Egypt’s president a 9/11 truther: less America-centrism offers hope for Truth movement

Mohamed Morsi of Muslims for 9/11 Truth
Mohamed Morsi of Muslims for 9/11 Truth

By Barrie Zwicker, Truth and Shadows


In Canada, mainly because of the generality of mass media output, it’s hard to avoid being sucked into America-centrism. For instance the world pretty well has to grind to a halt every four years in deference to the ever more delusional U.S. election circus. For my part I confess to having watched two of the U.S. TV debates. An old friend, upon learning this, rightly admonished me: “Migawd man, you’ll never get back those 180 minutes!”

In a more ongoing way, many of us in the 9/11Truth movement in North America may be too involved with 9/11Truth in an America-centric way. Again, I do not exempt myself. Most of my Truther friends are American, and I have no wish to cut ties with such a terrific band of brothers. Nevertheless a search for antidotes to America-centrism is likely to be benign and mind-expanding.

One antidote is to look outward, internationally, more often. Websites such as, and our own and outlets such as Russia Today (RT) and Iran’s PressTV are welcome in general. (Although RT, as Montreal’s Michael Pengue has flagged recently, seems to have turned recidivist on 9/11 Truth. False flag ops are a trade secret of rulers in general, and presumably Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to endanger the franchise by pointing to other offenders.)

One benefit of encouraging in ourselves a more internationalist outlook is that we might find more reasons for hope than we can extract if we remain too fixated on the belly of the beast. After all, what are the chances of a proper U.S. investigation of 9/11 – in our lifetimes?

I was moved to make some non-U.S.-centric reflections when I encountered a story by David D. Kirkpatrick of the New York Times News Service, out of Cairo, reprinted in the Globe and Mail on June 30th. The Globe’s headline and deck read:

Morsi vows to free sheik jailed in U.S.

President-elect’s statement about blind cleric convicted in New York City bombing plot likely to ruffle feathers in Washington

The focus of Kirkpatrick’s story – and it’s an example of how nourishment can be found in mainstream media – was a televised speech Mohamed Morsi made “to hundreds of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square” the day before.

In the vow referred to in the headline, Egypt’s then president-elect was stepping very close to a landmine, namely the false flag 1993 WTC bombing. Later, as we shall see, he stepped close to a much bigger one, 9/11. Those with vested interests in these and other such operations – that comprise the main fuel for the so-called “war on terror” – will devote many resources to pressuring Morsi to back off. And these vested interests, the global monopoly capitalist elites, are used to getting their way.

At risk is the whole war and geopolitical control and resource theft system that these fake events are so central to creating and maintaining.

Morsi’s first vow, according to Kirkpatrick, was “to free Egyptian civilians imprisoned here after military trials during the transition after the ouster of Hosni Mubarak.”

Kirkpatrick quotes Morsi as continuing: “I see signs for Omar Abdel Rahman and detainees’ pictures.” Morsi was referring to placards held by the crowd. “It is my duty and I will make all efforts to have them free, including Omar Abdel Rahman.”

Very soon after Morsi made what Kirkpatrick describes as an “almost offhand comment … the Muslim Brotherhood moved quickly to try to shift the focus of Mr. Morsi’s pledge, saying in a statement on its website that the goal was a potential humanitarian extradition to Egypt, and that there was no attempt to question Sheik Abdel Rahman’s 1995 convictions for plotting terrorism against targets in the United States and Egypt.”

My reading of this spin is that the Muslim Brotherhood is no bunch of ninnies and that its leaders know a Sherman tank when they see one. They have no illusions, in other words, about the world of illusion the U.S. elites have manufactured around show trials of the type that have put Rahman into the slammer for life at the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina.

Kirkpatrick’s story was the best I found on Morsi’s address to the crowd in Tahrir Square, in accuracy, context and allowing through to readers some of what Morsi said, verbatim. There is enough substance to enable the alert reader to draw some inferences that that story only partly reflects. (Morsi’s televised speech was notable also in its astute timing. The Brotherhood had Morsi take his oath of office one day early, thus pre-empting the Egyptian military’s planned choreographed swearing-in ceremony the next day.)

Not least important is the context in which Morsi ad libbed, in response to placards held by his grassroots supporters. His unscripted remarks showed he believed in what he said. He could have ignored the signs.

Writing from the U.S.-centric stance he must maintain to stay employed, Kirkpatrick observes: “The comments could deepen existing American suspicions of Mr. Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, an 84-year-old Islamist group with a long history of opposition to the policies of both the United States and Israel.”

Kirkpatrick’s piece at the same time is telling for contextual observations he inserts around the main focus. Jumping out is this: “…in an interview with Shadi Hamid of the Brookings Doha Center, Mr. Morsi once said he harbored suspicions that still-unknown hidden hands played a role in the 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center.” My my.

In other words, the new Egyptian president is a 9/11Truther. “When you come and tell me that the plane hit the tower like a knife in butter, then you are insulting us,” Mr. Morsi told Mr. Hamid, as he (Mr. Hamid) later reported in Foreign Policy [magazine], according to Kirkpatrick. “How did the plane cut through the steel like this? Something must have happened from the inside. It’s impossible.” Kirkpatrick adds in parentheses that Mr. Morsi earned a PhD. in materials science at the University of Southern California.

In his final paragraph Kirkpatrick writes: “Although it is all but impossible to find an Egyptian who supports either the 1993 or 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center, many are skeptical about the official American accounts of who was responsible for them or for other terrorist plots.”

