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UK Queen knights badly reputed figures

The British Queen has honoured certain individuals, who are recognized with bad reputations.
The British Queen has honoured certain individuals, who are recognized with bad reputations.

The British Queen has mysteriously honoured and knighted certain individuals, who are recognized with bad reputations in their professions and some who are known offenders.

A series of incidents are leading analysts to question why the British Monarch honours and awards certain individuals, despite their poor professionalism or backgrounds of criminal offences.

This comes as on December 31, ambulance workers slammed the decision to include a failed manager in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list.

Former chief executive of the East of England Ambulance Service (EEAST) Hayden Newton is set to be one of two people to receive the Queen’s Award for services to the ambulance service, which was introduced only six months ago.

British Trade Union members working in the health care and the ambulance service have reacted with shock to Newton’s award as he “left the service with a poor record of reaching the government targets for response times and a worse one on industrial relations.”

Meanwhile, Investment banker Hector Sants, who was in charge of Britain’s banking watchdog at the time of the financial crash, is to be knighted for his “services to financial regulation.”

During the Diamond Jubilee show in June, the British Queen invited one of the world’s most oppressing rulers, the King of Bahrain, Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, who attended an exclusive British royal family banquet.

Al Khalifa’s regime is accused of killing and torturing civilians for nearly two years of pro-democracy demonstrations in the tiny Persian Gulf island nation.

During the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, Elizabeth II and the other Royals treated a former sex offender to an exclusive ride on the Royal Barge across the River Thames in London. The offender, Harbinder Singh Rana was found guilty of five counts of indecent assaults, 11 counts of assault causing actual bodily harm and one count of attempted assault in August 1986.

The British Queen had also awarded the recently accused paedophile and former TV star Jimmy Savile, who was given the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1971 and was knighted by the Queen in 1990.

Savile has been described as one of the most prolific sex offenders of recent history, allegedly victimizing over 300 young women, mostly teenage girls. Whether the British Queen knew at the time about his perverted activities or not, still remains a mystery.


  1. LC, it might be a possibility. I think that Elizabeth II has been counseled to hang on, as long as she can breath, for the sake of STABILITY of the SYSTEM, run in the background by Murdoch and Rothschild. It has to do with the “Psychology of the Masses and the Induced Image they have of their Overlords”.

    Elizabeth II has had built for herself and the stability of the system an almost flawless image of being a rallying point for the English, which her son Charles will never achieve. Therefor she keeps sitting on the THRONE of ENGLAND: Good for business, good for the “elite”. god for the Zion Talmudic Gang, a fairy tale and a magnet for Heads of States… to be able to add to their pedigree that they have been invited or received by the Queen.

    She keeps the “Commonwealth” countries together too, with the illusion that they really are sharing mother England’s Wealth, All of it is smoke screens, illusions, deceit and mirrors, the sheeple is unable to see through, for what in fact it is.

    Some say that Charles is the way he is, because his very authoritarian father demanded too much of him… and the only way he could prove his worth was playing polo…

  2. I meant by the House of Windsor not herself personally. Crowley was documented as British Intelligence which is one reason he was never arrested for his crimes in UK, or US.

  3. But I heard that Queen Lizard had shoved aside Prince Charles from the get-go because of partial mental retardation (kept secret of course)!!!

  4. 1) As far as I know it was suspected (Norse Saga) that The Vikings (Leif Erikson) established round 1000AD a settlement in what is today L’Anse Aux Meadows (Eastern CDN). Archaeological digs (1960) confirm it. The controversy has been about the real location of ‘Vinland’, which means Wineland in S-D-N languages: No grapes grow at l’Anse Aux Meadows’ latitude. The Amerindians were already there. thousand of years before the Vikings.

    2), King Charles II granted a charter for the “creation” of The Hudson’s Bay Company to Prince Ruppert (son of German Prince Frederick V. Elector Palatine and Elizabeth, daughter of James I of England), nephew of Charles I. Ruppert’s sister, Electress Sophia is the mother of George I of England. Ruppert was Governor of Canada and he became Governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company too, with courtiers and merchants as shareholders. So the company was in good hands and serving the same masters. The case of the HBC is very special indeed, because Charles II didn’t have the vaguest idea about the extensiveness of the territories, he was giving away to a member of the family and associates.

    No difference in my book between conquests in the name of the King, the Queen or the Crown, but it would have made a TREMENDOUS difference, if the conquests were in the name of The PEOPLE, which never happened in the past and won’t ever happen in the future. Now the conquests are ipso facto made in the interests of CORPORATIONS and BANKSTERS.

