Press TV: US military planned mutiny on the Bounty to topple Obama


Admiral Gaouette was part of a group of military officers who have been under suspicion for planning a “Seven Days in May” type overthrow of the US government if President Obama is re-elected.


“His  [Romney’s] real intent is to occupy Iraq and attack Iran. In the process, America intends on “neutralizing” the nuclear capability of Pakistan. This is the plan, it is known, not just in the Department of Defense, but by all intelligence agencies, the plotters have all been recognized, are all under surveillance and they have not been very careful.”


Cadets listen as US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (C) delivers a foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, on October 8, 2012.

Cadets listen as US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (C) delivers a foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Virginia, on October 8, 2012.

 … by  Gordon Duff  and  Press TV


Admiral Charles M. Gaouette – Removed from Command

The Obama administration has had American military, both on domestic and foreign bases on high alert since October 1. However, there has been no known terrorist enemy threatening the US. The enemy is called “domestic” but its origins are far from American.

Today, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette was “fired” from his command of one of the three carrier battle groups back to Bremerton, Washington to face an investigation.

It is impossible to adequately state how unusual this is and how serious.

The Navy was clear that the charges had nothing to do with his personal conduct, no rape or sexual misconduct, no stolen money, no drug use, the things that usually bring down careers in the Navy, that and crashing ships into each other.

Gaouette was sent back because the Secretary of Defense found him unfit for command, sent him across the world in the middle of one of the largest combat exercises in history, one both timed prior to an election and one at a critical location, near the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Gaouette commanded nearly one third of the Naval and air combat forces in the region.

The decision was made based on a conversation with the Secretary of Defense who, at the end of the talk, believed Gaouette was part of a group of military officers who have been under suspicion for planning a “Seven Days in May” type overthrow of the US government if President Obama is re-elected.

This is not conjecture, dozens of key officers face firing, hundreds are under investigation, all with direct ties to extremist elements in the Republican Party and the Israeli lobby.

Reports received are sourced at the highest levels of the Pentagon and indicate that the administration has been aware of these plans for months. It is not just the Obama administration. This happened before.

The Air Force moved against the Bush administration in 2007 when it loaded up to nine nuclear weapons on a B 52 aircraft at Minot Air Force Base. We know now that up to three of those nuclear weapons are listed as “missing,” the military expression for this is “Broken Arrow.”

From Veterans Today:

Minot-Barksdale, The forgotten mutiny

 In August 2007, at least six nuclear warheads were stolen from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. The moment they were loaded, they disappeared from America’s nuclear inventory, “location unknown,” something that is not supposed to happen. There is no possible “misinterpretation” of orders, no mistake, no “wrong label” issue.

These weapons were stolen, pure and simple. Discussions of individual commanders having authority to deploy weapons, stories of accidents, confusion or political alignments within the Air Force are “red herrings.”

 Nothing is more controlled, more secure, more restricted, more classified, more protected than the nuclear arsenal of the United States. However, on that fateful day in 2007, a half dozen or more, hydrogen bombs, were plucked out of a secure bunker with no paperwork, no orders, nothing.

This is the military. People are jailed for losing flashlight batteries.

 They were loaded into the weapons bay of a B-52 long-range bomber for transport to places unknown, for purposes unknown. The plane had no orders, was part of no mission, operated under no legal command structure, in fact, the moment the weapons were loaded, was no longer an American plane at all. 

This was a mission, even under the most innocent possible circumstances, that would have required the knowledge of the President and his staff, certainly the Joint Chiefs of Staff and likely the National Security Council as well, seem to have authorized itself, out of “thin air.”

Though the plane later landed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, there is no evidence supporting this as the intended destination, far from it.

The theft, hijacking, you pick the term, these are the best two so far, happened outside the command authority of the United States government, contravening all protocols for the storage, handling and deployment of nuclear weapons.

The incident was also a violation of treaties requiring America to safeguard her stockpile of nuclear weapons, not just from environmental disasters but also, as with this incident, from a mutiny by members of the military and civilian branches of our government, acting outside authority, acting as civilians, an act of piracy, mutiny, an act of insurrection.

Today’s “relief of command” is a response to a similar threat. The “Barksdale Nukes” were believed to be heading to Diego Garcia for use against Iran as part of a false flag war, one started by a naval admiral who was tasked by an extra-governmental agenda to start a war.

Gwenyth Todd – at work

This was the Air Force part of a joint operation that is said to have involved 5th Fleet commander, Admiral Cosgriff who as reported to the Secretary of State by Gwyneth Todd, then Chief Political Advisor to the fleet.

Todd, who has recently retold her story to the Washington Post and other media outlets, received a death threat this morning after a stalking incident against her by an FBI agent stationed at the US embassy in Canberra, Australia.

Similarly, top defense consultant John Wheeler III, who knew of these issues quite well was mysteriously murdered and his body found in a garbage heap in Delaware in late 2010. No suspects have been arrested; no real investigation has ever been made.

That was then. Today, key members of the military more loyal to Israel and Wall Street than the United States are said to be planning a mutiny to take place after the presidential election.

Their task, upon seizing power, is to facilitate a massive terror attack inside the United States, possibly using a stolen nuclear weapon, declare martial law, move troops into Iraq and to attack Iran with aid from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Turkey is to attack Syria with aid from Israel and civil war between the Kurdish regional government and the national government in Baghdad is to begin with the US brokering a peace and re-establishing what “newly appointed President Romney” would describe as the “Status of Forces Agreement” he mentioned during the debates.

