Canneto – A Double Mystery Still Unsolved


 A Double Mystery Still Unsolved

Galleria Tremonzelli – Road tunnel under Canetto

[Editors Note: Daniela is writing her articles in Italian, translating with Google, followed by a polishing up by her and by me.  We have to do this quickly to maintain the work out put, so if you notice a few quirks we feel they are a small price to pay to be getting material written in a good writer’s native language. Jim W. Dean]


                … by  Daniela Giordano

The beautiful Sicilian village of Canneto

A short stretch of coast between the sea and the railway, a small village is nestled along a white sandy beach, a tiny cluster of houses, in all about 180 inhabitants, light years away from the lifestyle of the big cities.

This is Canneto of Caronia, in Sicily – a small village not far but perched on a hilltop in the heart of hilly Nebrodi Park, 86,000 acres, the largest protected natural area of Sicily.

Canneto  is  a characteristic  location  in  the north coast of Sicily, between Palermo and Messina, where the blue of the sea, the sun and the countryside  have shaped over the centuries the rhythms of life and mentality than elsewhere today tend to disappear.

But suddenly in this sleepy habitat strange things start to happen.  Hundreds of small fires without apparent cause and in unexpected places, from the water pipeline to an abandoned chair,  from a moving car to spontaneous activation of central locking of parked cars, cell phones ringing without any calls , batteries which run down all of a sudden. A navigation system went up in smoke, electrical and electronic equipment “become crazy”, and a deviation of the magnetic north of the compass .

Within a short time, the first news of these strange occurrences reach throughout  Europe and the United States.

Cannetto fires

It all began in mid-January 2004. Without any apparent cause, in the houses of  Canneto,  appliances catch on fire as well as the sheaths of electric wires – even those not connected.

When informed the Enel , the electric power company, cuts power to the small village. But the phenomenon is still ongoing and, after twenty days about a dozen of new electric street lights burn out. It is suspected that the cause may be the railway that runs right next to it .

The mayor orders the village evacuated. Meanwhile, the police and firemen find no malice despite some of these factors having occurred just before their eyes.

Meanwhile refrigerators, televisions, radios burn out along with the bed of a woman. It seems the grid that supports the mattress has overheated. After a fire in the water pipeline station, too,  mayor Pedro Spinnato  suspends  the water supply and calls a special session of the city council.

Spontaneous combustion fires

The houses, empty and blackened by smoke and fire, are invaded by dozens of technicians equipped with the most sophisticated instruments for measuring electromagnetic fields.

Experts from the Civil Protection, Enel, ARPA (environment protection), the railways company, the three telephone companies operating in the area and two electrostatic and chemistry professors at the University of Messina perform surveys and soil tests.

They are unable to determine a cause.

Meanwhile the inhabitants of Canneto which were housed in hotels or with relatives or friends want to return to their homes or  be compensated.

Somebody starts talking about exorcism and the devil and that maybe the presence of a priest could help to resolve the situation.

At the same time, Italian and foreign scientists advance hypotheses and theories that are becoming increasingly difficult to understand, especially after the arrival of volcanologists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology that place the monitoring stations for geomagnetic phenomena.

Next begins the judicial phase.  The public prosecutor of Mistretta, a little town near Canneto, and another in Naples that are assigned the case. At this point comes a team of experts from the Italian Navy too, while the Attorney General has take control over the area.

Months went by where  residents to their homes and the have to evacuate again, and  a Hydrographic Institute’s vessel operates off the coast to prepare a detailed map of the seabed.

After a period of apparent calm, suddenly the hoses that connect the water pipes to taps in the bathrooms and kitchens of three different houses, unexplained leaks appear. An engineer would say that “it would be a cathodic currents located on the pipeline that increase the imbalance geodetic of the soil in the presence of stray charges”.  The unexplained phenomena still continue: a vanity mirror placed in one of two small bathrooms goes on fire three times in 35 hours.

Plant Burned

At the same time an entire plantation of eggplant turns into thousands of colors, with serious damage to the farmers who can no longer sell them.

Between the fires and this new development occurs another strange phenomenon: the roots of hundreds of plants of  the species Ampelodesmos Mauritanicus, a plant commonly called Mauritanian grass, and only this species, were carbonized up to the root in soil depth, while the upper part has suffered only the superficial burns. The other plant species were completely intact.