    3) About Charles, Ann et Al, what is to be expected from “well born”, who never have had to apply for a job, competing with others on equal terms, or to worry about what to put on the table? The hard working taxpayers maintain them. They can afford clowning and be eccentric as often as they please, They can’t loose a job (they never had) and less the income, taken from the sheeple’s meager wages, to keep the Royals jet-setting and partying.

  5. Hiring out and becoming partners to pirates is no new enterprise for British royalty. The British royal family has been partners with those flying the Jolly Roger for over 300 years. The name of Blackbeard the pirate’s flag ship? ‘Queen Anne’s Revenge’.

  6. The history of people in North America is very much in doubt. Archaeological finds place Europeans here before Amerinds.
    As for the Queen being the largest landowner, that is pure myth. The land is owned by the government by right of the Crown, not the Queen. The Hudson’s Bay Company was at one time the largest landowner in the world. It sold its land to the Canadian government, not the Queen.

    The Windsor’s oil wealth comes from their position, along with the Dutch Royal Family in Rothschild’s Shell.

    As for maintaining order, do you really think that all of the ridicule Charles has faced, for over 50 years, is due to his wanting to maintain order? More realistically, he has been a rebel, and an opponent of planet killing development.

  7. One of Queen Lizard family’s historically evil attachments from another page:

    British stole Palestine from peaceful Ottomans (& from humanity) almost without a fight by dropping free Opium & Hashish on Turkish troops & drugging them so they couldn’t fight:

    The Rothschilds (SMOM) Bought ISRAEL from the Palestinian Landlords in WWI


  8. & why Zio-Satanists were banished from England & other countries centuries ago (for their ritual child-murders which they call “HOLOCAUST”):

    Ritual Murder Revisited:The Hidden Cult (Full Version)

  9. I totally agree with you Curmudgeon that the parallel Govt, i.e. the controllers of the BoE = Rothschild +Select Members from diverse Exclusive Clubs, (open only to those permitted to be there by the Zion Talmudic Mafia) + The Top Brass of Corporate England, including Tories and Labor leadership, are the ones who decide POLICIES and WHO will be MEMBER of The FEUDAL TOP EXCLUSIVE NOMENCLATURE.

    This said, the English Monarchy is part of a socio-political-economical model based on DECEIT and make believe, smoke screens and mirrors, serving one purpose: Maintaining a prevailing ‘order’, where Mafiosi belonging to a DEGENERATIVE and PARASITE CLUB, supported by an elaborate IVY LEAGUE NETWORK of “well born” PROFITEERS, all docile Pavlovian puppets of Rothschild and the “Chosen Ones”, are rewarded with feudal titles, for being good servants-enforcers-bouncers, by the Top Windsor Puppet, on behalf of those who control the Money (BoE-Lloyds- BAE Systems-BP shareholders) and the Media (Murdoch empire), are the MASTERS.

    The Queen of England is the richest woman and LANDOWNER on earth.

    All the Colonial Conquests (land grab from less bellicose African-Native American and Asian-Australian People) have been done in the name of a “King” or a “Queen”, which means that all STATE OWNED land in the Commonwealth Countries BELONGS to Elizabeth II.

    Much of the fortune of the Windsor comes from illegal trade (Opium trade – Slavery – Piracy) and looting of defenseless colonies (diamonds and Gold from South Africa Rhodesia, Canada, Oil from the Middle East Countries and Brunei, etc.).

    According to my book, the Windsors are a necessary and useful part of the Circus Maximus, where diverse Right Honorables, Ladies and Lort(s) (Sic) (‘Lort’ means excrement in Swedish-Danish-Norwegian) are the acting CLOWNS.

  10. Contrary to popular belief, the Queen does not select these people, the Government does. There is even a question of whether she could refuse.
    The House of Windsor has no power, only wealth at the pleasure of the Rothschilds.

  11. She knighted Crowley?! Egads…Jagger wasn’t bad enough…So much for a “knight” being a Christian title….Henry VIII…Bloody Elizabeth I….Cromwell…more and more thievery…”Dutch” bankers….etc etc….Rothschilds..Bank of England…the City..7/7..Blair and Bush…where will this evil end?

  12. RE: “Whether the British Queen knew at the time about his perverted activities or not, still remains a mystery.” NO MYSTERY:

    The U.K. Queen is a Satanist BEAST & probably a cannibal.

    May be the most evil satanic beast ever knighted by Queen Lizard’s House of Windsor was the best ever known Satanist (BEAST 666) Alistair Crowley who was primarily a cannibal & boasted of managing to have murdered 150 young boys in one year and cannibalized their vital organs!!!


  13. Why Pick On That Queen? – World in Review – Feb 9, 2012


    Yes, The Queen Pushes Dope


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