His real intent is to occupy Iraq and attack Iran. In the process, America intends on “neutralizing” the nuclear capability of Pakistan.

This is the plan, it is known, not just in the Department of Defense, but by all intelligence agencies, the plotters have all been recognized, are all under surveillance and they have not been very careful.

All information here has more than one official source.


 Step one – Benghazi

General Petraeus – Now CIA head

Those involved in the plot, those outside the military, are those who are spreading “conspiracy theory” rumors about US complicity or malfeasance in the handling of the murder of the US ambassador to Libya, Chris Stephens.

Today, CIA Director, General Petraeus clearly stated that the CIA had received no requests for help. A month ago, the State Department also made it clear, the attack was military, well coordinated and that no forces were available capable of making a difference.

In fact, the “conspiracy theorists,” those attempting to use their wild theories in order to implement an “October Surprise” are directly aligned with those who planned and executed the attack.

This is one of the advantages of a “false flag” attack on an American diplomat by America’s own friends and allies, or those mistaken for being such, any attempt to characterize those known to be guilty, prior to an election, would be used to discredit anyone giving out actual accurate information.

This is the role of the controlled press in terror operations, providing “deception and cover.”

Thus, it was necessary to invent a non-existent “Al Qaeda cell” in Libya and to hunt down minor third party assets while the real killers, well trained special operations military from the Gulf States and “other nations” were able to escape and will remain unaccountable.

Security services of both Britain and France had reported the presence of a special operations team well in advance of 9/11 but the target was a mystery.

The Benghazi attack required incredible coordination. What debunks conspiracy theories is that even the most amateur attacks use radio frequency jammers. They are common even to the Taliban much less to groups this sophisticated, a force now said to number at least 120 with 50 or more being trained special operations forces.

This backs up General Petraeus’ statement that no messages were received.

One incredible inconsistency in the “conspiracy media” came from Fox News. They reported that the US compound in Benghazi was relieved by a large force of friendly militia at 3am, a full hour before the lethal mortar attack is said, by Fox News, to have begun.

Jennifer Griffin wrote this exclusive account for Fox News:

Did Fox ‘out-Fox’ itself?

“They were killed by a mortar shell at 4 a.m. Libyan time, nearly seven hours after the attack on the consulate began – a window that represented more than enough time for the U.S. military to send back-up from nearby bases in Europe, according to sources familiar with Special Operations.

Four mortars were fired at the annex. The first one struck outside the annex. Three more hit the annex.”

A motorcade of dozens of Libyan vehicles, some mounted with 50 caliber machine guns, belonging to the February 17th Brigades, a Libyan militia which is friendly to the U.S., finally showed up at the CIA annex at approximately 3 a.m.”

Fox was so busy gloating over their misdirection that they totally missed how thoroughly they discredited themselves. Nothing written in any of the recent versions remotely depicts eyewitness reports. They made the whole thing up.

All of those who report a “hodge-podge” of conflicting calls for help through jammed communications, reminiscent of the jamming during the attack on the USS Liberty, are now potential suspects in the planning and execution of the attack itself.

Additionally, there is little possibility the attack in Benghazi could have been carried out without the presence of foreign agents within the State Department and the well-timed distraction of the Terry Jones telethon financed and supported by the CATO Institute and Republican National Committee, of which I am, sadly, a longtime member.


Israeli  Rule

Christian Zionists – Are they a threat to us all?
The planned overthrow and subsequent declaration of martial law is a massively financed operation with billions of dollars available.

The primary impetus for this action is a belief by members of the “dispensationalist” pseudo-Christian heresy that pervades America’s military service academies that the United States should be subservient to the State of Israel.

Over the past three decades, religious extremists have taken over the Air Force Academy, Annapolis and West Point, teaching mandatory classes in obscure religious beliefs, hatred of Islam and stressing obedience to an “Apocalypse Cult” that stresses pre-emptive nuclear war in order to bring on the “end times” and destroy all life on earth.

Some find these beliefs inconsistent with oaths sworn by all members of the military:

“I, _____, having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservations or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)”

Oaths, so easy to take, so convenient to break, and so it goes…

Editing:  Jim W. Dean




  1. @ Excalibur

    There is nothing smoke and mirrors about what I said. You should really check the basic details of your conspiracy theory before making an ass of yourself on the internet. But no no, you further escalate your asshatery by suggesting that I’m out to get you too. LOL

    TJ Bronco said it best; you’re a “MORON!”

  2. By the way – I may have mis-spelled the name of the disease – but have no idea what you are on about regarding the links shown.

  3. Nice try at smoke and mirrors Robb. Whatever you say – 1962/1963 was a key year – when in the US President Kennedy was eliminated and the course of politics in Britain was also artificially changed – PROBABLY BY THE SAME PEOPLE. The colour of the toilet paper in Downing Street at the time and other smokescreens are not relevant to this. Try to write your own comments on the actual articles themselves instead of attacking those which get too close and uncomfortable to what has been happening in our world.

    Your alarm speaks volumes.

  4. TJ, you appear to be a loathsome troll, someone who’s only job is to disrupt the board and harrass anyone who questions the post. Your posts are unreadable and the height of stupidity and disruption.

