The Ugly Face of Religion

No religion is free of “ugly faces” and hates speech.


In the US there is powerful well-funded circles of influential people and organizations with a mission to defame, demean and dehumanize Muslims and Islam. Though Islam has it own shares of “ugly faces” there are ugly faces of religion in all Abrahamic religions even in Buddhism and Hinduism. No religion is free of “ugly faces” and hates speech.

From denying the rights to a Christmas tree in Upper Nazareth by its Jewish mayor, to the withdrawal of “kashrut certificates” from businesses with Christmas trees by the chief municipal rabbi.

To the fatwa issued by Sheik Yahya Safi, the Imam of a mosque in Australia forbidding Muslims to extend Christmas greetings to fellow Christians, to Buddhists Monks calling for murder and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in Myanmar to Pamela Geller and her offensive and racists subway ads. There is always the Ugly Face of Religion.

When I set out to write this article I spent couple of days doing research on how individuals claiming “faith” and how some religious leaders are the one who invoke and promote hate and incite violence and murder in the name of religion and faith.

Pamela Geller is not the only person of the “Jewish” faith to spread hateful and venomous language meant to demean Muslims. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the head of the Shas’s Council of Torah Sage and the most senior Sephardic Rabbi is quoted

“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world-only to serve the people of Israel”.

In Rwanda, where an estimated one million died, Christian churches and taking part in the genocide with priests inciting violence and murder.

In Bosnia, leading priests find excuses and justified support for the many massacres that took place in the civil war where an estimated 400,000 people died as part of systematic ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims.

Here in the United States and since September 11th, not only average citizens became part of the Islamphobia that is taking hold in the US with the US military becoming part of this trend.

US military officers are told,” Islam must changer or we will facilitate its self-destruction”. Lt. Col. Mathew A. Dooley, an instructor at the Joint Forces Staff College presented a series of training material that if not racists and bigoted it promoted and encouraged Islamophobia within the military, claiming

” A staggering 140 million people… hate every thing you stand for and will never co-exist with you, unless you submit”.

In France, it is not only Jean Marie Le pen and family that are leading the crusade against Islam and Muslims in France, but the French branch of the Jewish Defense League or Katch, recruiting former French soldiers to go to Israel to provide protection for Jewish settlements.

In Israel, the IDF in 2011 opened its first combat unit for ultra-Orthodox recruits with the first group of Haredim to serve in an artillery unit according to Brig. Gen. David Suisssa IDF chief artillery officer. One has to imagine what would be the reaction of President Obama and Congress if the Egyptian or any Arab or Muslim army establishes ”Salafi” battalions.

Well known Christian Evangelists like the Rev. Pat Robertson, the late Rev. Jerry Faldwell and non other than John Hagee all have made inflammatory and racists statements about Muslims and the Prophet Mohamed
“ This is worse than the Nazis,” and “ Adolf Hitler was bad, but what the Muslims want to do to the Jews is worse”

With the late Jerry Faldwell calling the Prophet Mohammed a “terrorist” with the preacher Billy Graham following suite. Keep in mind that all of these men of religion and faith are beneficiaries of a tax system that not only exempt them from taxes but allow then to collect billions of dollars of tax free money as if the US government is part of this hate speech and demonization.

However it is in Israel where real hate and racism flourish and runs deep within the religious establishment and institutions.

“All of the Palestinians must be killed; men, women, infants, and even their beasts.”

This is the religious edict issued by Rabbi Israel Rosen, director of the Tsomet Institute, were many soldiers from within Israel and the Jewish settlements attend.

Rabbi Rosen no doubt a frequent traveler to the US compared the Palestinians to the ancient Amalekites and quoting the Torah

“ Annihilate the Amalekites from the beginning to the end. Kill them and wrest them from their possessions. Show them no mercy. Kill continuously, one after the other. Leave no child, plant or tree. Kill their beasts, from camels to donkeys”.

Islam is not too innocent either from similar opinions as those of Jewish rabbis and Christian Evangelists, with a number of Salafi Imams issuing ” fatwa’s” that justify the killings and murder of “infidels’ or non-believers and are seen by Muslims and non-Muslims behind many of the terrorists attacks that took place in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Bali and Casablanca.

The Islamic “Madrasa” in Pakistan, in Afghanistan became the recruiting grounds for the Taliban’s. In Lebanon, more in Iraq, many of the Muslim clergy are behind many of the sectarian violence with Shiites murdering Sunnis and Sunnis murdering Shiites.