On and off, with periods of silence and flare, the phenomena started in 2004 continues over time in the following years without any adequate explanation.

To top it off, many residents of Canneto have witnessed several night time and daytime sightings of unidentified flying objects! Spheres of light high in the sky, sightings of low-flying classic disc-shaped objects and strong luminescence, make their appearance in the mirror of the sea between the islands of Alicudi and Filicudi (Aeolian) and the area of Canneto.

With the authorities should not call them flying saucers, or UFOs, but “light” or OVNI – who knows what difference does it, maybe it seems more serious.

The Civil Protection, who in the meantime had established a research group and organized an operations room in one of the houses of Canneto, wants to let the public know that they are “open” to any explanation if supported by solid scientific evidence.

Although far from having solved what is causing the problem the level of hypotheses and explanations seem to have a surge of quality. While agreeing that the phenomena have to be explained and that the hypothesis “UFO” is not very well seen, they are open to all possibilities.

The physicist Clarbruno  Vedruccio, scientific advisor of Galileo Avionica explains that thanks to the research carried out for many months, the phenomena would be caused by a pulsed beam of electromagnetic waves with high potential who travels the sea to a height between the surface and 15 meters.

This electromagnetic beam is of a type comparable to the electromagnetic weapons, developed in recent years by the great powers, but in a way completely different. It is ‘very concentrated and looks like microwave beams UHF (Ultra High Frequency) transmitted in the band 300 MHz to 3 GHz.

A helicopter of the Civil Protection and a ship of the  Hydrographic Institute of the Navy, armed with special equipment, scours the   sea with the intent to verify and identify any artificial bodies or points at   the bottom of the sea, which may issue such a beam of electromagnetic waves.

Helicopter Blade

As late as 2006, the pilot of a  Civil  Protection Sirkosky helicopter  is forced to land on a failure of the blades. Seems to have collided   with something “invisible”.

Once on the ground  he finds to his surprise that on the three  blades of the helicopter something has removed and scratched the paint and the  special coating film.

The scientific team investigates and excludes the   possibility that there may be traces of organic material in the affected   parts, in the case that the helicopter can be collided with the birds.

The   investigation then in progress had found “only” an altered change   in the electrical conductivity inside the blades.

By a decree of the Presidency of   the Italian Council, is set up a “Inter-institutional Group”, a  task force that has the headquarters in a office of the Sicilian Region,   downtown in Palermo. It also provides a database that also affected the   Secret Service because it raises the possibility of “test secret   military experiments or aliens.”

Is also required, with an order of the Civil Defense,  the collaboration between the Italian State and the Region of Sicily –  because Sicily is a region with a special statute.

More helicopter blade damage

The Dr. Francesco Venerando, who heads the scientific team of Civil Defense, composed of military, civilian and even an “observer” from overseas, says that there are hundreds electromagnetic pulses that hit Canneto di Caronia but does not believe that this has to do with the … OVNI.

So why were four cameras placed pointing at the sky on the roof of the Operations Room? Do they want to try to capture some UFO (sorry if  I prefer this as abbreviation) of video without thereby turning it into an official  research?

It is certain that many in the area have tried but, on the occasion of the sightings, were left with video and cameras burned. The electronic equipment that malfunctions is a recurrent phenomenon in the UFO cases.

Thus, it would be appropriate in these circumstances to use “old” devices that do not have motors or electrical or electronic devices. Perhaps the group does not know this because of the usual gap of information.

“We’re here,” says Dr. Venerando, “to investigate the phenomenon,  not to catalog Ovni sightings, but we had to apply ourselves to this too and every report we have tried to check the radar recordings ” … but he remained surprised because ” the objects” leave no trace. (Really ??!!  J A/N).

There is talk of a “man-made phenomena” and “impulsive electromagnetic emissions” generating  a great power concentrated in nanoseconds and therefore difficult to locate”. Unknown, however, the position of the source, perhaps at sea, perhaps under water.

Cannetto beach

In the meantime, it is decide to install a network of cameras and thermal-infrared cameras  on the coast and around the perimeter of  Canneto. The monitoring lasts for three years.

Then,  from  agency heads comes the official order to stop because  funding has been used up — even though the operational logistics for the group were paid by the companies for which each of them works.