  5. Gee, Gordon. Normally I really enjoy your writings and appearances on radio and TV, but you have lost me here. This poster does not strike me as a troll, and his POV seems sincere and well founded.

  6. Gee, Gordon. Normally I really enjoy your writings and appearances on radio and TV, but you have lost me here. This poster does not strike me as a troll, and his POV seems sincere and well founded. With all due respect, it appears that you are the one with bad manners in this case.

  7. No no, anyone here who knows that government is organized crime is not a moron. I know morons, they quote tv.

  8. I despair. It is quite possible we have reached the point of no-return. We are being made to choose between two supremely unqualified candidates for President neither of whom has displayed anyreal understanding of, or commitment to, basic, Contitutional principles, economics, finance or and especially to war avoidance. Unimaginalbe disaster looms because one of these to marionettes will be the next President. Under Obama, the United States of America has practically ceased to exist except as something akin to a garrison state. In truth, the nation is barely governable as it is, hence the prison explosion, the militarization of the police force, FEMA camps, police brutality, etc. Under Obama (and previously Bush), the banks were allowed to loot the economy in order to save the wholly fictitious wealth of Wall Street. Without serious debt cancellation, the elimination of the Federal Reserve and the repatriation of our industry, how can anyone say with a straight face Obama, who is not committed to these changes, is a better choice? We are doomed if either one becomes President. And rest assured, one will. Like I said, I despair.

  9. Absolutely. Presidents are actors, I wonder about how or if the real power behind presidents is changing. I wonder if General Dempsey is worth my life. I hope Gordon can shake us off- we learn half what we know here, intel we NEVER would see otherwise, and then go ahead and debate the man. And meanwhile, while we’re fkng around on the 100th comment, one or two new ass kicking articles are on the menu. I am humbled.

  10. The other thing promoted in the NWO is the destruction of the Nation State (for the brotherhood of mankind) and so these ZioMason actors (under directions) have and are deliberately trashing the finances legal and social structures in the West to invalidate them and move to a new banking-state order based on Multiculturalism . So we see Bushes wife opening a Black Museum and the sacred Holocaust to buttress the reason for the NWO . etc etc .
    One of the great problems the first world is facing is what to do with all the people that will have no meaningful or useful role to play as technology cannabises most jobs . The solution is to give people jobs created and controlled by laws doing stuff so that they have a purpose in the machine state that makes everything in factories and farms without the need for humans . Actually I don’t see this as the solution .
    I see the West as having gone off the rails with the resolution of WW2 .
    Society has been made un-self governing (Communism Feminism Multiculturalism ) and so citizenry instead of rising (the slow logical plodding as a result of the enlightenment ) are being turned into contented animals (ie sex food shelter) so they can be controlled easily and dynamically(one point against another) . But many problems biological differences are now popping up but the Overlords don’t care as long as they get their way . A police state controlled by AI ,no conformers find their electronic money won’t work .

    Somewhat off topic !

  11. Posted by this Guy : michael mazur October 30, 2012 @ 3:50 am

    Alice, about two weeks back it was reported that a drone was parked over the Benghazi Consulate before the assault began.

    But mid-September PM Netanyahu took offence at Pres Obama’s snub of His invitation to meet with Him in NY during the annual UNGA meeting, and felt doubly snubbed and also humiliated when Obama then pointedly made arrangements to be in NY on a talk show at the same time.

    No one declines an invite by a Israeli PM !

    No one, especially a schwartzer (Yiddish for Black man) house boy filling in for President of a colonial dependency !

    Furious, chagrinned with the mortification, in the privacy of His inner sanctum and office, He thumps the table with rage, and bellows in the soundproof room, “That schwartzer will pay with the blood of one of his best lambs on YHWH’s altar!”

    Obama declining to meet with Him was bearable, but for Obama – a Black man, I keep saying, to go out of his way to deliver that extra snub of arranging to be a guest on a talk show in the same city at the same time, did it.

    Netanyahu was smarting and livid. Nothing could now propitiate, save that of a blood sacrifice of, preferably, a most valuable diplomat who at the same time was relatively unguarded.

    What better country than Libya, which had been in a administrative shambles for a whole year, and the blame could easily be cast on a marauding militia, of which there are now many, having either scant or no allegiance to the new central govt far far to the west.

    Ambassador Stevens was personally appointed by Sec State Clinton, and she was justly proud – and by extension, so was the President, of his subsequent work there, given the nature of it; and I know this from both their ashen countenances and difficult delivery when they together appeared at the press briefing to convey the numbing tragedy of what had happened at the Benghazi Consulate.

    I knew from this that neither had anything to do with it, nor had foreknowledge of what was imminent; which means that the drone parked above was not ordered to be there by either of them.

    At the end of the briefing – some distance from the podium, as they were walking away, she seemed to Obama not as steady on her feet as she normally was, and he extended a comforting hand to her shoulder, maybe for himself too.

    Only he knew the depth of her pain, for they had earlier been preparing what they were going to say.

    Ambassador Stevens was also an Arabist – knew the language, and hence comfortable in his adopted milieu, and could not have been a better person to represent US interests; a greater loss, short of offing Pres Obama himself, could not be safely inflicted on the President.

    Given that the Muslim world had a propensity to come out in mass anti US demonstrations whenever someone in America did a Koran burning, or when a bunch of US soldiers pissed on dead alleged Taliban in Afghanistan, a hurriedly plagiarised anti Mohammed short vid was released, pointedly blaspheming Him.