This mainstream media report, together with some earlier mainly non-mainstream coverage out of Egypt that I’d seen, provide me with an all-too-rare glimmer of hope.
The earlier coverage – highly significant but that must be treated super-briefly here – was of widespread support for Coptic Christians by Muslims in Egypt.

Hidden in a Google search haystack of Muslim-versus-Christian emphasis one can find needles of truth. One of them, from the website World Peace Through Technology, is headlined:

Muslims protecting Christians in Egypt

It’s dated January 6, 2011 and reads [bolds mine]:

Yesterday was the Eastern Orthodox Christmas Eve for Egypt’s Coptic community. Across Egypt, Muslims came out to support their Christian neighbors, risking their own lives to protect a religious minority. It was an inspiring sign of unity and support, at a time when religious conflict threatens the region and the world.

Just a week earlier, on January 1st, there was a bombing at a Coptic church in Alexandria. Blamed on Islamic extremists, the New Year’s Day attack on a church killed over 20 Egyptian Christians, and injured dozens of people.

Adding to the tension, a video attributed to Al Qaeda widely circulated on the Internet, called the “Jihadi Encyclopedia for the Destruction of the Cross,” featured a line calling on Muslims in Egypt to “blow up churches while Copts are celebrating Christmas or any other time when churches are packed.”

Anxiety among the nation’s Coptic Christians, who make up approximately 10 percent of the 80 million population, was at a high in the wake of the New Years Day attack. But Muslims turned up in droves for the Coptic Christmas mass Thursday night, offering their bodies and lives as “human shields” to Egypt’s threatened Christian community. Egypt’s majority Muslim population stood in solidarity with the fearful Coptic community, as thousands of Muslims showed up at churches around the country and at candle light vigils held outside. They made a pledge to collectively fight the threat of Islamic militants and work towards an Egypt free from sectarian conflict, announcing “We either live together, or we die together, we are all Egyptians.”

Other reports suggested that Muslims surrounding Christian churches probably scotched further bloody and provocative false flag events.

It’s not a stretch to infer from this and other similar reports* that millions of Egyptian Muslims are wise to false flag ops designed to foment inter-religious tensions, an inference that resonates with a careful reading of the Kirkpatrick dispatch.

So the glimmer of hope to which I refer emerges from what I take are 10 facts-on-the-ground points, from Egypt and beyond:

1 – By a U.S. reporter’s account an unknown number – but obviously far more than a handful — of Egyptians in Tahrir Square last June hold up placards demanding the release of Omar Abdel Rahman and other detainee victims of the so-called “war on terror.”
2 – By the same reporter’s account “many” Egyptians do not buy the official stories about the 1993 and 2001 WTC outrages “and other terrorist plots.” In other words false flag operations. The placard holders in Tahrir Square are, then, not outliers but more likely representative of the Egyptian population in general.
3 – Muslims “turned up in droves” for the Coptic Christmas mass [last January 5] “offering their bodies and lives as human shields” for Egypt’s threatened Christian community,” suggesting they did not buy the official story about who massacred 21 Coptic Christians a short time earlier.
4 – This skeptical mindset, or worldview, is one that the new Egyptian prez must take into account. But doing so puts him in the position of a man pushing on an open door: he is of the same mind, and has a PhD in science, earned in the USA, that underpins his suspicions about these official accounts, to the point that he calls the official accounts “insults.”
5 – Mainstream polling organizations have found that in most countries, including the U.S.A., large fractions of the populations – one-third or more – do not buy such official accounts. It’s relevant to add that similar fractions do not accept the official accounts about the murders of John F. Kennedy, his brother Bobby, of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. or of Malcolm X, to name the victims of some other state-sponsored false flag assassinations.
6 – In other words, great swatches of humanity do not buy the official versions of many or most of the events that underpin the so-called “war on terror.” This “war” includes media reports about “planned terrorist plots,” the arrest of suspects such as the LOL “underwear bomber,” the show trials of these suspects, and their convictions — the vast majority of them in U.S. courts.
7 – If the skepticism continues or grows, it’s almost mathematically predictable that an increasing number of elected leaders in many countries will be obliged to take into account their followers’ suspicions about the so-called “war on terror,” the knowledge of these followers of the phenomenon of false flag ops, and the followers’ parallel distrust of or hatred for the corrupt elites that traffic in them.
8 – The dynamics of electoral politics will tend to favour leaders who themselves share their electorates’ suspicions. Therefore more leaders who are de facto members of the 9/11Truth movement can reasonably be expected to take office.
9 – At the same time, however, the across-the-board complicit brainwashing by gatekeeper moles of the mainstream and so-called alternative media through systemic omission, repeated lies, failures to investigate or even to question official accounts of false flag ops can be expected to continue indefinitely.
10 – One of the outcomes of this continued media complicity in massive de facto censorship and the continuous purveying of interlaced lies in an increasingly interconnected world is, and will continue to be, increasing distrust of all media that continue to present and promote the fraudulent versions of most of the events comprising the so-called “war on terror,” including the crimes of 9/11.

It’s hardly, then, “a thousand points of light” that constitute my glimmer of hope. But considering what we’re up against, I’ll take 10.

Barrie Zwicker became a Truther the day of 9/11 and soon after vowed to make it the focus of the rest of his life. He’s the author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11, currently selling more copies than ever.
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