There are many ugly faces of religion, claimed religious leaders as Abu-Qutada and Abu-Hamza Almasri and Sheik Omar Abdul-Rahman, Mullah Omar, and with a dangerous trend of many “Salafis” joining the bandwagon with message of intolerance, hate not only toward Christians and Jews but toward Muslims as wells.

We all need to keep in mind that the ugly face of hate and racism and murder is not only religious. Begin, Shamir and Sharon were non-religious Jews. Hitler was an atheist. Stalin was a Communist and so were Pol Pot and Mao Tse-Tung. George Bush and Harry Truman were Christians. The late Emperor of Japan (WWII) was a Shinto, Saddam, Bashar, Qaddafi and Al-Bashir were and are Muslim.


  1. Why would “liberals” be critical of Karl Marx, when being a liberal, that is what you do to all ideologies. I wish ALL conservative Christians would die, and that is because ALL are scum…unlike Liberals who have a wide range of characters; GW Washington was a liberal, so was Bill Clinton, as was Abraham Lincoln and Jesus. As you can see, the idea of what “liberal” is has changed over the years, and in the USA, anytime a Democrat becomes president, he moves the party to the “Right”.

  2. Communism-Marxism comes in MANY forms, as do all religions and Ideologies. The Communist Party USA is hardly anything like Hitler. U need to get educated before spewing lies. As for killing, it is CHRISTIANITY that has the most blood on its hands….up to even today.

  3. The article states: “Hitler was an atheist”….however this is wrong, he was and is, the most successful conservative Christian of all time. Watch dvd ‘Theologians Under Hitler’ or the book by the same name or any one of the dozens of books that tells the truth of this.

  4. The Catholic is a jewisn organization which has corralled a lot of European Gentiles. Most Popes including the present Pope Benedict were jews. Because of the influx of so many different cultures the Catholic church has many subfactions many Pagan. Because the Jesuits had their Pagans there was what was considered the anti Jewish anti Illuminate faction which not only helped Adolf Hitler in his struggle for the resurgence of European culture and the Unification of Europe. Because the jew Nostardamus created the antichrist myth leaders like Adolf Hitler and Napoleon were considered the antichrist because they sought to rid Europe of the Russian Khazars. Because of the indoctrination of the jew created religion derived from the invented christ another name stolen from the Vedic scriptures from the Hindu God named Krishna. Because the jews infiltrate every culture and religion that they infest even the sacred Vedic scriptures based on ancient Aryians of India have been judaized. The oldest scriptures of India the Sanatan Dharma were the real origin of Satan and this has been corrupted and demonized by jews as well. You will see in this video that a jew has taken over
    Real Satanism a Brotherhood of Satan Perspective 1 of 5
    Because it is the jews whose religion is based on child sacrafice and human blood rituals like their sub cult called christians the jews have infested Satanism and defiled it with their own perverted practices. It is their intention to place the blame on Satan. Now because the gullible goyum has been brainwashed into believing their jew testament they have been decieved into labeling all European ancient religions as the antichrist. This deception has resulted for the benefit of the jews of the infighting amongst Europeans and World Wars resulting the deaths of hundreds of millions of Europeans. As long as the christians continue to worship the dead jew which desecrates Our sacred symbol Celtic cross they will continue to use the Occult power of the Goyum to kill off each other in wars designed to enrich and empower them. This is an interesting video explaining the Aryan origins in India.

  5. Good post Sami,

    “I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Mt. 10:32

    I do not think that Hitler was an atheist, but even if he was, he used Xtianity as a tool to achieve his goals. Germany was, and still is one of the most, Xtian countries in the world. It is the home of Marty Luther, and there also was the concordat with the Pope. The Catholic church cut a deal with Hitler. Zionists tried to do the same.
    Germany lost 20’% of it’s population during the glorious 30 years war, Catholics and Protestants slitting each other’s throats.
    The foundation of the USA changed that. “The purpose of separation is to keep forever from our shores the blood that soaked the soils of Europe for centuries.” – Jimmy Madison

    You gotta love religion. You gotta, or they will kill you.

    Infidel, Atheist, Godless Heathen

  6. Marx was a lying traitor to the working people of Europe. He was working for the factory owners who were happy to work entire Christian families to death after the “great revolutions” that “freed” them from the alleged “shackles of feudalism”. The biggest lie being that feudalism was a bad thing. Eyewitness accounts describe it as being pretty much fun, actually. Feudalism being a family based society, where skills were learned young and international trade flourished, where local militias defended a local culture…what’s wrong with that?