    It needed a contrived anti US violence scene for the cameras outside the Cairo Embassy to give cover for the violence against the Consulate in Benghazi, and soon afterwards it became self sustaining for two weeks around the world in 36 places.

    All the better that Ambassador Stevens was as accomplished as he was, for the loss was therefore greater, but had it been a lesser man in Benghazi he instead would have been the target for assassination because that was the place to hit, given its relative unguardedness and in a country still in administrative chaos Рas I’ve said above.

    Invokes the so far unanswerable question of whether the Ambassador was lured to be there on some pretext, not a reason?

    Not to be forgotten is the nagging recollection we should have (those who’ve seen it) is the ID tag in the cooling ashes of a Consulate car tyre at Benghazi bearing the name YOUSSEFF, first name there but too difficult to make out on account of melt of the plastic; no place name on it and no employer name nor logo. Why not?

    Much later, Oct 5, I nearly fell out of my chair, RT showed within related footage, a undistorted ID tag bearing the name;



    Still no employer logo nor name. Why not? But we get a place name. Definitely a different tag – also light pink background, whereas the one shown two days after the assassination was of pale background.

    Four days ago on a RT interview featuring Ray McGovern discussing the Benghazi attack there was, again to my astonishment, the third incarnation of the ID tag, which this time made good the deficiency of there earlier being neither employer’s logo nor name, and as a bonus, yielded an additional name; Mahaf

    Maiga Youssouf


    With a Dept of State circular stamp over the word MISSION – but other employer lettering is obscured. Also, and this is hilarious, the name is in upper and lower case, whereas on the previous two it was all in caps !

    To Mossad, I say I expect better on the next false flag, the ID tag idea was three stuff ups too many. Too obvious, the Mohammed ATTA trick is getting stale.

  12. It occurred to me a few months ago that what is really going on in the West is a final confrontation between Zionists and Masonists . One side want Israel as the expanded homeland only for Jews and the other as the center of the NWO , thus the world court building in Jerusalem with Masonic Pyramid built on top . The ZioMasonists have somewhat lost control of the leavers of power in the USA, probably duped by the 911 and etc . Bush Junior was might have been a fool and got done by his advisers and the Zionist controlled MSM . This seems to me to be the battle going on . Thus Rothschilds is backing Romney and Obama is or was a Zionist puppet and possibly gone over to the other side …
    Another indication of this might be the Travon Martin affair and its stoking by the MSM bias . Zionists are deliberately trying to stir up racial discord and chaos and in that midst start a war in the ME and try to control the outcome by hiding behind the domestic chaos … Anyway 😐 . Zionist also appear to be hind the Libya Consulate disaster or they are likely to have the motive (see next post) .

  13. Matthew – I hear what you are saying. Obama must be one of the worst and most corrupt Presidents that the US has ever had. He has gone back on every promise and assurance given to his voters – whilst actually speeding up the formation of the brutal police state. In my opinion he is an established actor – simply playing to the gallery. Another term with him will be a disaster for America. Set against this Romney – who presents as almost insane. He is ready to attack everyone that israel does not like and run the country like a mafia capo – whilst his oligarch godfathers sit in the shadows.

    Not much of a choice. Some ‘democratic right’ that is! Unfortunately it seems that the criminal rot has now taken out the highest echelons of government – and from this point forward these types will never loosen their grip willingly.

    Another problem is that the US is not alone. The cabal syndicate is international – as are it’s slippery agents. The entire western world now faces this same traumatic but vital test.

  14. Have you noticed the “Fragmentation Ideology” somewhat hidden amongst these woods (over and over), such ideology is not pertinent to any political objectivity. A president always works toward unity amongst his peoples to ensure their leadership and trust, so fragmentation is NEVER their objective. Nor others that desire to become the leader of this country, because unity gains majority votes.

    However, “Fragmentation” can be used as a “Business Objective and Strategy”, maybe one who wishes to capitalize by fragmenting peoples into groups, and then smaller groups, then targeting some for purposes of creating an “enemy within” to $feed their business objectives and profits, this maybe associated with some defense contracts and other business objectives as well. Possibly, someone from the banking industry who owns shares in some defense companies associated with the above, and likewise receives contracts in this business sector.

    Such a business objective and strategy would require propaganda and misguidance, as to fragment, and thus may use two identities as to insert some radical party loyalist (keywords and such, non unification objectivity). However, this is detrimental to the unification objectivity; and likewise can be used to create confusion for those who believe otherwise. Now hidden within these business objectives and strategies can be the arrogance and objectivity of targeting people who maybe aware of their business ownership and strategies, and may use their business to silence these peoples

  15. Continuing,

    Some would say the president over reacted to the disaster in NY, NJ, I say not, there is no such thing as an over reaction to organizing and securing resources for homeland disasters. Past history shows us what occurs when were not prepared.

    Regarding military operations:
    There are reasons for various levels of security, one being to ensure information is not leaked as to compromise operations and strategies at the highest level, and likewise down to field operations. It is “not appropriate” to over react during these operations, as this may create serious situations and security risk at the highest level. And our commanders understand this protocol, and security required to complete objectives with minimal “National” risk. So there is no spin, this is fact. And anything other can jeopardize national security and field operations alike, and our commanders understand these protocols. And Gordon does as well, that’s all…

  16. Nice story. First off, it’s called “Systemic lupus erythematosus”. SLE for short. And there is nothing “very rare tropical disease which NOBODY in Britain catches” about it. It’s an autoimmune illness with known triggers, triggers which cause the immune system to attack the body itself. I guess it maybe was less known about in the early 1960’s though.

