What Obama’s Re-Election Means for the Military, Veterans


By Leo Shane III – Stars and Stripes


WASHINGTON – Even though Barack Obama has served as commander in chief for the last four years, his re-election Tuesday will mean significant changes for the military in coming months, especially in terms of defense spending.

Where his challenger in the presidential campaign promised big increases in military budgets in coming years, Obama has planned almost $500 billion in spending reductions for the military over the next decade, calling it a responsible post-war plan. Republicans in Congress fiercely oppose the effort, but the president’s re-election blunts their hopes of increasing or even holding steady defense spending.

Those cuts would come on top of the $500 billion in automatic defense spending reductions slated to start in January. The president in recent weeks has stepped up his pressure on Congress to find an alternative plan, declaring in the final presidential debate that the cuts “will not happen.”




  1. sorry for the typo-should have typed out Dale R. Suiter.
    if you are so very unhappy with our Commander in Chief perhaps you should emigrate to Israel and cry on Netanyahu’s shoulder. He may even give you 30 pieces of shekels like he gave Romney. I am very sure that was paid for by US taxpayers who pick up the tab for foreign aid aka extortion money.

  2. DRA-you’re drinking too much of the Kool Aid. Obama will NOT be cutting benefits for veterans and will not gut the VA like the Tea Party/Repiglikan lunatic fringe planned to. Obama has done MORE for veterans in FOUR years than Bushfraud did in EIGHT and he hopes to do more down the road as there are fewer obstructionists in Congress. Bushfraud did nothing for veterans and Romney would have cut what we have fought HARD to achieve. Tammy Duckworth and Tulsi Gabbard will be there FOR us as we finally have true representation of REAL veterans FOR veterans.

    ps-the election is OVER and Obamacare is NOT going away either. You need to get real, get over it and get a life.

  3. Yippee. Our President is now free of the pesky need for reelection and will proceed with fundamentally changing Amerika. We don’t need a military other than to implement and enforce our Great Leader mandates to us serfs. Looks like Amerika will change folks. Yup – the Soviet Socialist States of Amerika have arrived. Great times for the CIC and his tribe of those who know how to govern the rest of all of us or we the people. Gonna be great. No need to decide anything folks, got Barrack and company to tell us what to do. Yeah. Great and couldn’t be better.

    We are the only nation on earth with our own very cool 21st century version of Neville Chamberlain (from the pre WWII days in Europe.)

    Forward comrads!

    Dale R. Suiter

  4. What is a real “representative republic”?
    It is a phrase or title given to say what type or kind of government we have here in America.
    Loosely defined a “representative republic or democracy” is where the people nominate and then
    elect others to represent them in their government.
    Those that are elected should then be the voice in the government for all the people from their
    district or state, etc. not just for those people that voted for them, funded their campaigns or
    those of a certain political party, race, religion or class, etc. As long as they operate within the
    bounds of the Constitution as required by the oath of office that they all took before occupying
    that office. That is the only oath they can take or swear to or abide by while they are in office.
    That means that all of those elected officials that signed that oath or pledge to a private group
    or organization outside of the government to not raise taxes are in direct violation of their oath
    of office in-turn the Constitution, that they swore to abide by, defend and uphold above all. That
    in-turn makes them unfit to hold any public office or trust. It is very much treasonous for them to
    take another oath from a lessor body after taking their oath of office and honor it before that
    Constitutional oath of office. They should be punished the same as our military members are for
    violations of their oath of office.
    How many people here know where the word “government” came from? In Latin “ment” is the
    mind or thoughts, and govern is to control or manipulate. So it means mind control. That means
    our government is just mass mind control of a whole society. Over time and the common misuse
    of the word it has lost it’s original meaning or intent for most of the regular people. Was a bit of mind control built in to the Constitution? Maybe. But it is more like self-control or self governance if you read the document carefully, it puts the individual in control for the most part. But it also holds that same individual responsible for his or her actions as well. But not for those who control the country today. They still are using various methods of mind control on us via the mass media like TV news/shows, Hollywood with the music and entertainment industry and the education system for a few of the more known examples of it. All set up to tell the people just what they the government wants them to know. It seems that our society is in total chaos most of the time, it’s a deliberate act, controlled chaos, it’s part of their master plan to keep us so busy and entertained, distracted and divided, that we will not notice all the crimes and deceptions that they are doing to carry out their own secret agendas.
    The word “understand” has lost it’s original meaning or use as well. In legal terms back in the days of old, it was pronounced differently AKA, to stand under or place yourself in a subservient position under the control or domain of the officials and or courts and the laws of whatever monarch was ruling at the time.
    Today when a judge asks you if you understand the law(s) or ruling, you can answer it in one of two ways:
    1. You can agree with the terms or say yes you understand the laws, rulings, etc. or.
    2. You can say “your honor” I comprehend what you said, and know the meaning and purpose of the laws, thus by saying that you do not willfully place yourself under the control of or make yourself subservient to the courts or their sometimes crazy laws. The original definition of the word(s) are still used in most courts today, without you, the lay person, knowing that and what they really mean or how the use of or application of those words/terms can affect you, or apply to your case.
    Those were just a couple of the words often heard or used by politicians, the government officials, and in the courts or justice system and just what they mean and how they are miss used more than used as they were originally intended to be used. And if you pay close attention to the speeches given and the choice of words used and their application and definition as they are used you will find that more time than not the key words used will have many meanings and or applications that could and can change the whole subject of that speech for those who are really paying close attention.
    Now back to the subject of a “representative republic”. We picked our representative to do what we want him or her to do on our behalf, not what they so choose to do, they have no voice of their own to apply in that office, they gave that up when they decided they wanted to represent the people.
    This all points to the undue corporate influence in our government, in our elections and the decisions made by those elected to represent the people. The can only represent the individual citizens of their state, district, county or city, and those citizens are human beings, not legal contracts, licenses to do business or charters that form a corporation. They cannot represent a business, industry or corporation, because none of them have a vote, voter ID card, a drivers license, birth certificate or proof of citizenship, or a heart beat. The people that own and or operate the business may qualify, but the company by name does not. If any corporation wants voice in our elections they should be required to provide all the same
    forms of identification that any other citizen is required to when getting their ID card / drivers license and voter ID. They can’t because none of those things were conceived and born in a similar manner that the rest of us humans were. They are not people and they do not have all the same rights, and freedoms that we the human people of this nation have. They can’t register to vote in one district or another because they are required to reside in that same state and district,the same as what the rest of us citizens are required to do. These right wingers cry about when life begins, they even say a human life begins at conception. Okay, who conceived the corporation, who were it’s biological parents? They don’t have any.
    So that says that they are not people too. People are human beings, plain and simple, cut an dry.
    If corporations are to be considered people too? Then Romney and all the other vulture capitalists who have killed many corporations are all guilty of premeditated murder in the first degree and must all be arrested and held for trial. In Texas please, and they are all serial killers, so they all will get the death penalty. I bet Rick Perry would love to flip the switch on Romney. LOL!!

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