Press TV: US, West Desperate for “Decency”


US, West desperate for ‘decency’

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“The real subject here is “decency.” Every philosophy, every major religion, every international organization feels they serve the needs of decency. The United Nations protects the interests of the wealthy and powerful, terrorist groups extract revenge for abuses against the poor and downtrodden, drone attacks eliminate “anti-social” elements, killing two militants out of every hundred civilians that die.”

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During the US presidential debates, both candidates talked about the suffering of the Syrian people and how we were going to supply weapons to make things better, Obama with “small arms” and Romney promising “heavy weapons,” perhaps turning a hundred B-52 8 engine bombers over to the rebels or giving them a few aircraft carriers or nuclear submarines.

Syria, we were told, had to have a new government though no international authority has approved such a move and no nation, under international law, can impose its will on another without itself becoming an aggressor nation, a war criminal in a very real sense.

Then the talk shifted to Iran. The only consideration given was complying with the wish of Israel to see Iran economically destroyed even if millions starve, their economy is destroyed, they are denied vital medicines, even if all their population centers are subjected to nuclear bombardment.

When we’re told “Nothing is off the table,” that is clear, a “shock and awe” nuclear attack on Iran not only isn’t ruled out but is almost incessantly spoken of by Israel.

After all, Iran has to be wiped off the face of the map so Israel, a nation which does have nuclear weapons and other “weapons of mass destruction” and uses them continually, can continue to talk of the “Samson Option.”

This is official policy of Israel, one every head of state knows well. If Israel feels threatened, all European cities are within range of Israeli missiles.

We are told all major US cities are also in rage of the new ICBM’s India has built, each with 10 nuclear warheads, a dozen of which have been delivered to Israel, none have any purpose other than to be used against North America.

Thus, though Israel and Western Europe and Israel and North America are “allies” of a sort. That friendship is based on implied violence and potential mass murder.

Israel, a nation that prides itself for being the “junk yard dog” of the world feels its strength lies in convincing other nations that the basis of its foreign policy is piracy, pre-emptive strikes, even at friends, and, if threatened, mass suicide.

Anyone who believes that every major power doesn’t have part of their nuclear strategic arsenal targeted on Israel is delusional, and we are talking, not only the United States, but Britain, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan and even Japan.

North Korea and Israel have agreements and are surprisingly close friends. No hostile acts will ever pass between them.

The real subject here is “decency.” Every philosophy, every major religion, every international organization feels they serve the needs of decency. The United Nations protects the interests of the wealthy and powerful, terrorist groups extract revenge for abuses against the poor and downtrodden, drone attacks eliminate “anti-social” elements, killing two militants out of every hundred civilians that die.

All is meant to defend decency; Palestinians are protected in Gaza, kept from harming themselves by periodic reminders, napalm, cluster bombs, barbed wire, imprisonment, locked away so they are safe from harm. This is how we now describe decency.

This week, America, curiously close to a national election, is engaging in a frenzy of “decency” for its own people. No expense is spared, credit for “decent acts” is appropriately heaped upon the bureaucracies responsible and perhaps this really is something right and good.

The problem is the hypocrisy and inconsistency. A parallel bureaucracy to the one delivering fresh drinking water, saving people from raging floods with helicopters, distributing food, repairing power lines, that parallel bureaucracy has imprisoned 15 million Americans.

Television shows tell Americans this nation within a nation is made up of degenerate criminals, a ravaging hoard ready to descend upon humanity unless locked away in dark and filthy prison cells where the weak are raped daily, where all are malnourished and abused.

America’s prisons are among the most brutal on earth.
We talked about “parallel bureaucracy.” We should talk about Afghanistan and “drones.” Sometimes, when President Obama slips into the occasional lucid moment, he speaks of us remaining at war so long that we forget the reasons we are there.
He always returns to the iconic events of 9/11, peddling the carefully contrived mythology left him by his sociopathic predecessor.

Colonel Eugene Khrushchev would tell him why America is in Afghanistan. America is there because top members of America’s government produce 98% of the world’s heroin in Afghanistan.

That heroin, combined with other drugs, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, “oxy” and others are why so many Americans are in prison or jail, on parole or probation, or in “rehab” or dead of overdoses.

Their purpose in life is to serve their nation and the business of that nation which is to not just steal oil but to look for nations to invade.

America, or at least its government, is the world’s largest drug gang. A circuitous industry of intelligence and military, of border guards that look the other way, of police who get a share, of government officials at every level who get “a taste,” drugs and drug money is as American as a burning a Koran or a defiled corpse.

It is all about decency. Decency is for election years. Decency is for those who have power and money. Decency is rationed like water on a life raft adrift in an empty sea.Another name for decency, one used by humorists, is “random acts of kindness.” Americans have come to see humanity, see decency and kindness as a form of ironic humor, as something so rare that can be shocking and unexpected.It is as though we form governments to mitigate responsibility for inhumanity. Were ten thousand innocent victims kidnapped and killed to bolster the statistics during the Bush war on terror or was it a hundred thousand?All Americans are aware that our nation traded in innocent lives the way human trafficker’s trade in children for the sexual perverts of certain European nations.Moreover, it was the “most faithful” of America’s “Christians” that stressed the need for torture, the need for brutality and inhumanity, stressing that Jesus Christ would never judge them for their sins because so many millions proved themselves to be monstrous and inhuman that the “gates of heaven” could be overwhelmed.

Good became bad, god became Satan, love and forgiveness became torture and murder and religion as it had been so aptly expressed in Europe’s dark ages returned to its roots.

This is why we cherish the concept of decency, the simplicity of it, the scale of it, how it can apply to a single person or a nation, to a race, to a species, maybe eventually to the planet itself.




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