    Noticing your unusual naming of the illness I did an internet search and came across old chap Peter Wright on page 1, and a certain other old chap who just happens to write articles for this site repeating the very same claims on pages 2 and 3. Ah, Excalibur, the mythical sword which “King Arthur” used to defend Britain with against the invading GERMANic (English) hordes. 😉

    I guess I just don’t move in the same kind of circles as the people who think that the EU is a plot, and believe that right wing generals and monarchy overthrowing democratically elected governments is a good thing. It wasn’t just Wilson they had a problem with, it was the Labour Party and other groups like CND. And as for your suggestion about Mountbatten’s death, the IRA took full responsibility for his killing on their own turf. But I’m sure that won’t stop you repeating it. No wonder that truths such as “Israel did 9/11” are on the fringe, and will sadly most likely remain so.

  17. I have always been critical of some of the president’s policies; however, I commend him on his leadership during the disasters in NY, NJ. Someone who can manage disasters properly, early preparation, and with resources to save lives. continue

    I am tire of all the political fragmentation, and spins of stories to create confusion, and thereafter targeting of people interested in more. And likewise false information disturbed before any facts are released after the appropriate hearings.

    The above statement relates to the far above stated (small boat). The president “Commander and Chief” has the right granted through authority to relieve anyone of their command, period.

    As former special ops veteran, I don’t like spins for propaganda and fragmentation or stories created to target our military, nor do I like the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde routine when certain person’s can not answer questions reasonably, like GD to TJ, and likewise. Or have you taken a pond yourself to use some skill and note this transformation. And thereafter think clearly…

  18. Gentlemen, I am not Buddha either, however it should be easy enough to avoid emotion while debating in written form.

    Question for Gordon and the forum: Am I to understand that elections are still real in the US? Does someone remember the man who was touring, blowing the whistle on voting software? I read of him and that he was killed, and am under the impression that my cat has more impact on elections than I do.

    So, I am certain that Gordon knows a whole lot he will not speak of, like a very real and dangerous split is taking place in the military concerning the fate of this nation and the entire world, and that Obama is acceptable to those who would avoid WWIII, while Romney has the mind and spirit of an over medicated hamster.

    Gordon, your readers are going insane because you insist Obama is more than a zionist tool, which would be a recent development. If Obama is our guy, and has so taken a side in a real power struggle, his team would be playing their cards very close to the vest, with business as usual to all appearances. The real war would be for the hearts and minds of military, very Roman, deadly important, incredibly complicated.

    I see you remind them of their oaths. An interim goverment would work better with a familiar face as president, but nearly every last gvt official needs to confess on record and step down in exchange for freedom, if not their lives.

  19. “Fox was so busy gloating over their misdirection that they totally missed how thoroughly they discredited themselves. Nothing written in any of the recent versions remotely depicts eyewitness reports. They made the whole thing up.”

    Fox News didn’t discredit themselves. They’re traitors.

  20. Understood. Just passing along the obvious Dove-tail approach by those who’s job it is to confound and confuse, nothing more.

    Very very few know where Gaouette was ( location ) at the time of the attack, obviously that’s by design..

    Further: I choose to keep all experience, knowledge..and the lack thereof close to the vest. lol

    Maybe u r speaking of those clowns who cut and pasted this story ( version ) of it all over the place, if so….then carry on….I’m with ya.


  21. “Fox was so busy gloating over their misdirection that they totally missed how thoroughly they discredited themselves. Nothing written in any of the recent versions remotely depicts eyewitness reports. They made the whole thing up.”

    Fix News didn’t discredit themselves. They’re traitors.

  22. bad manners…racisim….childish stupidity.

    your post is that of an internet troll.

    consider this…if this is how you talk to people in person, chances are you spend most of your time in an emergency room

  23. obviously dealing with someone with NO military experience here.

    Gaouette must have heard about Libya with ESP

    How would he know?

    How could they contact him?

    They had no telephones, radios nor comm of any kind.

    He was thousands of miles away with a hundred F18s.

    If he wanted to attack the enemy, he could have bombed Dubai.

    That was close.

  24. I take a less sanguine view of events that might come after the elections– even if Obama wins and a neo-con inspired coup d’état is crushed (or is it, in fact, a counter coup). We might consider: while Obama has been in office, the republic has all but collapsed, its treasury squandered on war and bail-outs, its infrastructure and industry pillaged and expatriated, its people increasingly brutalized by overwhelming debt, poverty, homelessness and job despair. Under Obama police state measures and brutality have exponentiated to the point where every citizen now is a ‘terror’ suspect and the police rage with impunity. But to give some ground to those who plea for Obama as the lesser of evils, the hard fascism of Romney and putchists will lead to a nightmare beyond the experience of any American. It is all but certain, under Romney, a nuclear third world war will commence under (I’m sure) some pretext architected by Zionists. The softer fascism, that I believe Obama represents, will be a bit more subtle, but all the indicies of economy, finance and ‘well being’ will continue their accelerated decline. This decline includes the growing psychosis in our population. Eventually, Obama, whose administration is also saturated by ideologues, fanatics and Zionists, will have to confront the logic of his policies which have left us penniless as nation and destined for more war. If past is prologue, a vote for Obama, while maybe slightly saner than a vote for Mad Romney, will mean more of the same. Intolerable and horrific. Beam me up Scotty!