Dr. Venerando, rightly laments the loss of a unique opportunity in Italy, “in a geographical area objectively sensitive” is lost the possibility of a scientific research “combined with the studies and the recent experiences of the research so-called ” borderline “.

So the cameras and equipment are dismantled and stacked in a warehouse of  Caronia.  About  this abandoned material and the need to restore the monitor there is an interpellation in the Senate presented in the year 2011 by a total of 17 MPs.

And in a confidential file is possible to read the conclusions reached by the Italian authorities, “… advanced military technologies also of  not terrestrial origin, in the future could expose entire populations to unintended consequences. The incidents of Canneto di Caronia may have been attempts to military engagement between  unconventional forces , or a non-aggressive test in order to study the behavior and the actions, in an undetermined  sample territorial sparsely populated .”

Despite the suspension of the search, a network of sensors powered with solar batteries continues to transmit. In each room in the houses of Canneto have been installed smoke detectors  to protect the safety of people – because in the active phase of the phenomenon  the Fire Department  was on duty there  24 hours a day and could not respond to other emergency situations.

However, the sensors of this network continue to go on and off in an improper manner, even if there is no smoke or heat. They are normal sensors such as those found in public places but trigger equally. The manufacturer states that may be affected by abnormal electromagnetic fields.



Meanwhile, the mystery of Canneto di Caronia remains impenetrable, indeed  if possible even more open to further interpretation. Something suggests that there are elements relating to a meaning not due to chance.

The first anomaly that catches your eye, reading reports and articles published, is the lack of phenomenology when the small community of Canneto is displaced and their houses are deserted.

The second anomaly that should be deeply researched is the phenomena occurring occasionally, but not for this less dangerous, in the gallery Tremonzelli. A tunnel along the highway A19 running from Palermo to Catania. This stretch of highway is  known for some bizarre phenomena and above all for the mysterious blackouts that would occur in the tunnel, together with the sudden shut down of cars. All this would last only a few seconds after the car starts again as if nothing had happened. As far as it is known, nobody till now has verified if there is concomitance of time and data with the Canneto  electromagnetic emissions.

A third element difficult to place, but that probably interacts willy-nilly with the phenomenon, is the presence, behind the Nebrodi Park, in the province of  Enna, of a former secret U.S. military base.  And we all know that sooner or later the military installations evoke the “curiosity” of  UFOs.  And what they are experiencing at that base that may have accidentally involved Canneto di Caronia? Sophisticated communication systems from the sea to the base (or vice versa) or military trials, whereas Canneto is in the air in that direction?

Or the construction  of  the Muos (Mobile User Objective System), the sophisticated satellite communication system very high frequency that the U.S. Navy has started  to build, such as telecommunications station in the Mediterranean, placing it in the former ancient feud of Niscemi, in the province of Caltanissetta ?

( In these days is the news that the President of Sicily Region will intend to suspend the proceedings of building the U.S. base for the health  protection of the local population).

Or, completely different scenario that would require a more thorough investigation, someone among the inhabitants of Canneto may inadvertently have triggered the phenomena using one of the many human capacity in the range of faculty PK (psychokinesis).

Through the study, research and explanations obtained from other psychics with similar capabilities too,  and in order to explain in few words here the process, it is possible to say that certain phenomena are obtained in the following way: thought creates an emotion, the emotion creates energy, energy creates a frequency and the frequency affects /or interacts with the matter (or reality).

Cars have also bee burning up – while parked

Assume that an individual at a young age suffers strong emotional pressures and that this foments a pressing desire to escape from the environment in which he/she live.

This could lead to its skill/ability to cause small fires of non-combustible materials too – like the sheath of a piece of a wire not connected and abandoned on the floor.

The departure of the community from the usual environment puts an end to the phenomenon, which will resume again when he/she return at home.

An individual with these skills, able to issue of mental frequencies that interact with matter (PK), could  attract the “curiosity” of UFOs, which in turn could use their “famous rays” (also from under water) that are so often mentioned by the witnesses abducted.

In cases of abduction, in fact, there are countless testimonies of rays or beams of light can pick up the victim and to transport it inside the UFO. Most of them said among other things that have suffered minor injuries (burns, blisters, redness, irritation to the eyes) as a result of these rays.