  7. A simple explanation as to why he was a ‘Jesuit’ at one time is that the Jesuits opened free schools to anyone, even Jews, to learn critical thinking and the classics. If the Jesuits were actually as bad as we hear, they wouldn’t be so slandered by the Jewish propaganda machine.

  8. When Ted Koppel asked Bibi on Nightline in 1991 – “What do you tell your kids when they ask about the war?” – and Bibi responded “I read to them from the book of Joshua”. So for those who don’t know, the book of Joshua glorifies the extermination of the Canaanite people by Israel. That’s what Bibi reads to his kids. Do we wonder why there is so much hate?

  9. There is nothing more ugly face of religion (Islam) than that of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq with the news from Pakistan this morning of the bombing of a bus full of Shiite pilgrims killing 20 persons on the bus and injuring scores of people. One has to wonder where are the Muslim clergy from all of this? The cancer that is infecting Islam is found in the most part in Pakistan and Afghanistan where the ugly face of Islam is exposed every day, where ignorance rules.

  10. Yes like most Nordics were indoctrinated into the catholic faith but the Jesuits were the educated class who knew all of the ancient wisdom and few even believe anything from the Bible. Because Hitler knew of his Nordic Heritage he was Pagaan and so was Goebels. Some of the Jesuits were amoung the Waffen SS based totally on Germanic Tribal Gods and religion. Not christians at all. They were of the Order of the Black Sun.

  11. Stephen August, That is an atrocious statement about Karl Marx. Yes, he has horrible things to say; the “end times specualtion — secular style” of Marx is appalling and illogical. However, his best writings and portions thereof include much sound economic and historical anaylsis, even if his wild conclusions regarding what to do about it all are far from recommendable! One should take and leave Marx` thought just as one critically would do any writer in the social sciences. Burning Marx` writings is just idiotic and counter-productive.

  12. “Islam is not too innocent either from similar opinions as those of Jewish rabbis and Christian Evangelists, with a number of Salafi Imams issuing ” fatwa’s” that justify the killings and murder of “infidels’ or non-believers and are seen by Muslims and non-Muslims behind many of the terrorists attacks that took place in New York, Paris, London, Madrid, Bali and Casablanca.”

    Those attacks were the work of the Mossad and/or CIA, not “Muslim extremists”.

  13. Going back to the days of the first Shogun, the Emperor of Japan has had little secular power – blaming Japanese attacks on China in the 1930’s and following involvement on Hirohito is a reach too far.

  14. The Golden age of Islam and even that of Judaism and Christianity in the Middle East was when there was not only tolerance but also acceptance of other faiths when each faith was enriched by the other. Keeping in mind that Islam and the Quran incorporated Judaism and Christianity as an integral part of the faith and command that Muslims respect all prophets and messengers as a command. It is the ugly language and the ugly demonization of the other’s faith that we all should stand against. Judaism is not Zionism and we all need to keep that in mind. Zionists secular and non-secular took over and hijacked Judaism as a faith and a light on other nations. Using language that is demeaning to Judaism and the people of the Jewish faith has no place among all of us, in the same way that there is no room for all those who demean Islam and Muslims and Christianity. As this year comes to a close we need to commit to tolerance, acceptance and understanding of each other and of the faith of others.

  15. The Religions of whatever denomination are followed by Intellectually crippled frightened children! It is used as a crutch for their lives and is used to justify their actions.The white culture ( Christan) has been used to color all aspects of our existence world view etc. and look where that has led us, bloody disaster after bloody disaster!

  16. Historically the Jews always found safe haven from their endless self-sought reprisals from
    the Christian Europeans in Islamic states. In Islamic domains Christians had to pay
    tithe because they were not obliged to serve in the army but the Jews did neither. Neither serve
    in the armies nor pay the taxes. the ungrateful bastards. In the end they stole the Islamic tresures of knowledge and pretended it was theirs. The bastards, we’ll get them for sure.

  17. I wish liberals would be so self-critical about Karl Marx. (As a start they could burn his books and see that where there is rain, there will be sunshine.)

  18. Every religion has an ugly side. Stalin was an ordained Jesuit priest and never excommunicated. Hitler was raised a Catholic. All of the fascist leaders of the 1930s and 40s were Catholic.

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