  25. Earlier today I did some surfing, I’m surprised at what I found. I stopped counting the web sites who’ve run with this story. I found within a typo, yep the same one appears in EVERY single cut and paste job, on every single site……save one. That one, by the way, casts a large pal…………Written by Sorcha Fall.

    The typo is a result of ignorance, or a message……go deep….you decide. Most every page-site- link, what ever……………gets around to saying that Gaouette was relieved because he wanted to help those pinned down in Libya and that Obama had issued a stand down order.. Ran his mouth…WTF ever.

    Something is amiss here….Yet what that actually is has yet to be told…

    Personally I think Obama got played, made to look bad…………….over Libya….the fall out ( in my opinion )……………..Is because those in the field wanted to see Him swinging in the wind, only they got turned on by those WHO will one day be known as the ” GOOD GUYS “.

    So they get a long walk on a short plank, or long walk on a short road…simple and deserved in my book.


    Need to cool it man……………hard tellin who may be peering. : )


  26. joe and Dave – have a look at this anti-zionist marxism site – which the owner keeps for proper and accurate investigation of historical events by serious research students:

    There is a lot of information from ‘fascist entities’ as well as Nationalists like the author of ‘The Nameless War’ – and what they discovered about the chosen ones down through the years. The chap who runs it once had his entire library torched by ‘jewish activists’ who did not like the information contained therein. (A good sign – if you want the truth I suspect!)

    You will not find any of this stuff in the normal swim of information. Dean Henderson ought to have a look as well.

  27. Gordon,
    Thanks for mentioning the Aug. 30, 2007, “broken arrow” incident at Minot. So up to 3 nukes are still missing. Nuts!

  28. Here’s another body count for you, only because today this seems to be an achievement. I do not blame you or any others; it’s the world we live in creating this environment. I would have though you would have written more stories about how major projects can be achieved through cooperative relations, and should consider in the future. It’s not about the fragmentation of peoples, but the unity of people to achieve something beyond what we observe today, “the future”.

    It is not an illusion to envision a dream, but the aspiration to create a better future. I have seen these ideals through the eyes of children around the world. “They see what we do not”. And if their life is a struggle, then the future is less becoming.

    Politics is not about the fragmentation of peoples, but about realizing different ideals to create better environments around the world.

    Something for you..
    Have you ever had a dream, something that awakens you due to fear? This is the time when your sensory perception is operating at its lowest level, and when other things may occur. Has it occurred to you, why this dream actually was created? Did you realize you were not in control of this state of condition, this “so called dream?” The next time this state of condition occurs, force yourself to remain in this state, and do not awaken, and something extraordinary may occur. It’s difficult, but achievable. You can see and then ask, and this maybe what your searching for, the hidden secret. I say no more, because you need to experience this, and you will know when this time comes, and hopefully sooner then later.

    It’s how you separate your life energy from your biological matter, that’s the big secret. Nothing more here.

  29. And for your information, by brother is big supporter of President Obama, always has been. Why do you think he works for him?

  30. Marxism and Communism are nice sounding words for Jewish totalitarianism in drag. That’s about all you need to know.

  31. Well said. Taking control of the banking system is the key to breaking the Judeo-Satanic death spiral the Jews have planned for us.

  32. When they start threatening with supposed “High clearance, top notch brass”, it means that Gordon has been on the right track and is following the right sent… Like Cervantes would say: “when the dogs bark, it means that the caravan is moving”. That is what’s bothering the Romney crowd now: “Being exposed all the time”.

  33. There is a 23 minute video, from Fox newz’ live broadcast, of Mr Sincerity’s speech at the VA Military Institute. I lasted 3 minutes and 20 seconds (longest I’ve ever bothered listening to him). Looks like he’s watching a tennis match as he delivers the speech–no doubt written by someone else–ever so poorly. Easy to sympathize with the boys sitting through it.

    His speechwriter evoked the name George Marshall (a graduate of this school) a number of times, but was either unaware of, or carefully skirted, then Secretary of State Marshall’s FDR-like views against the partition of Palestine.

    Romney: “…a struggle between liberty and tyranny, justice and oppression, hope and despair. We have seen this struggle before. It would be familiar to George Marshall. In his time, in the ashes of world war, another critical part of the world was torn between democracy and despotism. Fortunately, we had leaders of courage and vision, …who knew that America had to support friends who shared our values..”

    transcript –

    Marshall/Israel – (Just search “Marshall” on the page. Overall, this page is useful only if one already realizes that everything the British and their dupes said on the subject was a lie to further their goals in the region.)

  34. Gordon both your article are priceless. Nothing to add. I am busy answering the far right accusation and crazy lots using reasonable logic based on the same logic they use. “based on your logic then…” it works.
    Most of their most malicious and vicious still come from the Farrah group and from the sounds it appear they are providing Mitt with the lies and rationale he uses.

  35. There you go man keep as cool as you can

    Face piles of trials with smiles

    It riles them to believe that you perceive the web they weave

    Keep on thinking free!

  36. Well, Markboughton, Icke is a very bright pied piper (aka fkng idiot) who is currently pointing to aliens, the vatican, under your bed, but mainly the vatican, which was captured and poisoned so long ago, maybe when Saul became Paul, at its very birth.