In this regard, it is interesting to recall the experiments of  Dr. Steven M. Greer, years ago director of the Department of Emergency at a hospital in North Carolina, USA. Intense and extensive research led him to establish an experimental protocol which long ago received a great success – so much so that it has received funding from Rockefeller ( and (

Choosing a place that might be suitable for this purpose (isolated) and transported in cars and vans all the technical equipment and assisted by a team of psychics, Dr. Greer projected in the sky with laser beams one of the hundred symbols appearing in the cornfields in UK: the famous crop circles.

Meanwhile, the psychics come into meditation mentally projecting “a sequence of coherent thoughts.” There are hundreds of experiments carried out with success and crowned by the arrival of one or more UFOs. They also interacted with these objects – and with the beings on board.

In Canneto di Caronia may have occurred a set of circumstances that offer unrepeatable opportunity: to study and test the fire phenomenon also from alternative points of view, with the aid of qualified experts , and at the same time take advantage of this situation for groped to communicate with UFOs flying over the area.

The only insuperable difficulty would be to put all agree: authorities, population  and scientists. Skepticism, rejection, mistrust, or worse, the fear of facing issues that one  thinks disqualifying for the own professional image do not lead to any progress in research and what we still today, for our ignorance, we consider mysteries. (D.G)


The phenomena of Canneto di Caronia in other parts of the world

Cannetto vacation views

 The facts of Caronia are not an isolated phenomenon and circumscribed. They   have also occurred in other places, far from each other, and have produced   the same uncertainties and the same issues.

April 1996, Spain. A series of strange fires took   place in a farmstead near Sillobre. The small, random fires became an   understandable source of concern to the owners, who asked officials for   advice and assistance. Officialdom limited itself to recommending “a   thorough cleaning of the septic tank” on the chance that an accumulation   of gases could be the source of the small blazes. But despite the sanitizing   effort, the phenomenon returned yet again to trouble authorities of the Xunta   de Galicia, who steadfastly maintained that the problem stemmed from nothing   more than a gas pocket and was “a phenomenon which lacks any scientific   explanation at the moment.

December 2007, USA. In a   wide area around New York City Empire State Building happens suddenly the   engines of the cars stop for no reason, the doors are locked and the phones   stop working. You think of some electromagnetic interference, but despite   investigations by the competent authorities, the phenomenon is not explained.   Similar phenomena continue to occur periodically in the same area, so that   the area is nicknamed “The Bermuda Triangle”.

January 2008, France. In Brest, in   Brittany, suddenly occurs blocking the doors and engine hundreds of cars. It   affects only a specific section of the waterfront, leaving free the streets   and houses located outside this area. It is assumed that an electromagnetic   interference, but despite investigations, the phenomenon cannot be explained.

March 2008, Italy. In Spoleto   there are cases of spontaneous fires in some houses.
The phenomenon occurs for a few days and then stops spontaneously.

July 2008, Italy. In a fraction of Florence, in two houses fires occur suddenly with spontaneous combustion of furniture, clothes and other items. Fires continue for a few days and then stop.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



Daniela Giordano jumped started her early career as Miss Italy in 1969. After touring the world during her one year reign she subsequently became a leading actress in film, theatre and Italian national television. She was based out of Rome for almost twenty years, working on forty feature films in dozens of countries.

During this time, with an eye for the future, she began working as a free-lance journalist for Italian, and foreign newspapers and magazines. She has been always interested in parapsychology and avant-garde research about UFOs, ESP, PK, and other unusual phenomena. In 1998 she won the first prize of the Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award (for the first time to a woman in Europe), a contest promoted by the Fund for UFO Research, a foundation based in Washington, D.C..

Daniela has collaborated as Europe Account Director for Flying Adventures Magazine, an American magazine targeting tourist destinations. She has been employed for 18 years as executive manager in a local company responsible for the advertising displays of Italian clients in the national and international airports.


Dear Folks, I just had to share this gem of a find with you. While searching for image material for Daniela’s piece I ran into this one of the oldest olive tree in Europe, a 1000 years old (don’t tell the Israelis, please.)  It is still producing 800 kilos of olives a year, and would you believe this is in some fortunate person’s back yard and they even invite tourist to come and look? That is major cool.  Jim W. Dean


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