing, The US invades other countries for their gross Human Right’s violations and has No Fly Zones over them. When is the US going to impose a No Fly Zone over ISRAEL? Oh that’s right, Israel doesn’t need the IMF bank to turn that country into Slaves.

  11. Hey Gordon I can’t even watch the video this program Power & Politics and CBC in general have been on my Zion shit list for years. I’ll just have to take your trusted word that nothing has changed at the ZBC or Zion Broadcast Corporation if you will. Bush speechwriter David Frum mother Barbra Frum ran the News Dept at ZBC for years and that cancer destroyed the once mighty news department at the CBC.

  12. Khan clearly exposed the rat for what it is. He clearly has the guts, intelligence and charisma to make mincemeat of the zionists anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Did anyone notice? That’s a much tougher question.

    I kinda wish I hadn’t eaten breakfast before watching the clip, in spite of Khan’s inspiring takedown.

  13. nanny kills 2 kids related to multi trillion $$$ lawsuit against big banks and GOV officials

    Nanny slit her own 2 wrists….then slit her own throat???

    the father of two kids ran the story about lawsuit on CNBC.

    Follow links contained in the story for further info.
    Another related lawsuit submitted by law firm Spire Group was for $300 trillion!

    PS: This story is related because the lawsuits include reference to illegal wars fought in the name of War on Terror.

  14. This is how you spot a media ‘asset’. He led with the question to put Kahn on the defensive with the ‘not condemning the Taliban girl shooting, and of course quoting another source for cover. Kahn answered quite clearly and thoroughly that the charge was bogus, which really turn the tables on the interviewer.

    The Jewish Lobby has Canadian media by the throat, and has for a long time now. The Mossad own a major platform there, lock stock and barrel, where their station chief works out of.

    So the interviews next, to make the viewer forget that his set up question bombed, they come back with a very confusing question like the ‘triple question/statement’ that he tried to recover with. Kahn knew for sure now that this was a bushwhack interview, so his answer led with ‘you are mixing a lot of different things up’…again exposing for the viewer that the interviewer is trying to manipulate the interviewer.

    But Kahn stuck to his guns and did not go on the defensive, and would not wear the Taliban robe that the interviewer was trying to drape over him. Imran used his time to get his bullet points out there, and several time you saw.

    Also, a interviewer usually does not interrupt a very high level guest frequently as everybody in the biz knows that it is rude. But there is another reason. In a bushwhack interview there is a producer in the control room who is instructing the on camera guy what to do next, like when Kahn is making good points, giving the audience good answers but which these folks don’t like, the producer communicates through the ear plug to ‘hit him with question #4.

    If you go back and rewatch, you can often see them look down at their notes to check, but harder spot if they are using the Teleprompter.

    And lastly, the last thing said in the interview is all the ‘slow folks’ remember…and this is a dead giveaway. I bet you a $100 that the producer told the guy to ‘to be to the Taliban charge for the close.’ No real journalist would ever close with a question that had been fully answered as this tape can now be used forever as an example of his shilling.

    Of course Kahn knew exactly what was going on and did not show any anger or get huffy, as that makes you look weak. He stuck with this closing points. And notice how quickly he was diving to get the ear piece off after the thank you. This is a guy who has no chinks in his armor.

  15. Gordon:
    Imran Khan is clear. Crystal. That reporter is your typical jack off “journalist”. This is not journalism. He mixes up everything and Khan is amazingly patient….I hope he wins. If he does I pray for his safety. Folks like him sometimes to not last long. There is much money to be made with Guns Oil and Dope G.O.D.

  16. As a Canadian I can tell you its not ptsd. I want to smack him like you do. I hate to say it but most Canadians here are so brainwashed. Thanks massad! This will probably be the last stronghold for the fleeing cabal. I have hope though. My dad worked for with NATO and Canadian defence for 35 years. He had the highest clearance possible. One you have mentioned before. Or maybe he didn’t. He’s as disgusted as I am which makes me hopeful when I read your articles. To know that there are people who feel the same.
    Thanks Gordon

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