    The intelligence behind the utter ruin called history is unbelievable. Almost like a tremendous timeless intelligence, an AI to the 100th power, guided the chosen people every step of the way. No kidding, Solomon, Sir John Dee and assorted did not do decades of black magic to impress chicks. This effort was rewarded for the blood spilled in occult sacrifices called war, where entire nations of fools were duped into slaughtering entire nations of fools for the profit of families I can’t believe are still breathing. We know who they are, but their master…who cares what it is called, we have the guys cruising around earth every day. E Rothschild sat on a balcony overlooking the towers (Joachin and Boaz) on the day this began. I don’t care about their master at all. Call it Satan, Archons, Alien intelligence that makes us look like dung beetles, it is anti life, anti earth, anti fish, anti whale, anti you and exists only through deception.

    We have easily had 1,000 years of this. Luckily, as we all know central banks are a graver danger than standing armies, the solution is to remove banks from the chosen sorcerers. Are we not living in a time when even the psychotically insane are trembling in fear of what they are doing?

    Civilization or banking cartels. Military that will rise up, or not. Think over your own life. The voice that loves murder has nudged you somewhere, if you have ever approached blind rage. If the world catches fire, you will hear it again in every moment and maybe that is the point, to temper your ass into a finer thing than a mind that will protect itself over anyone else.

    It matters less what happens to you than how you react to it. Or am I wrong?

  37. Gordon,

    Your small boat seems to be sinking…

    Did you know one of my brothers is Federal Officer for highest level command center in the United States, probably not, you would not have a clearance for this information (FAR over your head). Make many telephone calls onto radio shows in the mid 2000’s and such? Just practicing? other activities? stalking? I have passed some information about you, and you know why….

  38. marxism, is one of the isms that was invented to give the goyim something to fight for and in the process, deliver the state into jewish hands-the ppl who invented it did not believe in it!. Google “Nameless War”. It is free to read online or pdf.Three great examples that the Russian Bolsheviks were jewish-they destroyed Christian churches while leaving jewish synagogues untouched.Anti-semitism was punished with the deathy penalty.Simply owning a copy of the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” got the death penalty. You had a great example of the Talmud and the protocols in action with the way the jewish bolsheviks handled the revolution.Communism was cover for “jewish takeover”

  39. Obama is the standing choice of the military at this time. Romney is the choice of retirees and the Israel lobby.

    Most senior enlisted and serving officers preferred Ron Paul, then Obama and the Romney crowd is among those that are unsatisfied that we haven’t become a total dictatorship yet.

    Romney would finish that task.

    Only a friggin’ moron wouldn’t want Obama to stay in office considering the alternative.

    As for the comment on Marxism, it is obvious you don’t have a clue about political theory nor any background in politics, foreign policy or economics.

    Find a school nearby.


  40. Good catch Ex. This is probably the most bored military academy photo on record…and could be used as an example of how even the kids knew he was full of crap.

  41. Apparently two thirds of children are completely susceptible to hypnotic suggestion, one third of adults.

    Guess which ones are rabid ‘Christian’ Zionists, FOX News worshipers, serial racists, Justin Bieber fans ?

  42. I certainly hope that the “Good Guys & Women” are looking out for our brave people who have come forward, like Todd. We all owe her big time.

    We need every one of them, no matter where they are living now.

    Too much deception and treachery mixed in with murder, for most of us to understand.

    Thank God we still have brave and conscientious people on our side.

  43. Brilliant photograph by the way – of Cadets trying to hold their eye-lids open with match-sticks whist Romney goes through his diatribe.

  44. Incidently Robb – someone who murders their way into a position of power – has not thereafter been properly elected. Hence their removal would not amount to treason.

  45. you don’t fight Talmud racism with white racism-we are not the majority anymore and, alone, whining about our circumstance , will gather few others willing to help. I guess my question is, Tyron,who is a nationalist in this election? I don’t see one.

  46. Robb – and so the claims go forward and back – yes he was – no he wasn’t – until enough disinfo has been embedded to muddy the water.

    One thing is clear: Hugh Gaitskell M.P. died of heart and liver failure brought on by a very rare tropical disease which NOBODY in Britain catches – called lupus disseminata erythermatosis. He had never been to the tropics. He had gone to Moscow in winter.

    Gaitskell himself also suspected it could even have been something he ate (tea and biscuits) before his trip to Moscow – when he went to the Soviet embassy to get his visa for the trip. Either way they killed him.

    At his autopsy this was discovered. It has also been recognised that a drug called hydralazine can kill leaving similar symptoms of the same disease. Either way it was murder. Gaitskell’s General Practitioner (personal doctor) reported all of this to MI5 – who told him not to disclose the information and to let them deal with it.

  47. I had not heard about that one Aine – but it would fit alright. There were rumours some years ago from the British National Party that Jimmy Savile used to have wild ‘parties’ for his show business and radio friends and that he brought in ‘rent boys’ and children from care homes for abuse! So much for the great and the good.

    Interestingly David Ike claims to have met Heath once resting in a BBC dressing room and claimed that his entire eyes were black like some kind of lizard! (I’m not so sure about that one). All the same Heath was without doubt one of the worse traitors in British history.

  48. Two ways to look at this. Maybe I’m a deluded optimist, but it seems to me this is GOOD news that the bad guys are running out of dirty tricks. Seems like the zionists are being exposed more every minute.

    Soldiers aren’t stupid, at least the ones who live long Surely these plotters must be a very small minority. Sure, they have some dumber-than-celery “Christian zionist” dupes, people too dumb to keep their own drool off their rifles, but the rest must be shaking their heads at the sheer desperation of it all.

    The zionists have been at this a LONG time. People like me who’ve been following them closely for many years have reason to happy that so many real patriots have awakened and are awakening, more by the minute.

    That’s not to say that cornered sub-animals will crawl away and die, but they’re running out of options and they must know it.

  49. It is one thing embarking on a coup d’etat to save your country from evil men – and especially to remove those that have been traitors to their own nation. That would be an honourable move. It is quite another to do it in order to hand your nation over to a foreign enemy. I cannot comprehend why military officers would contemplate this. Surely most have been misled?

    If this is true then it seems to me that these ‘Christian zionists’ are quickly getting to be one of the most dangerous sects in America. This alone is surely enough for the CIA to closely examine the zio-zombie syndrome – and to take in the ‘Christian zionist’ leaders for interview and interrogation.

    Surely real Christians (i.e. believers in Jesus Christ) must realise that the term ‘Christian zionist’ is itself a contradiction in terms and an oxymoron. You might as well call them the Christian satanists for all the sense it makes.

    Christ had nothing but scorn for what He called the “Nest of vipers” of Pharisees, Scribes and the money changers. These same people exist today in the form of zionist plotters; controlled media and banksters.

    What would possess honest and decent military officers to want to put manipulating criminals like THAT in charge of their nation?

  50. Elevating disinfo to an art form..

    Is the family being threatened with mini-nukes or is the $fiat just to much to pass up?

    I hope it’s the latter. Damn shame.

    I wish you well.

  51. Thanks Gordon……Keep at it my friend….. Check out the Forum over at the Black Vault when you get the time… 100 site in the US…Someone has posted your message over there. : )



  52. Very, very interesting…given a number of news/blog sites are stating that there was a relationship between the Jimmy Savile (British) sex abuse/pedophile ring and Prime Minister Heath.

  53. Looks as if the person calling himself Jim Stone of is accusing Mr Duff of being suspect, akin to disinfo, even calling him a spewer and saying that he should never be trusted. Hum…

    Which is it who is disinfo…..Stone or Duff? Now the accuser ( that would be Mr Stone ) has recently claimed that the Hurricane known as Sandy….is fake…a HARRP Born made storm………so tread carefully in that neck of the woods. Houses burnt ( set afire on purpose ) hinted at it anyway…that sort of shit…yada yada yada…

    This kind of BS is enough to cause some of us to long for a dark alley and some undivided attention. Never seen such chickenshit BS in all my days, and sadly it appears to be getting worse by the minute.

    Enough to give one a massive headache. Who really is the Captain of this ship? Please step forward.


  54. Yes indeed Billy. Further, I read a small piece last evening where it was claimed that Israel’s Defense Minister had some interesting things to say in regard to Iran and their pursuit of the Bomb. Something on the level of a pullback in the effort to confront them or flat out bomb them. I got me thinking that something is indeed UP and that maybe something which up until now was hidden from view, has been exposed in one way or another.

    Just a feeling and then Gordon posts this piece. Hum!


  55. A military coup very nearly took place in Britain during the government of the Soviet spy, Harold Wilson.

    It was realised by British military officers at very high level that a coup d’etat had taken place by zionist ‘communists’ across the entire Anglo-Saxon world. Perhaps this took place because the zionists realised that the plan to use Russia to attack and enslave the rest of the world was not going to work.

    At the same time that President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas – another less well known assassination took place. This was the murder of Hugh Gaitskell, the leader of the Labour party in Britain and Her Majesty’s loyal opposition. He was the LAST potential Prime Minister that was not compromised and was still loyal to the British people and the British Crown. He was invited to Moscow in the winter of 1962 – where he was infected with a deadly tropical virus that killed him within two weeks. This was also shortly after a passionate speech he made against joining the European Union. This left the way open for Harold Wilson, a Marxist spy, to become the next Prime Minister. The conservative party leader – one Edward Heath – was already compromised. A secret homosexual who lived with his other – he was apparently extremely easy for Soviets to ‘turn’. Thus whoever the British public voted for – they still got a zionist candidate. (Does this ring any bells?)

    Hence both Britain and the US were then ham-strung with subversive and self-destructive leaders bent on doing as much damage as possible to our lands and peoples. It was from this point that the zionists overturned ALL positions of power and influence in the west. All traditional families and British leaders lost their benign powers – and the new zioleaders ensued. The zionists then began to lose interest in Russia.

    The British coup to re-take Britain did not take place in the end only because of the objection of the senior RAF officer involved. The action was to be led by Admiral the Lord Mountbatten – and Her Majesty the Queen was to tell the public to trust their Military leaders – which we would have.

    Afterwards – everybody was sorry that this coup did not take place – and anyone who knew has regretted it ever since. Now the real Britain has virtually ceased to exist, as it’s own nation, controlled by British leaders. It has been utterly subverted bit by bit into the ziosphere – and the culprits are still in charge. I think that you will find much the same scenario in the US.

    I will try to post a useful link for this – but of course you must realise that the zio-media will only record the potential coup as a bad – and not a good thing!

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